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  2. We’ll see. First though there is one more date with Carol Anne to post plus odds and ends with her.
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  4. The Final game will be a single match, not a two-legs mini-tournament, and will be played in the 1st of June in Madrid
  5. After some Amazing games and heartbeat, the last phase of the European Champions League 2019 will go as follow: Tottenham will face Ajax on the 30th of April for the first leg, and on the 7th of May as the second one Barcelona will meet Liverpool on the 1st of May for the first leg, and on the 8th of May for the second one Stay tuned, and let me know what you all think and hope!!! I personally support Tottenham against Ajax and Liverpool against Barcelona, let me know your thoughts!!!
  6. I do like that clip and have seen it several times before. There is obviously something going on because they have a lookout at the door - yet they seem to be using the toilet normally. Maybe they are in the male toilets, maybe it is a staff toilet or maybe they just should be somewhere else at that time. Whatever it is, they certainly seem quite nervous.
  7. I just hope I made your heart lighter A kiss
  8. As stated in the very story Steve hinted about, I love to believe it's real, but proofs are against My personal belief (but it's not Witch Lore so I have no certainties) is that it is real, but doesn't live there I am convinced there are, like many hypothized, deep-crust tunnels linking the Loch to the sea, and the monster uses the Loch just like a lagoon where to lay eggs I also do not believe in any way that it can get out of the water, since the description given by the first man that saw it in the 16th Century was EXACTLY that of an Elasmosaurus, a water dinosaur with a long neck, yet unable to lift it high like many child-like illustrations wrongly describe Its relatively small body (10 feet) needed little food, and the long neck was used to lay on the sea bottom, and move it around like you swing a scythe, cathing fishes in the murky waters, it allowed mobility of the head to catch fishes without moving the body, it could NOT get up high like you see in many hoax images Complexively, it could reach up to 40 feet from tail to nose, but it was very light compared to the size, and able to reach great depths My personal belief is that some dinosaurs just survived. Latimaera Caelumnaei is a proto-fish that was considered extinct almost half a BILLION years ago, and was fished in the Pacific Ocean some years ago The Yucatan Impact that destroyed dinosaurs had worse effects on water creatures than earth ones, for a long list of reasons: if something that was considered already extinct BEFORE THE DINOSAURS APPEARED managed to survive their demise, then anything could have had, if its feeding standards met not impossibility and Elasmosaurus could be perfectly at ease in the North Atlantic
  9. Well thank you,you are of course a very desirable woman,and you do have a natural reaction to male interest,its the weird women that pretend they are all high and mighty that cause the problems.
  10. Fanny, this needs clarification I speak as a feminist, and of the most angry and nasty kind You cannot understand the bitch I can be at somebody looking at me like an inviting and tasty piece of meat, and believe me you wouldn't like to know But what you describe is NOT objectification Ok? Objectification is when you subtly, even unconsciously yet intensely state, with your attitude, and non-verbal behaviour, that a woman is ONLYa sexual object. We ALL ARE ALSO the goal of people's desires, and when somebody is turned on by us, it's obvious that they are not interested in our character and individuality, they just want to get off It's up to us women to politely turn them down and demonstrate that knowing and respecting a girl does NOT impair your self-serenity at the fantasy of waking up in the morning, finding her chained to the ground near your bed, use her as toilet, and then went in the kitchen for a good breakfast Fantasies of abuse are like training muscles, they are a way to get in touch with your masculine side, you are ALL BRED TO KILL, never forget that, a woman asking a man to be a teddybear got some unsolved parent issues But while you play those fantasies (if you knew ALL the kind of fetish videos I watch you would puke) you ARE A HUMAN OF FIRM ETHIC, your SOUL is not that of a rapist, and upon knowing your favourite pornstar you would immediately look in her EYES to communicate with her, you would NEVER be that kind of man that treated women like those who beat hookers because "They chose that life, they are objects to be used&abused" What you got INSIDE does or does NOT objectify woman, not the fact that you spy our secrets to get horny That is simply NATURAL You are embarassed just because you are SO HONOURABLE that you can empathize with your desire to be loved and respected, but you just get too worried (that's why I love you so much) about the MEANINGS implied in behaviour: I have shunned boys who were all good manners and offering drinks because their eyes glowed with that insane light of those men that thinks that buying women drinks is like buying them in the market, you offer them alcohol you offer them good words you offer them flowers and then you fuck them, like it's a medical prescription... That is rape, Fanny. Not in the obvious meaning, but is rape. But if a man looks at me in worshipful love, and