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  1. Adding on to this because I recently noticed something interesting - the base of my penis appears to have basically no pleasure receptors up until the cut line where the circumcision was. Then the skin after that towards the tip is suddenly very sensitive. Anyone else have such a sharp difference in sensation there?
  2. I just realized how I pee at urinals and pee at home is very different - at urinals I'll just kind of walk up and stand close to it, then unzip my pants and pull down just enough to allow my penis to stick out, and pee. I'll give it a quick shake when I'm done, making sure to push out as much at the end as I can, then zip back up. But I noticed at home I will take out my cock AND balls because my penis is kind of small and doesn't hang down very much, so the balls give it something to rest against to make sure it sticks out far enough when I'm peeing.
  3. I don't remember the first time but once I had this female friend that was sometimes a little more than a friend, and one day we were laying in a park after drinking a six pack and I remember she just got up, squatted down and pissed long and hard right next to me. I had to pee really bad too but I was too shy to do it with her 🙂
  4. I have recently learned that the most sensitive part of my penis is the underside, so I try to concentrate my stroke on that side. Gives me more of a rush when I orgasm.
  5. My niche is holding (hence the name haha) Makes it enjoyable - I have a small or reduced capacity bladder, so I enjoy that it fills up quicker than I would like it to. Makes me feel like I'm at its mercy. Makes it less enjoyable - Feeling like I need to pee every few hours, is very distracting!
  6. Yep. I perk up when my female friends (or any female nearby) mentions it.
  7. Definitely! Sometimes I have the occasional Coke Zero and that especially does it.
  8. Feel free to message if you want to chat about it!
  9. I do...but I often can't go longer than 2-3 hours. Usually give up by 2 1/2!
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