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    I love art, I have 2 pets.

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    I was 17 I woke up bursting not even sure how I would make it downstairs to the restroom. When I got to the top of stairs I heard the sound I thought I was going to beat, my stepdad getting in the shower. This meant 25 minutes between shower and coming out and his 30 min bible study I didn't dare interrupt. Especially when I wasn't sure if I was going to be walking by him peeing myself or not. I knelt down at the top of the stairs holding myself but it wasn't even five minutes when the first leak came out and it was strong. I stopped it enough to grab a blanket and make my way back to the hall. I knelt back down and still holding myself trying to wait it out. I was 17 after all how could I be doing what was about to happen. 10 min later I knew it wasn't going to happen. Even if I wanted to I was never going to make it down those stairs if I stood up I was going to flood, holding back was hurting. Another spurt made it's way to coming out and this time I let it. It was hard to relax and let everything go knowing what I was doing was wrong but OMG the relief!! I couldn't stop and once it started there was Soo much. I was soaked the comforter was drenched through to the floor and I was still going!! Crap I was still going!! The puddle grew around me as did the heat I couldn't stop. When I finally was empty the rush was so hot!

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  1. Omg absolutely gorgeous as always!!! You are such a talented man. Way to make peeing such a glorious art form
  2. Oh yeah the cold temps absolutely will cause that And I mean you gotta go ya gotta go
  3. Well you have to do what you gotta do to let it out slowly and discreetly
  4. Haha beer goes from throat to pussy fast for me too so I definitely get that lol. I will say I am jealous of guys being able to easily whip it out Anywhere
  5. It was definitely not convenient at all. Especially since we were driving off and on all that day. Thank god I have serious holding muscles. Tho the next day they were definitely weak and tired lol
  6. Yeah it's crazy how that happens!! This day tho I didn't have that much. I drank a 24 oz coffee slowly over period of 2 hours. By the time I got to where I was going I was practically pissing my pants. And this went on all day long any size liquid
  7. Oh no if I feel the desperate need I am usually beyond full
  8. I have plenty of times on the phone where I will throw it on mute so I can pee. I try and wait it out but sometimes there is just no waiting it out. What's really hard is if it's an active conversation so you have to stop the stream to unmute and answer then mute it again to finish.
  9. Oh those sodas are so good. But yeah I definitely get it.
  10. It was everything I was drinking yesterday
  11. Yess!!!! Like beyond bursting. I was clenching so hard to keep the floodgates back yesterday
  12. This definitely would be annoying. Do you drink a lot or same thing it is just super active? God mine was like find a bathroom soon or your going to soak your pants bad.
  13. Has anyone else had days where it seemed like every thing you drank was like Immediately sent to your bladder?? Today I had so many desperate bursting bladder moments. I had a few close calls for sure. It was so very bad. I didn't think I had drank that much today but it felt like everything I put in wanted to come out immediately. One time almost ended with very wet pants on my front steps when I got home dying to pee and found my mom inlaw had locked the screen door. I almost didn't make it.
  14. I'm thinking tomorrow is the day to repeat this fun. ❤️ I'll have to post about the fun trouble I get into.
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