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Please note there has been an amendment to rule 8. 

We no longer allow reference to kiks, snapchats, skypes, or similar meetup/chat sites. Posts asking for those, or sharing your own details, will be breaking the site rules.

This only applies to future posts and existing posts will not be penalised. 

We have always tried to discourage these types of posts as this is not a dating site, and generally these posts are very spammy. In more serious cases, these types of posts are often linked with scams/abuse (fake kik profiles being particularly common, with a number of attempts to con people out of money or send malicious files). 

It has also been pointed out that even when that isn't the case, it is a way of breaking up our community here and taking our members into small external cliques which is against the ethos of the site.

Therefore after weighing up the pros and cons we have decided it is easier to simply have a blanket ban on these types of things.

Whilst some may find this decision unpopular, we provide a free private messaging system already, and have even introduced additional live chats for gold members.

Of course, members who have built strong friendships here and privately wish to exchange contact information is fine, but public posts about these things, or unsolicited private messages asking for external contact information are not allowed whatsoever. This includes messaging members out of the blue asking if they wish to join a group chat or exchange kiks/skypes etc. 

Please report any posts like this, especially any unsolicited private messages you get asking for contact info.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making PeeFans better! 

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Also please note that in January 2022, @Admin introduced a clarification around extreme pee vandalism.

This policy doesn't affect the vast majority of our content or members, but does affect those situations where peeing action causes physical damage / loss / distress to non-consenting people.  It was introduced because certain content was creating a division within our normal happy, caring and friendly site.

The policy can be found Here.

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 In April 2023 Peefans Staff have introduced a further clarification on the sending of unsolicited sexual private messages.

Peefans is an amazing community where we all come together because of one common interest - PEE.   People from many different walks of life, different cultures, ages, orientations.  Some people in relationships and others single.   Some people who see the kink as part of sexual activities, and other members for whom pee is a solo pleasure.  We are keen to encourage all of those aspects and very keen to encourage the deep friendships that develop between members as they get to know each other.

One problem which keeps getting raised to the Staff though is members receiving unsolicited messages of a sexual nature.   What this means is a stranger, or near stranger who sends a message containing comments, questions, propositions, demands, pictures or other content of a sexual nature.  The sort of messages which are unexpected, they are not part of an ongoing conversation between friends.

For many people these sort of unsolicited messages are a nuisance.  Sometimes the messages can be intimidating and have led to valued members leaving our community.


Please note that this is a clarification, and not a new rule.  Private messages and Live Chat have always been under the same rules as other parts of the site - to not harrass or intimidate others, to respect the views of others for example.  We are not a dating or hook-up site, and asking a member you don't know to perform a sexual act with you is also not the way we operate. 

We have no problems with people chatting via private messages, and definitely no problems where friends use messaging to build their friendships including sexual discussions and content.  We are of course an adult site and there is no problem with sexual chat and banter between friends who know each other and know that sort of chat will be mutually enjoyed.

This clarification (a minor wording change in Rules 8 & 17) applies to those members who have no previous interaction with a member, but feel it's ok to suddenly send them sexual content or messages out of the blue.

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