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    I've finally taken the plunge and signed up. Middle aged male in the northern uk, this is a bit of a secret outlet for my fetish. My main interest is in ladies who are into deliberate holding, peeing in naughty places and wetting. It's got to be with consent, I'm not really into it when it's not pleasurable. It's a longstanding thing - from teenage years, and becoming more intensive as time passes. One thing that's really attracted me to the site is the really descriptive nature - for me hearing someone describing the feelings involved and reading the stories is almost as exciting as seeing it for real.

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    Naughty peeing and talking about it
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    Where do I start? Previous girlfriend who was really open about discussing her outdoor pees and experiences

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  1. From what we know.... I'd say you'd nail it no problem.
  2. Astounding? Ha ha - there's not too much about me outstanding, normally pretty boring really. First time I've mentioned it on here - Married. She isn't into pee, although she knows I am - she has discussed a few times, but made it clearly it's not her thing. As I've stopped mentioning it (it was clearly awkward), I think she thinks I'm over it. Hence this site is a lonely outlet for me.
  3. Until earlier this year I would have smiled to myself. After a very late session in the pub, now I blush.
  4. Just spotted @spywareonya's response - had missed it somehow. OK.... Love: Definitely ladies peeing, especially (or definitely) they've got to enjoy it - providing they do, then love everything about it whether holding and squirming, leaking and wetting or best of all having a really naughty pee. I think because of the naughtiness of it all and a little bit of girl-power empowerment. Live: In the North West of England, a small rural village just outside a larger town. Standard family house, but very close to lots of open space. Beautiful place.
  5. The sun's shining, the skies are blue... Is there anywhere better to 'go' than the beach? Just a few of my favourites. Hope you like them.
  6. Yes everyone.... well, possibly apart from some of our beautiful lady members who might just prefer to see a guy rushing for desperate relief...
  7. A group of about 10... I’d put money on the fact that you’re not the only one who thinks they’re the only one. Next time you’re out together, why not metaphorically ‘test the waters’ without actually admitting too much.... ”has anyone else been stuck in those roadworks in the high street. I honestly thought I was going to wet myself in the car the other day, and I didn’t even need a wee when I set off. How bad is that?” or “at school pickup, why is it teachers want to have a word when you’re absolutely bursting. Clench and smile. Is there anything worse?” Its got to end with an open question, see what everyone else contributes - bearing mind their non verbal communication may give away more! Don’t be embarrassed- if the media can speculate whether Phillip made Holly wet herself live on TV then the rest of us have nothing to be ashamed of.
  8. What would be your preference @Jayne78.... In a perfect life that didn't involve the mundane, the running round looking after children and a household, where you had all the time in the world to indulge yourself? Would you maintain a glorious topiary, would you be as silky as a peach or some perfectly trimmed statement? What would be your choice?
  9. Raven - Not sure whether you'd call it luck, fate, whatever that I happened to log on nine minutes after your post and the 'recent posts' happened to be the first thing I saw. Whatever, there's a few things I can't leave unsaid. Firstly a big thank you and a hug for your honesty. There's a large number of people on this forum who care about you far more than is logical for someone we've never met, far more than you realise and probably far more than any popular social channel. We don't just care because of what you post, we (on the whole) don't have expectations or criticisms of what you post - we're just happy that you're here and that you do contribute (both in posting and in responding to others' posts). It's not really relevant to compare others' content with your own - we all know you're not going to post selfies or body parts. That's a given and accepted. Neither do I, nor most others. Some do and we appreciate them, many don't and we appreciate them just as much. Most of what you post is incredible - personally your 'slits' and 'sexy nudes' threads are one of the first places I look, eagerly hoping for new content. So Raven, what I'm rambling on trying to say is there is no mould that you have to fit in here - we love you for who you are, whether you're quietly sitting online observing and reacting to posts, whether you're sharing your experiences (which are by no means lame) or whether you're sharing internet finds with us. You are valued. Any hobby or pastime can easily turn from a thing of love to being a chore. There's definitely no harm in taking time out now and then for as long as you need. As far as the rest of life goes, it sounds like it's been a peak of stress with college, finals, thoughts for the future and all that going on. There's nothing wrong with having a meltdown every now and then, the body and mind can only take so much. People around you possibly won't know how to deal with it, or possibly will think it's just 'for attention' - which anyone who's dealt with depression knows couldn't be further from the truth. When it seems like everyone takes a step back, it's not because they don't care - it's that they don't realise how much you need the care. That and we are crap at flitting from one thing to the next without multitasking ourselves to given Raven a call and check she's ok. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better - it will be a long road, but there are lots of people WHO DO CARE and want to be there. Feel free to DM me if you want to chat, whether it is random crap or something particular. As you know I'm online usually at least once most days, so it won't be an instant response, but if it helps.... Talking of help - I know you love The Beatles... go and get some Beatles playing, force yourself to sing along. It is a long and winding road, but you will get by with a little help from your friends. xxx. Stu
  10. So many wetting videos are so fake.... 'Oooh, oooh, I'm about to wet myself" <pushes for a few seconds> 'Oh no, I've wet my panties'... Which doesn't put wetting in a good light. I can appreciate seeing wet panties on the basis of a girl who enjoyed getting desperate to the point of leaking, who perhaps had the choice and consciously opted to hold until the dam burst. For that matter, a genuine accident on the proviso that it's not traumatic and humiliating. All of that said, I'm most definitely into no panties and naughty peeing whenever the mood takes. Can I choose both?
  11. gldenwetgoose


    Apologies if these are reposts....
  12. gldenwetgoose


    Since you're one of the most prolific posters on this (your) thread, you could 'slip one in' as it were and only you would know it was far more than just an internet find....
  13. I just read that as 'beating' life into the chat. Not far wrong though given the original post...
  14. I thought it was great, and the dialogue wasn't too hard to follow - brings the characters to life.
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