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  2. Yeah, that's really rather tough to convince boys who just refuse to do so. I've spoken to dozens of guys on this site privately, who have wanted to be able to pee more openly at home and in public, but were terrified about how their moms would react. This is a rather easy problem to solve as it only requires asking the boys to recall some situations they've observed over the years and getting them to realize that their moms have been dropping subtle hints to them for years and most boys are just don't pick up on them. That annoyed look moms give when boys and their friends track into the hous
  3. I'm just going to drop this in.... and walk away quietly:
  4. I too agree with your thoughts about "getting caught." Something I quickly noticed here in America is how really uneasy most Americans are with nudity among friends and family. This was never really the case in Europe. A random person my husband and I met on a long train trip in Germany was chatting with us over drinks and gave my husband some perspective on nudity. They at the time had a late night television game show on where couples would have to pick their mate from a group of 5 or 6 others of similar size and shape. They'd first show only their feet and they'd have to eliminate one perso
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  6. I've a longer 1 I wrote for a Discord server I joined... I told them it'd be an exclusive for a while, now is that time: Hello traveler, welcome my shop. Please take a look around, I have many items to offer. You will find the rare and exotic, but also anything you need to bolster you on your long journey. Ah, I see you have an interest in our selection of “Holy Water,” it is suggested to keep it on hand in large supply while passing through the Necropolis ahead. If you were not aware, “Holy Water” is a ward against the undead. Any creature that lives again from unnatural means can be he
  7. That sounds beautiful. Do you have a picture?
  8. I'm curious what advice you give to the moms to help convince their sons to pee outside. And if their son is not one of the ones who wants to do it and is just waiting for the OK from mom, but her son is very reluctant to do it even when his mom is openly telling him to do so, how can the mom get her son to warm up to the idea?
  9. Can we start a thread on female ejaculation? It's almost like pee. The first time I encountered it, I didn't know what was happening. Maybe a year later, there was a "sex discussion" group meeting that I attended, where you could write questions that were read by a moderator. Then whomever in the group knew the answer could pipe up. I wrote down my question. Immediately an older lady in the group piped up and explained it. I'm betting that she, too was a squirter. She said that lots of men are turned off by it, but it made me really, REALLY hot. Now the story. 'Twas one o
  10. Many thanks for all the excellent advice! I can certainly understand the advice to not use mattress protection, but I don’t think I’ve reached that stage yet, but hopefully one day I’ll be in a more suitable situation where I’ll be able to try that as well. At the moment, I would like to fully experience being a (deliberate / convenience) bedwetter for several weeks at a time (whilst at the same time I don’t want to risk becoming an involuntary bedwetter), before reverting to a dry bed, and then to secretly treat myself to this indulgence every now and then, or at least that’s how I
  11. With the recent intrest in delivery drivers having to use the bathroom while at work, and what ends up happening, ive decided to share a story i had commissioned by a good friend named Codelizard. The following story contains Furry content. If you are not a fan of Furry content in naughty scenarios, please hit the back button. This storry contains a Jex as a delivery driver encountering the need to use the bathroom on her route, and what she ends up doing when the need becomes too much. This story also contains a Fox that is introduced to the naughty actions of the delivery driver. This story
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  13. usually a few days. i fully empty my bladder multiple times every night when i sleep. as Paulypeeps stated i dont protect my mattress i just buy another every few months.
  14. link https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkWbUd08Ta86gwyZsJs5knUb9IXK?e=bT6fpN
  15. I'll be sure to tell you all about it. You are already a huge inspiration to me.
  16. I hope one day Sophie, perhaps inspired by me, you can feel confident enough to relieve yourself in a urinal.
  17. WetMart


    Lovely pictures Puddyls.
  18. I find that when I'm getting fairly desperate, the urgent need to pee can come (and go) in waves. It's easy to give in and decide to pee during one of those waves, especially if it's easy to do. But making it harder to pee - like say driving down the motorway, I can actually wait until the wave passes and then hold a lot longer. I've done it before now - driving along a motorway at night with a full bladder... Sign say's services in 1 mile and 15 miles... so I'll wait, and then wait at the next one and repeat.
  19. I’ve never peed my bed to be honest , but I may well try it from your description PaulyPeeps.
  20. I'll do it and then I'll tell you what happened to help me in the next step if you want to help me
  21. Drink lots of small glasses of water 20 minutes apart. See how long you can make it. Then, when your bursting, set a timer for 15 minutes and make yourself hold it that much longer.
  22. tomorrow I'm going to start training what should I do for sure?
  23. That could take quite some time, and without knowing what you're capable of now might be totally useless anyway. Just see how you do, and keep us updated on if you gain some bladder capacity. 😁
  24. thank you for the tips Can you make a list of tasks I have to do for a week?
  25. Hey Bulge. I have trained my bladder a few times. I can now hold 1.4l of pee fairly comfortably! A few tips for you. 1) Drink little and often. Perhaps 100ml every 20 minutes or so. This way, rather than your bladder suddenly having to stretch to contain a lot of fluid it gets time to gradually adjust to the incoming fluid. 2) Wait until you are at the point at which you'd usually pee, then set a timer for say 15 minutes. Make yourself stick to that timer. 3) Continue this over a good few days / weeks and you'll start noticing you can go a little longer each time. 4) M
  26. will you measure how much you pee? so you can keep track of how your bladder improves with training
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