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    Have been a member for a couple of years, and a huge privilege to be invited to moderate too.

    I'm at that point in life where not caring too much what people think, but caring about other people is nicely in balance.

    A middle aged male in the northern UK and this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

    Main aims here and in life in general are to be positive, supportive - helping out the little guy or gal if I can and if they need someone to stand in their corner. Any resemblance to Clark Kent is entirely coincidental.

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    Largely it's enjoying the experiences of ladies who enjoy it, but always happy for a bit of self enjoyment too. Naughty peeing, holding, occasional wetting, reading and talking about it - mostly everything really as long as it's fun.
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. @Sorin - I could be entirely wrong, and @Sophie may be perfectly willing to answer your question. After all she is very able to have her own opinions. One possible opinion though could be that all this question, after question, and particularly this last one is getting just a little towards harassment / begging for content. Both of which are discussed in the site rules. I'm sure just by reading the content that Sophie, or any number of other members have posted you can learn a lot more about their interests and them as people, without having to ask what colour ass hole they have.
  2. ^^^ You had me trying to work out if that was exactly the same as my last (N+1 -1) bike... We have a cycle to work scheme through work and having got a road bike last time around, I decided on a hybrid for the more casual trips when the scheme came out again. Mine looks identical, give or take - but is a Boardman MTX.
  3. As this is the introductions topic - please can I ask that for any further pictures or discussion (other than welcome messages) they are posted in a relevant thread within the main Men Peeing section. Thanks - Peefans Staff
  4. Correct - as other people have said, it's not about size - it is that Peefans does not accept video files (except animated gifs). As folks have suggested, you'd need to upload somewhere else and then post a link to it in the relevant thread.
  5. I don't want to sidetrack this picture thread - but I think the issue is probably that as you've said elsewhere, they're images you've saved on your phone. So whilst the image is filling your phone screen, in reality it's still a very small picture. It's clearly not the case with every picture you post (and I'm loving the content BTW. No criticism at all). One suggestion would be when viewing the image on your phone, to make sure you click to open the image and not just a thumbnail. Then 'Save' rather than making a screen grab. Some sites like Imagefap will show the image size again
  6. I totally agree with the suggestions above. One quite passive solution (if you don't want any risk of getting caught or fingers pointed) would be to pee in his mug as suggested, but then empty it out. Far less traceable than leaving a mug full of your pee on his desk - but you'll be the only one with the knowledge that every time he drinks from it, he's sipping on your personal toilet.
  7. (Real life style encounter with accounts of female desperation, teasing, peeing and oral) Hi Peefans - Since it's St Patrick's Day today I thought it may be a good time to share something that happened a few weeks ago. UK members may be familiar with the concept of a Speed Awareness Course, but for the international membership I'll explain. Basically in some conditions, if you get caught speeding in the UK you can get the option to pay for a classroom 'retraining' session rather than accept a fine and penalty points on your driving licence. And yes, that was me. What a nump
  8. I’m much more in favour of terms like ‘curvy’ - so much more respectful. A while ago I created the topic ‘Curvilicious’ in the Pee Pictures area and since then there’s also a similarly named Pee Videos thread. Hopefully both of those will prove there is interest in ladies blessed with ample figures. Personally speaking the most important thing for me is that an actor is enjoying the experience and creating it to share their enjoyment. That’s what we’re about as a community anyway - a bunch of friends with a common kink who love to encourage each other. Nothing worse than s
  9. I know what you mean - but for many alround here we wouldn’t need to ask, we’d just recognise the signs and give an appreciative wink and a squeeze.
  10. Sounds a perfect plan - the longer you can hold, the more golden it could be. How gymnastic are you? Handstands in the bathtub, yoga positions, that sort of thing? Or just a gentle burning fountain?
  11. What's your plan @epdreamgirl - are you still on the diapers? Or something different in mind this evening?
  12. Thanks for sharing @Ms. Tito - and please pass on our warmest and most genuine Peefans best wishes to them - we are here for all of our members past and present, and the door is always open for them. I'm assuming that Simpfan4 is the name used on the other forum, and here they went under the username of just Simpfan until their request to leave in November last year. It was a pleasure to share in respectably naughty posts with them many times. They have been missed in the community even before this news.
  13. You have a fucking lawyer... I guess they're more likely to get you off(!) than maybe a tax lawyer or intellectual property lawyer for example. Personally I think I'm going down(!!) for 39 years - assuming the Double Jeopardy law applies and I only get charged once for multiple offences in the same category? If the making porn charge includes selfie pee photos then possibly more than that.
  14. There have of course been statues of Hermaphroditus dating back to ancient times, but agreed that is a bit of a single subject. https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/artifact/statuette-of-standing-hermaphrodite I guess in ancient times, statues were a way of recording an celebrating beauty in a way that now has mostly been overtaken by photos, videos and other modern media. These days we seem to use statues more to recognise and remember those who've become famous for their achievements - rulers, politicians, rock stars. And agreed, unfortunately as yet we don't see too many tra
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