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  2. Do you need help moving the bale or help peeing on it? I would lend my services for the latter. These images are hot! Nice cock, by the way.
  3. Good evening!

    This is Kataal. I wanted your advice on writing my female pee desperation fiction when it comes to the accidental spurting, leaking, and full-on peeing when body muscles give in from hours of holding it. 

    The main protagonist of my story is an undergraduate research student set to present her research at a science symposium convention. During the train ride to the location, during the event, and afterwards, the main protagonist is bursting to pee and having episodes of pee spurting and leaking. At the very end, she can no longer hold it and pees on herself.

    How should I write the details of the desperation holding, spurting and leaking, and fidgeting by the main female protagonist? She is bursting from morning to evening. 

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    That's very common for Onlyfans, a lot of profiles there have nothing worth to pay for and being used as a bait, once you paid they got you money and don't care anymore. Another common scam is when actual Onlyfans account has barely anything cool but model sends multiple pay-to-view private messages offering you to buy each her video for $3, 5, 10... So you paid subscription hoping to get access to good content but get nothing except access to spam and offers to pay more and more if you actually want to see cool stuff. If I think about subscribing to someone for 1 month, I try to screen creator through Twitter or other platforms. If they have an account there with actual good previews of content, it may be worth it. If they post a few 5 seconds long videos telling how wonderful their Onlyfans is but they wouldn't show anymore previews/samples for free, it's likely another scammer.
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  7. Outdoors. Carpet, furniture wetting, etc. doesn't do it for me.
  8. As a guy I can definitely confirm this, not sure how it goes with the ladies though.
  9. Closest time ever as an adult, unintentionally that is. It was literally coming out and wasn't stopping!
  10. Hi. Will it be possible to pay for a gold membership with bitcoins? :-)
  11. Am very interested in the naugty peeing genre, where nice ladies like you pee in hotel rooms, vacation homes, summerhouses, airbnb homes, or other kind of rented places :-) Peeing on the carpeted floor, and other soakable furniture. I have a huge collection of pictures and videos. Would anyone be up for some sharing/trading? Examples : https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ef41aa361b30 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ef419eeac7ad https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ef417749b2ba https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ef415bd14c70
  12. I knocked at the door. “Rebecca, what a surprise.” “I’m not disturbing you am I?” “Oh no just busy working my way through.” “How is it going?” “Good now. Everything arrive first thing this morning so I have got on with it straight away. To what do I attribute this unexpected pleasure?” “Nothing really. I needed a pee & all the cubicles at work are busy so I thought I would see if you can help?” He smiled but then suddenly realised he had left me on the step. “Come in, please.” I made my way through to the main office. He seemed fluster by my unexpected arrival but delighted just the same. “You wouldn’t have a potty I could borrow would you, I’m busting.” His face lit up & in moments the big old china one was on the floor in front of me. I took my time getting ready, taking my pants off slowly & handing them to him. They went straight to his nose, of course & after letting him have a good look did a very long pee watching myself as I went. He suddenly realised I was looking too. “You don’t mind me joining you do you?” “No!” He moved closer as if he wanted us to watch together. “Nice?” “Mm!” “Are you enjoying it?” “Mm!” “You like seeing me peeing in the potty, don’t you?” “Mm!” “I have only just started watching myself since I have met you.” “Really?” He looked guilty as if he was taking all the blame. As we watched he was getting very aroused & it showed. “I hadn’t realised how wide my cunt opens when I squat. Usually when I pee on the Toilet it get quite wet but going like this it hardly needs wiping.” “Mm!” “I think you should just the same though, don’t you agree?” “Mm!” I was really getting to him. I pushed harder. “Does my peephole open wider when I push?” “Mm!” “Do you prefer seeing it when it is open wide?” “Mm!” I pushed harder still. “Is it opening really wide now.” “Mm!” “Nearly finished.” “Mm!” “Do you like me dribbling at the end?” “Mm!” “Sometimes it runs down my crack & trickles off my bum. Do you like that?” “Mm.” I imagined there would be some relieving done after I have gone! “There that’s all. You can wipe me now.” He had to get the Toilet roll from the cupboard & took his time, starting gingerly, his hand was trembling. “I like the way you wipe me, so careful & you take your time. I’m always in a rush & leave half of it behind. It makes quite a mess of my pants by the end of the day. Yes that’s it, take your time & push right in.” It was that which it was all about, not him being ‘thorough’ & he didn’t disappoint penetrating me a little. It felt great & I would have loved him to carry on until I climaxed but knew I couldn’t. “That’s better.” My knees were creaking so I stood up. “Peter, will it be alright if I don’t strip off completely?” He looked stunned. “No of course not.