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  1. Mine's mostly the holding and release. I love the feeling of my bladder getting full and swelling up, then peeing really hard.
  2. Hi, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself.
  3. Wow. As someone with a small bladder, I'm impressed!
  4. Ugh, you too huh? Stress is a bitch.
  5. Yeah, for me (as a guy) it's more like a slight tap or two to make sure I don't have any drips remaining. Women's urethras are a lot shorter so they don't really have a lot remaining anywhere I would imagine. I have a short penis but my urethra is still a lot longer than a woman's.
  6. I like that too, especially since mine tend to only go for 30 seconds or less lol
  7. What were some of the measurements?
  8. I have heard that it really intensifies the orgasms for some women.
  9. For me, I enjoy holding because my bladder is on the small side. So it's partly out of a desire to not pee all the time, and also because I enjoy the feeling of fullness that results. I can actually feel the walls of my bladder stretching to try to contain it, and that's pretty exciting. I can sort of tell how small it is at that point. Definitely don't mind talking about it more.
  10. I like holding! (and making liquid go through fast) 😉
  11. Haha that was great. Do you never have to use it? 😉
  12. I can't even get past that point though lol
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