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  1. You need not say more but feel free to if you wish lol.
  2. Really hot experience. Sounded like you both enjoyed it. Did you repeat this again? Thanks for sharing.
  3. Another hot experience. Definitely worth following K up stairs with no questions asked. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Welcome back and thanks for sharing. I love how you write and include so much detail in your recounting of your pee experiences. L
  5. Welcome aboard. I look forward to reading your posts when you get around to sharing.
  6. wow her knickers must have been so stinky.
  7. Great post. Thanks for sharing and I hope you will share more with us. I love how after the first evenings fun you drank lots and put on some bigger knickers for the next evening of watering.
  8. For me it’s all about the sound of a lady peeing. I have had this interest from when I was a young child so it didn’t begin as a sexual thing. I still take any chance to listen that I can. I have a normal sex life without pee but I do find it exciting where any element of pee is brought in to sex. I would like to explore more and I think if I was single and the chance to explore pee play during sex came up with a stranger, I would have to take it.
  9. No you are not weird for enjoying that at all.
  10. Well I don’t know if you did deserve a lecture. You had to drink extra because of the heat. You done your best to hold your pee and you took steps to cover yourself as much as is possible when the accident happened.
  11. Sorry to hear you were unable to make it. At least you were able to minimise the situation by going between parked cars for cover and with your clothing too. Shame you have to tell your mother though. I would avoid that when possible if it was me.
  12. @lana2020 or anyone else here. I am more than happy to discuss pee via message so feel free to reach out.
  13. oh be still my beating heart lol. A pee show and no wiping so pee dripping in a panties gusset! All very hot to think of.
  14. I am lucky to hear my partner pee several times a day. She generally leaves the door open as she pees. I have less opportunity to hear other ladies peeing these days but I do hear my partners sister and friends pee from time to time. My ears are always open to listen to any lady peeing wwhen possible.
  15. Welcome aboard. You have come to the right place.
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