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  2. Welcome! Interesting to have such a large diffence just by changing the bowl🤔. I rarely compare it directly, but if you can hear it through the door i definitevly take notice. For myself it depends mostly on how desperate I am and if I aim for the water, however I feel like women do on average manage louder pees. Btw is there a story behind you username?😋
  3. Lovely, time to test for favourite atire position and places😉
  4. I only rarely got the chance, but once I helped someome move and clean out their old flat. With neither of us planning to live their i felt it was safe to try pissing out the window for the first time. It was a flat at like the ninth floor, but I did do it during the day. Gradually i checked of all windows and the balcony😇. I don't know if anyone saw but it was very fun especially trying to hit the window from a distancy, knowing I had to paint the walls anyway🤭.
  5. UPDATE: im drinking a ton of water so i can do a full bladder on my backseat. Hopefully have a story up no later than tomorrow night
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  7. Five minutes is amazing! Love to hear more about those long ones. When you say a sprinkler, do you mean like the sort of thing buildings have on the ceiling to put out fires, or one of those garden sprinklers for watering flowers? Not sure what you mean by a sprinkler.
  8. Welcome to Peefans - you've posted the very best kind of intro! Pee. And the entire Peefans family (which you're now part of) feels the warmth with you.
  9. Today's huge Birthday Celebration Wishes go to: @daemoniak @brppfan @2294rjb @Sake76fin @Idk123 @michik123 Have a great day all !!!
  10. Superb @Bacardi! Was the bath mat is in the same room as the shower? Or was it a case of he was showering in say an en-suite whilst you used the bath mat in a separate bathroom. If it was the same room, I am guessing your husband knew you did this. How did he react?
  11. 1. The water level is different here and so are the toilets. 2. Normally I'm quiet when I piss in the morning. 3. I can't really tell how I pee. 4. My longest piss was 5 minutes. 5. I have compared my loudness to that of a loud sprinkler.
  12. It depends on the time of day, sometimes the noise is too loud
  13. Been pissing solo for years now have tried a lot pissing on myself but curious how others do it for fun feel free I’m curious
  14. A back-up option is just spam Tinder etc in Vegas and bring the conversation around to that and see if anyone bites. Be casual but pretty upfront about it and don’t chase weak leads
  15. There are tons of semi private places to piss in Daytona. Parks, river trail, boardwalk, under the board walk, off the docks in marinas, parking lots of course, off the sidewalk curb between random parked cars. Floors, benches, and showers in beach locker rooms, outdoor motel walkways, ice machine rooms, spa floor, anywhere you feel like in a single-occupancy toilet, parking garage elevators, parking garages, random bedrooms at house parties, toilet floor in a dance club. To name a few.
  16. It was!!! I actuslly leaked i bit in my jeans seconds prior lol
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