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    I love watching movies, TV Reading books, Working out. Going out and having fun. Talking to people. Listen to music in my free time. Watching sports games and go out to watch games. Research things online.

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    Pee desperate long pee and holding it
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    I was in the basement playing beer pong. There were a few ladies and men there. I followed a lady up stairs. She went bathroom shut the door. I heard her pee she went a long time and loud. I love hearing her pee and shocked how long she pee for.

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  1. I saw this article online and I though it was interesting. I pee siting down a lot at home. I dont know how many guys do ? Leave your comments below. http://www.menshealth.co.uk/healthy/is-it-normal-for-men-to-pee-sitting-down?utm_content=buffere19ee&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  2. pee01

    Roadside Leak

    You held a couple of liters. I a lot of pints makes me pee a lot. You must have been bursting holding it and hurting. That a lot of pints.
  3. pee01

    Roadside Leak

    I bet that felt great letting that beer out of you. How long your holing it for ? How much beer did you drink ? Beer makes me pee so bad. I have some pee videos.
  4. pee01

    Roadside Leak

    Nice video and nice steam coming out of your pussy. You had to go bad. I love the view seeing you go.
  5. I love to see and hear you pee standing up. I love seeing a woman pee standing up.
  6. I do have the video of it. I can't upload it here. Pm and give me your email address send it to you. I have lots of pee videos.
  7. My interest in pee stated around middle school. I stared seeing and hearing more desperate in school. Girls holding it during class and need to pee bad. In between classes or lunch see girls almost run to the rest rooms. I thought that was hot. Around the time I was in middle school I went into stall with my mom she hover over the toilet and let a loud pee out of her. I watched her pee come out of her. I was amazed how fast and loud women pee at. First time I saw how a woman pee. I been always wanted to know where a woman pee from. I would always try to watch or lissen to women pee. They make different sounds than men do when pee and pee sounds different when they pee. I try stared to like seeing desperate women in line and hear when they pee.
  8. That is a long pee. I have pee long as that video. I have a video of my longest pee.
  9. pee01

    Desperate Co-worker

    Very interesting story here. Lucky to get a blow job. Some women nurses wet there pants too she say.
  10. pee01

    Desperate Co-worker

    I can try to picture that. Nurse I talked say last 3 hours can't go rest rooms. Some other nurse has to cover for them. 25 desperate women waiting for a toilet and two stalls she says. A lot of nurses have uti too from holding a long time.
  11. pee01

    Desperate Co-worker

    I had bosses, mangers and coworkers say they need to pee bad. I love hearing that too bad I cant hear them go. I saw some almost run to the rest rooms. Workers who work at a hospital hold it for a long time. I talk to a nurse online she has to hold it for hours and stand it line long time too.
  12. pee01

    Puddle On The Path

    Nice stream and nice pussy here. Long far stream long pee too letting it go. Outdoor pee better to in the open. Keep post theses videos and keep good work.
  13. I cant wait to see and hear some long pee video from you. I have some new pee videos for you to see.

  14. Thanks for joining.

    1. pee01


      You welcome. I want to create a form too next.

    2. sathuta
  15. Just had a bit of a pee