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  2. I struggle myself, always thinking I'm doing something nasty, that no one would understand. I'm coming to realize though that it's not so uncommon and many people, including women rather expect guys to do so. Even my own mom has been mentioning that my dad used to pee just about anywhere, kind of hinting that she wouldn't care where I pissed.
  3. That is exactly the joke. There's a lot of images of Iran before the Islamic Revolution circulating social media. This one is pretending that this picture was from there/then, implying it was a normal practice before said revolution, even though obviously the actual origins are from elsewhere.
  4. Doubt anyone would care if they did, much less make a fuss over it. In school most of the guys peed on the floor in the locker room, even so, I was always hesitant to do so thinking that surely some day they'd get into trouble for doing so. One day my mom overheard my friend teasing me for being the only guy running to the restrooms and started a conversation with me about it later, saying it wasn't a big deal for guys and that my dad and here brothers used to pee in places like that all the time. She added that sometimes it's better to follow the crowd rather than be the odd guy trying to do
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  6. Hey everyone, I made an alternate version of @Public P2 story : Halloween party. With the authorisation of the author of course, I made it centered around male pissing which turn me on more than female pissing. This story contains: Male destructive peeing, humiliation, sex, pee drinking and naughty peeing. The story is about the not-so-popular Michel, who is convinced to throw a Halloween party. Only during the party, he quickly gets taken advantage of, as most guests do not bother to use the toilet to relieve themselve Enjoy 😉 The small fire inside the Jack-o'-Lantern d
  7. Try the living room ! My favourite is to pee onto the carpet while watching TV or something. Maybe try that!
  8. Mumsnet debate on peeing in the pool gets in the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) https://mol.im/a/13420297
  9. I'm at a friend's place this weekend and the guest room I'm sleeping at has a balcony attached to it. I woke up not too long ago to the sound of rain and I love rain so so much ! I had to pee too so I went and sat at the balcony, pulled my night tshirt up, exposing my pussy to the world and then aimed at the potted plants. The sounds of the rain combined with the whistling sound of my stream and the soft patter of the stream hitting the soil was so good ! I only wish I haven't been lazy about shaving, so that I could feel the wind hitting my clit while peeing 😩
  10. When we are super desperate, we don't take turns but pee all together. All of us can stand and pee so if there's enough space around the toilet then we stand around it and aim into it. If not, then one goes into the toilet, the other into the sink, tub... I have gone into trash cans multiple times by now
  11. At the beach, I've never not pissed on the sand. I'd either pull my bikini to the side or pee through my bikini. If at a nude beach then I pee whenever the need arises and I pee wherever I'm sitting or standing at that moment
  12. This is so hot ! I've never heard of men using fitting rooms to pee !
  13. Heyo! me again. Something a bit shorter than I usually write mostly because life is getting in the way (ugh). Anyway hope you enjoy. This one contains some female naughty peeing and peeing into objects/makeshift toilet and a bit of desperation. I hope you all enjoy! Julia groaned as she watched the parade floats go by. “Just my luck just my fucking luck!” She said while she banged her head on her steering wheel in self-depreciation. She had been doing errands around town all day and was now finally done and heading back home. Unfortunately, she forgot about the parade t
  14. It can be tough peeing into a urinal, specially as a short woman ! Some of those are so high up damn
  15. My friends and I peed in a random tub at someone's party, more than once. So yeah heh.
  16. Huge VIP Happy Birthday wishes today for: @steve25805 @Poldore @JimmyJones345 @fish7878 @lslik20
  17. Chapter 3: The Library -- Luca’s perspective -- After watching Zack piss all over the shelf in the department store, Luca was pretty sure he’d found a new favorite game. He wanted to see Zack piss everywhere they went, and his mind was racing with thoughts of the places he could have Zack pee. His next chance came a couple days later, when Zack had to go to the library to return some books. “I’ll go with you,” Luca said, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice. Of course this immediately rang the alarm bells for Zack, who gave him an odd look. “You’re up to somethin
  18. Chapter 2: The Store -- Zack’s perspective -- Zack and Luca were out shopping. They were redecorating their bathroom, and Luca was fussing over every little decoration. Zack didn’t particularly care what the bathroom looked like, but he thought it was cute how Luca carefully deliberated between different toothbrush holders and hand towels. The problem was, he had to piss. Luca had said he could go to the bathroom when they got home, and at the time that hadn’t seemed so bad. But he’d forgotten how long shopping with Luca could take. Luca was currently agonizing over which hangi
  19. This story contains piss vandalism, bathroom control, and humiliation. The characters are in a loving relationship and everything is consensual. This is a sorta-sequel to my other story about Zack and Luca (https://peefans.com/topic/30680-zack-and-luca-humiliation). If you didn’t read it, here’s what you need to know about the characters. Zack is a 6’3 ex-military man with a buzz cut, and Luca is a 5’9 twink with shaggy blonde hair. Luca is the dom and Zack, while looking intimidating, is the easily flustered sub. Luca enjoys humiliating Zack and has complete control over his bathroom us
  20. When going on a trip overseas, Luca sees an opportunity. This will probably be the last chapter of this series, but I’m considering making another series featuring these two with an emphasis on piss vandalism. Chapter 7: The Airplane -- Luca’s Perspective -- They were going on a trip to Istanbul, and Luca had a wonderful idea as they were waiting at the gate for their flight. There weren’t many people at the gate, which meant it would probably be a pretty empty flight. Luca sent Zack to the bathroom a few minutes before boarding, and while he was gone he went to a vending
  21. It is time once again for a scenario that has now become a bit of a classic for me: I got desperate in the car again. I recently bought a new vehicle and ever since day one I wanted to drive it with a full bladder and yesterday I finally did it, and it was fun! https://www.erome.com/a/ryg979lz
  22. Went on a short road trip, couldn’t resist squatting next to the hotel bed and peeing on the carpet 😉
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