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  2. I noticed this last week as well but thought it might have been a blip and never went back to check it again. Thanks for sorting @Admin
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  4. I had some gardening to do on the weekend so I thought I might as well pee at the same time, you can hear my neighbour talking in the next yard over, little did they know 😁 https://www.erome.com/a/VjbEgEM8
  5. Many thanks @Admin! Yes, it's working again now πŸ™‚
  6. Hi @Sexismygod changing usernames is a feature of gold membership. (Done within user settings on gold accounts). I can't see a user here with that username, so you should be able to claim it as far as I can tell. πŸ™‚
  7. Sorry about that, should be fixed now. πŸ™‚
  8. The server is up, I will PM you the details. In the meantime I also encourage everyone who's interested to contact me.
  9. It reminds me of a time I was a restaurant that was taking too long to bring my food, and I got mad, so I moved my skirt out of the way and peed under the table, and I β€œaccidentally” spilled my drink to avoid suspicion
  10. One time I peed in a bottle in my room many times filling it almost all the way up. After that I went into a restaurant that had really bad service, went into the one person bathroom and then I peed on the floor while pouring my pee bottle on the floor leaving a giant yellow puddle behind.
  11. Peeing in McDonald's cups and leaving them on the table is similar to what I did with the clay pot. I have peed in a McDonald's cup before, I didn't leave it on the table but next time I likely will, thank you for the idea.
  12. Hi, I once found a really good piss voyeur site but I can’t remember the name. It was something like UCWC. I hope someone out there can help me. Thank you :)
  13. That is a wonderful experience of you peeing in the clay pot. I use the cups in McDonald's and pee in them while eating and leave them on the table
  14. Thank you for sharing. I like the idea of a society where peeing isn't a taboo even when peeing places other than the toilet. I'm also happy I went against society's norms by peeing places other than the toilet. I am totally for letting pregnant women pee anywhere with how small their bladders are. I've sometimes wondered if I was a women and got pregnant if I peed everywhere and went out of my way to especially pee places other than the toilet when it's right there peeing on public bathroom floor a lot for fun would that pass on the gene? I totally wish it were legal or at least partly legal
  15. Yes, I'm proud of my family origins and how free my grandparents are. I'm happy to hear that you when against society's norms. I feel pee shouldn't be as taboo. As it is because, for an example, pregnant Women should be allowed to pee anywhere and in some places they don't even let you use the restrooms
  16. I think you are very fortunate to be in a family that is ok with peeing where ever. My family was not. I grew up in a major city where I wasn't even allowed to pee outside unless out somewhere in the wilderness. For me it took being told not to pee where I'm not supposed to that made it feel like taboo that made me want to do it, and is part of what made it fun. As a kid I was told to even not pee in the pool. This has made peeing in the pool fun and exciting. Every time I go to a pool or hot tub I make sure to pee in it. I also like wetting my already wet swimsuit next to an indoor pool and l
  17. Today the Peefans birthday celebrations have hit the G-Spot.... Happy Birthday @gap & @Gazz
  18. There is an age factor involved... or more accurately that thing where a lot of young guys seem to be able to hold for hours. In my case though, the difference between 'I could go' and 'I've got to go now' can be a couple of minutes. Partly that (so the media says) can be down to an enlarged prostate, but also down to certain drink products containing caffeine or other chemicals. Sometimes can be fun, other times (like when trying to drive somewhere) can be a downright nuisance - mostly when my wife is with me, who isn't into pee and certainly not into my outdoor peeing.
  19. It looks like there's going to be a two-day EDM Festival coming to my area in a few months. I'm not the biggest fan of electronic music, but there's some of it I do like. Plus, you'll see all kinds of wild and skimpy outfits being worn by all genders. Has anyone here been to an EDM Concert or Festival? I feel like the chance of pee sightings could be high, especially during raves, and I'd like to hear your experiences.
  20. Obviously no 'secret' - But we're really ok with that 😁 Huge thanks as always for everything you share.
  21. I think men can physically hold as long if they want to or have to, just most of us can't be πŸ˜ƒ also most of us are pussies when it comes to pain compared to women so we give in sooner 🀣
  22. I was talking about how my dad had caught me peeing around the house a few times, and how he's watched me and never said anything. Two other users on here suggested that I try to piss right in front of him casually, because that's always something i've wanted to do. I was nervous but figured he's watched me before, I might as well try. I finally got the courage to do it yesterday morning. I woke up needing to piss really badly, but I was also late for work so I just got up and threw on clothes and went into the kitchen and started making breakfast. My dad was in there making breakfast too and
  23. I’m with you. I would like to try it.
  24. when it's a hot summer night, so when it's time for your pup's walk, you go wearing just your undies. πŸ€­πŸ˜‡
  25. Yeah actually. I was at work, driving job. Had to go so bad that I couldn't even think straight. I ran into the grocery store and went straight into the bathroom, handicap stall. Did my business. As I was finishing up I heard someone walk into the stall, didn't think anything of it. So I started to hear peeing, LOUD peeing. Not usual from a male sitting. Ok so as time goes on, the stream is THICK and powerful, very impressive. So impressed that I couldn't believe it. I looked under the stall and saw white vans, which was clearly a mid aged woman's legs and feet. I instantly flushed red and
  26. Just this past night while playing a late night party card game with friends and family.
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