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “I will if you really want me to, but it would be a bit of a hassle for just an hour.” “No, I don’t expect you to.” “Sure?” “Sure.” “You won’t be disappointed with me?” “No, of course not.” “I’ll tell you what, I won’t put my pants back on & will open my legs so you can see my cunt anytime you want to, will that be alright?” “Yes, yes of course.” “Positive?” “Mm!” The look on his face was wonderful. It was as if he still couldn’t believe his luck. I tucked my skirt up making me naked from the waist down at least. “There. Is this okay?” He was blushing. “Mm!” It was barely audible. I had spread one of the hand towels on the seat before getting the sandwiches I bought ready before making my tea while he was emptying the potty. “Do you want a coffee?” “Mm.” He was obviously still very aroused. Bringing our drinks over I moved my chair so it was facing him & sat with feet dangling over the arms. “Okay?” He gave me a big smile. “Mm!” He never took his eyes off me the whole time while I read through some of the files I brought with me, his face buried in the crotch of my pants. It felt wonderful being looked at again & from time to time my vagina set off a flurry of impromptu contractions. A quick glance in his direction being met with a smile letting me know he was seeing it. I was definitely becoming more & more aroused! I got up twice to fill my mug & made sure on my return to get back into the same position & felt his gazes replacement & the warm, wet feeling began again. “Sick of it yet?” He smiled & shook his head. The pressure was building up nicely & I would have to go in 10 minutes so it would work out perfectly to pee for him again. I finished what I was reading. “I will have to be heading back now.” He glanced at his watch & a look of resignation came over his face. “I’ll just have time for another pee if you want me to?” He was like a little boy. “Yes please!” That got him going. “I’ll go in the other potty this time.” He returned with the pink plastic one & placed it on the floor. I carefully positioned myself over it & released. As my trickle began so did a soft burbling fart. His face lit up & he grinned from ear to ear. I pushed a little to try to make it stop but the fart continued long & slow. I filled the bowl slowly as he looked on, fascinated, his nose just inches from my pee stream. I loved this & felt my vagina contracting & could see my pee pulsating. ‘If he only knew’ I mused enjoying my heightened state of arousal to the full. I stopped short along with my farts & let the last out in a series of dribbles gradually topping up the potty until it was full to the brim. He hadn’t noticed, too focused on where my pee was coming from. He wiped me thoroughly while I remained in position. My knees started to give out after a couple of minutes. “I’m going to have to stand I’m afraid.” As I did he followed me up until my vulva was right in front of his nose. I kept my skirt up for another couple of minutes before dropping it. “I have to go, sorry.” I put my pants on slowly giving him several more views before it was tucked away out of sight. “I’m not doing anything on Wednesday at lunchtime if you would like me to call round again?” If he’d beamed any harder his face would have split. He looked down at the potty & a look of concern came over his face. “Rebecca!” “What?” “How am I going to move that?” I couldn’t stop myself smiling. “Very carefully I imagine.” I waited while he got it up off the floor very carefully & over to the sink only spilling a tiny bit once. “WHEW!” “I knew you could!” I said cheekily disappearing through the door. “How’s it going?” “Great!” He was on top of the world! Computers littered the main office stacked one on top of another & he was wading through them. I looked around. “Have you finished all of these?” “No not yet but it is going much faster than I expected. I can’t tell you how important your help has been. I hardly knew anything before you got involved.” “So?” “What?” “When is the big day?” He smiled broadly. “Week after next with a bit of luck.” “That’s great!” I could see he wanted to give me all the credit but stopped short. “Well you had better get the camp stool out before I wet myself.” He had it ready before I had time to make my pot of tea. We watched together again with him looking at me & smiling his approval from time to time. I started to dribble & it went on & on, nearly as long as I had peed. “It doesn’t know when to stop!” I imagined he wouldn’t be complaining! It stopped. “There, I’m done. Wipe me please?” He did, very thoroughly. “That’s much better!” Leaning forward I kissed his forehead. “Thank you!” I raised my feet to the front edge of my chair & let my legs drop open wide, reached over & poured a mug of tea, unpacked my sandwiches before settling in to the file I had bought to read. “I’ll have to go soon.” He hadn’t moved the whole time I had been there & not taken his eyes off me for a moment. He was completely absorbed & still quite aroused. He had left the camp Toilet set up for me to use again so I moved across to it. “I had my legs together last time so this time I will open as wide as I can.” Hoisting my