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    I love watching movies, TV Reading books, Working out. Going out and having fun. Talking to people. Listen to music in my free time. Watching sports games and go out to watch games. Research things online. Reading pee stories and watching pee videos. I like holding it and taking log pees.

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    Pee desperate long pee and holding it
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    I was in the basement playing beer pong. There were a few ladies and men there. I followed a lady up stairs. She went bathroom shut the door. I heard her pee she went a long time and loud. I love hearing her pee and shocked how long she pee for.

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  1. Very nice video here. I love seeing her pee .
  2. I was super busy at work and holding it for hours no time to go. I drank some hot tea before going to work and some water at work holding that. I was hurting bad holding for hours. You can hear me sigh when I went to go. https://www.omorashi.org/topic/63786-male-super-long-pee-at-work/?tab=comments#comment-1833695
  3. I was holding it middle of the night. I didnt feel like walking to the bathroom. The water I drank made me need to pee. I just let it go on carpet. https://www.omorashi.org/topic/63785-male-naked-up-close-side-pee/
  4. Welcome to this site.
  5. Very hot story here. You drank a lot and can hold a lot in you. You have a big bladder to hold a that in you. Good detail too in this story about you being desperation. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Welcome sammilvoe to this site. Sound like you should fit right in this site. Dont be shy to post any stories or anything you want. I would love to hear about you holding it.
  7. Nice pictures puddles and I love seeing you pee. You are so naughty pee outside. Keep great pictures up.
  8. I love these pictures here. I love bush pussy too.
  9. I am glad you like my video and dick. I know I am bad pee on carpet.
  10. I have to go again after just going on the carpet. I didnt feel like walking to the bathroom to pee. https://www.omorashi.org/topic/63474-male-naked-pee-on-carpet-part-two/?tab=comments#comment-1829536
  11. I am glad you like my video. I pee on the wall next.
  12. I was home watching TV holding drinking lots of water. I didnt feel like getting up and walk to bathroom. Click link below see the video. https://www.omorashi.org/topic/63473-male-naked-pee-carpet-up-close/
  13. Love that you hold it so you do long pees...I'll share that with my man...he hydrates but I keep begging for his morning pee which is more..but he believes it isn't good for me.

    1. pee01


      Thanks for like my videos. Glad you like that I love my long pees. I always love holding and take long pees. 

  14. very nice picture of you. Thanks for sharing a picture of yourself.

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