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  1. Glad to read so many love the hissing sound made by some ladies when they pee. It’s a big turn for me and I always have a listen to ladies using the toilet. I wish that there was more audio clips on here.
  2. Lucky boyfriend to get those videos. Would love to hear audio from those videos if you are ever interested in sharing.
  3. Can I ask if the sound of your pee coming out changes when this happens? Can you describe it if so? Thanks.
  4. Oh yeah I love getting the smell of pee when licking a lady also.
  5. I enjoy the smell of pee on the gusset of a pair of knickers or a pad if I find one.
  6. Sounds like another very erotic experience. Getting a pee stream 2 thirds of the way down the bath is impressive.
  7. Cool you can do this from time to time. Would love to hear a recording of that.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Hope this fun helped you be less distracted afterwards. Sometimes you just got to scratch that ich lol. Hot you orgasmed from pushing out those streams of pee. Does this happen often?
  9. Hey and welcome. You will find a great community here.
  10. You sure are lucky. Thanks for detailing yet another hot experience for us.
  11. Wow. Sounds like a really big pee. Love your detailed descriptions and the sound on each of your video clips. Thanks so much for sharing and I for one, would love to hear about any of your other recent pee adventures that you wish to share.
  12. Hey. Happy to chat if you wish to drop a message. Welcome aboard either way.
  13. Hey and welcome aboard.
  14. Thanks for sharing another experience with us. It sounded like a fun and wet evening in which you both got soaked.
  15. @Sarah_Hiker31, it’s coming up as file not found when I click that link.
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