skirt right up I plonked onto the seat, positioned my vulva as near to the centre of the opening as I could before sitting upright & ‘walking’ my feet, heel, toe round to the sides until my legs were at right angle to my body on both sides. “Ready?” He was breathing heavily already. “Is my cunt wide open?” “Mm!” “Here goes.” Holding the sides of the seat under the edge of my bum I pushed hard but instead of pointing down my stream was rising up splashing on the underside of the seat. “Sorry!” I stopped & leaned forward. “This time.” I still only just got it in the bucket hitting the top rim & he had to move it forward quickly. It was very noisy & I couldn’t stop myself laughing but for all my mirth Peter was taking it very seriously indeed. It was short but spectacular. “Get the wiper ready?” He busied himself, unsure of what length of paper he needed before ripping off too much & carefully folding it into a wad. I watched smiling. “What?” “Nothing.” He’d had his tongue out while he folded, deep in concentration to get it just right. The irony was wasted on me, all that troubled & then do with it what he intended to. I could see into the bucket & it had been a big one! He moved to wipe me from below. “No, from the top, just like I do.” He put his hands in between my legs & wiped me thoroughly from front to back several times. “Thank you.” I caught him looking at the wet patch on the wad in his hand. He blushed. “It’s alright! Go ahead & smell me if you want to.” He smiled & replaced my pants with the wad & ducked back down to look up at me. Relaxing, I waited until he’d had his fill. “Okay?” He didn’t move. “Can I put my pants on & go back to work now please?” I tried to make it light hearted but he was still very intense as he slowly moved back allowing me to escape. “Thank you. Pants?” He passed them back. I wandered over to my chair, turned & faced him before slowly pulling them on halting for several moments with the band just below my vulva to give him one last look before pulling them all the way into position. “All gone for today.” I didn’t drop my skirt straight away leaving it high enough to expose my pants while I pack up my things. “Peter I can’t come Thursdays, well maybe now & then, because we have an office meeting at lunchtimes but I can come again on Friday if you want me to?” “Yes please!” He didn’t have to say it really, I knew & was more telling him when I would come again rather than ask if I would be welcome. “Friday then?” As it turned out I nearly walked out with my skirt still up around my waist! An hour or so after getting back to my desk nature called so I picked up my mobile & headed to the Ladies. “Guess where I am?” His heavy breathing began instantly. Monday morning it arrived! “I wonder what he will make of this?” “I won’t be long, just finish inputting.” I waited. A couple of minutes passed. “Right!” “Peter something we haven’t discussed is what you want me to do when I’m having my Period?” “I didn’t think you would come.” He seemed quite off hand about it. “So you would rather I stayed away.” He shrugged not giving any clear idea of what he expected. “It’s just I’m having my Period now.” That got his full attention. “Are you?” “Yes but I can go across to the Ladies if you would rather not watch me like this.” “You wouldn’t mind?” “No of course not. It doesn’t make any difference to me, all that’s different is I will have tampon strings.” “Are you sure?” “Course. It started Monday so I’m over the worst, not that it would worry me if you saw it, although you might find it a bit too much if you are not used to it, but if you would rather leave it …… “ “No! No! It’s fine.” He cut me short & I could see he was keen, very keen, obviously not expecting me to let him. He was in an even greater rush than usual to get the potty. I took my pants off with a pad moulded into the crotch, glanced at it & as there was nothing menstrual on it so handed it to him. He held it away from himself unsure of quite what to do with it while I squatted in position. His eyes lit up as I reached down & straightened the string out, steadying myself before beginning to pee slowly. His eyes opened wider & wider making me concerned they might be about to pop out! In spite of the dozens of times he had already watched me peeing, he was completely captivated & his mouth opened with delight. “Is it running down the strings? It usually does.” He didn’t speak, completely enthralled with what was going on between my legs. I leant forward a little, my head brushing his & watched with him. I didn’t applied any pressure, imagining he was perfectly content as it went on & on. At the end it dropped back to drips one long continuous trickle making it last even longer. “Okay? “Mm!” “You don’t mind watching while I’m having my Period?” “No!” It had been a dumb question but part of the tease. I had enjoyed his attentions too, more than usual because of that wonderful look on his face. I stayed put until my knees started to creak. “Make sure you dry the strings too but don’t pull down on them or it might fall out.” He did it so carefully it was fun to watch him. “I don’t need to put my pants on again do I, you don’t mind seeing me like this?” “No.” He was already staring up my skirt as he said it. Lunch passed quietly with me doing what little talking there was. I had sat in front of him with my feet up & legs open so he see everything, as I usually do but for some reason it