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    I was 17 I woke up bursting not even sure how I would make it downstairs to the restroom. When I got to the top of stairs I heard the sound I thought I was going to beat, my stepdad getting in the shower. This meant 25 minutes between shower and coming out and his 30 min bible study I didn't dare interrupt. Especially when I wasn't sure if I was going to be walking by him peeing myself or not. I knelt down at the top of the stairs holding myself but it wasn't even five minutes when the first leak came out and it was strong. I stopped it enough to grab a blanket and make my way back to the hall. I knelt back down and still holding myself trying to wait it out. I was 17 after all how could I be doing what was about to happen. 10 min later I knew it wasn't going to happen. Even if I wanted to I was never going to make it down those stairs if I stood up I was going to flood, holding back was hurting. Another spurt made it's way to coming out and this time I let it. It was hard to relax and let everything go knowing what I was doing was wrong but OMG the relief!! I couldn't stop and once it started there was Soo much. I was soaked the comforter was drenched through to the floor and I was still going!! Crap I was still going!! The puddle grew around me as did the heat I couldn't stop. When I finally was empty the rush was so hot!

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  1. Awe kupar this is just so romantically beautiful. That's truly all I can say. She's such a beautiful woman growing in this. 🥰❤️
  2. Love that you got to enjoy a tough situation regardless
  3. Thank you so much girl!!! You are absolutely the sweetest!! I have considered writing a book before. Just don't know how to write a full book. But I'm so glad how much you enjoyed this.
  4. Omg!!! Omg!!! Omg!!! This is so insanely hot and sexy!!! I can't believe how far she has come with opening this. Omg wow. Such an absolutely beautiful woman.
  5. This story has female desperation. As well as female and male peeing. Also has golden showers in it as well This story was written by a friend of mine. He has just started getting curious about this kink and we each challenged each other to write a story this was his. We wake up shower and get dressed. After the night of fun we had last night I decided that we would explore the city for awhile. We walked a little bit and found a little cafe to eat breakfast and get some well deserved coffee. We talked about last night compared notes what we liked and what didn’t go well. You are hor
  6. Just a story I tried writing for a friend. I hope this is ok, and that it is formatted right. 🙂 Has some bondage, male and female pee play. He had her hands tied up around the shower rod and a spreader bar on her ankles opened wide so she couldn’t close her legs. He loved to see her so naked and exposed for him. He was trying to keep his composure as he felt his bladder filling drastically. He knew in his head what he wanted to do, but could he really do this? It had been in his head for a while off and on but this was all new to him. This was definitely the one area h
  7. Omg I love how much K has grown in this last year!! This is hot and beautiful. Definitely gives some fun ideas for my marriage. I swear you ought to teach a how to spice up your marriage class for all of us!
  8. Mmmm love this story and experience. I think you told it beautifully
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