hopes that we can communicate at the level of his deepest urges, and then I welcome him, and he grab my hair, slap me hard in my face, put me down and stick his cock in my ass without even moisturing it a bit, and cum inside me without even caring that my screams are not of pleasure, but pain, I would drag that man in front of a Court… to marry him with civil rite. I am not on the forum looking for similar experiences since I already have a husband, but I welcome those energies and mindsets Hope this clarifies not only for you, but for everybody, what women thinks about objectification And now let me tell something REALLY NASTY: a woman that hates men for their urges, is not a woman, and then deserves no respect. Maybe a chance of changing her mind through therapy, but beside that, we need to stop Sexes War: whichever woman doesn't fight by this ideal is a traitor, and on the warfield, traitors are to be executed
  11. at this time i am a little put off on making a new video thanks to lengajesytec {he has REALLY UPSET ME} but i will making a another one when i bounce back and cool myself off but once again i appreciate the support from you guys and gals
  12. I watch this video just about everyday.The more i watch it,the less it arouses me,and more actually makes me smile.All these girls im guessing doing something naughty weeing in the staff toilets or something.Just girls being silly girls,not being dirty or sexy etc,just silly girls having a bit of fun.Like youre almost in on the joke.Of course it is also nice to see their sweet little fannies! Does peeing sometimes more make you smile than arouse you?https://xhamster.com/videos/asian-teen-piss-in-toilet-9327724
  13. I can't see how this could work either, the logistics of recording every user would bring the net down. Thousands of people log on every waking minute of the day, think of the server that would be required. Im not saying that it couldn't be done, Google and Facebook work, but they require buildings the size of city blocks to operate. We already have ISP blocked sites in Australia, 4chan.org has disappeared from Telstra's DNS, no amount of hissing and booing is going to bring it back. Several other 'politically incorrect' sites have also been blocked, LiveLeak was down for a while, but has since made a 'cleaned up' return. Every torrent site that is out there is now replaced with a nice little 4 line Gubermint message basically saying that you're a bad boy for trying to access illegal material. This is a bummer when you require a Linux or FreeBSD iso that's made available as a torrent. I would not be surprised if the gubermint was recording the I. P. addresses of people who did try. Is there any word on wether international visitors logging into a UK hosted site is subject to the same requirements? Check out VPN's people, my VPN equates to $2.79 AUD per month (billed yearly) and it definitely takes censorship pain away.
  14. Then again,i would ask to the Govt,define what would constitute "pornography" in the law?Surely it cant be that which might cause a person to masturbate? As WE know,porn has many,many fetishes.To my mind "porn",is any scene that features a male ejaculation.The "money shot" as it were.2 girls or more having lesbian sex isnt porn..Then again,to ban lesbian sex,isnt that against LGBT rights?Another can of worms.Girls having a piss,just candid home movies perhaps?No males ejaculating there,where is the porn?Everyone pees dont they?Why would it be porno? Some people might find the sight of a Panda eating Bamboo arousing.Are we then to say,Pandas are porn? Its ridiculous.
  15. Watch me pee in a jug You think you saw everything? Stay tuned with new updates from Lola Rae's Store. You certainly can not skip it. Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  16. Young Veronica pee into the sink You know what it's new? One awesome clip update from Wet Angels Studio. I promise, you will like it! Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  17. PEE COMPILATION - IKEA TOILET & OUTDOOR Hello! Today, I have really good thing for you. New upload from JENNY BOOB SUPER AMATORIAL Studio. Come by and check it out! Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  18. We certainly did, saying that on her 60th birthday we had a few drinks in the garden sat around our fire pit, later on she went inside and came back out wearing a pair of wetlook leggings a matching top and a pair of crotch boots. I bet the randy old sod next door had a field day when later on she was running around the garden half drunk with her top off. lol
  19. There are many new things to enjoy at G/S Paradise. Check out the MESSAGE BOARD. You'll find pics, movies, articles, humor, and more! Thanks!
  20. Haha sure I can still pee like that I uploaded the video, it's on xtube, my name there is digital_dreamz. Btw. as a little teaser, I filmed another distance pissing video (much better than this, with much more piss lol!), and will upload it probably in the next days..
  21. Can you still pee like that? A video would be much appreciated. Looks amazing
  22. I've always feel turned on when boys pee in naughty places to mark territory, even more in front of a girl!
  23. Time for another question of the week, this one inspired by a story written by @spywareonya Is the Loch Ness monster real? Personally, I have an open mind. No one has found anything using sonar, but if it exists it must be very good at hiding. What do others think?
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