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    • Can you please share porn videos where small penis gets love ? Where ever I search all the videos are about humiliation    So can you share a video where a small penis gets love too?
    • Chapter 4: The Restaurant -- Zack’s perspective -- Zack had started to get used to pissing on things in public. It seemed to be Luca’s new favorite activity, making Zack piss everywhere they went. He was at least relieved to have a break from the wetting, and as wrong as it felt, he had to admit he also loved spraying everything with his piss and leaving a mess. And since the library Luca had joined him a few times, adding to his puddle or making another one somewhere else.  Today, they were out to lunch at a small diner. It was already 3 pm so the lunch crowd had pretty much cleared out, and at the moment Zack and Luca were the only ones in the diner. They sat at a secluded booth in the corner. The staff had been incredibly rude to them, and Zack couldn’t tell if they were homophobic or just didn’t like that they were there at an odd hour.  After Zack paid the bill, the waiter came back and threw the receipt, pen, and Zack’s card down onto the table before walking away without a word.  “Asshole,” Luca muttered. “They didn’t even put it in a folder! I know they have them,” he added as he gestured to a table that had cleared recently and still had a black folder on it. Zack patted Luca’s knee under the table.  “Easy boy,” he teased, and Luca rolled his eyes. More out of habit than anything, Zack wrote down a 20% tip before he stood up.  “Really?” Luca asked as he looked pointedly at the receipt. “You’re too nice, Zack. I wouldn’t have tipped a dime.” “That’s because you’re an asshole,” Zack countered, and Luca smiled at him.  “Hmm… No, I just have a better idea for a gift to leave them. Zack, piss on the table.” Usually Zack would have pretended to argue, to be ashamed or to try to take the moral high ground even knowing that he’d give in and do what Luca said. But the staff here had all acted like such dicks that Zack found he didn’t even want to bother. So instead he just pulled out his cock and started to piss.  Urine spread quickly across the table and dripped down the sides onto the booth. Zack moaned when Luca grabbed his dick and slowly waved it back and forth so that he was pissing not just on the table but also on the booth, the dishes, and the condiments against the wall. By the time he finished and tucked his dick away, the entire surface of the table was wet and piss was dripping down from all sides of it.  He knew his face was red - he was embarrassed as always, but this time he also felt some gratification thinking that the assholes here would have to wipe up his piss. He let himself admire the mess for just a moment before he grabbed Luca’s hand and quickly walked out of the restaurant. 
    • Very hot experience @Coral! Even though I have a cock, I know the numb feeling from holding a super full bladder. Involuntary release isn't too far off.  Were you having any spasms or bladder cramping? Did you flood the floor of the bus or did the seat contain it?
    • Today, I was on my way to pick up lunch for this local café for my friend and I. I knew I had to pee even before I left her home, but the idea of having to pee in public was too much to ignore, so off I went wearing a mini flared skirt, a tank top and an about to burst bladder.  It was quite difficult to not squat right at the bus stop or stop my teeny tiny leaks into a full flow, but hey I held most of it in and boarded the bus. My initial plan was to wet the seat on my way there but unfortunately all the seats were taken except for the one at the back, and even then I had the share the seats. With every jolt of the bus I could feel a tiny drop leaking into my panties, and my bladder threatening to give away.  After the 15 mins ride and the short 2 mins walk I reached the café and by that time I would feel the dampness of my panties and my pussy aching from all that holding. I still held it all in and took the food and boarded the bus to her home. Thankfully, this time the bus was nearly empty and I got a good seat away from everyone else right at the back. I carefully placed the food by my side and made sure that I wasnt sitting on my skirt. Then slowly I relaxed my bladder, and my pussy was so numb by now that for the first 3 to 4 seconds I couldn't even feel myself peeing. But then out of nowhere I started gushing uncontrollably into my panties with my stream making a soft whistling sound. I peed and peed till more than half of my panties turned 2 shades darker and so did the upholstered seat. I wanted to hold off the last couple drops but I suppose my pussy was working on overdrive to hold this massive puddle for hours lmfao, that I emptied my whole bladder there.
    • Watching the F1 this afternoon with a couple of beers.. I didn't wish to go to the toilet, so opted to just unleash it out the window instead! 
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