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    I've finally taken the plunge and signed up. Middle aged male in the northern uk, this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

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    Naughty peeing and talking about it
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. gldenwetgoose

    Do you have a "type"?

    Anything with a pulse? Only joking, but in all seriousness I’m not vain enough to think that I can be that selective. I’d choose a girl with a nice smile and a warmth about her first and foremost, if she’s going to be fun and uplifting to be with then physical appearance is secondary.
  2. gldenwetgoose

    Penis vs Vulva

    I seem to remember an old cartoon somewhere with a girl pulling her pants open, pointing down and saying 'with one of these I can get any number of those...' Vulva envy is definitely a thing for me, it's my favourite part of any anatomy, male / female or anywhere between. Those slit pictures that @Riley finds drive me wild every time. I can completely understand though why anyone who owns one could be curious as to having a penis. I don't think either is better, it's just down to which we would want - and having as a plaything could be a different answer to growing up with and living with. Ultimately though it's like biscuits 'n gravy (for any southern food addicts) - no point in one without the other.
  3. gldenwetgoose

    What's something you want to see me do?

    Is it just me, it seems that 80-90% of peeing pics all look the same with that low squat position, and frankly it bores me a bit - if lady pee could ever get boring. I love a bit of variety, something different. So, with spring around the corner, my suggestion @Riley is to wear the summer dress you posted the other day, or maybe a long floaty dress. The simply sit crosslegged in a busy park with a good book - you can make sure your modesty is covered whilst not sitting on the skirt. Keep hydrated and simply sprinkle the grass whenever the mood takes. Panties optional or maybe a thong? The more people about the better
  4. gldenwetgoose

    out door peeing

    Could it have been the case that your friend was too busy trying to sneak a peek at you taking care of business Awesome that you still managed to capture it all for us.
  5. gldenwetgoose

