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    MASSIVE piss fetish. Love watching women and men hold their pee as long as possible and making huge puddles! I love the hissing sound and the look of relief turns me on. Mostly into desperation and exhibitionism. I love drinking lots of water and masturbating until I can't hold it any longer. The thought of someone watching me pee in real life turns me on so badly.

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    Desperation, naughty pee
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    My ex and I were getting naughty in a tent camping. I really needed to pee. We were both naked, so I just spread my legs wide and pissed all over his tent. He was mesmirised watching it come out and enjoyed my moans. There was a lot of piss in there! The pee puddle was still there in the morning.

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  1. Hi all, so I came to the realization that the only porn that can truly get me off these days is pee related stuff, usually solo women or women together. Thing is, every other type of porn is just not doing it for me. I cant cum to the actual sex in porn, just the pee. Is this normal? I’m worried it means I won’t be able to have a normal relationship.
  2. I know he's not conventionally attractive but he's soooo funny and charismatic to me and loves dirty bitches so for me I feel it's perfect.
  3. Was watching Howard Stern on demand (the ones where people get naked and stuff), it's a shame there were no peeing scenes in it. I secretly hope he's into piss though 😉
  4. I love her! She is smart and sexy...didn't know about her bedwetting habit until now.
  5. There are so many beautiful male and female celebrities out there. Naturally, my thoughts always get dirty and I end up wondering which of them would be into pee! Only one I know 100% is into pee is Miley Cyrus (google is your friend if you don't know 😉). What do you guys think?
  6. Oh I remember that video! Lazy does amazing vids on horror stories from Japan, which are really cool!
  7. Wow, those men can certainly piss! Once they start, they can't stop! Gaaah, so hot! It makes me so horny, watching men give in to their primal instinct to mark their territories. 🤤
  8. https://xhamster.com/videos/construction-workers-having-a-piss-xhyP0LE I wish I could drink straight from their glorious fountains! 🤤
  9. When you gotta go, you gotta go! Love hearing you say how big of a relief that was. 🤤
  10. spraying!!! 💦 well, i am certainly fed for today 👅
  11. you are a gorgeous guy with a giant bladder and a strong stream! I can tell you had such a fun time!
  12. that looks like it would be great fun to sit on!!
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