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  1. Yea she pees on me all the time. Favourite thing we like to do is pee in each others mouths then kiss and let the pee splash out while we do it. It actually tastes amazing
  2. Started off making a bucket list of things we would try and things we wouldn’t then went through them together. Golden shower was on the list and I underplayed it even tho I’d been into it for years and she said she would give it a go. Literally that day we did it in the shower. She really surprised me when she got down on her knees without warning and started taking it straight in her mouth!
  3. Hi @Hornyrrd, It sucks when you partner isn’t into pee play I know. I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember and managed to slowly introduce it to my wife who had never even thought about it and now it’s part of our sex life. I had only done solo play for years as i was to embarrassed to tell her about it. Sometimes I still solo play and I’ve found that putting on as many pairs of underwear that i can and wetting through them is a lot of fun! Another fun idea is to wear a diaper in public and wet it whenever you need to go, I’ve done this a couple of times when shopping in a crowded
  4. Help me guys! has anyone tasted a pregnant women’s pee before ? If so does it taste any different than normal ?
  5. Claudia Macc is a superstar when It comes to water sports! Also Morgan from pissplay.com (member I know) and with all due respect to Bruce of course! He is one lucky guy!
  6. Welcome to the site! Would love to see those panties get all wet with pee!
  7. Hi ! Are you into pee play, golden shower etc as well or just naughty peeing ?
  8. This video also is a great starter for a curious couple https://www.xvideos.com/video5609689/pee_manual
  9. Peeing together in the shower is a great way to start! That’s how I introduced it to my partner and now it’s become part of our regular sex life. Would love to hear about how you go!
  10. All happily married now this is going back a while. South eastern suburbs
  11. I reckon there would be heap of aussies into it or willing to give it a try at least! I’m from Vic and know a hand full of people who have experienced a golden shower and have said they enjoyed it and would do it again.
  12. Looking at buying one of these for an easy clean up after our wet fun. Wondering has anyone got one or had any experiences With this product ?
  13. Wow! 🔥 Welcome to the site!
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