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    A guy who is always horny. Not a hoe just horny as a teenaged boy. Not here to judge. I wanna meet women only please

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    Everything about it. The sound the look sometimes the smell the warmth and just the natural beauty in the woman anatomy
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    First time I did. I swallowed it and I loved it.

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  1. Eporner.com. pissrip. Biqle.com.
  2. she hates when i swallow it she dont kiss me after. but i got a true piss queen
  3. https://redgifs.com/watch/darkorangeoldfashionedwhale
  4. Anyone whose into men peeing would a self pee clip be anyone's pleasure to watch
  5. Kevvvv


    i love how her lips poke. mine alllll minee
  6. heeeyyyy fellow piss slut.. welcome to ur forever home loll
  7. gonna do one in the store wish me luck guys.. target to b exact
  8. https://redgifs.com/watch/speedyrawliger
  9. ok so it started off on friday she told me i wasnt allowed to do anything for myself until sunday.. so she unclothed me bathed me from head to toe tied me with this black rope with my hands behind my back. rimmed me and sucked my cock stopped in between and she atched the whole playoff game with her naked ass in my face after the game she rode me until i came inside her... made a shower and directed me to sit in it as i sat she could barely hold the pale yellow piss dripping from her lips and it bursted into an extermely strong braided stream.. i tasted a lil she washed me again and i ate her
  10. yea i will if u ask ill tell maybe not publicly
  11. im getting pissed on and dominate on my bday... cant wait
  12. thx for feedback

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