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    Watching women desperate to pee. Watching them barely make it in time.
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    Had an ex girlfriend who would let me watch her. One time in college we both came back to our dorm room after drinking at the bar, so we both had to go really bad. Our dorm room had a shared bathroom and the shower was in use. There was a sink in our room so I pissed in that, but she didn’t want to do that so I watched her squirming around naked and half drunk. The image of her squirming around the room, sticking out her butt in an attempt to hold it in, is burned into my memory.

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  1. Ok so not literally haha, but you know what I mean 😋
  2. This story contains female wetting and peeing Anna didn’t want to get up from her seat but she had to. On the giant screen of the movie theater, Rose was making her way through the flooded hallway of the Titanic, looking for Jack, the water level getting higher and higher. Anna didn’t think it was strange that this movie hadn’t been in the theaters in over twenty years. Her only concern at this point was that she had to pee, quite badly in fact. She was now walking through the lobby. The crowd was noisy and thick with people. She looked around but couldn’t find the bathrooms a
  3. I'm interested in women's experiences when they are desperate to pee. I tried to ask questions that haven't been asked a million times, haha.
  4. Damn that's a hot little story. I love all the nice little details you included such as that you were both desperate, and how long and loud you were. How do you feel about having a big bladder?
  5. This story contains women peeing outside and in a toilet. Susie crossed her arms, shifted her weight to her other foot, and recalled the night so far. It hadn’t been like the frat parties she had seen in the movies. No one was swinging from chandeliers or jumping off roofs, and there were no rooms full of naked people. The hardest drugs she had seen people using was pot, and thankfully no one was pushing it on her. Just a lot of drinking, loud music, and loud talking. It wasn’t as bad as she imagined it would be at all. Just loud. Now, halfway back to the dorm, she stoo
  6. For some reason I think it’s really hot that you peed with your legs pressed together. Is that difficult to do? Does is affect the pressure of the stream or where it goes?
  7. Yea that’s really hot. I love watching women do that. It’s like she’s wetting and peeing at the same time. The only thing hotter is if it’s an accident cause she has to pee so bad and get her clothes out of the way fast enough 😉
  8. I’ve always been in the habit of either deleting my browser history or using incognito mode when viewing porn and erotic stuff, including this website of course. The fear is that if I let someone else use my IPhone they will accidentally see the stuff I’ve been looking at (damn auto-suggestions). But I can’t remember the last time I let someone use the browser on my phone. But sometimes I wonder if taking the precautions of “covering my tracks” is doing more harm than good. Like I’m sending myself a message that what I’m doing is wrong or bad. On the other hand, maybe I just have
  9. Damn what a hot story. The way you described how quickly you got your pants and thong down just in time…really brought me to attention 😉 I really appreciate you sharing your experiences.
  10. I’m sorry that you were in pain, but that story was so hot! That’s definitely my #1 (😋) turn on to see a woman just barely make it to the toilet with a much needed pee and all the relief it gives her. That must have been a sight to see (and hear). I hope the next time you have a desperate pee it’s not painful but enjoyable.
  11. I noticed one person (so far) did say that urgency makes a difference in their decision. I'm curious in what way. Is it easier to hover or sit if you are desperate?
  12. Female desperation, peeing in the shower, sex between a man and woman. ———————————— Amy quickened her pace as she approached the door to her apartment. Her excitement was exceeded only by her arousal, which was caused by an immensely full bladder. She had been pushing fluids at work all morning as part of a New Years Resolution to drink more water, and now it felt like she was holding a hot tub inside of her private parts. That feeling, that pressing need for release, usually turned her on, and today was no exception. She became so distracted with naughty thoughts that it was a wonde
  13. No judgement, seriously. I just wanna know if they are actually a thing or just a myth.
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