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    Straight male
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    South West Sydney
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    Easy going Aussie guy looking to explore. Looking to speak to fun, open minded people who don’t take things too seriously and are happy to share experiences.

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    Peeing together, outdoor pee, golden showers. I really love seeing it flow out, being part of what is normally such a private, personal moment. I enjoy watching the persons face as much as I enjoy watching it flow from wherever it flows. :)
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    Had an ex-girlfriend pee for me and watch me pee. Has left me wanting a lot more.

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  1. Male Natural/no style trimmed. Im not short of body hair, so it looks silly if I shave it smooth. I keep it tidy.
  2. Jonjet0208


    Wow, those first two really are twins in every way aren’t they?
  3. Unbelievable @puddyls 😍 How is it every time you post it’s hotter than that last time?! 😋
  4. Mine was on a golf course, at night with very misty light rain. ive also had a handjob whilst in a drive-through lol.
  5. Yeah I’d happily pee in public, relief the pressure plus get a little buzz out of it 💦😊
  6. Amazing as always @puddyls 😋🤩
  7. Hey if was sure it was another Pee fan coming around the corner I’d happily show it off!
  8. https://www.erome.com/a/YPgwLlHf just a quick roadside pee, sorry the quality isn’t great. hope you like! J.
  9. This probably sounds like a weird question, but do women feel any difference peeing with pubic hair versus shaven? I’ve been watching some pee porn and there was a close up of a chick with a full bush. When she went, the pee didn’t just stream straight down, it got sort of ‘tangled up’ in the hair. So I wondered if you feel that at all? Do you feel it spraying differently? Or does it make more mess? Or does it make no difference at all? J.
  10. Let’s hope I don’t let you down with my instructions! Haha. Let us know how you go. I’ve got a few pics and vids in here of me doing it if any of that helps.
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