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Tutorial Guide To Using PeeFans | Site Help | FAQ

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This thread will help you get used to using PeeFans and its features. If after viewing this you still have a question, please do reach out.

You can either post a new thread in the 'PeeFans News, Ideas & Help' section, or you can directly send me (Admin) a private message.

Firstly, PeeFans.com is fundamentally a community forum. We have different sections related to pee where all registered members can post their own content. This includes: Pictures, Videos, Stories and lots more. You can access all of these sections from the main page - PeeFans.com - which is always accessible from clicking the logo or navigation bar at the top of every page. 

Inside every section are threads which group related posts together. For example, in the pictures section, there may be a thread for 'girls peeing on tables' - this is where people will post pictures of girls peeing on tables. You are welcome to add your own posts to any thread you want if they are relevant. However, if there is a topic you can't see a thread for, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to search for a keyword related to it. If you still can't find anything,  you can press the 'create a new thread' button and make your own thread for that topic. 

As well as the forums, we also have a live chatroom for short messages that have been posted very recently. This is better for chitchat. Again, this is accessible from the site navigation bar, or at the bottom of the  homepage.

The final way to communicate with members is through private messages. Click the envelope icon at the top of any page to go your inbox. You can create group conversations or one-to-one conversations that only you and that member can see. Think of it like an internal email system for the site, whereas things posted on the forum can be seen by everyone.

This may all sound daunting, but a little experimentation will quickly get you used to using the site.

Please do read the site rules & guidelines before posting. 


Useful things to know: (click the question to be directed to the answer)

How to use activity streams to find new content you like more easily

How to customise your profile

How to change what notifications you get / what emails you receive and when

How to more accurately find what you're looking for (advanced searching)

How to stop seeing posts from a certain member or block them from contacting you

How to use reactions

There's an award for the person who receives the most reactions each day

What is gold membership and how to upgrade

What to do after you've paid for gold membership (what you get included)

How to see a list of member birthdays

Who are the VIP's are how to become one

How to see who the forum staff are (press the message button underneath any of their usernames to contact them if you have an issue or an unanswered question).

How to upload - You can only upload images. This is done by pressing the 'choose files' when making a post/thread which is found under the main textbox you type in. To upload videos, please upload to a video hosting site without popups (such as eroprofile, erome, pornhub etc) and share the link in the relevant place on the forum.

How to report a post/message - There is a faint 'report' button in the top right corner of every single post and message on the forum. If you see a rule breaking post, please do use this feature so moderators can deal with it promptly.

How to delete your account - Private message Admin with this request. Due to it disrupting threads on the site, please provide a valid reason. If you simply don't want to use the site any more, you can simply log out, or we will deactivate your profile. You may wish to return though, so don't burn any bridges. 

Enjoy PeeFans! 🙂 

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18 hours ago, Dr.P said:

Suggestion to Admin: Could you please add "Desperation" to the list of tag lines available for both true and fictional stories?  It seems to be a popular topic, and figures, either prominently or secondarily, in many posts, including some of mine. 


Good idea 

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I know of people - mostly females in my experience - who are at least as much into desperation and holding as the actual peeing. I would suggest that it be considered a recognised niche of our fetish.

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On 7/17/2021 at 4:43 PM, Moist said:

Is imgbox.com ok to use for my videos? AFAIK it has some advertising but no pop-ups. Advice welcome, TIA 🙂

On the basis it doesn’t result in too excessive pop ups (so when you close your the browser it’s left a trail of debris behind) and nothing malicious then it should be absolutely fine. 

(If any of the staff know something I don’t you’re welcome to correct this post)

Thanks for asking - look forward to seeing them. 

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7 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

On the basis it doesn’t result in too excessive pop ups (so when you close your the browser it’s left a trail of debris behind) and nothing malicious then it should be absolutely fine. 

(If any of the staff know something I don’t you’re welcome to correct this post)

Thanks for asking - look forward to seeing them. 

Thanks for the reply. I have, since asking my question, actually registered with erome.com so, when I'm ready, I'll be using that hopefully :)

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Hi @ShyPeeMan - it’s a sort of ‘kudos’ rating around your interactions with others on the site. 

If you look at your profile you’ll see your current Community Reputation number in a green box and you should see next to it a little link to expand It.

Expanding it should make it evident - each reaction you give to another users’ posts and each reaction anyone gives to yours adds to your rating.


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8 hours ago, Snort McDork said:

I sent a message at the membership link and it said I would receive an E-Mail message within 24 hours.

I have not received it yet.

Was my message received?

I requested back in February and never heard anything 😔

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