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    Loved the thought of women peeing from my teens. Have had experiences of certain ladies 'raining' on me and done likewise on request. My interest in this has broadened to include all sorts of watersports, which can include girls in all sorts of sexy & sensuous apparel, from fetish boots to romantic gowns. I've written poems about this and a story or 2.

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    Mostly women peeing on me, but also them desperation wetting and interests are widespread. I especially love the thought of curvaceous women with big powerful bladders
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    Having a sexy ladyfriend pee into my mouth while wearing a black satin gown.

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  1. It's raining right now as though a Goddess above couldn't quite wait. And rain turns me on so with the former in mind this is a fetish S/M one that's 'over the top.' MAN ENOUGH You're dressed to kill with your disdain, In your glossy black boots and liquid luscious latex curves. But if only you'd deign, to save up your ...rain You could make me grovel under your curves And give your derision ....liquid expression. I'm just asking for it! So go on why don't you give me just what I deserve! I'm man enough to take it. Spank me, whip me, t
  2. Here's another poem of a romantic golden rain nature. I might follow it up with one of an over the top SM nature. DOWNPOUR OF MY DREAMS You’ll rain In the rain. When it's pouring down persistently. Relentlessly. You'll need to pee desperately, And yes you'll wee wee uncontrollably But we'll laugh at this outrage, For our lovelust is displayed In that outrageous liquid language! A thousand flagrant promises Of pattering intimacies, Spatter splattering kisses, Cascading caresses, Gush gushing passions,
  3. Okay as agreed with admin here is my first entry for the story section of the many poems I've composed about that controversial subject: pee and eroticism. They can be short or long, raunchy or romantic, include fetish or almost any kind of erotic gear or role-play. The feedback I get on this can determine what further poems I put in. CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD! (Knight) I proffered my place in the queue for the privy To a beauteous maiden just bursting to rain Who thanked me so very gratefully! “My pleasure dear lady” was my noble address, Thinking by God if y
  4. The sound of a ladys' rain hissing against the porcelain: just music to my ears.
  5. I've one story with 2 courses of action - depending on what people choose - that I could put into the story section; but I've many more poems dealing with pee. Would it be a good idea to put some of those into the story section?
  6. I'd aim for equal pay for both sexes and peeing to be a more acceptable part of sex. Before the latter becomes reality I'd discreetly find a bevy of curvaceous girls/women who are into this with big powerful bladders, throw a party for them with me being the only male there. Each one would have the choice of the following dress to come in:- thigh high boots, high heels, lacy lingerie, stockings and suspenders, mini skirt, prom gown, basque, French maid or nurse, secretary outfit, business suit, petticoats, translucent rainwear with umbrella. When anyone of them is bursting my face will
  7. I love it when ladies with powerful bladders do it: gushing hissing prolonged downpours. When they're on the loo the sound is music to my ears.
  8. I agree. I especially like the thought of it when a lady has beautiful legs.
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