was special to him today as if he was being allowed a really forbidden treat. From time to time I caught his eye & he had such an adoring look it was almost disconcerting. For my part there was nothing special about my Periods but that certainly wasn’t the case for him. After all the only difference was the appearance of the strings, but to him that meant everything & he couldn’t take his eyes off them. “I’m ready.” This time I chose the camping stool & he busied himself getting it ready for me with new air of excitement. He was funny to watch & I was enjoying it immensely. Finally he had everything ready for me. “Thank you.” I lifted my skirt & sat down, positioning myself in preparation. “Peter would you like to change my tampon?” His mouth dropped wide open & he stared at me speechless. I carried on. “It will mean you will have to touch me more than you have before but I trust you completely now not to take advantage of me.” “Do you?” “Yes.” His mouth was still wide open & he was stunned. “If you are interested I have bought some Tampax especially for you to use. They are different from my usual ones & have an applicator which will make it easier until you get used to it. If you like doing it I will move you on my normal ones down the track as there is a bit more involved with inserting them.” He was flabbergasted. “That is if you want to of course.” Still speechless I carried on. “It won’t be all that messy, promise, I’m over the worst but if you like, once you have got used to my Periods I will come around when I have just started if you would like to see what it is like.” It was as if he was frozen still. “It can get a bit yucky & smelly, but it will be up to you.” He was quiet for several moments. “Do you mean that?” “Yes of course, if you want to. We have become very close friends & I know I can let you do anything to me without worrying you might get carried away. You make a really good job of wiping me, much better than I do most of the time, which is why I much prefer you to when we are together & in spite of an occasional slip which happens to us all, I’m quite happy to let you take the next step. Periods are really a part of peeing, well going to the Toilet so it is just a logical extension of what we are doing together so far.” He stared at me. “What do you think? Would you like to?” He didn’t say anything but I could see he wanted to. “Would you like to get started?” He nodded. “Right.” “I usually take my tampon out before & pee & put the fresh one in when I have finished.” His hand was visibly shaking as he reached across & took the strings. “You will have to tug down a bit to make sure it is free. They get stuck sometimes if they have been in for a while. You have to be careful not to get any of my pubes when you grip it.” He quickly checked he hadn’t before pulling down. “That’s it. ……. It’s free now. ……. pull it down slowly.” I felt it leave my body & watched it drop down. “Right? …… Let me see?” He held it up with a delighted look on his face. My menses covered about half. “That’s not too bad. It’s a lot worst on my first day.” He let it dangle in front of him for several moments as if he was fascinated by it. “Put it in the rubbish bag?” He did eventually but not before studying it in great detail. “There are some Tampax in my bag. Get one out, you will need it after I have gone.” He did & held it very delicately as it if was hot or about to explode as he watched my pee trickling out. I let it go slowly again because I wasn’t all that full & wanted it to last a long time for him. He glanced down at the tampon from time to time while watching me peeing as if he wasn’t sure what he should be doing with it. He was watching but without his usual intensity, as if he was distracted by what I had promised. I finished with a long dribble. “Okay! Dry me first.” He did very thoroughly. “Now take off the wrapper.” He did it so carefully it made me smile. It was just a tampon after all but I imagined this was probably the first time he had ever encountered one. “Okay! Now before you start let’s get a few things straight. Number 1 is, you will have to touch so don’t be shy or nervous. Secondly, take your time. There is no need to rush & muck it up. This is unfamiliar territory for you, not touching a cunt as such but what you are going to do with it. If you make a slip or a mistake don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. Lots of girls still can’t get it right years after their Periods started so don’t expect to become expert first time, okay?” “Mm!” He was very tense. “Let’s get started.” He reached across but stopped short of touching me. “It’s okay, you are allowed to touch.” His first touch was light, tentative. I waited to give him a chance to settle. “I know you are very familiar with what I look like but now you are going to have to get used to what I feel like. Now start at the front with my clit. You can feel what it is like, I don’t mind.” He fiddled with it for a few moments & I could tell his hand was trembling. “Okay? Now go back a bit.” He did. “There! That’s my pee hole. You must have a pretty good idea what it looks like by now so feel free to see what it feels like.” I smiled at him & he gave me a shy one back as he began rubbing a finger over it for a few moments then stopped. “It’s alright, you can take your time if you want too, I’ve just gone so there is no rush.” He did & played with my urethra for a good