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  1. Welcome Hayley 😊
  2. Hey! Welcome from a fellow Aussie 😊
  3. Hi and welcome! 😊 I can defiantly relate to that! My partner and I wet ourselves together before sex.
  4. I’m talking about a lot of tp it doesn’t rip and actually works really well
  5. Nothing worse than trying to pee with morning wood. This morning I tried something different and it worked a treat! I got a heap of toilet paper and held it over the end of my penis then cupped it with my hand. The toilet paper obsorbed really quickly and formed a waterfall straight into the bowl. It felt amazing having the pee run through my hands and some down my shaft! Wash hands and all done. No mess to clean up and no stupid/awkward positions trying to aim!
  6. Couldn’t agree more about watching Mila Kunis pissing 🔥🔥 unbelievably sexy! Especially in that movie!
  7. My first golden shower was with my now wife, it was when we were first going out. We had been making a bucket list of things we wanted to try in bed for a couple of weeks. this one weekend I was 5 hours away at a party in another town when she messaged me saying she’s ready to try the next thing on our list which was a golden shower. I had put this on the list just to see if she would go for it and it worked a treat! out of no where she sent a video of her peeing on the toilet which instantly got me hard. The next morning I was up 6:00am to start the drive home. When I pulled in the d
  8. “Flooded the cave” literally half an hour ago 🫢
  9. Once again absolutely amazing! Was that the first time you tasted pee? Did anything shock you about the taste or was it as you expected ?
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