    Lucy - Chapter Ten - Finishing The Evening Off Perfectly

    No, thank you! I don't have much experience with girl-on-girl action, but hopefully guessed it about right. My style is definitely erring on the side of innocence - less is more. I know there are all levels of people browsing about and people with all levels of taste - would be a terrible place if we were all identical.
  6. Can you believe we're up to ten chapters.... Thanks for your patience. This chapter closely follows on from the previous - hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. As they walked along, the two girls were still giggling about their evening’s exploits. Their giggles not to mention their reduced inhibitions were most definitely aided by all the alcohol they’d drunk. Jenny still had the bottle of Sambuca she’d bought from the bar, there wasn’t much left but it didn’t stop the two girls swigging from it as they walked, or rather staggered home. “God, I’m dying for a wee.” said Lucy, clinging onto Jenny’s arm. “It’s alright for you, you emptied your bladder onto the carpet at the pub. Come to think of it, so did Abby. Then Katy just peed in the car park. There’s only me that hasn’t had a wee yet. I still can’t believe you just let fly on the carpet under the pub table. You’re so naughty! You just don’t care do you. Mind you, if we don’t get home soon I think I’ll be having a naughty wee in someones front garden. Either that or it’ll be in my knickers.” “I thought you liked being desperate?” said Jenny, teasing her friend slightly. “I do” replied Lucy “But there is a limit though.” “It must be that Sambuca.” continued Jenny. “It’s your own fault of course. You could have told a true pee story or confession, but you tried to lie with a made up naughty story. I can see right through you, you should know that. If you’d told a true naughty story you’d probably be home and dry now as it were. Anyway Lucy, you must be able to remember a better story than, what was it? Some old bat keeping you talking and you peeing your knickers and tights. I know that’s not like you. Ok, so you’re not exactly pee shy are you, but at the same time, really?.” “Look who’s talking!” giggled Lucy. “No, I suppose not, but I’m nowhere as naughty as you. Anyway I’ve probably told you all my naughty stories over the years. Most of my story was true though. I did used to come home bursting, there was one time I was genuinely locked out so I had a pee in the back garden.” Jenny murmured approvingly. “Confession time for me now. I remember you telling me on the college bus about you doing that. It sounded so liberating, so naughty, I actually went home that evening and tried it myself. I sat on the bench at the bottom of my garden in the dark with a skirt on and no knickers and just peed through the wooden slats onto the grass. Even if somebody had seen me they’d never guess what I was up to. The cool air and the naughtiness was a huge turn on. I think that’s where my peeing outdoors thing started. I’ve been doing it ever since whenever I can. I blame you. It’s all your fault!” Lucy laughed, squeezing her legs together as she did, “So all this time I’ve been enjoying holding and being desperate I’ve sort of been inspired remembering you at college peeing outdoors, at the same time you were naughtily peeing thinking about me doing it? Ha ha that’s mad! God, I’m bursting. Thank goodness we’re nearly home.” The two girls soon rounded the corner and reached the alley way behind Lucy’s terraced house. Once through the back gate and in the privacy of the paved rear yard, Jenny reached into her small handbag. “Do you mind if I just have a ciggie before we go in?” she asked. Lucy was tempted to leave her friend outside whilst she went for a much needed visit to the toilet, but instead decided to wait. She leant against the tall garden wall, bending over trying to relieve the pressure on her bladder. If she had been sober she might have wondered if Jenny was deliberately making her wait a few minutes longer in her desperate state. As it was though with a fuzzy head she was just concentrating on how much she needed to pee. Standing still made it ten times worse so she paced back and forwards, tapping her feet on the paving slabs and bending her knees. Then Lucy decided sitting down may be the best option. Her Brother’s touring motorbike was parked in the middle of the yard, it’s tall seat even higher for being on it’s stand. Lucy climbed on, swung her leg over the saddle and sat on its seat. Her loose skirt fell loosely onto her lap and the vinyl felt cold under her backside. On a whim she’d worn the black stringy thong Steve had bought for her and just sitting on a motorbike with a loose skirt on, rather than leathers, boots, waterproofs and gloves felt a little naughty. At least sitting down though it didn’t feel as though gravity was working quite so had on the over-full contents of her bladder. Even so, Lucy had a hand firmly applying extra pressure against her pee-hole. She was close enough friends with Jenny and for that matter tipsy enough that she wasn’t embarrassed. Jenny finished her cigarette and quickly climbed onto the motorbike’s seat behind Lucy before the desperate girl could head towards the back door. She scooted forwards so that she was squeezed closely against Lucy and leant forwards against her, putting her arms around he waist. “Take me for a ride!” she murmured into Lucy’s ear, “Take me to the moon and the stars” Lucy laughed, “You’ll have to hold on tight, it could be a wild one”. With this Jenny moved her hands from Lucy’s waist and upwards to cup her best friend’s large breasts. Jenny felt the softness of Lucy’s warm flesh, with the lace of her bra and metal underwire feeling rough in comparison. Lucy had to admit it felt amazing too. She wasn’t shocked, it was the sort of thing Jenny would do anyway. She let Jenny’s hands massage her breasts and felt her nipples hardening and pressing inside her bra. At the same time she could feel Jenny’s slim body pressed against her back and Jenny’s thighs against her bum. She could clearly feel Jenny’s pert boobs pressing against her back, she’d already noticed earlier that her best friend wasn’t wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Jenny definitely wasn’t the shy retiring type Lucy mused, thinking of her friend going out for the night in just a short skirt, T shirt and a smile. “Shall I hold on like this?” Jenny asked with an air of innocence, and then wrapped her arms around Lucy’s waist again, this time squeezing more tightly, “Or how about this?” “Oooh, don’t squeeze, I’m absolutely bursting for the loo now, you’ll make me have an accident.” Jenny laughed but relaxed her hold on Lucy’s waist, instead moving her hands downwards. Lucy still had a hand pressing through her skirt to help ease the pressure on her pee-hole and Jenny took Lucy’s hand and moved it away. She quickly slid her other hand under Lucy’s skirt and up to reach the triangle of Lucy’s pubic region. Then she placed her fingers snuggly over the mesh of Lucy’s thong, pressing gently but firmly onto her pussy and squeezing her lips together. Jenny kissed Lucy on the back of her neck just below her ear and whispered “Does this help?” Lucy murmured in a way which showed it definitely did, then turned her head towards Jenny. The two girls kissed warmly on the lips. Once their lips parted Lucy whispered “That was amazing, what you’re doing right now is amazing, I don’t want you to stop but you’re going to get a very wet hand if you carry on.” Jenny just smiled and then kissed Lucy again, this time even more passionately. Jenny’s free hand reached up and carried on massaging her breast. As the two girls kissed their breathing deepened and they moaned in pleasure. As Lucy relaxed she became barely aware of the pain in her bladder. She was aware of the feeling of hot urine pressuring against her urethra and the familiar feeling of clamping her pee-hole muscles tightly shut. As they kissed though it began to feel like the most natural feeling in the world to be kissing her best friend. It became the most natural feeling to relax and let her hot pee begin to trickle out. It felt natural even though she was sitting on her brother’s motorbike in their back yard. It felt natural even though she was peeing through her thong and wetting her skirt. It even felt natural to be peeing onto her best friend Jenny’s hand. Lucy flinched at this thought and opened her eyes wide, expecting to see a horrified Jenny looking back at her, but Jenny just winked and reached forwards to kiss her again. As she did so, Lucy felt Jenny’s fingers relax their hold and then pull the side of the thong away from her pussy. Jenny used her other hand to open up Lucy’s pussy lips allowing her pee to stream out more easily, flowing out with a continuous audible hiss, spraying on the tank of the motorbike, splashing back onto Lucy’s legs and splattering onto the paving slabs beneath them. Eventually Lucy’s pee stream dwindled back to a trickle, she had of course been holding the entire night’s drinks so it took some time. As the last of Lucy’s pee subsided from a spray to a trickle which down in little rivulets and tickled her bum Jenny replaced Lucy’s thong and gave her pussy a quick rub through it. “We’ll clean this up in the morning, but for now I think we’d better go and get a shower” said Lucy, then with a wink she added “Do you fancy carrying on from where you left off?” Half an hour later the two girls cuddled up together under the cosy white duvet on Lucy’s double bed. Lucy ran her hand down from Jenny’s shoulder finding her small firm breast, feeling her nipple stand to attention. Jenny ran her fingers through Lucy’s wet blonde hair and then reached forward kissing her again. “Are we going to be ok with this in the morning?” asked Jenny. “Which bit?” replied Lucy with a laugh. “Us kissing, me peeing all over you, us showering each other, or the two of us here naked?” “I’m being serious - I mean all of it. Some people would be grossed out” said Jenny. “Of course we’re going to be ok, well as long as you’ll still love me tomorrow. I don’t know why we’ve never done it sooner.” replied Lucy. Then to reinforce her point she pulled Jenny closer and kissed her again. As she did so her fingers ran further downwards from Jenny’s breast, over her toned stomach, reaching her neatly trimmed landing strip of hair and then parting her lips to start gently massaging her clitoris. Lucy marvelled at how different Jenny’s body felt from her own, obviously no two girls were identical, well except perhaps for the twins. Lucy of course knew her own private parts very intimately but it felt amazing to be touching her best friend. Jenny had much less natural padding around her parts and consequently her inner labia and clitoris were almost exposed, needing barely a touch to stroke them. As she did so, Jenny gasped in pleasure, encouraging Lucy to carry on and soon returning the favour. In almost no time at all both girls brought each other to their climaxes and then cuddled together to sleep soundly with very pleasant dreams.
  7. gldenwetgoose

