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    I've finally taken the plunge and signed up. Middle aged male in the northern uk, this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

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    Naughty peeing and talking about it
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. Absolutely gutted for you.
  2. @Alfresco - I'm going to essentially agree with what the guys above have said, and I personally think it's really commendable that you are concerned. So many people would be tempted to abuse the trust without a second thought. The fact you're worrying about it shows your character. Personally, my thought is to do absolutely nothing. She invited you to look into her laptop, it's not like you were snooping on her. The fact you saw thumbnails, well you had a cause to be looking in the folder to diagnose the problem. Ok, so you happened to have the explorer in a thumbnail view and not a file listing view - just the way it was. Personally I think, if it was me, I would just leave the situation alone and park it. Accepted, there is a risk of her daughter, or whoever else finding the same images - but ultimately not your problem. The tie in of your wife / their work etc all seems to potentially tangle things up somewhat. If you were to tell your wife, and the lady then comments later she's realised there may have been some inappropriate images and your wife says 'yes I know'? That could swing an accusation back that you had looked at them all - which you didn't. Ultimately you can honestly say that there were many gigabytes of images. In terms of any thoughts you may have next time you see the lady - probably not much different to the lady in the supermarket that announces she needs a wee or next time you see a skirt blow up in the breeze? These things happen to real people, we witness them, but we can generally park them somewhere safe. You are a gentlemen and a kind soul for worrying yourself over it. Personally I don't feel that you need to transfer any worry onwards.
  3. I don't have a great track record at guessing bra sizes - a lot more guess than estimate anyway. But that's not important... love the pictures, thanks for posting!!! (Edit - I don't even know if bra sizes work the same in the USA as here in the UK... I mean dress sizes and shoe sizes are quite different)
  4. It's one of those catch-22 situations, the people prone to unacceptable behaviours are often those least receptive and least likely to go searching for guidance. The typical problem behaviours which we saw were in elements of several of the rules - ie Rule 3 on insulting others, Rule 4 on racism or homophobia, Rule 9 on criticising experiences, fantasies and content and then Rule 12 on arguing with other members. Often it's subtle, but over time a pattern builds and where the member can't be encouraged to adapt their behaviour then action sometimes is needed.
  5. @Admin beat me to it, whilst I was thinking of a similar (less detailed) response. It is indeed a shame, a real shame that he couldn't adopt the live and let live, peace and love attitude that oozes through the community. There's always likely to be members more into one aspect than another - heterosexuals of both sexes for example, both into seeing the opposite gender rather than their own - and people into one aspect of our kink but not other aspects. The key is though that (almost) everyone is mature enough to step over the things they're less in favour of. Just ignore and move on. Unfortunately when a member cannot tolerate views other than their own and expects the site content to be governed by their one-sided view, that is when they fall foul of site rules. Meanwhile - peace and harmony continue.
  6. My only thought is that there could be a step missed somewhere between 3 - 5... Since the aim is 'emerge completely dry and satisfied' there is an extra step in achieving that satisfaction. I do wonder though if the extra step may arouse suspicions, if one remains in the cubicle too long and gives away any tell-tale signs (moans, groans, gasps, banging against the partition of the cubicle..). These signs could alert a colleague to the ongoing satisfaction being achieved. I could be wrong though and guess there's only one way to find out 😉🤭
  7. Wow @puddyls - you're so naughty!!! but we love it! Guessing this is a second time after you posted your puddle the other day. I reckon we'd better start crowdfunding your bail money just in case... but don't let us put you off.
  8. Totally agree with your discrimination there @MiaDarling - I think that boundary in your second paragraph is a good one that could work well. Reading upwards there has been discussion about Sections, Topics and Posts for it to live in. Also a suggestion for staff to create a new section... @Admin is responsible for the highest level structure of Sections, but I don't believe this warrants a dedicated Section. I accept the example of Men Peeing that is a no-go zone for many as a personal choice. But that's a very clear fenced area of men peeing as opposed to ladies, just like fiction is clearly separate from real experiences. If Pampers were to have its own Section alongside these existing sections like Men Peeing then that implies that every sub-genre of pee also should. Instead I think having a clearly labelled Topic inside (eg,) Real Pee Experiences or Sex and Porn is quite sufficient - and anyone can create a Topic and add to Posts in a Topic without the need for Staff intervention. Just give it a clear name so people can skip over it and conversely can find it by searching. For example: https://peefans.com/topic/18273-cute-pampered-girls/?tab=comments#comment-252555
  9. Recently there's been a bit of discussion about peeing in Pampers... Now since nobody can see you pee in Pampers (unless the blush gives it away), who's to say whether these girls are wet or not. As a starter topic here's a few rather attractive young ladies in their Pampers. If that's not your thing feel free to scroll on by... If you enjoy feel free to add - although the whole ABDL may be a step too far..
