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  1. The park bench is brilliant. Isn’t pissing on places people might sit a bit of an adrenaline rush?
  2. Ok but even if she’s his realtor, why is he getting dressed immediately after she leaves? What did he say while you were packing up your stuff?
  3. Absolutely true. I’ve shared this on another thread but it seems appropriate here.The Lord & Taylor store in Manhattan had a very sleepy men’s department on like the 8th or 9th floor. It was always a bit of a mess and seemed on the verge of going out of business. I pissed in the dressing rooms there occasionally because I knew it could. Eventually the store closed and turned into a WeWork and then an Amazon office
  4. I love that they gave you some comments, they must have been well used to such shenanigans. I always wonder about times when half us us eventually piss outside and the other half hold it the WHOLE time! Why didn’t they go somewhere too?
  5. 100% It’s so easy to get away with, even in broad daylight
  6. I had a work event too tonight and at one point roaming from one afterparty bar to another I stood on the curb on one of the West 20s and pissed into the street between two cars
  7. I get the feeling your aunt must have talked about pissing in public pretty casually too, and possibly encouraged you to piss in rude or risky places too. Did she tease you or make dares, or comment in a jaunty way about the places she was about to wee?
  8. I love that you already enjoyed pissing in risky and disrespectful places in high school. I had a high school girlfriend who was occasionally equally fearless and disrespectful and it was amazing. Once an employee at the grocery store insulted her and her friend and they went in the store bathroom and pissed allover the room. She told me “Girls can pee all the way up to the ceiling!”
  9. 🔥did she react in any way to seeing you notice her stepping out of the bushes?
  10. What an incredibly hot experience. I love that she saw you pull up and decided to give you a show, and in turn invite one from you. I love that her friend was into it too, and was clearly accustomed to the driver’s wild side. Did you get the impression they were at the end of a long night out? Also how sharply were you dressed for work?
  11. Right? I get a distinct vibe that wasn’t the only time the other kid did that to someone.
  12. Do you sometimes piss in other areas of the club in addition to the pool? Are your friends cool with you pissing wherever you feel like? I assume if she saw you and didn’t even slightly react she must just be so used to your antics 😂
  13. I’m very curious to hear how it came about that your bestie taught you. Did this become a regular habit for the two of you?
  14. Hot damn. Did your friend see you doing that? Sounds like you’ll need to find a good opportunity to try this again soon.
  15. She does it for fun. She’s never directly admitted whether it’s a turn on but she loves pissing in inappropriate places. We’ve always lived in completely different places since high school and haven’t crossed paths (with a few places of overlap but not at the same time). She taught English in Seoul for a few years and pissed everywhere, often drunk but sometimes sober. She told me she would squat over the side of the subway platform and piss onto the tracks. When I asked what if there were people on the opposite platform and she said then they got to see her white ass pissing. One morning afte
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