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  2. @wetwulf, I so rarely read the longer stories anymore but so glad I read yours just now. Nice one.
  3. Peeing in front of other family members is near daily occurrence for me as the apartment me and my parents live has NO TOILET provisions. Therefore we have a very open policy when it comes to relieving ourselves as we simply use our own home as a lavatory whenever we need to. As a result, all of us here (both male and female) have seen each other openly going toilet somewhere in the apartment like on the carpet, in the sink, in our clothes or similar and make no effort to conceal our pee stream or private parts!
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  5. I know I have little patience for incompetent drivers or those driving excessively slowly for the road, ie well below the speed limit. But I was a learner driver once as were we all. I respect L plates and never overtake with impatience unless it is safe to do so in a way that will not spook the driver, eg on a long straight where the markings permit overtaking and nothing is coming the other way, or on a duel carriageway. And when behind a learner driver I never get too close but keep some good distance. For all I know they might be in the middle of a driving test and I don't want to spo
  6. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have found it worse that she joined me, though I might have had trouble getting started if I hadn't already. But, isn't that the best part of hiking, how quickly you make friends?
  7. I don't think I have ever rolled backwards while changing gear so I'm a little confused (or I'm having a blonde moment, who knows) are you moving off from a hill start and then shifting into second? Maybe you are shifting too early so you don't have enough speed to keep you going or possibly you are taking too long with the gear change and losing all your momentum. On some steep hills it is fine and or necessary to stay in first for a while. Feel free to PM me if you would like, or ignore me if I am completely wrong 🙃
  8. Just had a fun one totally in the spirit of encounter and enjoying hiking- hiking a famous mountain in NH, came across a trio of girls probably 20s- pretty and friendly. I was taking a drink break and they were too a few yards up but they had dog that saw me and had to say hello. So we sat and small talked for a bit and just eluded light heartedly that my water capacity was at its limit and laughed " don't worry ill turn away" so one of them joked "shut up I need to pee too" we all laughed one of them just said " both go and make it a race" so.....she was understably like hell no and I laughed
  9. Yes. And could save your own or someone else's life.
  10. People who glare at you when you are going too slowly for their liking. I cannot drive at 50MPH when the speed limit is 30! And yes, those are L plates; there's no need to give me a dirty look. Did you manage to get behind the wheel and drive perfectly the first ever time you attempted it? Not strictly complaining, but does anyone know how to change gear properly when driving uphill? Every time I take my foot off the accelerator and press the clutch, I start rolling backwards and have to brake - which of course takes me back to first gear. The only other option is to drive uphill i
  11. I have a few so I will probably post more later but... People who put on their seatbelt while driving. Spend 10-15 minutes in a busy car park and you will see it so many times. Just put it on before you move off, it's not going to cost you much time!
  12. One word I've seldom heard, and then only used by doctors and scientists, is pudendum. It's just as well it's not in general use, as the term comes from the Latin verb pudere, meaning to be ashamed. There's certainly no reason to feel shame about this beautiful part of your body.
  13. So yeah.... Kinda new to this site, but I guess we are all here for the same reason. No need to feel any shame... For quite a few yaers I had this urge to piss myself, or to piss med bed... U know, wake up at night, and just let it go. And while I was living on my own I did manage to do so more than once. And to save my bed from beeing totally dammaged I started wrapping it in plastic. Huge plastic bags from my work, large enuf to cover the whole bed, and protect it from the masive streams of piss. Even found a bag that fittet the duvet inside. And with the bed cover back on a
  14. Just your standard toilet pee, nothing special here! In saying that, please enjoy 😊 https://www.erome.com/a/ZcuReYYC
  15. Can you tell more about it, what have you ordered or seen ordered as customs, or what she might accept ? When seeing her Manyvids account, I don't see that would qualify "no limits"
  16. Probably a lot healthier way to de stress, although not any less addictive. if I was returning to an empty home after a night of drinking then imagine the fun.
  17. Dear Wet Carpet. I am a 40 year old businesswoman and charity worker. One of those pillars of the community types. At least that is what most people seem to think. This is me... I have always lived a normal, morally upstanding life. I never even knew this magazing existed until a couple of months ago. But you see, I have these last few months been seeing this guy who is a lot younger than me - only 29 - and he has this thing about watching me pee. Anywhere. I was weirded out when he first brought it up but found the notion of peeing in front of him in some random place
  18. Sometimes I'll do it but I enjoy just like binge watching TV and sit there and hold. Get really desperate and finally get up at the last minute and go to the bathroom
  19. What a way to end your work day. 😉 That might almost be better than a night of drinking.
  20. Similarly, had a few goes with the Honda engined 160cc karts - birthday party outings, that sort of thing. It’s one of those things I go into with a enthusiast optimism and come away feeling quite deflated… With no differential between rear wheels, powering into a corner generally will result in under steer and coming out of the corner far slower than proper technique, and with a single gear once momentum has been lost you become a bit of a sitting duck for everyone to pass. That and power to weight ratio is grossly affected by driver’s weight… Would love to try my hand in a ‘r
  21. I would probably hold it as long as possible trying to avoid the inevitable. Especially if I'm the driver. Options are a lot more limited then. Hold maybe try not to pee myself... If it's stand still get out and pee between 2 car doors. As a passenger still hold until I can't and maybe then ask the driver what they'd like me to do to see what level of comfort they were at.
  22. Dear Wet Carpet. I'm an 18 year old student now who has just left home and moved into my own flat. This is me.... I had a slightly unconventional upbringing, since my parents used to attend fetish clubs and had a thing about peeing. They never took me obviously since it was adults only. But sometimes they'd host parties at home during which they and their adult guests would frequently pee on the kitchen floor for fun. Mum would mop it all up in the morning. A couple of times I walked in on mum squatting and peeing on the bathroom floor right in front of the toilet - apparently
  23. As she sat on your lap, did she get close to you as you pee'd?
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