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  1. Curious to know what the general capacity is of people here.
  2. Doesn't it feel great? I love the feeling of my bladder emptying and getting smaller and smaller.
  3. I feel like sometimes I do both? Most of the time I just pee on the ground I think.
  4. Haha you would probably think that about my pees lol
  5. I like that too. As someone with a small bladder, I like being able to feel the walls begin to stretch. I end up being able to feel the entire bladder and it feels like a small ball inside.
  6. All I know is as a man with a small bladder, a lot of women seem to be able to hold it longer than me.
  7. Or even 1 L to me is large lol
  8. Something like that. Yeah
  9. Does anyone (especially women) here have an unusually large bladder? I’m really curious what it’s like. Message me!
  10. As a kid I had a very small bladder and often wet the bed. I do remember in 7th grade not getting to go between class periods and REALLY needing to pee by the end of one class! I feel like the teacher may have even commented something about it? Anyway by the end I ran to the bathroom and peed in a trough type urinal, and I usually hated those but I didn’t care this time!
  11. I pee in the sink often. I have a small bladder and sometimes I just don’t want to waste the water to pee a little bit. But unlike @Theman23144, I can’t flop a big dick over so I just have to kind of stick out my small one !
  12. @gottapee87that's really impressive. I've noticed that I get to about 500 ml and I really have to pee. Sometimes can go a little longer but not by much!

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