minute or more. “Okay?” “Mm!” He was smiling a little. “It has it’s own shaft, like a tiny penis, doesn’t it?” “Mm!” “Do you like it?” He blushed madly. “Mm!” “Back a bit further.” He slid his finger. “A bit more.” He did. “That’s my vagina. You can push into me a little if you like?” He did. I could feel myself getting slippery again after his drying so his finger disappeared up to the first knuckle before he realised how easily it was moving & withdrew quickly & got a guilty look on his face. I placed my hand on his forearm. “It’s okay. You will find it easier, I don’t mind. Now that’s my hole where you need to line the tip of the applicator in. Go back a bit further.” He seemed reluctant. “It’s alright. This is the one place we share in common.” He stroked my anus for a few moments before starting to withdraw his hand. “You know what everything is, where it is, what it looks like & now what it feels like. Look, things are not really that urgent yet so you can have a little explore if you like so you will be completely familiar with everything.” “Are you sure?” He seemed shocked. “Yes.” He returned to my urethra tentatively at first but then spent a long time touching before my clitoris then back to the opening to my vagina penetrating a little again. He became more relaxed & at ease touching me as time went on, looking up nervously but smiling. “No rush.” There certainly wasn’t! I could have put up with his touching for hours! An orgasm begged, but this was not the time. He was surprisingly adept at getting me going, even if he had little idea of how much pleasure he was giving me. He stopped, seeming to have had his fill for the time being. “Enough?” “Mm!” “Ready?” “Mm!” He fumbled a bit as he peered between my legs at what he was doing before positioning the applicator. I could feel where he had put it. “It needs to go back a bit.” He moved it. “A bit more.” He moved it again. “There. Find my hole.” He hesitated. “Go ahead, poke you finger in.” He found it okay. “There. That’s where it has to go.” He moved it into position so it replaced his finger. “Right now hold it firmly in place in me just a bit & put your finger on the end & push.” I felt it enter. “That’s it. Now keep going until the inside & outside tubes are level.” I felt it moving a bit more. “Are they?” He was looking. “Mm!” “Right. Now take the applicator away but don’t get you finger hooked in the strings because you will pull it out again.” I felt the applicator leave & he held it up for me to see giving out a big sigh with a huge smile on his face. “One last thing. You will need to push it in a little further or it might work its way back out again while I’m walking.” He was still trembling as I felt it start to move. “Further …………….. further ……………… that should do.” As he stood he had a huge & very noticeable erection. I smiled at it & he blushed! “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” He was so embarrassed. “I will have to keep you on, just to change my tampons.” Poor Peter! His erection was so obvious & he couldn’t do anything to hide it. “Just have to change the pad in my pants & you’re done. There are fresh ones in my bag.” He got the old one out & once again made quite a performance of unwrapping the new pad before trying to position it in the gusset. It was too wide & he couldn’t get it right. I let him have a good long fiddle before stepping in. “Here let me. It’s not an exact science & will end up where it wants to anyway when I put them on. It’s not so important today, I’m unlikely to leak.” He watched intently as I put my pants back on again, hitching my skirt high to give him a clear view & putting my hand inside holding the pad as I pulled them up the rest of the way to hold it firmly in place. “Wash your hands.” He seemed reluctant to but did finally. “I will still be using a tampon tomorrow, not that there will be much left. We are’nt having our usual Thursday meeting as 3 of the partners are away so would you like me to come around again so you can get some more practise?” His mouth dropped open. “Would you?” “If you like. Might as well while it is still fresh in your mind. You can do it twice if you like, when I arrive & when I go back again. It will save you waiting a whole month. You can hang on to the Tampax box, I will use my usuals until then.” He was tickled pink with the idea, that was obvious. ”I will see you tomorrow then, bye.” Just the pressure of my pants on my clitoris was enough as I made my way back to my office. The temptation to reach down & press it was almost overpowering as the need to climax increased with every step. It took me all of the self control I could muster to ‘casually’ drop my purse off on my desk & exchange smiles with Carol as I nonchalantly made my way to the Ladies. I only just got the cubicle door closed before pressing hard, first through my skirt but then after hoisting it up, directly through my pants. My orgasm was right there, ready & although I knew it was futile, tried to prolong my built up. In the end it was a waste of time so I squeezed my clitoris as hard has I could & became weak at the knees, grateful to have the wall to support me as a thrilling intensity of sensations overcame my body. After riding it out for all I was worth I carried on squeezing hard & grind my fingers in. The second approached quickly but this time I was able to spin it out until I chose when! If anything it was stronger & this time my