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    I've finally taken the plunge and signed up. Middle aged male in the northern uk, this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

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    Naughty peeing and talking about it
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. Great minds think alike @glenruger - I posted a different photo of the same girl, on the same grass within an hour of your post this morning. Entirely separate, but equally enticing.
  2. It's summer, in the north anyway, best keep the garden watered.... (Please add - don't let there be a drought)
  3. Hi @Bidslongdaddy and welcome to the site. Title of your post grabbed my attention and thought maybe it was a technical question. I can relate to your comment on not having much interaction - there's quite a few reasons for that. One of those being that whilst the site shows 25k members, there's a much smaller proportion active at any one time and many who never interact, but are just here to appreciate -- so would never strike up a conversation with you. Plus it's only been a few days. This isn't one of those sites promising teenage girls who want to chat with you - it's a community of friends from all around the world. Different time zones, different lives and to an extent different sexual preferences. One common tie. Interaction though is a two way thing - the way your post reads I'm sort of thinking that you're trying to attract people to come to interact with you. Actually it's far easier to gain friends and trust when you step out and go to interact with them. Browse content, interact by posting meaningful comments on posts, share in their experiences, answer their questions. People will get to know you and you'll become a valued member of the community.
  4. I know the question was in the distant history of last weekend, but still worth an answer... Firstly for me personally, my ability to hold depends very much what I've drunk. Like a lot of people, caffeine triggers a pretty sudden spasm in my bladder so if I drink a good coffee or something like coke, I can guarantee that in maybe an hour I'll go from nothing to bursting. Also there seems to be a sweetener used in some drinks which has the same effect. So, choosing what to drink is a good part - I'm not a serial holder, but do like to occasionally. Other than that, assuming I've drunk something which is allowing me a slow build up to being desperate then a lot of what I feel is psychological. I could be out on a bike ride for hours or driving home, and just being near home makes the need worse. The same as standing in a supermarket queue feels 10x worse than walking around browsing the shelves. Sometimes as well I find the need comes and goes in waves - if I can get over the worst of a wave then I've got an easier time until the next one. So distraction is a key part and also convincing my brain that the need it's feeling is in part imagination and will pass. To do that I might be browsing on here for example, maybe chatting with someone, and feeling the need building. When it gets more critical, to the jiggly stage then yes, jiggling can help - but that in itself focusses my mind on the need, when I want to focus it away. Instead then getting up from my chair and walking to the other room and back will usually do the trick and let me settle for another few minutes. Maybe even grabbing a drink - although of course running a tap isn't always helpful. Setting a target can also help to hold.... It's 2pm, so I'll let myself go at ten-past. Then when that time comes, maybe five or ten minutes more. That's a lot easier than telling yourself up front you have to wait 40 minutes. Finally, in the real experiences section somewhere is a 'real time holding' thread which doesn't get used often but can be a great place for friends to share in your hold and help you through, maybe even hold online with you.
  5. Found so many great puddles on my hard drive.... but if she's still streaming then I guess it ain't the aftermath.
  6. Found in an innocently named folder on my hard drive, mostly ignored because they don't meet my normal picky 'they're too small' criteria. Lots more where they came from...
  7. There's a thread in the website section about Tumblr's decision to cull all those pages we love so much. Looking back at my hard drive, here's some of the gems I've harvested in the past. Copyright to the various owners where stated. Please feel free to add - Tumblr finds only.
  8. In case you're not that familiar, the lady in the photo is Honor Blackman who played Pussy Galore way back in the 1964 film Goldfinger. So, not essential to recreate her exactly - just a typical Bond heroine would be fine. Personally I'm quite a fan of Eve Monneypenny (Naomie Harris) from Skyfall
  9. Not a movie.... and very tame, but the Netflix series Stranger Things has a moment that made me smile... At the end of Series 3, several of the teen members of the cast are trapped in a large goods elevator. The two males state that they need to piss and do so, the implication being that the girls have to hold it. Later two of the older teens Steve Harrington and Robyn Buckley (played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman) are captured and interrogated. Both are drugged to try and reveal the truth and as a consequence are flying high as kites. After their escape, whilst still tripping, Steve asks Robyn "When was the last time you peed your pants". "This morning" she confesses "but it's ok, only a teensy bit came out", motioning with finger and thumb. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4574334/mediaviewer/rm1192861441?ft0=name&fv0=nm1638321&ft1=image_type&fv1=still_frame
  10. If I ever find myself sharing beers with any of our friends, there'll be no such teasing - but there will be ample opportunity for a ringside seat and encouragement to participate.
  11. Pretty much every time I read a Peefans post by <Insert one of many names here>
  12. Every chance it was just a case of him thinking on the level of needing a pee and making some slightly beer-fuddled attempt to be discrete. As others have said though, I do wonder if he realised you'd be able to see - perhaps mid flow or when he'd finished. I also wonder if there was an element of premeditation there -- so often those sort of events end up with the "It's all right for you guys" sorts of comments. I've been in similar conversations when cycling and the like. For 'us' it's a perfect opportunity to open an apparently innocent conversation exploring the fact there's no need to suffer any discomfort yourself and little stopping you taking care of that need either. So perhaps you missed the opportunity being offered you there? (That's not a criticism, I so often have thought bravely and then whimped out to sidestep similar conversational topics for fear of letting on about my deepest hidden secrets to people I know).

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