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MUST READ Site Rules

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1. By using this website you are confirming you are at least 18 years of age, and the laws in your country permit the viewing of pornographic content.

2. Images or videos depicting anyone under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited. References to events/memories whilst you were a minor may be acceptable if they are not sexual. For example, recalling that you first noticed your interest in pee around age 15 is acceptable, a story involving two minors peeing on each other is not.

3. Do not harass, insult, intimidate, or threaten anyone. This includes begging for content, exposing a member's personal information, or sending unsolicited sexual images.

 4. Promoting acts of violence is not allowed. Racism and homophobia will also not be tolerated, and strong political views must be confined to the 'General Off-Topic Discussion' section.

5. Do not post bestiality or scat content on this site. Any fetishes other than pee should be discussed in the 'Other Adult Content' section, and are allowed at the administrator's discretion.

6. Do not post anything illegal on this site, including revenge porn or copyrighted material. If you have a DMCA complaint, please email peefans[at]gmail.com and it will be dealt with.

7. Do not link to any websites containing viruses, malware, or excessive spam and popups.

8. Do not post irrelevant, low quality (spam) posts on this site, that do not add to the discussion. This includes treating the forum like it's a dating site (it's NOT) and asking for snapchats/kiks or off-site communication details. 

9. Do not criticise the fantasies, experiences or content posted by other members. The only exception is if the content breaks one of the above rules, in which case please report it for a moderator or admin to deal with.

10. Posting links in which you profit from is prohibited. This include affiliate links and images to sites that pay for views; please upload all images directly to peefans or use Imgur.com

11. Posts should be written in English. 

12. Don't argue with other members - respectfully make your point and add them to your 'ignore list' if there is a recurring issue.

13. Don't create duplicate topics - instead post in the original to bring it back to life.

14. If promoting anything - such as your personal website - please ensure you are adding value to PeeFans, rather than a shameless plug. You are not allowed to post advertising your personal onlyfans, however you are welcome to link to free pee videos of yours that have a watermark with your onlyfans on.

15. Please consider and respect the views of others - for example, if several members request you remove your avatar for a reasonable reason (e.g. extreme content).

16. If you want your account deleted, please message admin. Due to the effects of account deletion, please include a valid reason. If you simply no longer wish to use the site, logging out of your account and not returning should suffice. Account/content deletion is determined on a case by case basis.

17. Do not excessively message other users or flood the chatbox (be considerate to other users). Once again, common sense is key.

18. Be wary of what personal information you give away (how others use this information is outside of our control). Likewise, do not share your password with others.

19. Do not claim to be someone you are not. 

20. By using this website you agree to abide by the above rules, and to read any future updates to this list. Try to leave the site in a better way than you found it, apply common sense, and I hope you'll enjoy using PeeFans! 🙂


If you have any issues whilst using this site, please contact a member of staff.

Breaking any of the site rules will result in a warning or ban depend on the severity and how many previous violations.

These rules are in place to foster a safer and more enjoyable community. As long as you read these and don't misuse the site, there will be no issues. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Please note there has been an amendment to rule 8. 

We no longer allow reference to kiks, snapchats, skypes, or similar meetup/chat sites. Posts asking for those, or sharing your own details, will be breaking the site rules.

This only applies to future posts and existing posts will not be penalised. 

We have always tried to discourage these types of posts as this is not a dating site, and generally these posts are very spammy. In more serious cases, these types of posts are often linked with scams/abuse (fake kik profiles being particularly common, with a number of attempts to con people out of money or send malicious files). 

It has also been pointed out that even when that isn't the case, it is a way of breaking up our community here and taking our members into small external cliques which is against the ethos of the site.

Therefore after weighing up the pros and cons we have decided it is easier to simply have a blanket ban on these types of things.

Whilst some may find this decision unpopular, we provide a free private messaging system already, and have even introduced additional live chats for gold members.

Of course, members who have built strong friendships here and privately wish to exchange contact information is fine, but public posts about these things, or unsolicited private messages asking for external contact information are not allowed whatsoever. This includes messaging members out of the blue asking if they wish to join a group chat or exchange kiks/skypes etc. 

Please report any posts like this, especially any unsolicited private messages you get asking for contact info.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making PeeFans better! 

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