knees began to shake & I almost collapsed under the intensity. It seemed to go on & on leaving my hypersensitive, flushed & flustered making my way back to my office. Carol smiled again as I passed but didn’t seem to be aware of the state I was in. I held out as long as I could but my concentration was going so made another trip at 3.30. This time my pants came off & I sat on the seat. Despite my clitoris being sore from the earlier session I managed another two orgasms in close succession with the promise to myself to finish the job properly at home. He was bubbling with anticipation when I arrived & quickly started to get the camp stool out. “Why don’t you bring me the potty, that way you will be able to see what you are doing better?” He did. “Would you like me to pee first so you can watch it running down the strings?” He smiled. “Okay!” I took my pants off, handed them to him before squatting carefully with my legs as wide as I could manage without falling over. “Do you want to straighten them out?” He did! “Here goes.” Letting it go slowly, we watched it run down. He had such a lovely look on his face. “Do you like that?” “Yes!” “Haven’t you seen tampon strings before?” “Only in videos, not like this!” “Not even Maria’s?” “Hell no!” “What not even a glimpse?” “Are you kidding? All she says is that she has the curse & I’m to keep away.” “Right.” After I finished peeing he dried me, held the strings & pulled the Tampon out. “So far so good. You can find my opening first if you like.” He took an unnecessarily long time & I made no attempt to stop him. He stuck to the limits I had set so I was happy for him to play as long as he liked, after all I was enjoying it too. By the time he was finished I was in quite a state & looking forward to a trip to the Ladies when I got back. I let him get on with inserting my fresh Tampon without comment. He went about it in a workman like way locating my vagina before lining up the applicator & sliding the Tampon in. Even pushing it up into place was quite clinical. I smiled as I watched him obviously enjoying the task immensely. All finished he looked up seeking my approval. “Very good! You only have to be shown once, don’t you.” He gave me a self satisfied smile at a job well done. Lunchtime passed almost in complete silence as we both ate & he couldn’t take his eyes off me. “I had better be heading back soon. Ready?” He sprang to attention bringing back the potty before watching my pee run down the strings again & getting on with the job, taking his time quite deliberately I imagined. He had played with me just as long, locating my vagina of course, but also clitoris & urethra too, not that they had anything to do with it! It felt nice so I was happy to leave him to it. I felt the applicator, then the tampon slide inside, a couple of final nudges & he moved back with a tickled pink look on his face & another prominent erection. “Satisfied.” He smiled. “You have done a good job, thank you.” I leaned down & kissed his forehead. He looked up, beaming. “You can do that for me every month from now on. Deal?” “Deal!” He was very positive as we shook hands.
  13. A good way to celebrate moving house to have a pee on the driveway . Look forward to hearing where you piss next
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    meanwhile i tried a subscription on adrianna chechik and kathrina jade, but it wasn't really worth it. on kathrina jade's profile there wasn't any pee stuff at all. adriana chechik had a few ones, but there are a lot more files of her to find for free than inside her profile. it really sucks that you can't see any previews or further information about what's inside the profiles until you have paid for it 😞
  15. I like to see a woman pee where she wants. Outdoors has the edge , like the bushes or on a hard surface like paving so can see the puddle
  16. Okay I'll play, not that I qualify but they say the camera adds a couple of inches 😀
  17. Lol yup been there done that
  18. The other day, I drove to the pharmacy to pick up a refill on my prescription. The pharmacy offers a drive-through pickup, so it is very convenient in these COVID times. It's usually pretty fast, but something must have been going on with their systems, because the line was moving very slowly. There were only three cars in front of me when I drove into the line, but after 20 minutes, only one of the cars had been served. A few more minutes passed, and the rear door of the car opened. A pretty blonde woman who appeared to be in her early to mid 20s got out of the back seat. She was wearing a light blue top, gray yoga pants, and a dark baseball cap. She was very fit, as the form-hugging pants really highlighted her toned legs and butt. From the way she moved, I could tell she probably was desperate to pee, and I wondered what she was going to do. I thought she might just go into the pharmacy, but I'm not sure if their bathrooms are even open to the public right now. I watched as she walked past my car and away from the pharmacy building, to the far side of the parking lot. She ducked between some shrubs at the edge of the parking lot and unfortunately that was far enough away I couldn't see a lot of detail. She emerged about a minute later and walked back to car. I wish I could have seen her actually squat down and pee, but knowing what had happened put a smile on my face.
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