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    I love watching movies, TV Reading books, Working out. Going out and having fun. Talking to people. Listen to music in my free time. Watching sports games and go out to watch games. Research things online.

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    Pee desperate long pee and holding it
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    I was in the basement playing beer pong. There were a few ladies and men there. I followed a lady up stairs. She went bathroom shut the door. I heard her pee she went a long time and loud. I love hearing her pee and shocked how long she pee for.

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  1. here is one video. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cfd9239a8a32 Another one here too.
  2. Really nice pictures thanks for sharing.
  3. I heard some females too in real life. I used to clean rest rooms at work. Ladies would ask if they can use this. I would walk outside and let them go. I would hear them peeing from the outside. Some pee loud and long when I hear them go. One coworker didn't mind me move out of the rest room she say she needed to pee. I didn't I heard her go but it was not that long of a pee. The pee sounds different from ladies depends on how they pee over all a hover or sit down and go. I love the sound hitting the toilet water when they go.
  4. Ya those pictures are hot. You had to go bad.
  5. That great story i wish I hear them pee.
  6. I have a theses kinds of pees in my life here. I had it one time hurt bad and I was holding my dick hard because I needed to pee so bad. I was hurting really bad needing to go so bad. I drank some hot detox tea and water. Then I went on a trip to a casino 45 minutes ride. The hot tea really made me need to go bad and hit me hard. I had the drive who driving the car pull to the front of the casino and drop me off. I ask the worker where rest rooms where they were all the way in the back of the place. I walked quickly and I took a long pee there. I wanted to yell it felt so good letting it go at the time. After I went I had to go again this time not as long and bad. I didnt have to wait in a line at the mens room at the casino. I had a few times at work needing to pee really bad after drinking couple cups of hot tea or hot coffee. I drink a few water bottles at work too during the shift at work. It all caches up with me and hit me hard I have to almost run to the rest room lucky no one in there or not many using rest rooms. When I need to go bad I feel it in my dick and back hurts bad. Bar too I had some good pees when I been drinking a lot. All that beer and water hit me hard and I need to go bad.
  7. naughty women and you had to go bad. I love the pictures here. That a big puddle there too. Looks like you had to go bad.
  8. Nice story here. I cant wait to hear more stories from you.
  9. Hot pictures and nice pussy you have. I like the view of the pee coming out of your pee hole.
  10. Nice pussy and nice stream. Keep the good pictures up here. Looks like you had to go bad.
  11. Thanks for this information Riley. Women always pee faster then men do and pressure faster than men do. Most women pee long one would be a minute long or a little longer. Some men can pee two minutes or longer. I always like to hear long pees from both and see both desperation. When I am out somewhere always women going more than the men and now I understand why.
  12. I miss the 90s things were easier. Block buster had all the movies that were new and old there. Better tv shows and movies that were out. People didnt sit behind a screen to talk to people. Smart phones wont around and people put down there phone. Didnt drive and be on the phone at the same time. Better music then now days. People went outside to play sports. They didnt have social network stuff like facebook etc.
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