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  1. I've been in this situation numerous times where my wife has had to pee and there hasn't been an opportunity to do so. Usually she holds it, but once in a great while she'll pee in the woods on a hike, side of road, etc. Similar situations with my ex. But if we're talking about platonic situations, not a significant other, they've been fewer and farther between for me. For example a few instances in college, usually involving drinking.
  2. There were 1K+ comments, so I didn't sit and read them all. Among the ones I read, I don't recall if there were any specific recommendations.
  3. Yes and no. I think perhaps it might depend on what, specifically, you're looking for. For example, if I search for new pee-related content on any of my go-to sites (PH or Reddit, for example), there's always new content. But I have some specific niches I like to look for, such as women peeing during sex, women peeing in the shower, etc., and I find that those search results tend to be the same-old same-old, and new, quality content is few and far between. So I wouldn't say that it's necessarily the amount of pee porn in general, but it might just be that what's out there isn't sat
  4. I'm in a similar situation; about 6 months ago I began to improve my health, which involved cutting back on sugar drinks like soda, cutting back on alcohol, and replacing it all with water. In addition to these changes, I've focused on improving my eating habits and increasing my exercise. I've lost almost 30 pounds so far. I don't know my total fluid intake, but I'd estimate that I pee 10+ times a day. I wouldn't say I've noticed a change in velocity or force, but definitely in color. It's often either clear, or close to clear.
  5. I have a backyard above-ground pool, and occasionally buy things for general maintenance and upkeep. Because the powers of the internet know my buying habits, I am often targeted with pool-related ads and group suggestions on social media. Facebook is always showing me posts from "backyard pool enthusiast" groups. One of the recent posts caught my attention because it was from a pool owner who had recently installed a full bathroom with flush toilet adjacent to his backyard pool. According to his post, he was tired of guests (mostly his kids' friends) tracking wet feet through their house
  6. I drink a lot and I pee a lot. Between coffee in the morning and soda / water the rest of the day, I probably drink 5 liters / day. I've never counted, but I'm sure I pee at least ten times per day (if not more). I think I pee at least once per hour.
  7. I can think of two that immediately come to mind. The first was when I was younger, perhaps in my late teens. I was on the beach with my family. There were a group of kids a little older than me, perhaps in their early twenties. They were messing around, and one of the boys lifted a girl (in a teal bikini) up over his shoulders, and was carrying her toward the water. As he was lifting/holding her, her bikini bottom wrinkled and came away from her pussy, exposing her lips. As I recall she was "natural" (not shaved), but not very hairy. I was maybe 10-15 feet away, so I couldn't see perfect
  8. @JDG I think you're right that it will likely happen outdoors more often, especially depending on whether you tend to be "outdoorsy" in your lifestyle. For example, my family is very outdoorsy, we enjoy camping, hiking, etc., and there is not always easy access to restroom facilities. My wife tries to plan ahead, but occasionally gets "caught short." What I've found is that she'll quickly go from "Hmm, I might need to pee soon" to "If I don't find somewhere to go, it's going to come out" sometimes with 5 minutes. So she has gotten pretty good at popping squats on our hikes.
  9. @JDG Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Is this your first? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood! I can relate to a lot of what you've described. Childbirth significantly changed things for my wife, and things have never really been the same since. She has done just about all of the things you mentioned above, except maybe wet the bed. But she still wets her pants occasionally, and has also sprinkled before getting in the shower. Sometimes she'll stand in the opposite end of the shower and pee while the water is warming up because she just couldn't hold it anymo
  10. If it were me personally, I would not say or do anything, and just let nature take its course. Personally I think it woukd be super weird if you "demonstrated" what you want people to do. I would definitely not do that. Even making an announcement is probably unnecessary, since it's a communal pool. I suppose I could understand if it were your own pool - you could say something like "Guys, please don't pee in the pool, it messes with the chemical balance" (or whatever). But since it's a communal apartment pool, and you're not responsible for maintaining it, you wouldn't really have ground
  11. I've tasted my wife's and my own. If my wife needs to pee during sex, she'll pee in the toilet, but sometimes she agrees to not wipe, so I can lick her clean. Hers is almost always diluted, and never tastes like anything. I've also tasted my own. One time recently I peed on and inside her pussy during sex. A few minutes later I gave her oral. I could definitely taste my own pee, but it wasn't offensive in any way. Perhaps a little salty is all. Mine was diluted as well, I drink a lot of water.
  12. For me personally, it is something I began doing with my wife a little more than a year ago, and has turned into a nice little sex "enhancement" since then. I've peed in my wife's pussy, and on the outside (clit, butthole, etc.). At first it was just because I needed to pee while we were having sex. Now I generally make a point to drink water and save some pee for sex. We both like the "extra wet" feeling and enhanced lubrication, whether I do it inside or outside.
  13. Although I like both, I guess for me it's a slight preference toward natural. I like the "girl next door" type the best. Not super hairy, not bald, but a nice happy medium.
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