  10. Just to pick up further on two points.... Yay's or Nay's - I wouldn't say at all there were more Nay's, by a rough glance there's an equal mix of Yes and No with a few generally interested. But that doesn't matter. The topic IS within the site rules (as we're talking about adult wearers and we're not talking about pee rather than 'the other waste product'). Our site principle is to not be dismissive and negative of someone else's flavour of the kink. So, on that count - go for it. As for where to post anything, well I'd suggest there doesn't need to be a new top level area created. If we're talking about pampers for the purpose of tinkling into so that fits nicely into the Wet Zone - and then it's just like any other aspect. So just create topics as necessary... Pamper pics or videos in the Pee Pics(*) and Pee Videos sections, discussion in the Pee Talk (ie like this) and Real Experiences. Fictional stories right in with all the other fiction, and as and when we get men joining in, well the Men Peeing section is ready and waiting. (*) Looking at a few samples on Imagefap and obviously it's pretty hard to tell if there's any peeing actually going on, but there's definitely cuteness - so a place in Sex and Porn maybe too. Tinkling into pampers is just as valid a thing as tinkling into knickers, clothes, carpets, furniture, public places, oneself, each other or any other aspect you can think of. Some prefer to think of ladies and aren't into the men's section and vice versa. Anything people don't like they can just trot on past...
  11. @Kevvvv - When you say 'I will if you ask' - is that what our friend @BlindListener just did? As you've browsed around the site you've probably noticed lots of written content, in fact a whole section of Real Experiences topics and also lots of written accounts in the Men Peeing area too. People write up their experiences in there and obviously they do it in a way which preserves their anonymity and security. They maybe don't mention their town, or their real names that sort of thing. But they do share it for all to enjoy. Sharing is the key word here - we're a community of members, with content created by the members and shared by the members for all to enjoy and be encouraged by. Telling us in a dozen words you're going to have a good time on your birthday is fine. People would like to know how it worked out, what happened, how you enjoyed it and so on. People want to enjoy the moment with you. And that's what these real experiences topic areas are there for...
  12. You're right - chat is definitely a time-zone thing and schedule related. It does seem to have changed a little during lockdown, or has for me at least. At the moment the chat seems quite consistently busy from about GMT 4pm until midnight - so, I guess about lunchtime to early evening EST. There do seem to be a core of chatterers with members both on the Eastern US and UK / Germany - but the more the better. And I'm sure those in the US would welcome conversation later into your evenings. Also to turn to your other point about having a pee discussion - don't feel guilty in the slightest - we're a pee forum after all. Absolutely nothing wrong with discussing pee, peeing, live holding or pretty much anything else in chat with like minded friends. It's what we're all here for. The reason the chat rule about constantly turning the conversation to pee was introduced was to fix one little niggle... In the chat, there's all sorts of conversation from the weather, to cars, food, movies, what people are doing etc and every so often there used to be a guy who's only contribution was to butt into valid conversations to ask if you needed a wee. It was annoying, people stopped using chat in case he was there and ultimately he was banned because of it. The rule says don't constantly turn the conversation to pee - but chatting in a group about it is fine. So - no reason at all to avoid chatting about pee - it works fine where we treat it like meeting friends in real life.
  13. I'm going to give one of my typically vague answers... of maybe. The question for me isn't actually are pampers hot? It's like the old chestnut, do guns kill - or do the people pulling the trigger do the killing? I definitely think the subject is under-represented on the site at the moment and I definitely think it's a perfectly valid part of this kink of ours. Do I personally love it? Well, the things that float my particular boat are all related to the female side of pee fun. Emphasis on the fun there - so a lady who enjoys being pampered up and enjoys wearing, wetting etc in them is the starting point. Now clearly there may not be much to see. A picture of a girl wearing pampers is nice, just like a pic of a girl in a bikini or skinny jeans is nice, but I'm not necessarily getting excited over the jeans, bikini or pampers. It's about the lady - how much she's enjoying it, what she's feeling, how naughty she's being maybe - it's as much the look on her face than seeing a bum covered in pampers. I'll also make the point that not every aspect is a turn on for me - the last true jeans wetting I saw - was a disabled woman who most definitely wasn't enjoying it, a humiliating experience for her and her companion and couldn't have been any less arousing. Similarly, I personally wouldn't be aroused by someone dependent and hating being dependent on Pampers medically. Being dependent, strong, proud and sassy with it - now that's different. So - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and when it comes to the pee fetish, for me at least it's a lot more about attitude than image. Pampers - well, why not - would love to see more, especially when they're being worn by an enthusiastic, fun and vibrant lady. It works for me.
  14. Certainly when I pull back, or if I'm semi firm, it has quite an effect on my stream just as you say. I always thought of it as the same as squeezing the end of a hose into a flatter shape so the pee fans out a bit. Also my stream will be a more powerful jet stream.

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