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  2. “Why have sex, when you can have an orgy?”
  3. Would it not be worth posting them in the Men Peeing section? (It may just be me - I don't quite get the idea of talking to a couple of people one-one when instead you can communicate and receive back the positivity of the whole forum).
  4. This is all free by the way I just love sending people my pissing nudes
  5. I used to think like that. But then I read something erotic that @Sweets wrote, and, by sheer luck, went down on my partner after she has peed but before she’d showered. ... But some don’t. I have one particular ex who always wanted me to shower before she’d suck my cock. I guess it takes all sorts. 🤷‍♀️☹️
  6. I can't remember who said it, but they were talking about swallowing vs spitting cum after sucking cock, and said if you don’t like how it tastes, spitting won’t make it taste any better
  7. Hey I love pissing on my self and being pissed on. would any of you like to see this? I’d love to get some like minding people commenting on what they think of me soaking my self message me if you want them
  8. Damn. She is absolutely amazing. Link wouldn’t work for me, so found one that did. https://tumblrgallery.xyz/tumblrblog/gallery/7777/1.html
  9. Today
  10. As my name suggests, the apartment where I live is devoid of a toilet, so I am always having to improvise and seeking various other things to use as a substitute in my home such as the carpet, sink/bath, empty bottles or wet myself EVERY time I need to go.
  11. Primarily for women but anyone else can chime in with second hand knowledge. Ladies, how do you feel about thongs, particularly in regard to if/when the front is too small and your labia squeeze out to the side? I was gaming online with a female friend recently and we often devolve into wild conversation. She mentioned the relief of getting home from work to take her thong off because she was "hanging" out of it all day due to the front string being too thin. I didn't have the nerve to ask if that aroused her, didn't want to seem creepy. So is the feeling of your thong not covering everything arousing? I'm really curious and would like to incorporate it into a fictional work at some point but don't want to if I'm wrong about this. Thanks.
  12. Before I found this forum, I set up a poll on Misterpoll to gauge what others would do to relieve themselves if, like me, they had NO toilet facilities at all in their house/apartment and other such questions such as what if visitors needed the toilet. It is a poll with several multiple choice questions which I don't think I can replicate on here and for ease of keeping the results all in one place I am providing the Misterpoll link for any members here to vote. The poll is for everyone to answer, both men and women. I would value feedback. http://www.misterpoll.com:80/polls/630094 (may need to copy/paste to new window)
  13. Being lucked after peeing is the best. I'm sorry your partner isn't feeling it. It's an absolute dream of mine to find a girl who would let me lick her after she peed. Such a waste lol
  14. As teachers are uniquely positioned on commenting on classroom pee accidents I have created a poll for teachers Girls who peed their panties in my class. A poll for teachers. This poll explores the phenomena of girls peeing their panties in class from the perspective of the teacher. https://s.surveyplanet.com/nEL1yvg9qV
  15. In fact, I really like this idea. I'm already working on this scene and when I have time, I'll finish it and I can do a few renders from different angles. It will include the girl from the previous scene with a kayak and the pilot girl and one other girl helping to hold the boats. Here is a behind-the-scenes image. This is what the DAZ Studio Viewport looks like before I start rendering the scene. But I still want to make some adjustments to the poses, facial expressions and lighting before I start rendering.
  16. It is the fourth episode of the Public Wetting Challenge, which presents a critical milestone in Alisha’s progress. By completing this challenge, Alisha will reach her first safety checkpoint, securing a $100 prize. By reaching this checkpoint, no matter what else happens, she is guaranteed to go home with at least $100. But, she first has to complete the challenge. If she fails to complete the challenge for any reason, the game is over and she gets nothing. What is the challenge? She must pee her light colored pants while walking along a busy city street.
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