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  1. Does anyone have any good stories of ladies in the military that got caught short while out deployed? I know Israeli girls are mandated to serve in the military, and several other countries have co-ed militaries. Has anyone got any stories about them having to pee on the side of the road, or in bottles, or in urinals, or the like?
  2. pdawg

    Help- Need a Link

    I ran across a blog several weeks past with hundreds of links in specific wetting/peeing categories, with links to fileboom.me for the files. I can't remember which blog it was, Can anyone help?
  3. pdawg

    VK Groups

    Does anyone know how to join good/great VK pee groups?
  4. The japanese Jade site has been putting out some very compelling teasers over on eroprofile. There is a division of their site that deals with scat, but there are some very compelling piss videos as well. Does anyone know how to purchase the piss videos?
  5. pdawg

    At World's End

    Yes! I'm one of the original subscribers to Got2Pee. They started off somewhat slowly, but have been putting out some great stuff lately!
  6. pdawg

    At World's End

    I need some help from the honorable members of this forum, if possible. I have been an urgent outdoor pissing enthusiast for going on twenty years. Over these years, I have come and gone from some really good websites, and have, in my opinion, a very reasonable collection. But lately, I feel as though I have exhausted all websites in this genre. Below, I will list the sites that I have exhausted, and I am asking if anyone knows of any other sites like them. I am not into wetting, or indoor f/f f/m golden showers or watersports. I need true, voluminous desperation, peeing somewhere other than a toilet. Really like the voyeur stuff, and non-voyeur public stuff. You'll see. Sites that I have exhausted- Sneakypee (In the early 2000s, the greatest of all the outdoor desperation sites) The quality of their models has diminished greatly from then (Tiffany, Claire, Lolly, etc. were the halcyon days). ProjectPee-no longer a subscription site, but pay per video. I have some of his old stuff, and check the ppv stuff regularly, but it is infrequently updated (Eve is on the Mt. Rushmore of piss models imho). I have exhausted PissBank. I check peeing-outdoors everyday and love the "summary" videos they make of their public voyeur stuff. I recently finished off Piss Japan TV, FTV girls and ATK. These you have to search through meticulously to find what you're looking for. I love some of the OLD Hidden Zone stuff, especially that one tree that would get absolutely flooded with piss, and some of their festival stuff. I DO NOT like the toilet voyeur stuff that it's doing recently, along with VoyeurBank and PeeHunters. If you want to know what I"m all about, think Sneakypee/Peeing-Outdoors. Those two are my all time favorites. I've downloaded a couple VoyeurismoPublic Sex Pissing vids from Galician, but the new stuff isn't nearly as good as the early Lunes De Aguas Voyeur stuff, which was a gold mine. I have gotten some really good Clips for Sale vids from Dirty Dani Picas. Bound2Burst has a good concept, but I can tell that some of the desperation is over-acted, as the models produce 400-600 ml, while hopping around like they are about to die from bursting. That's disappointing, but there are some good vids there as well. Other than the sites I've mentioned, does anyone know of any other really good public/sneaky/voyeur public peeing sites? If anyone knows of any private collection that I may negotiate for, like some other hidden outdoor cams/ cctv cam stuff of good quality, please drop me a pm. If there are any publicly available sites, please reply to this thread. I'm getting depressed. I feel like I've reached the edge of the map here. Thanks again in advance! pdawg
  7. pdawg


    Just registering my mobile number is scary....any hacking on my phone?
  8. pdawg


    Is vk.com safe to sign up? Free? Any known viruses?
  9. pdawg

    Archive of PJP Videos

    Does anyone know anywhere to access the old Project Pee videos? My archive crashed, and I'm in the process of rebuilding.
  10. Everytime I link several times in a row to eroprofile from some of the links in the forums here, I get a popup that looks like ransomware. I have learned just to open Task Manager and end my internet browser program, but it is upsetting. Anyone else come across this? Any way to stop it?