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    I have just discovered i enjoying peeing myself after watching a video of a woman doing it and im now curious about watersports. I would love someone to sit on my lap and let herself go

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    Warm wet feeling running down my thigh
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    Not much so far apart from peeing all over myself while fully clothed

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  1. Time to get out on my road bike for the 1st proper time this year. Should be fun
  2. Love nice tight lycra wetting, I've done it a few times now in my cycling gear and want to try it in my running gear too just haven't had the chance yet. I would also love to come across this while I'm out but doubt it'll ever happen. Do any of you pee while exercising? https://www.erome.com/a/XS44Pvx2
  3. I assume they have just set off so are still full of energy and I'm in my way back
  4. @gldenwetgoose you are so right.
  5. @Kupar We're not in a good place as it is which is 1 reason why I haven't told my wife. She can be quite vindictive and I don't want kink shaming. There's a part of me that's still embarrassed/ashamed of this kink so don't want to it to be made worse. I think cos we're not having a good time at the mo is making my urges stronger. I still don't want to hurt her though.
  6. @gldenwetgoose it does seem to be getting stronger and I'm to blame for that as I have been endulging on the wetting side and posting things on here as I've got braver. My wife doesn't know about my kink or that I'm on here. I know deep down it will only be a fantasy as I don't want to hurt my wife but it's a struggle. I have this issue where when I get something in my head, I can't get it out until I've done it which normally isn't a problem until now
  7. You're meeting a stranger for a sexual encounter which is against marriage, doesn't matter if money is involved or not
  8. I know its wrong to cheat but I have this strong sexual urge that getting harder to contain. I normally just watch porn and wank to relieve myself but I'm finding that is getting less effective as I really want to have someone pee with me. Someone suggested paying for it, but that doesn't seem right as I'm married and she really doesn't like pee in that way. What would you do?
  9. I have 1 in my truck, I usually use it everyday
  10. What's the benefits of the gold membership and is it worth the money?
  11. Yes it would be great. I keep imagining it would happen every time I go out but alas, it's just a dream
  12. This one kinda goes with my fantasy I wrote about the other day, it's just missing 1 other person lol https://www.erome.com/a/1wDGkyNo
  13. I haven't had any problems and I've recently had a very pleasant friendly chat with a fellow fan. It's been a very welcoming site and long may it continue
  14. I don't normally write about my fantasies but I just can't get this 1 out of my head so need to get it out of my system somehow.... I'm a keen cyclist and love riding my bike as much as I can, the peace and quiet of my local roads is great, so once again I get out my lyrca and get out on my bike. As usual it's not long before I feel the urge to pee. The pressure in my bladder wasn't too bad so I just carried on thinking I'll stop when I can. A few miles later, still feeling the urge, I came across I fellow rider who had stopped to fix a puncture. As you do, I stopped and asked if
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