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  3. Morning pees are the best pees in my experience, and the sound that comes with it is also a pleasurable thing.
  4. I was browsing the tights and pantyhose thread just now and it got me thinking. Those things look like the absolutely perfect material for wetting and rewetting fun! Fast drying, comfortable, etc. It looks like the kind of clothing you could put on at 8 in the morning and not have to even pull down until bed time if you didn't wear underwear! Just power pee through them whenever you have to go! (See pics below). Then I saw you can get mens ones! 😮 I wonder if anyone has ever owned a pair of these as a man, and whether anyone has ever peed through a pair? It looks like it could be great fu
  5. Usually as force of habit I go, however last night I just crashed out.
  6. Oh, how I dream that a girl pisses on any of my white things with strong, hard yellow urine (sometimes also morning urine or urine after wine, beer). I really desire that my white things become yellow from female urine and then have strong and serious yellow spots, stains and they smelled strongly of urine. It's so hot and beautiful, it would give me great pleasure
  7. Hi and welcome. It's good to see Wales represented.
  8. Hi and welcome, Lola. I hope you have a great time here.
  9. Thanks for sharing, Chrissy. You're very lucky to have a bladder that will let you go to bed without using the toilet. I would be very interested to know if there are many people who go to bed as a matter of course without first going to pee.
  10. It's time for an update on my topic. Let's go back 10 years and a few recent stories - We were on vacation in France and we were lying on the beach. My ex was mainly sunbathing and reading a book, but occasionally she wanted to swim and especially when she had to pee. I swam under her and picked her up and put her on my shoulders. I was up to my knees in water. She said I'm going to pee, I said yes of course no problem and she let it go, the pee ran down my body. It was very exciting, then we swam to the deep end and had sex. Then lie back in the sun. We were on a campsite togeth
  11. Wow, it turns out you were pissing very powerfully. You probably have a pretty big and roomy bladder, since you've been pissing in a powerful stream for about 30 seconds and there's really a lot of urine accumulated in it. And if you didn't take a piss before going to bed and you still have accumulated during the night, then it must have been a strong desperation to take a piss. I'm sure you've experienced incredible pleasure from relief. Oh, there's probably nothing more beautiful than a girl pissing with a powerful stream and pissing with such a powerful stream for quite a long time. It
  12. Love that the title says "pee like real men". Damn right, whipping it out and spraying is the greatest gift of manhood!
  13. Strangely I have been following it. It’s on at work and my Bf watches the evening game at night. My nation (Scotland) aren’t in it this time round. in the works sweepstake I have been given Japan as my team to win
  14. I went on a short walk earlier today to a lookout that’s overlooking a river. I felt a slight need to pee. The lookout was empty except for my husband & myself. I went to one corner of the lookout. I pulled down my trousers along with my panties and assume a low squat. I was holding on to the outlook fence and enjoyed the view. Shortly after, my pee jetted out of my pussy straight down to the metal grating of the lookout and fell to the cliff surface that was about 1 m below the grate. The sound of my loud hissy pee and the pattering of my pee on the parched ground were amazing. I continue
  15. Lovely! Thanks for sharing 💖 - it's *so good* when you really need to go isn't it?
  16. Welcome! And yes - it is a great community. Very friendly, respectful and fun. There's a huge amount to look at and read - enjoy finding your way around. Oh, and the mods @Sophie, @gldenwetgoose and @Scot_Lover are all very helpful if you have problems or need guidance
  17. Jar351


    hey @Robin21 Welcome to peefans! Feel free to ask any questions you have. This is one of the most open and welcoming communites you will ever find on the web
  18. Robin21


    Hey, good afternoon. I'm new here.
  19. Stumbled by accident after browsing too much Reddit and Google! looks like a great community!
  20. Hi all, does anybody know what happened to Louise's MrPoll forums? It seems that MrPoll has been rebranded as ThePollsters, and the old links now just redirect to the front page of the new site. Does anybody know if those old message boards survive somewhere on the new site, or have they all been nuked?
  21. I’m new here but I’d like to share my pee from this morning. I got woken up too early this morning by the little’un and realised that I had went to bed without peeing. I was BURSTING! I got up, pulled down my trousers just enough to get things done, sat down and had the best relief ever. It started off loud and going straight down. I beared down a little, this changed the trajectory of it a little to go forward and that’s when it started on the porcelain. It must have lasted for about 30 seconds! I will admit, with the force I felt some of the spray. felt so good afterward
  22. I’m brand new on here so I’ll need to read some! Thank you 🙂
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