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    Easy going Aussie guy looking to explore. Looking to speak to fun, open minded people who don’t take things too seriously and are happy to share experiences.

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    Peeing together, outdoor pee, golden showers. I really love seeing it flow out, being part of what is normally such a private, personal moment. I enjoy watching the persons face as much as I enjoy watching it flow from wherever it flows. :)
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    Had an ex-girlfriend pee for me and watch me pee. Has left me wanting a lot more.

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  1. I’ve done a video on here of me squatting, I can’t say I prefer it to standing but it was good to mix it up a bit .
  2. I watched Wandavision last night and got into a Marvel mood. Elizabeth Olsen is unbelievably hot. Black Widow and Captain Marvel are also on the list.
  3. I hate to get repetitive but I also don’t feel it’s necessary. Probably half the time I masturbate there’s no porn involved. Those times it’s either thinking back to an experience that turns me on or fantasising about one that may or may not ever happen.
  4. Hi all, It’s not the most extreme start but I hope you like me wetting for the first time. Happy to hear your thoughts! https://www.erome.com/a/18Fw2b8x
  5. What a great sentiment! 😊 I’m the same, always open to chat about anything and PM’s are welcome for all.
  6. Yup, this is pretty much how it goes! Sometimes a little faster than that depending on where I am haha.
  7. I’ve only ever cum in my underwear once, it was accidental when I was getting rubbed in the movies many years ago. I do often get pre cum in them quite a lot though when I’m horny but can’t jerk off.
  8. I love nonchalant pissing and there are handful of videos with women doing it but nowhere near enough. I love the idea but don’t do it as I’m too lazy to clean up! Haha. The most relaxed I get is in the bathroom when I just stand and let it flow wherever.
  9. I tend to be more into I’d after I’ve finished peeing. Quite often If I’m horny I’ll be hard after I pee, so while it’s out I just keep playing.
  10. It’s such a tricky one because if I’m honest with myself I feel like I could pee anywhere a female could pee at the moment (except the women’s toilets haha) but I’d definitely like to experience the ‘how’ part. Keep my legs together and feel it flow down my thighs etc. I love the thought of spending a day as a female, of course I’d spend time doing other things haha.
  11. Amazing! I love the way your mind works in finding all these sexy opportunities 😍
  12. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m glad you liked 😊
  13. Hi all! here is my attempt at the role reversal described by @Eliminature and also reproduced by @gldenwetgoose i know this isn’t outside but I hope it still looks ok. https://www.erome.com/a/l8hilEpi
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