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  1. Welcome to the site! Would love to chat and exchange stories/experiences 😊
  2. That’s awesome! Would love to hear how the rest Of the night went!
  3. It sure does! It’s quiet a unique feeling aswell!
  4. Have any uncircumcised guys pinched their foreskin closed while peeing? Tried this tonight and curious to see if I’m not the only one who has.
  5. Welcome Lisa! Hope you enjoy your time here 😊
  6. I did hoping she wouldn’t be freaked out and turned out she was pretty much down for anything!
  7. Do you remember the first time you got to try a golden shower or drinking pee etc. For me it was a Saturday in 2017 I was away on the other side of the state for a party when a girl i was seeing at the time was messaging me from back home saying she wanted to try a golden shower. (We had been talking about it previously) We decided that Sunday would be the day and I made the 6 hour drive back home Sunday morning. As I was driving she sent me a video of her peeing and playing with herself. When I arrived home she was waiting for me at my house. I was so excited I went down on her
  8. Welcome Abby hope you enjoy yourself!
  9. Yea cause that’s what you’d say 🥴
  10. That’s awesome ! What’s the name of the resort ?
  11. That’s sounds awesome! The way we usually do it is she will be on top during sex then I’ll start filling her up, then when she’s full she pushes it all out onto my cock. 👌🏼👌🏼
  12. No worries enjoy! Would love to hear your feedback 😊
  13. Piss inside her, my wife and I do this often and she says it feels amazing! Take turns wetting your pants while sitting on each other. This is also something we do quiet a bit. It feels so nice to realise and feel the warmth spread to both yourself and your partner.
  14. Welcome @MidoriLemonade85! Nothing better than a nice warm wetting especially in this Aussie winter! 😅
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