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    Easy going Aussie guy looking to explore. Looking to speak to fun, open minded people who don’t take things too seriously and are happy to share experiences.

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    Peeing together, outdoor pee, golden showers. I really love seeing it flow out, being part of what is normally such a private, personal moment. I enjoy watching the persons face as much as I enjoy watching it flow from wherever it flows. :)
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    Had an ex-girlfriend pee for me and watch me pee. Has left me wanting a lot more.

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  1. I hope these still count even though you can’t really see the dick 😜💦
  2. I do like peeing in the shower pretty much every time, but I don’t get too creative. I normally get hard first so I can stroke while I pee. I’ll often splash it on my hands and body too, but nothing too exciting.
  3. I can’t speak for all guys of course, but in my experience it’s the sensation on my penis that distracts me from being able to pee. When I’m alone I need to stop masturbating and let the urge to pee come back, I’d imagine it’d be the same with sex. I might be able to do it while inside, but I’d need to stay still while the urge comes back. Not super sexy! Lol.
  4. If I’ve got the time, mostly when I’m showering, I’ll bounce between masturbating and trying to pee. I’ll masturbate and get nice and hard, then let the need to pee creep up on me. I’ll bounce between those two until I’m close to cumming. I’ll usually let the pee go first while I’m still pretty hard, then cum quickly after and enjoy the relief in the puddle I’ve made 🙂
  5. Congrats to the nominees and winners! This really is a great community so I can’t wait to see who’s on the list in 2023 😁💦
  6. I’ve recently been watching Manifest. It’s ok, but some strong female leads, all of whom I’d really enjoy seeing in a slightly more intimate moment 💦
  7. I’m feeling in a very exhibitionist mood today 😁
  8. Peeing had two cracks at getting my attention! The first was in a porn video I had (which I’ve posted about elsewhere) where a couple of the scenes featured the girls peeing. I’d never seen it before and couldn’t believe they’d show that! Haha. But I did find it fascinating. A few years later I was living overseas. Showering one morning my gf at the time came in and peed, which no one had ever done in front of me before. She was surprised I was so shocked, and started making a habit of it to wind me up. Over time she got a little more bold with what she’d show me, I started being a l
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