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    Easy going Aussie guy looking to explore. Looking to speak to fun, open minded people who don’t take things too seriously and are happy to share experiences.

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    Peeing together, outdoor pee, golden showers. I really love seeing it flow out, being part of what is normally such a private, personal moment. I enjoy watching the persons face as much as I enjoy watching it flow from wherever it flows. :)
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    Had an ex-girlfriend pee for me and watch me pee. Has left me wanting a lot more.

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  1. I’ve done it plenty of time in the sea, never had any issues but i can’t force it, I really need to go for it to happen. on the shore, I wear baggy board shorts so I have on a couple of occasions just peed in those as I sat on the sand. As they’re baggy, I can even get away with poking myself out as I sit and just peeing directly on the sand without too much risk.
  2. These are great videos, thanks! There’s something I find way hotter about retro porn. They look like real people, not supermodels and it just feels more messy and raw.
  3. The more natural the pose, the better for me when It comes to watching someone pee. Whether it be standing with legs slightly apart and just letting it flow, or sitting/laying and doing the same hands free, I enjoy it a lot. For me personally I also enjoy not using my hands. If I can just let it go wherever it wants to go I get a lot of enjoyment from that.
  4. This is a great idea! I can’t wait to see more of what you find.
  5. This is great for getting the imagination going! Concert - I’m assuming it’s pretty crowded. Hot, sweaty group all moving together, so I’d just pee myself right there in the crowd. Wedding - I’d go trees/bushes. Still a decent chance of seeing someone, or being seen. Zoo/Theme Park - probably behind the building or next to a machine. A little hidden, but not totally out of the way. Cabin - I’m torn between asking the people where they want me to pee (and hoping they say right where we are) or just out the window. That sounds like fun!
  6. I’ve never had one, but I’m with you, I actually like the idea of a ‘pee buddy’, rather than a full blown relationship. It would be great to meet and share this aspect of our lives without the overarching pressure of a relationship.
  7. I get really excited by the idea of someone watching me/catching me, but most of the time I play it safe, as my chances of getting seen by someone who wants to see feels pretty low!
  8. You are crazy bold puddyls! Love it 😊
  9. Male Natural/no style trimmed. Im not short of body hair, so it looks silly if I shave it smooth. I keep it tidy.
  10. Jonjet0208


    Wow, those first two really are twins in every way aren’t they?
  11. Unbelievable @puddyls 😍 How is it every time you post it’s hotter than that last time?! 😋
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