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  2. owlman76

    True or False?

    I don't know if it's true in general, for most women, but, there was one occasion while we were out, it was one of those nights when we'd gone for a drive with the full intention of having some wet sex at the end of the night. My wife was drinking loads of water, so she'd really need to piss when the time came, unfortunately, circumstances delayed us arriving at our little parking spot. By the time we did arrive, she'd gone well past the leg crossing and squirming stage, and had actually leaked into her panties, she was telling me that if we didn't get parked up in the next five minutes that she was just going to have to piss in her pants! We parked up and just went straight into it, no foreplay at all, she was very wet, but I could feel as I entered her that her bladder was really full. After literally five minutes of pushing my cock slowly in and out of her, she began to moan loudly, then it happened, she began to pant and cried out, " oh no, I'm going to piss myself, oh god yes, I'm pissing my pants, oh god it's fantastic, I'm really pissing loads". Afterwards, she said it was the best orgasm she's ever had, she thinks it was because at the point when she came, she totally lost control, and pissed herself. We've tried to recreate the situation a few times, but not managed the same effect, I don't think she's been really desperate enough. I've heard others talk about a "peegasm" but I don't know if it's true, although from personal experience, I know that sometimes when I've been really desperate to piss, like on a long journey for example, the relief when I've finally gone has been amazing, I would imagine that cumming at the same time would be fantastic! On the only other occasion she's done anything like that, she wanted to go so badly that she got out of the car but there were a few cars parked nearby containing just a single bloke ( I think they were waiting for someone to arrive and put on a show) anyway she stood at the side of the car and pissed in her leggings, the pressure was so great it shot out through the crotch and sprayed all over the car! Afterwards she said she felt weak at the knees, it must have been good, because when she got back in the car she realised that she'd totally flooded her brand new boots, but she just smiled and said "oh well, it happens", it must of been one hell of a feeling for her not to worry about pissing in a brand new pair of boots.
  3. 2prnot2p

    True or False?

    I knew a female at the Pool Chat room who said she literally could not have an orgasm without peeing. She said she'd always been that way. However, she was twice divorced and neither of her husbands like it at all. She said that they both thought it was disgusting. I suppose one man's mess is another man's turn-on!
  4. speedy3471

    fun times

    It sure looks like you had a little fun hahaha. You seem to have quite the collection of toys hahaha My wife has quite a few toys as well. She uses them by herself sometimes. She also watches porn when doing so. And we use her toys together
  5. Ketchup

    True or False?

    Have never been with a "squirter" per se, but have been with a woman who would just always need to pee when she would get turned on. She would rarely have an orgasm without just urinating wherever she was. She masturbated in the shower frequently because it was such a convenient place to have a piss, and would usually wet the bed when we had sex on it. I mean, she could hold it back when she wanted to, but since I liked it also, she would just let it fly when we were together. Sometimes we would deliberately have sex when she needed to pee. She always claimed her best orgasms were "pissy cums".
  6. UnauthorisedGuy

    Urethra appreciation

    I'm not sure why, but I've noticed some women seem to have a more prominent pee hole than others.
  7. ZooeyGlass

    Anyone else live in the United States?

  8. Sephora

    True or False?

    I can tell you, it is not piss, however it is known to have some traces or urine. My hubby can tell the difference.
  9. Grizzly Man

    Clit appreciation

    I agree! Lol here is a good pic of the wifes!
  10. lugia

    Virtual Reality Camera (VR 360)

    Oh, so that's what it looks like. Neat, thanks. Anyway, I guess I'm a little surprised that this kind of tech exists, and yet isn't deployed more often. Is it super expensive, or are they not counting on people having VR goggles at home or something?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Blackinksoul30


    Hmmm..maybe i'll find some pix online of pretty girls and post them.
  13. Scot_Lover

    Duplicate pics on ancient posts

    Yeah, I was thinking of the duplicates too, Just didn't think I could find a way to locare them all. @Admin, are you able to do a comparison search at all?
  14. fannywatcher

    Urethra appreciation

    Probably why we see a lot of difference between womens streams.Some are dribbly some like fire hoses..
  15. supermarket Toilet I’m doing some shopping in a local supermarket, when all of a sudden I’m caught completely short and have to rush to the bathroom inside the store! I’m wearing a slinky turquoise dress, a blue denim jacket, a stylish black belt, and on my cute little feet I have on my comfortable white sneakers... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/93723/20428819/supermarket+Toilet
  16. Another thing i am fascinated with. It seems like almost all the men have the same looking pee hole. A little slit. But girls can have different shapes. Like with mine theres a little rosebud tissue around it. Some girls don't have that. I adore my pee hole cause when i pee it makes my flower warm. and it feels good to pee. and it's nice to watch the pee come out. like a little fountain.
  17. Briana Booty Rewarding My Bathroom Repair Man You're coming over to help me install a new towel rack since mine is loose. Somehow you and I are in the bathroom together and I have to pee really bad. So I ask if you mind I go in front of you. You are embarrassed and not sure what to expect. You've never see a woman pee before! I go and get some on you... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/129759/20432663/Briana+Booty+Rewarding+My+Bathroom+Repair+Man
  18. Suck the pee from my wet panties Peeing in my white cotton panties. cum drink it up as it streams down from my panties to the floor. Lick my pee up and suck on my panties as I pee more again, soaking my cotton panty. dirty talking pee fetish fun... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/19323/20431637/Suck+the+pee+from+my+wet+panties
  19. fannywatcher

    Clit appreciation

    Yes we should get all the girls to post pics of theirs here for comparison..
  20. Blackinksoul30

    Clit appreciation

    I just think..it's so interesting..the way it forms... all the nerve endings it has.. the way it stays mostly hidden unless aroused. it's fascinating. it would be fun to compare my clit with a few other ladies.. like guys compare penis's sometimes in the bathroom.. like 'mine is bigger than his...nice.'
  21. Pissing in eyeglasses Pissing in glasses. Fingering my pussy. Spanking my perfect little ass. All from the comfort of my home bathroom. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/130887/20426455/Pissing+in+eyeglasses
  22. Shorts Wetting Mopping Faye is cleaning the floor. She needs a wee, in fact she is starting to get desperate, but can't be bothered to go to the bathroom. So as she is mopping the floor anyway she just pisses in her panties and shorts and cleans up the mess as she goes... https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/55775/20424729/Shorts+Wetting+Mopping+-+wmv
  23. Mark J

    Clit appreciation

    Due some inadequatness in other areas, I can lick and suck or rub a clit as long as partner wants and love every second
  24. fannywatcher

    Keeping full bladder sphincter closed when . . . .

    I think all the muscles etc kind of work together in that area,squeeze one and something happens elsewhere if youre not careful..
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