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    Just the standard lad with a pee fetish

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    Warmth and intimacy
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    Coming home from work to find my gf standing in the hall way and start wetting herself when I walked in. Led to the Best sex we ever had.

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  1. That’s awesome! My gf and I do this quiet often it’s the best feeling the warmth soak through!
  2. Would love to hear about the pee party !!
  3. Adult diapers would be a good option you reckon ?
  4. Curious to hear what everyone does when needing to pee in the mosh pit at a concert ??
  5. We used to do it in bed and she would pee on my back then rub it in then pee some more until she was done the I would do the same
  6. Still getting adjusted to this site and not being to shy to post about things haha
  7. Curious to see if anyone else has tried this! An ex gf was really into golden showers so we thought we would try giving each other massages with our pee instead of oils. Very relaxing and extremely intimate! Really recommend trying it.
  8. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site. It’s a very friendly place and lots of fun 😊
  9. I agree tight jeans are amazing to pee through!
  10. Favourite pants to pee in?
  11. They are great! An ex gf had one for when we went camping and loved it!
  12. Yea it would be a bit tricky for the girls haha
  13. Hi Zoe, yea it’s great fun to write your name!
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