    The complete Revelation of Nancy

    Consider it done.
  8. gldenwetgoose

    The complete Revelation of Nancy

    Well, if you insist...
  9. Wonder if she was a fan of the TV series Lucifer? (wouldn’t mind at all Maz having her wicked way with me!)
  10. gldenwetgoose

    Sexy nudes

    @Riley, you really do have excuisite taste in ladies....
  11. gldenwetgoose

    Lucy - Chapter 9 - Girls Night

    More of a Lucy fan than Steve then - can't say I blame you... Don't worry, Steve is history but there's more to come from Lucy and Jenny. Watch this space....
  12. gldenwetgoose

    A question for all.

    Sounds like a situation to be recreated... and shared of course. You know you want to...
  13. gldenwetgoose

    Peeing favourites

    It varies from time to time, but at the moment having a lady kneel over me and give me a shower - feeling her hot wee trickle over my cock and balls. A bit of domination thrown in too for good measure. Having a lady let me kneel in front of her whilst she was on the toilet, stroking her whilst she peed over my fingers. Alas she wasn't into pee and it was a one off. Female peeing especially when resulting in pleasure - so that opens up all the avenues of holding, deliberate wetting, naughty peeing, showers and the like. Not sure - probably pictures on the internet. Can't remember how I found myself at them, although in retrospect I've been into pee for quite some time, it would have been a real awakening since then - I don't have one particular epiphany image which kicked it all off. Erm - Probably Carol Vorderman I think probably at the back of a church. Driving home full, realised I probably needed to stop - walked around the back of a village church and picked a corner against the wall. Started to pee then realised a window was open and I must have been just the other side from the vestry. Not sure if it's that naughty, but certainly at high risk of being caught. On God's church wall? And a good few hotel room floors for good measure here and there... Since 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' has already been taken, I'm going to go with 'The Boat That Rocked' - great feel good film too. Not sure who the model is, but something along the lines of 'It's My Garden and I'll Pee If I Want To' featuring a British lass talking in first person to the camera (which really does it for me anyway) about how she's not supposed to pee in the garden, before hitching up her denim miniskirt and wetting her panties. Apart from that described in Q2, in my late teenage years my girlfriend at the time did try - but was a bit pee shy, so it didn't quite happen. Story of my life lol.
  14. gldenwetgoose

    Trump's Stupidity Continues!

    That’s right, we’re all members here because of our mutual interest- and building up barriers between us (I won’t use the term walls) isn’t helpful. As a complete outsider to US politics and a European, two things are apparent to me: - politics the world over isn’t always about who is best to be elected, but sometimes about lesser of evils. After a period of one party in government, a swing in the opposite direction isn’t necessarily a vote for a particular candidate but perhaps a vote in favour of opposing manifesto goals? - the media hold huge sway over the way particular parties and individuals are represented, both in falsely positive and overly negative ways. More and more it seems that individual networks are political party channels in their entirety- which combined with the trend of political smear campaigns makes them hugely powerful. Combining those two factors together it’s hard to have a realistic picture of what is real and what is fictional, and absolutely impossible to have a crystal ball view of what will happen half way through a politicians term. We all are where we are - I’ll vote in favour of capping this discussion and returning to something we all agree on... Does anybody need a wee?