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  1. Nice! My guess is that he probably didn't notice. It's hard for me to see it when my wife pees in the shower, even when I'm specifically looking for it.
  2. A couple follow-up questions - when you say "there was such a mess" - when you came, did you pee? If so, how did your husband react to that? That might help you better guage how he'd react to the concept of pee as part of sex in a more general sense. Or, if not as part of the act, did you pee once you got in the shower with him? And if so, how did he react to that? I guess what I'm asking is that you mentioned that you had to pee during the act. When did the much-needed pee actually eventually occur? If part of the act, or part of the intimacy directly afterward, would be interesti
  3. My wife and I pee in front of each other with the door open, no big deal. I honestly can't remember exactly when in our relationship we started the habit. Maybe around the time we started having sex? My wife pees with the door open in front of our kids too, but I don't. That probably has to do with the fact that when she pees she's sitting down, so there's really nothing to see. Versus me, when I pee (standing), I'm more "on display" and don't think that's appropriate in front of my kids. I've seen girls pee with the door open at parties when I was college age. Not all the time, but
  4. Ha, not trying to throw shade, but these lines 100% WOULD NOT work with my wife. She'd probably threaten to divorce me if I ever said anything like that. Just goes to show that everyone is different. What works for one may not work for others. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Every situation is different. In general, however, I'd say that communication is key. You're going to have to talk to her and "feel her out" on the topic. The way I approached it with my wife may or may not help you in your situation, because everyone is different. For example, my wife is close to asexual. Sex is not something she craves or desires in the least. We still do it fairly regularly, and she "tolerates" it because she loves me, but she has no sex drive or desire of her own. So, in our situation, I have to be grateful for the fact that I'm getting anything, and I know not t
  6. Straight male here, and pretty similar to what others here have posted. I am not at all interested in males peeing, generally speaking, with a few possible exceptions, such as a male and female peeing together, or perhaps a male peeing inside a woman's vagina.
  7. Totally. Especially with my coworker/friend "M", who I mentioned earlier in this thread. We would often talk about relationships, sex, etc., and it would often get me turned on, but of course I couldn't do anything about it. For a while she and I were talking about squirting. I was trying to get my wife to do it, and "M" was trying to learn how to do it as well. We called it "project towel," and we would give each other periodic updates. One time she told me "I have an update," and proceeded to tell me that over the weekend, her boyfriend and she had been drinking, and were foo
  8. Maybe, but I doubt it. Perhaps a female or two can weigh in, as they'd be more experienced on the matter than I. But my impression from talking to her was that women would generally "come as they are," without any special preparation. In fact, she often saw patients who were there for ingrown hairs, painful bumps, etc., which were often the result of months (or years) of shaving.
  9. For me personally, I wouldn't say I have a lot of experience, but there has definitely been a few instances I can think of. I've peed, together with my wife, at various places - at night while camping, behind the car at an event if there are no bathrooms nearby, and while hiking. Same with my ex-wife - outdoors many times, in the pool, etc. But I can only think of a few times I've peed with/around a girl who wasn't my S/O at the time, all in college, at parties, etc. My friend "S" would pee anywhere, she didn't care. I've told stories about her here before.
  10. @JDG care to elaborate on any examples of places you deemed to be too inappropriate?
  11. @PeeOV330 Ha, I know. There's more to the story, I was performing in a band at the party, and we were in-between sets. I was just trying to quickly get in and out of the bathroom before we were set to go back on. So I think I was more in the "gotta be professional" mode than looking for sexy times. If it was after our set was finished, I might've been thinking differently. The only other thing I can say is that I was only about 21 (maybe 22?) at the time, and pretty inexperiened with dating, relationships, signals, etc. Things would probably be different now. Although I'm married now
  12. @Alfresco Same! My wife does this almost every day, has done it as long as I've known her. To her it's just normal, part if the routine. She doesn't usually let me watch - to her shower time, especially when peeing is involved - is private time, and she doesn't like to be on display. But on the odd occasion when she does allow me to watch, that makes it all the more enjoyable.
  13. Here's another one. The last few describe accidents more than "just go" moments, but still illustrate that most people don't tjink it's a big deal.
  14. I want to resurrect this topic again in order to share that I think this is at least somewhat common, even among "normal" people (without a pee kink). I often use Reddit r/sex as my barometer for what is "normal," among a representative cross-section of "average" people. I've pasted in some screenshots below that illustrate my point.
  15. As I read everyone's stories here, I often think about missed opportunities I've had in my life. They're mostly situations where I could have seen female peeing, (or in one case taken part in pee play), but instead I either get embarrassed, or I try to be a gentleman and "do the right thing." The main situation I think of was one time with my ex-wife. We were swimming together at night, and out of nowhere she says "Do you want me to pee on you?" I was totally taken aback, and muttered something like "umm... no." Then "Why???" She said "I saw pee porn on your computer and just wondere
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