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    straight male
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    Have been a member for a couple of years, and a huge privilege to be invited to moderate too.

    I'm at that point in life where not caring too much what people think, but caring about other people is nicely in balance.

    A middle aged male in the northern UK and this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

    Main aims here and in life in general are to be positive, supportive - helping out the little guy or gal if I can and if they need someone to stand in their corner. Any resemblance to Clark Kent is entirely coincidental.

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    Largely it's enjoying the experiences of ladies who enjoy it, but always happy for a bit of self enjoyment too. Naughty peeing, holding, occasional wetting, reading and talking about it - mostly everything really as long as it's fun.
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. Hi - and a huge welcome to the worldwide community of friends that is Peefans. It's worth mentioning that we're an online only forum for all those interested in Pee, and definitely not a hook up or pee dating site. So it matters not one bit whether you're male / female / other or your age, location, orientation etc. As an alternative to waiting for people to hit you up, feel free to jump into enjoying taking part in discussions and contributing to the forum. It's definitely the quickest way for people to get to know you.
  2. Playing the accordion with an erection... that's brave. At least he has a young lady's hand preventing any trapping injury. 🤭
  3. Today doesn't really exist - right ? So we're having a day off. Not really a day off - just 1/4 of the average birthdays on a leap year 29th Feb, and none who've been active on the site this year.
  4. It’s ok - you’ve obviously seen my garage.
  5. Kudos to you @Kittykiss - and thanks for sharing with us. Hopefully an embarrassment shared is an embarrassment halved, or does it work the opposite? Anyway, you can at least take comfort that it was a random stranger. If he saw you in a crowd a week from now he probably wouldn't recognise you (unless you were weeing infront of him again). But you never know, you may have evangelised the pee love and created a new recruit for the cause!
  6. Well.... What can we say @Sunshine108 @levi0228 @MrMcManu @texaspete Apart from HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY !!!! Have a great one folks!
  7. Any good male desperation / wetting / emergency public pee sightings? Asking for a bunch of friends...
  8. Can I be a bit awkward and say 'all' Apart from those ridiculous scripted videos where a girl dances around outside a door for five minutes complaining she's bursting. All the time in the world to find somewhere else, or just to undress and pee on the carpet, but instead pees a tiny obviously forced dribble and grumbles like it wasn't expected. But in real cases, I really don't mind - just however it comes. My last real life sighting was a very brash young lady with the aid of alcohol who pissed a pretty gushing stream from a high squat. Hers wasn't slow and deliberate, she was
  9. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to @ozzybr9 and @unclebens
  10. Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear @crazyguy09 & @thanks1972 Happy Birthday to You !!!
  11. A couple of Staff points to note going forwards: Site Rule 2 applies equally to drawn art, just as it does to photos / video: Images or videos depicting anyone under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited. Now we understand that Manga typically features female characters as having very young looking faces, making it difficult to draw a line between depictions of children and depictions of adults in a cosplay setting. It's difficult for the user, and difficult for us as staff to draw a line. We have removed a number of pictures where the subject appears to depict a child (schoo
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