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    Have been a member for a couple of years, and a huge privilege to be invited to moderate too. I'm a middle aged male in the northern UK and this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.
    Main aims here and in life in general are to be positive, supportive - helping out the little guy or gal if I can and if they need someone to stand in their corner. Any resemblance to Clark Kent is entirely coincidental.

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    Largely it's enjoying the experiences of ladies who enjoy it, but always happy for a bit of self enjoyment too. Naughty peeing, holding, occasional wetting, reading and talking about it - mostly everything really as long as it's fun.
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. I promise you it slowly gets more natural, things that seem to take all your concentration become more natural to the point of being automatic. But until then, don't lose heart - stick with it. If it's a steep hill then perhaps just driving up that part of it at a moderate speed is an ok thing to do, until you get higher up and can change gear more easily. If you think about driving on the flat, when you put your clutch in to change gear then the car continues to roll forwards without you really noticing it slowing down. The difference on the hill is that gravity is pulling against
  2. Probably a lot healthier way to de stress, although not any less addictive. if I was returning to an empty home after a night of drinking then imagine the fun.
  3. Similarly, had a few goes with the Honda engined 160cc karts - birthday party outings, that sort of thing. It’s one of those things I go into with a enthusiast optimism and come away feeling quite deflated… With no differential between rear wheels, powering into a corner generally will result in under steer and coming out of the corner far slower than proper technique, and with a single gear once momentum has been lost you become a bit of a sitting duck for everyone to pass. That and power to weight ratio is grossly affected by driver’s weight… Would love to try my hand in a ‘r
  4. No probs - I'll answer as best I can... Pictures can be posted by clicking on the 'choose files' or 'Add Files' at the bottom of the box where you enter the text. There's a size limit on pictures, but otherwise quite straightforward. Videos though need to be hosted elsewhere (because we don't have the space on the site) - so there are various third party sites you could use. Quite a few people use Erome for example. Then just copy and paste in the link. Now in terms of where to post - I will apologise that the site can seem a little binary in for example having a specific Men Pee
  5. Hi and a huge welcome to the site and a very friendly community. Do shout up with any questions and enjoy yourself finding your way around.
  6. Hi and a huge welcome to the community - hope you're finding your way around and enjoying yourself. Do shout up with any questions of course.
  7. Somewhat amusing reading some of the extreme views. Sorry, unhelpful comment from me there. One thing that would be good is now that every digital camera or even phone records full HD quality, if not 4K - shame producers haven’t got their heads around audio quality. I’m a big fan of first person speaking to camera clips, where dialogue is important- but so often muffled, lost in background noise, wind noise and generally rubbish. The same goes for the actual sound of peeing - how often could that be so much better? All it would take is a directional mix or maybe a lapel mic de
  8. Oooh what a lovely treat.
  9. Just a quick request - if pasting in content, please choose the 'paste as plain text' option. It removes the formatting, otherwise the page doesn't always display correctly given the different possible site themes and day / night options.
  10. Hi and a huge welcome to the community. Your wish is sort of met already - our interactions between each other here are mostly based around the public forum, so browse away to your heart's content. Enjoy reading (and viewing) and when you're ready feel welcome to contribute to the posts there in words if nothing more. You'll soon get to know a wide range of the people who are active and it's the quickest way to interact with a whole load of people...
  11. Was driving to pick my wife up from work earlier... Had just turned into a twisty cut through country lane and this came on. I didn't arrive late 😉 Ace driving song, although the video doesn't always fit and looks more dated than the song sounds (to me anyway)
  12. Reading along here has been interesting... For me as a guy who doesn't own any of those glorious intimate parts I hardly feel that my opinion is relevant, although it's good to see that I'm not too far off the mark. Two observations I've got though which have been a little of an education for me: Cunt - Is a name I've always disliked, a very guttural word in it's sound and one which is commonly used a an extreme insult "He's a total cunt". Yet there have been several users commented on this being their standard term - and that makes me wonder if it's one of those words which takes
  13. Thank you so much for sharing - love it. The fact that you have learned to not feel bad about accidents, but instead to be able to be excited by them is wonderful. And please do not worry at all about your English, your writing is very clear and perfectly easy to understand. We would much rather you share adventures like this, rather than never post anything because you worried about the English.
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