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  1. Embrace it. Definitely. That way one can control it so it doesn't get out of hand-becoming an obsession and overtaking one's healthy mindset. Personally I do not want this fetish taking up too much of my sex life, in that a more or less healthy balance can be maintained. In my experience, if you try to suppress it completely, it will come back to become an unhealthy obsession. Please don't take my word for it though, this is just my personal experience and therefore humble 2 cents! 😉
  2. Very arousing idea indeed! While in a bdsm-relationships I've played out such a 'game' and it was an absolutely thrilling experience. I still think about it sometimes while this was many years ago! Definitely go ahead with it, I'd say! Enjoy!
  3. Well, since money actually is an issue.. I've thought quite a lot about this of course! One has to keep some dreams, right? This would be a somewhat longer 'video-diary' of either one whole day, or several parts of different days. It would have to have a bit of a story-line, and some movement between settings:outdoors, indoors etc. My model of choice (I can be picky here for once 😉) would be a somewhat bigger sized Lady. 'bbw' is the term currently used I think? She'd have to dress in a classic, smart way, with good use of tights, old fashioned lingerie and footwear in the same sty
  4. Interesting question.. Thanks for sharing, folks! As for using "(to) go" - not in my language (dutch) where "to do" is used in most cases concerning 'having to pee'. And if memory serves me correct, neither in the German language.
  5. Definitely ! A woman desperately holding it is one of the most arousing sights imho !!
  6. You'd better secure your favorite video's then I think,as Ive seen it happen with for example x tube..one day everything was just..gone ! Video's as well as some of my online friends. Better to act now.
  7. Wait..what? There are "rules" ?? 😜
  8. Same here. Can't acces my own photo's at the moment. Have sent them a question about it allready.
  9. Well, for one Germany is vastly bigger than the Netherlands offcourse. So you'd be able to find a much bigger group of people for a specific fetish. The way I understand it is that most watersport related events in Holland are mostly shared exclusively within a certain group. Via internet or mouth to mouth in a swingersclub or bdsm-meet for instance.
  10. Good to hear you at least got a good time out of it! Those 'aurum-meets' were, as I understand it, more of a non sexual meeting of enthusiasts. Dinner, sightseeing, having a drink together and making new friends. What people would do after that, well that wasn't part of the meet 😉 I think such a low key, casual event would be more my kinda thing,thats all. Reading your-and other people s comments here showed me there's a lot more out there.. So thanks for that!
  11. Thanks for sharing @peebus10 I'd always wondered about these parties, and after reading your story I know it's not for me. Which is a good thing really, so thanks. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you, but as you said, there's always another event! Personally I've thought about going to one of these "aurum h2o" - meetings in Germany, lots of times.I thought it would be somewhat more low key,and a better option for a first time. And every time decided I'd wait until a better moment to go. 'maybe next year'.. Procrastinating isn't always such a good idea it shows 😉
  12. Thanks for sharing! That is quite useful, to look for themed stories that way.. The moment I typed it in I got at least three stories that were new to me. And believe me, I've spend many an hour on that site, rummaging through all kinds of categories.. I'm not that smart in looking up stuff it appears, so thanks for a great tip. I have one of your stories in my 'favorites list' actually! I'm surprised it didn't get more praise? Loved it!
  13. I sincerely hope you and your lovely wife will keep sharing ! Love it. May I ask : does this sharing with the rest of us, and reading comments about it do something for the two of you as well? Perhaps make it even more exciting ?
  14. I'm so sorry for not having.. Read this magnificent tale sooner!? To be honest, I hadn't even realized this great site h a d a stories-section.. my loss. But what a GREAT way to start reading here : I absolutely loved it! And what's that about it being 'too long'? As far as I'm concerned, this could easily become a series. I don't know enough of the technical terminology of writing, but I can say that the whole story just.. 'fits together' somehow. It feels very natural and is easy to read, yet nowhere boring-on the contrary, I found it quite arousing! Not because of the words you c
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