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  1. Great video right there. And she has a couple over there at G2P which are fantastic.
  2. I believe I snapped that pic from one of the compilations of "Just Made It" over there at B2B. It would show the last few minutes of the video, not the whole thing.
  3. A couple of hot shots of Clare Olsen as she relieves herself of 1.4 L of pressure!!!
  4. Tiffany from SneakyP will always be a GODDESS!
  5. This one always gets me. So vintage, but you can imagine her begging her husband to find a place to let her piss, and this appreciative relief washes over her when she gets to release her floodgate!
  6. Kudos. This is the best piss story I've read in YEARS. Please continue posting stories like these. You have a knack for it!!!!
  7. Anywhere....she just had to find anywhere....desperately needed relief!

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