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  2. Favourite style of art and artist?
  3. I'm giving this a shot. There is one discussion topic that is off limits, it is any questions about my health, to those who have read my profile. Otherwise ask away. 😅
  4. My first ride in a month, definitely needed it to burn away from stress. It was just a commute but it still worked
  5. @Sophie You should definitely get it (whispering quietly.... Get it, get it, get it, get it) lol
  6. Welcome, enjoy yourself here. I'm new here to, I've had a blast thus far.
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  8. All the time one of my medicines, surge's my libido.
  9. Thing that annoys me most is the missed opportunity to film from multiple angles. No everyone who films there pee pre-plans their camera shots. All the women who have terrible friends. I feel bad for the ladies who have had to much to drink, them someone takes a picture, really not cool. Moaning 🙄 everyone who has had sex or has masturbated knows it feels good. Why are you overselling it? If there is dialogue make it good or just don't say anything. 🤦🏽 That's about it for me.
  10. Is there a camera to keep track? Or you just don't want to risk it?
  11. I'm a trucker and I'd love that to happen to me. Sadly we're not allowed to pick up anyone otherwise I'd invite you for a ride
  12. Hello, hope you have fun here
  13. I've always had the intrusive thought that it would be fun to hitchhike- incredibly dangerous- but what a thrill. Maybe target truckers specifically, at least truckers dumb enough to pick up a hitchhiker waiting until I'm on a road in the middle of nowhere and then tell him in no uncertain terms how desperate I am to pee. Holding myself, maybe start tearing up and having him pull over in the middle of nowhere. I would absolutely piss in plain view of him, moan with relief too. What a pervy weird little fantasy 😝
  14. You know, the end of that story is strangely hot. Hello and welcome. 🙂 Your dad is from Glasgow? Nice. Me, too. Well, on the outskirts if Glasgow, but definitely close enough to say that I'm from Glasgow. 😉
  15. Hello and welcome. You're among friends here who share the love of pee.
  16. Hello I’m a bubbly and extroverted girl. I been interested in the pee fetish for a while. I was born in East London my mom is Japanese mean while my dad is from Glasgow but he moved to East London very young. After a couple months of me being born we moved to Canada where I was raised. My parents never thought the Internet wasn’t something necessary so I been a bit sheltered and suck at typing. So with all that said we didn’t have a proper shower we used to grab buckets of water for the shower and food. The pee situation was free game no wall or surface was safe I remember my dad used ge
  17. Here is one of my nerdy projects - a vintage one from 1977, when I was a teenager doing a computer science degree at university. I was just getting into the concept of building my own personal computer, in the days before anyone had ever heard of Apple or Microsoft, and one of the tools I needed was a logic probe. After paying the rent on my shared flat, the utility bills, bus fares and groceries, I didn't have much budget left for education. I couldn't possibly buy electronic test equipment, so I made this one from a circuit design published in a magazine. Apart from th
  18. And here’s one I never mentioned, but it is annoying: The girl starts out dressed, peeing her panties. Perfect! Then she pulls her pants and panties down and pees naked onto her clothes. WTF is the point? That’s certainly not panty wetting. She’s missing out on the warmth, the enjoyment, and so are we.
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