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    I'm into naughty pee. Peeing outdoors and in naughty places because toilets are boring. I also enjoy peeing in pools and bodies of water.
    Feel free to message me. I always love to chat with like-minded people.

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    Naughty/ Outdoor Peeing
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    Got caught peeing at hotel and maid invited to hangout and pee at her place.
    Peeing with my aunt in her house.
    Peeing in a vehicle.
    Peeing with my ex in her house.
    Catching two girl peeing in the river.

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  1. Not sure about how @pop-a-squat does, but I have peed in the area closest to the wall and booth seat across from me. The gap between the wall and booth hid it. I didn't flood the floor but I let enough out for relief. The toilets were out of order.
  2. Well if you need a pee partner in crime, where can I get an application lol
  3. Mine was Saturday night. We was trying to check into the hotel and I had to go so I was using a trash can in the lobby. I thought it was hidden until the house cleaning lady caught me. She stopped and watched as I finished. I figured I was getting kicked out, but instead she invited me to come hang out with her after her shift that night.
  4. I remeber when I was in high school I would always go under the bleachers in the gym or in the shower room. Our teacher was awful about letting us goto the bathroom so I made mine in the gym lol. I got caught by a classmate one day and from then on she also started peeing in my make shift bathroom. It definitely made it more adventurous to have someone using it with me.
  5. Friends and family are more than welcome to use my yard. As for random people I don't really have a problem with then using behind my shed. It would be kinda selfish to not allow others to use my yard when I use others yards when I need to piss.
  6. My aunt had the same rules at her house. When we would be swimming alone, we would sometimes let the other person know when they needed to pee. This way we could play a game seeing which one of us could pee the biggest puddle. When other people was around we would just used the bushes by the pool so it was always more fun just me and her. My cousin would join sometimes but she never swam with us much.
  7. Tbh I enjoy both at times. I love the feeling of when I pee in naughty places. It gives me such an enjoyable rush when I'm peeing somewhere I shouldn't. I also get the same rush or excitement when I'm out peeing and I notice someone is watching me or can hear me. It's the same kinda feeling I get when I pee on the floor knowing someone will see my mess.
  8. Welcome back, I enjoy listening to your pee adventures @pop-a-squat.
  9. I make sure I stand hidden just enough where people can usually tell what I'm doing but not enough to get in trouble for exposure. I enjoy watching the people trying to get a peek as they go by.
  10. Ya she keep it a secret until I caught her. After that she was more open with me about it and we would share places we have peed but we keep it between the two of us.
  11. It wasn't my mom but I have watched my aunt pee several time in her house. She really opened up to me about her peeing when I walked in on her soaking the carpet beside the couch and again when I caught her peeing in the air vent. She became really open with me and her peeing, it was just about having fun nothing sexual. We would take turn peeing in her closet and other places around the house.
  12. Hey, welcome to the community.
  13. Well in that case I can understand the need then. Would be kinda awkward trying to explain the stain lol.
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