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  1. Question about this thread: I read the first post, and it indicated a "peeing picture". Are the rules that the peeing/wetting has to be shown, or can you craft a story with context around a non-explicit picture?
  2. I recently ran across some reposted pictures bearing the logo/watermark "Bratislava Piss Girls" and they looked like another public/outdoor piss site in the vein of LoveWetting and Got2Pee. Does anyone know if it is truly another site with new content coming along, or is it defunct?
  3. pdawg


    Does anyone know of any sites dedicated to CCTV caught peeing vids? I thought I saw a paid one a while back.
  4. Kudos. This is the best piss story I've read in YEARS. Please continue posting stories like these. You have a knack for it!!!!
  5. I've been into this fetish for about 25 years. But this is the first time I'm stepping out in a request like this. I would like to get into a conversation with a woman/women who would lend me their thoughts on third-party videos I like. I would like to get their perspective. Nothing weird, completely anonymous, just a conversation amongst like-minded friends about what makes some of the special videos in this genre special. Please consider DMming me.
  6. pdawg


    Sneakypee hasn't been updated in a week. Is it dead?
  7. OK. Gotcha. I'll start uploading when I have a chance!!
  8. OK. If I can get a lead on which thread to post it----"pics" or somewhere else, I'll try to start it up!
  9. Hello everyone! I wanted to judge the interest in a picture thread. I collect pictures, and like to make up the scenarios behind them as to why the girl is peeing, or why she is desperate. Most of these are fully clothed pics, and I make up hot desperation stories around them. Would this be a thread that anyone would like me to post. Maybe post some I'm having problems with, and everyone else can join in and make up the scenarios?
  10. What are your favorite forums to browse for links to videos hosted on Fileboom? Sites like ExtremeBoard and FetishPornBB??? What are the best ones out there?
  11. I remember one girl on a senior trip that was humiliated because she had to piss in one of those huge Nalgene water bottles. The bus driver simply would not stop, so she had to pee in it before wetting herself. We had eaten dinner about 2 hours away from the school, and she drank too much tea, and was BURSTING in about 45 minutes into the trip back to the school.
  12. Does anyone have any good stories of ladies in the military that got caught short while out deployed? I know Israeli girls are mandated to serve in the military, and several other countries have co-ed militaries. Has anyone got any stories about them having to pee on the side of the road, or in bottles, or in urinals, or the like?
  13. Has anyone ever been on a bus/coach trip (in a rural area, or small country) where there was an explicit understanding that there would be no toilets on the bus, and no stops at services? Just an understanding that everyone (including women) would have to make do on the side of the road? Or a situation where a girl had to pee in a cup or wastebasket on the bus, because she was caught short?
  14. I ran across a blog several weeks past with hundreds of links in specific wetting/peeing categories, with links to fileboom.me for the files. I can't remember which blog it was, Can anyone help?
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