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    I love watching movies, TV Reading books, Working out. Going out and having fun. Talking to people. Listen to music in my free time. Watching sports games and go out to watch games. Research things online. Reading pee stories and watching pee videos. I like holding it and taking log pees.

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    Pee desperate long pee and holding it
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    I was in the basement playing beer pong. There were a few ladies and men there. I followed a lady up stairs. She went bathroom shut the door. I heard her pee she went a long time and loud. I love hearing her pee and shocked how long she pee for.

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  1. I am holding it now on my second water bottle now.
  2. Lucky you have a healthy flow and wide. I love to see your fairly long pees. That is interesting your pee hole so much bigger than women pee hole never know that about you. Would be interesting to talk about bigger urethra.
  3. That's crazy that's your normal stream big stream. I still like seeing picture of that stream. Thanks for sharing picture of your stream.
  4. Big stream and looks like you had to go bad. I bet that felt great letting that go. I love the picture of you peeing. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I was desperation and needing to go bad. It was close to the morning pee holding all that in me. All that water and tea hit me hard and I had to go bad.
  6. Another hot pictures of you and your pussy. I love steam coming out of you and pee coming out of you.
  7. I love to watch and listen to her pee. My dad had a very big bladder and can pee a long time. Come home desperation and pee for a least two minutes long.
  8. I always to love to see you pee and see you pee everywhere at your work. I would to pee with you at your work. I love theses pictures of you pee and love your pussy.
  9. Hi and welcome to this site. I love desperation and hold it too. Pm me and we can talk about desperation holding it. I cant wait to hear all about you hold it.
  10. I love those pictures of you peeing on chair and bed. You had to pee bad I can tell from pictures you posted here. I love seeing your pussy pee in theses pictures.
  11. I love this picture and love the puddle here. You had to go super bad and wish I could hear saw you pee too. Very big puddle so you were desperation. Thanks for sharing picture.
  12. I sit down to pee more at home. I never sit down to pee in public. Sometimes men can relax there bladder more and get more pee by sit down on the toilet. I never shack my dick when I pee at home or public.
  13. There is always stories online and all over where women pee in mens because ladies room line too long and women cant hold it or dont wan to wait in long line. This got me thinking of men has there been any man using ladies room ? Any stories you have of this please post below.
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