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    MASSIVE piss fetish. Love watching women and men hold their pee as long as possible and making huge puddles! I love the hissing sound and the look of relief turns me on. Mostly into desperation and exhibitionism. I love drinking lots of water and masturbating until I can't hold it any longer. The thought of someone watching me pee in real life turns me on so badly.

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    Desperation, naughty pee
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    My ex and I were getting naughty in a tent camping. I really needed to pee. We were both naked, so I just spread my legs wide and pissed all over his tent. He was mesmirised watching it come out and enjoyed my moans. There was a lot of piss in there! The pee puddle was still there in the morning.

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  1. I'd love to be able to piss standing up, but I just can't seem to aim. Even when I pull my labia back and position my urethra where I need it to be, I just can't piss in a straight arch. It always ends up dribbling down my thighs :p
  2. I had a cheeky wee and wank in the toilets today on the train. I filmed myself masturbating before trying to aim my pussy towards the toilet standing. It didn't really work unfortunately as it ended up dribbling down my leg. I finished pissing in the toilet all boringly lol
  3. i can get wet pretty quickly, maybe around 5-10 minutes? i usually like to suck a guy's dick before, seeing him so turned on and hard makes me wet. if he plays with my tits it drives me wild too, and i'm all ready for penetration. i've been told i'm incredibly tight by all the people i've slept with.
  4. I enjoy taking shits myself, but not into scat play at all, just not my thing. two girls one cup was traumatising
  5. As long as I get to take out and show off my boobies, too!
  6. As a singer myself (not professionally but am trained), I'd love to piss on a lucky audience member during a show!!
  7. https://thisvid.com/videos/singer-sophia-urista-pee-on-stage/ like this? real footage of singer sophia urista pissing strong on a fan
  8. Eminem. I feel like he'd be into that kinda thing. Love for him to whip it out and spray on me during a concert
  9. I love it when my bladder is nice and full, when the bladder pushes on my clit it feels amazing
  10. Sure! I take off my bra and sometimes my panties (sometimes I keep them on) and rub my pussy against the edge of my bed until I climax. I always have my bra off so I can feel my sensitive nipples being stimulated by the cold air on my bedsheets.
  11. used to be around once a day, now i would say around two-three times a week. The most I've done is probably four orgasms in one day. As a woman, I am glad to say I always cum, and cum quickly--usually it takes around 10 minutes. However, I have a very specific way I need to touch myself down there, meaning I've never been able to cum during penetrative sex, even though I love it so much.
  12. I think women have smaller bladders than men normally. When I pee it starts gushing out of my pussy and then it ends up trickling for a good while. I have voice recordings of me peeing for a good minute. The longest piss I've filmed is also around a minute, but I let that one out in gushes. https://www.erome.com/a/869PuXw7 I have a tendency to keep peeing after I think I'm done, as you can see in that video!! If I let my pee trickle more, I could probably pee for around two minutes.
  13. super sexy!!! i love it how it hits your shoes like that. You have a very long and strong stream as well. I'd love to see you pee on your bare feet.
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