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  1. Have you ever given or taken golden showers?
  2. This stretching can increase the size of the bladder from about 2 inches to more than 6 inches long, depending on the amount of liquid. The typical human bladder reaches its capacity between 16 to 24 ounces of urine, but the urge to urinate comes when the bladder is about one-quarter full.
  3. I was going to have sex with my Girlfriend I would drink lots of water as soon as I put my penis inside her vagina I would start peeing in her vagina and then when I got done peeing I would start having sex and after I got done ejaculating I would pee inside her vagina again
  4. I have no issues using the urinals when I have to pee. Guys are pretty conscious about keeping their eyes straight ahead when using them, so I don't worry about "privacy". Sometimes I'll even fart for some extra flava and share the love.
  5. I only started having sex after my 18th birthday and I had like 5–6 sexual partners and they’re all people around me, they’re all friends and the people that I trust. Most of them are just a one times thing only.
  6. The song that I am currently listening to is the song Damn Man by Suave Youngin, I am drinking chocolate milk while I listen to it.
  7. What if a condom explodes during sex?
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