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  1. That’s a great idea! The first time we did it we used plastic drop sheets but carried everything out in plastic bags through the lobby. Was a bit exciting but almost embarrassing 😂
  2. That story is so hot ! 🥵 my wife and I enjoy hotel piss sex everytime we stay in one! curious to know how do you clean up and get the mess out of the hotel without being noticed ?
  3. My wife and I have tried a “wee sting” and “tapeela sunrise” they were delicious
  4. When my wife and I are away in the caravan, she will pee in a bucket at night as we don’t have an ensuite in the van. Obviously I’m always quick to volunteer to empty it in the morning 😜
  5. Huge welcome! I’m sure you’ll make plenty of friends really easy ! 😊
  6. Prob one of the hottest intros I’ve read! Welcome to the site ☺️
  7. Welcome ! Would love to chat sometime 😊
  8. So tonight my wife decided to be a bit naughty and completely soak a diaper/pull up and then give it to me to wear while we had a movie night. It felt amazing and when I need to “warm up” she would hold it open and pee into it again. We will be defiantly be doing this again 👌🏼
  9. Welcome Hayley 😊
  10. Hey! Welcome from a fellow Aussie 😊
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