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    Yeah, what about me ..? BIGtime BBW-enthusiast, love omorashi and all things watersports-related.

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  1. So you'd really like to try an app that sends you a verification number via your phone? One way to do this and maintain your privacy is buying a cheap burner phone.
  2. Great fantasy !! if you'd like to read about that: try "the fermata " by author nicholson baker.
  3. Loved the story! Thanks for writing and sharing it here.
  4. Great story_loved it!! Thank you for sharing. Reading this made me remember my own days living in a 'soon to be demolished-building'. It was many years ago but I have so many fond memories of that time .. peeing anywhere- either accidental or during sex is one BIG plus 😉
  5. Great idea, thanks! Same goes for you yourself of course :if there's anything specific you are looking for, please let me(us) know. Personally I'm more than happy to share!!
  6. Just read about a few other members'ideas and..I must admit that THAT would most DEFINITELY be my 'peeing anywhere'-kinda dream ! Sitting down in a public place,surrounded by other people,with a ladyfriend on my lap ( be it a cinema, at a concert or just in a pub-anywhere as far as I'm concerned..) and having h e r let go ... Wow ! Even when typing this and thinking about it it's hard to keep my mind from crashing !? 🤪
  7. Dreams- or fantasies are weird like that..one has no control over them as to what is appropriate 😉 So I guess my one fantasy IS extreme ,a bit anyway. My mind always let me dream about this one BIG woman, who I get to help out. Sometimes she's sprained her ankle and I get to help her back to her appartement, sometimes I'm just giving her a lift home... And it's very obvious she is just dying for a pee ! There are times I dream about the ways she's apologizing for her behaviour,holding herself,squirming and pausing in her stride.Other times I just fantasize about all the different w
  8. if that was a woman peeing that h a r d ..? Definitely turned on !
  9. Not really, no-unfortunately.. I guess it's quite an intimate subject, and people are hesitant because of their privacy. Though I do understand all that, I still think it's a shame really.. We've got more means to talk to people all over the world than ever before in history!? But hey, at least there's this place 😉
  10. My Goodness.. I'd buy a car especially for that purpose even-to have a lady relieve herself on my seats !!? Thanks for all the great contributions,folks. Much appreciated !
  11. But offcourse !? On the carpet, chair or carseat - absolutely !! The cleaning up would be a pleasure after having watched such an act of beauty..
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