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  1. Hot experiences for sure. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope to read more.
  2. MRJH22


    Hey. Welcome aboard.
  3. MRJH22


    Hey. Welcome aboard.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Up to a half an hour sounds lovely. Do you do this regularly?
  5. When releasing in small amounts, how long does such a session last for and where and in what position do you do this?
  6. Ive done this. It’s so hot to smell, taste and feel freshly peed knickers/panties.
  7. What areas of pee play have you both enjoyed exploring together?
  8. Interesting topic. When pee comes up I will keep it casual whilst trying to get as much information without being too pushy. Some of my female friends are more open to sharing details than others. I posted here in the past about a text conversation one friend had with me while she needed a pee during a bus trip. My girlfriends sister is also bery open when it comes to discussing pee, poo and period related matters with me. I half think she may have a bit of an interest in toilet related matters but I can’t be sure, and probably never will be. I also have 2 friends that peed while
  9. Sounds like you had fun. Is there good sound of your pee on the recording? Would like to hear if yes.
  10. Would love to hear more about your misses pissing. Feel free to message or post here about it.
  11. Yes I love the hissing sound and find it a major turn on too. It’s a nice start to each day to hear your misses release her morning piss.
  12. Besides pee I like the sound of a lady pooping. I also am into period play and sniffing worn knickers.
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