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  2. It never gets old. A sensual, sexy classic. RIP Chrissy Amphlett.
  3. You're not boring me 😊. Great photos!
  4. I did make a video of my cycling shorts wetting but when I went to edit it, I noticed my tattoos were on show and I could remove them so I decided not to upload it, but I did manage to get some photos from the video. I hope I'm not boring anyone, I just enjoy taking photos and videos and then posting them on here. I'm sure I know some of you will like them so here they are
  5. The picture does not look as cool as it is in reality. This Urinal wall is in an actual Cigar Lounge in Montreal. It is a stainless wall with continuous waterfall on it... you just pee in the open on the wall. Initially, the ladies also had a special treat as they had their own special urinal on the form of a facial mask with a tube.
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  7. I would pick something that does not dry easily and drinks lots of water to make sure I stay wet all day.
  8. The more I browse this forum the more I realize I am into everything to do with piss... It is highly sexual and addictive. The wetting has been more of a solo activity for me. My wife is not really into wetting herself or any clothes. I love to wet my pants or shorts and feel the warmth and wetness on my legs. I don't even mind staying wet for a long period if it is warm enough.
  9. 1) Peeing on a partner - 4 2) Being peed on by a partner - 6 3) Peeing in your partner's face - 3 4) Having your own face peed on - 6 5) Having your partner drink your pee from the source - 5 6) Drinking your partner's pee from the source - 6 7) Watching your partner piss all over the carpet - 8 😎 Yourself pissing all over the carpet in front of your partner - 7 9) Wetting yourself while your partner watches - 1 10) Watching your partner wet him/her self - 4 11) Having your partner hold your dick/part your labia while you pee - 7 1
  10. I'm not sure as I've not been on that site for a couple of years
  11. I spent my childhood in countryside so it was a pretty common thing to pee outside except me. I was very shy. I would play with my neighbor friends group in the evening at nearby field. So sometimes we used go to pee together outside the field. We had seen each others penis. While peeing mine sometimes used to got stiff which made my friends poke fun at me. This stopped since some of us had entered puberty and grown hairs down there.
  12. That sounds very hot, love me a good piss in the woods.
  13. I think, myfetishlive.com is down - does anybody know more?
  14. You really should try it some time πŸ™‚ Get really desperate, stand in the shower and just let it happen. The only clean up is some laundry.
  15. *taking copious notes* One day, I want to be as brave as Sophie.
  16. The reaction says 'hot', but I'm adding 😍😍😍❀️❀️😊😊 for good measure! *Noone* describes a wetting quite like you @Sophie. Thank you, thank you! And enjoy the rest of your evening πŸ˜‰
  17. there was a Espn story about professional football players often having to go bad because of all the hydration they do and the creative ways they find to piss on the football fields. and in high school you are expected to hydrate well and either coaches wont let you go piss during practice, or the practice field is so far away that you just hold it rather then missing out on practice time.
  18. Those long bike rides are always great. But, it seems those stops out in nature are always the best part. For me, you giving that little extra hip shake puts it over the top.
  19. my post is about the soccer players that that the lady member is a fan of. it seems be related to me.
  20. Oops sorry, I missed this! I wasn't too concerned about it. I get wet but I don't get that wet. I'm not dripping or anything. A bigger concern was my hard nipples showing through my dress.
  21. It's Friday, the week is over, and it's half term. What is a better way to celebrate that than wetting myself in my work uniform?! I had been planning on doing it all day and I made sure I had a full bladder when I arrived home. I had been drinking a little more water through my last two lessons and I had completely skipped my lunch break toilet visit. When I walked through the door I was rather desperate and if I didn't have other plans I would have ran upstairs to the toilet. I wasn't bursting though and that needed to change. I sat down with my family and enjoyed a cup of coffee, enjo
  22. Really, really good to see you back @amack. I love your posts, and this is wonderful πŸ˜›
  23. Awe thank you so much! ❀️ It was so fun and hot to come back into our kink again.
  24. Wow! Just wow! That is incredibly hot 😍
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