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  2. My last two times swimming at the indoor pool, on the way out I told the worker at the front dest: "I had a wonderful time relaxing, swimming, and peeing in the pool." Both times she just replied, "I'm happy you enjoyed yourself," not even getting mad at me for telling her I peed in the pool.
  3. I don't know exactly what to attribute it to, maybe the pandemic and the closure of many public and business restrooms, maybe the anarchy going on in the cities or maybe the fact that many things are being decriminalized of late, but I see considerably more urinating in public these days. Recently, our city joined New York and other large cities around the U.S. and decriminalized urinating in public. The most you can receive would be a fine for property damage if you were caught and something you peed on was actually damaged. Simply pissing into the street is now perfectly legal here. I expect
  4. definitely fun. but i have to be in the right mood for it usually.
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  6. This must be a cultural thing because i grew up wearing undies and pj's lol.
  7. Welcoem to peefans @Baby_ennie I hope you find a special home in this loving and kinky community
  8. Well a warm welcome from me to you, welcome to pee fans! One hell of a friendly community that you will honestly enjoy interacting with as well as some fun and amazing content!
  9. Not like I'd ever be the writer of a column named "Prudence", but my response would be along the lines of "your father was right, this is a good chance to loosen up, specifically, loosening your bladder muscles, and also perhaps to get that stick out of your ass" great story, hope there's a sequel/another chapter! I'd like to see either Prudence responding in a not so prudish manner, or perhaps continuing from the sender's POV showing her eventual acceptance of that lifestyle.
  10. Wearing clothes in bed has always seemed a strange idea to me. I have never bought pyjamas in my life, and have not worn any since I was twelve years old. If I have to spend a night in hospital I just take an oversize T-shirt.
  11. welcome! it's always nice to meet new people and know that I'm not the only one tohold it ^^
  12. Hi, im ennie and im new to the site! Well, not really. I use this site without an account a lot, and ive finally made one. Ive been into pee for years now, and im happy to find a community with similar intrests! Currently holding as i write this!
  13. I've not really kept track, but there have been weekends where i'm still wearing what i had on friday night, sunday morning.
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  15. Used to all the time. Also, not usually in school; though that did happen. But quite often playing at the park near my house. And back then it was never on purpose.
  16. I’m definitely gonna try it as soon as I get a chance
  17. Each to their own as they say! 🤣
  18. The purpose of underwear is prevent sweat, urine, discharge, semen, faeces, menstrual blood etc from getting on your clothes. So I guess if you change and wash your pyjamas daily then there is no need for underwear. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I always wear underwear though as I wear my pjs for a few days.
  19. Getting ready for work this morning and as usual got dressed without underwear. Not that I have any to put on anyway!
  20. He was 1.5! He would just cry in the bath and then desperately try to climb out so I’d lift him out and he’d instantly pee on the floor, then stop crying and want to get back in. Obviously once I realised why he asked to climb out I would put him on the toilet and he would pee there and that’s when we started toilet training. Obviously once he learnt that’s what the toilet was for he used that instead. My point however was that he naturally didn’t like the idea of peeing in the bath for whatever reason.
  21. So naughty and so nice ❤️ There's plenty of time 🙂
  22. Thanks for that. I really appreciate it folks. If it sheds light on why I've been getting more than my fair share of UTIs it will be a job well done.
  23. I never wear underwear with pyjamas. I don't think you're supposed to.
  24. Nearly a year later and I've done this again! I've just changed into my pyjamas so I can get really cosy on the sofa and I needed to pee quite badly so I thought I'd take care of that while I was up there. The problem is, the toilet is freezing! I really didn't want to sit on it. Since I was getting changed anyway I sat on the toilet with my jeans still on, the tight thick denim being a nice barrier between me and the cold seat. I relaxed and started peeing immediately, the quick release taking me by surprise, I thought I'd have to wait a little. I felt the wetness quickly spreading acro
  25. Gorgeous. Your sub’s a lucky girl, getting to kiss you all over 🥰
  26. Needed to go pee quite urgently. I wonder if this wall will end up with obvious pee smell if I keep using it in this way…?
  27. That's a blast from the past! Haven't heard that for years. Thanks 🙂
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