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  1. Always nice to meet a fellow traveler. 43/m US here. What are your particular likes/dislikes in this arena? I love female desperation, urgent female outdoor peeing, volume/capacity tests, female powerpissing, urinals, peeing standing, public peeing
  2. The problem of mass female urination is never far from my thoughts. Beer Festivals, Concerts, Ballgames, etc. You know the places, with queues 15-20 minutes long to piss. I have noticed that most women either instinctually or are taught how to "pop a squat" when necessary. So I was wondering..... At one of these mass population events, would it be feasible, and would it be of use, to have an enclosed area, with an open floor (see the grate in the picture below), where ladies could just come in, instead of waiting on toilets or port-a-loos, and squat piss. The pee would leak through
  3. As an added bonus to those who friend me at Eroprofile: Early access to all the screencaps I'll post here. You can request a few in advance!
  4. Anybody remember the scene at the beginning of Natural Born Killers?
  5. Me too. I wonder if it's the relationship between pee release and orgasmic release that have us wired this way.
  6. pdawg


    @seduny you are my favorite over at AVF. keep up the good work!
  7. I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was limiting this to just one request per user. Keep em coming. I love the dialogue!
  8. A lot of the pictures I post are screencaps from videos in my collection. I have started an account at Eroprofile with a friends only folder. Upon request, if you are especially titillated by a pic, you can ask me if I have the vid, and friend me over at EP, and I'll try to post it.
  9. I would love to go to witness as well. I have many of the aforementioned videos captured there in my collection. If it doesn't show the faces, is it permissible to post them?
  10. I would like to propose increasing the max file size for gifs on the site to maybe 50MB? "Accepted File Types" are ok, but most gifs these days are over 5MB.
  11. (Cismale 40yo) During the 2020 and 2021 height of COVID, I struck up a conversation with someone on the website VK. We found that we like the same type of videos (female desperation, outdoor/nude peeing). We would share videos back and forth, commenting and critiquing them, telling each other what we found most exciting about the videos and why we liked them. Since the pandemic has abated, my friend has gone back to work, and doesn't/can't respond as frequently and as in-depth as we used to. We also exchanged stories of our experiences with female desperation. It operated
  12. Thank you for responding! How can I support? Is there a membership?
  13. Question about this thread: I read the first post, and it indicated a "peeing picture". Are the rules that the peeing/wetting has to be shown, or can you craft a story with context around a non-explicit picture?
  14. I recently ran across some reposted pictures bearing the logo/watermark "Bratislava Piss Girls" and they looked like another public/outdoor piss site in the vein of LoveWetting and Got2Pee. Does anyone know if it is truly another site with new content coming along, or is it defunct?
  15. pdawg


    Does anyone know of any sites dedicated to CCTV caught peeing vids? I thought I saw a paid one a while back.
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