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  1. Curious to hear what everyone’s been up to lately. Haven’t posted for a while so just touching base. My wife and I had some naught wet fun last weekend which got me thinking is there any ideas/experiences we can expand on! 😊
  2. Stephen94


    Welcome Becky! Hope you enjoy this site and find what your looking for 😊
  3. It’s the best way to wake up especially coming into winter. Really warms you up !
  4. Sometimes on weekends my wife and I will wake up and both pee while we have a cuddle in bed. One of the best ways to wake up honestly!
  5. Can relate! I was in this situation a few years ago. There are plenty on people with pee fetishes out there I’m sure you will find one 🙂
  6. Quiet possibly the best experience I’ve had with pee play. My partner and I do this often and we both love it. I really recommend trying it!
  7. Awesome panty wetting! Bet that felt so warm!!
  8. Stephen94


    Hey guys and girls, wondering if anyone knows how or where to download/watch videos from patches place. Glimpse it videos, piss and mix etc cheers!
  9. Thanks heaps! Excited to try it!
  10. Has anyone had any experience in this topic? The mrs really wants me to pee while doing anal. I’ve peed many times in her pussy but wondering if anal is any different. Thanks in advance.
  11. I thought the exact same thing but if you look at the picture that is what the site is..
  12. We love wearing diapers they are so much fun. Better with someone to share the experience with!
  13. Plumbworld have some great mixer ideas that taste delicious! My wife and I have tried a few and now we are hooked. Here are some examples.
  14. Love drinking my wife’s pee, she occasionally enjoys drinking mine aswell as long as we are both hydrated. We usually have a small glass of each others pee before we have sex.
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