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  2. Hi everyone, just want to let you all know I’m still here! Haven’t had much time to pee and make it fun. haha, but I’m home alone for the weekend, so don’t hesitate to give me ideas of where to pee! Hope to hear some fun ones!
  3. I've ironically gotten a bit more since moving back in with my parents. My dad uses the backyard sometimes so I've taken it as a signal I can do so, I usually do it when I'm supervising the dogs but away from the kitchen window so mom doesn't see. Since we're in a pretty remote place I've also been able to get away with it on the driveway and by the shed. I haven't done a naughty pee indoors since getting here except tonight, where I had some fun in the bathtub because they're gone for a couple nights.
  4. Today in the backyard. Been doing it frequently, loving it.
  5. I’d have no issue emptying my bladder around somebody’s house, I have always wanted to pee on someone’s carpet
  6. @Great Horned Owl Well, I'm sorry that I have to ask, but I can not other than wondering Sir, are you running around with a stop watch and a ruler all the time?
  7. One of the main perks of my job working in hospitality specifically is the alleyway. Where I work is a busy bar on a popular street so our alley is always being used as a public toilet As a peefan I always volunteer to take the bin out because I know there will always be pee activity. Our kitchen stairs overlook the alley and I always take my smoke breaks there during the weekend to get some good sightings. anybody else have the same experience working in hospitality?
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  9. I have been with 2 partners, 1 was into it and the other was not. during both relationships I would pee around other people (both men and women) some were friends and others were strangers. I think that if you are purposely trying to invite someone into something private while you have a partner then I would consider that cheating. There has been numerous times where people have seen the aftermath or heard me, but that is all circumstance. A few times someone has accidentally seen a private area or vice versa and that is when the lines gets blurred, it’s one of the reasons why I’m sing
  10. @zoe468 Thanks for sharing. Your story got me rock hard. 😅 What would you have done if someone noticed and addressed you about it in a friendly, maybe even affirmative way? I would love to catch a woman doing this one day. But I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to address it.
  11. @Dr.P I think not just some but perhaps every human girl that can hear knows what girls sound like when they pee. And perhaps quite a lot of girls realize that their pee sounds are very unique and very erotic too. And the female piss desperation along with sighs of relief and a girl saying something like this to herself while in the act of peeing, "Oh man I really had to pee" all of this is very erotic along with it all being embarrassing too. I think many girls who try to hide their very sexy pee sounds or at least make their pee sounds less noisy and sexy by like spreading the lips to stop
  12. Yes I've wiped one of my ex girlfriend with paper or sometimes even with my tongue every time she wanted and I was with her. And it was beautiful, erotic, funny and even tasty all at the same time. I recommend, and I would do it again. 👍
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  14. And yet, some women are apparently aware of the erotic appeal of their pee sounds, and are embarrassed by them! They may think they are gross, and they may try to cover them, with the sounds of running tap water, or they try to piss silently down the porcelain walls of toilets, etc. Differences in psychology. What causes them?
  15. @Dr.P Hmm hisses when she pisses? Wow that is a very nice name. She should have added gushing to her name too! It should have been like this, "hisses and gushes when she pisses"
  16. @Dr.P Hmm I am not 100 percent sure about that but we both can girls that female urination is sexy to a fault to both the eyes and the ears too. The sounds girls make when they pee are way too sexy. I bet many girls are very proud about their gushing and hissing pee sounds being so ridiculously hot. Sometimes they even get a whistling sound, and sort of a reverb or echo sound along with that spectacular hiss while peeing. And when they do that their pee sounds become even hotter. And when they have big pussy lips along with lots of skin folds getting in their way then the really sexy hiss gets
  17. Chat has broken for me (00:32. 23/09) The main chat at the bottom of the page, and the chat at https://peefans.com/chatbox/room/1-live-chat/ do not work, but the little live chat in the corner does. Windows 11 laptop running Firefox, haven't tried other devices, sorry!
  18. @Fan of girls peeingI totally agree, again. Sometimes, I think that the word "piss," in English, originated from men describing women's urination, rather than men's.
  19. @Dr.P Oh yeah I also totally agree with what you are saying there. Sometimes I just want to tell the human female race oh ladies just how insanely arousing are your pee sounds. That variety of girls hissing pee sounds and of course that insanely powerful blast of gushing pee stream it's all so pleasant to the ears and also the sight. What lucky creatures are you females your pee sounds are so ridiculously sexy to listen to. Why can't we human males have such sexy sounds while peeing? Yes I get the female anatomy, the lady parts, their pelvic floor muscles they use while peeing all play a huge
  20. I totally agree with you. You are summarizing a lifetime of my observations, very well. I remember some posts from a lady on another forum, long ago. Her screen name was "Hisses when she pisses." Just reading her screen name was a turn-on, for me!
  21. I've literally done this exact same thing a few times while in college, being very drunk with a group of people. Usually will be the first to suggest I stop and pee on a tree but when one stop the rest will probably do the same. One time while waiting for a cab with a group of I think two other guys and three other girls I straight up just turned around, didn't move an inch and started pissing where I stood.
  22. @Remi Yeah some girls definitely try to completely hide their pee sounds or at least make their pee sounds less audible. But other girls are exact opposite and don't care about exactly who hears them pee even when they get those really sexy gushing and hissing sounds while peeing. And some girls will try to be discreet sometimes but other times the same girls won't try to be discreet with their pee sounds. Human females are such fascinating creatures. And their behavior regarding many things can be very fascinating too, especially when their peeing is involved. But I say girls are truly doing
  23. Most day , prob easier to count the pee’s in toilet ! last one was between the cab and truck at the yard before leaving for the night
  24. Is that not what the corner of the car park miles away from the attachly build for ? lost track the no of times I have done that 🙂
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