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    I'm into naughty pee. Peeing outdoors and in naughty places because toilets are boring. I also enjoy peeing in pools and bodies of water.
    Feel free to message me. I always love to chat with like-minded people.

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    Naughty/ Outdoor Peeing
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    Peeing in a vehicle.
    Peeing with my ex in her house.
    Catching two girl peeing in the river.

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  1. Awesome stories, thank you for sharing them with us. I always enjoy hearing your wet adventures.
  2. Hey, welcome and you have come to right right place for making new friends.
  3. Welcome, this is an amazing community to be apart of.
  4. Sounds like you two had a wet and fun little road trip.
  5. Welcome, this is a great group of people to talk pee with.
  6. Welcome to the community
  7. I would say go for it solo. I enjoy doing it at work alone. I do make sure it's not going to damage or cause problems with others before picking my spot tho. When you do make a connection with a friend, it will give you a few stories to share.
  8. Welcome buddy, it's a wonderful group of people here.
  9. Gotta be careful with some of those cheap paper towels. It can be as rough as sandpaper lol.
  10. Hey, welcome to community.
  11. I currently work at a surface mine and a part time city firefighter. Hopefully full-time firefighter before long.
  12. Welcome to the community.
  13. Well it was already being used as a toilet, so you could have had just a tad bit of fun too lol.
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