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    Female half of a swinging couple looking to explore and expand my obsession with pee play in all its forms. Sadly I have to do this on my own as hubby has no interest in pee. I would like to meet and chat with people about pee play and who knows, maybe meet like-minded people for pee play fun xx

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    Im a very submissive woman in all forms of sex play, but for me the idea of being peed on is the ultimate submissive act . I just hope one day It will happen
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    Self pee ❤️

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  1. Being in a particular fetish that's very much a minority fetish, it's sadly common, I feel happy for couples who share pee play as a common interest
  2. I've started going to parks and peeing in bushes, I find it very exciting x
  3. My porn preferences vary. I'm half of a swinging couple, we attend clubs regularly and my thing there is single guys for what I suppose you'd call gangbangs. So Gangbang and group sex porn is up there. I like light s&m porn too. My preferred pee porn is usually guys peeing on women but any and every kind of pee porn spikes my interest x
  4. My favourite position at the moment (although it could/will change in the future as it has done in the past) is standing, usually in my shower, panties on, legs straight and tight together. It feels wonderful as it runs down my legs
  5. Wow, that's awesome, I wish I was as brave and as confident as you two. I'm kind of at the begining of my pee journey so I'm not nearly as confident as to do that yet. I'm still at the "bushes in the park" stage which I really enjoy. I am doing it more and more these days. The thrill of letting go, the risk of being seen, the fact it's regarded as not an acceptable thing for a woman to do all make it very pleasurable xx
  6. Well although my partner and I swing together in clubs he has no interest in pee play, so my pee play meets are arranged private meets and I go alone , xx
  7. For me the reason I love pee is pretty straight forward, Im a swinger and enjoy being very sub when swinging, it's how I like my sex. So during my sexual journey I thought long hard about how to make my sex more submissive and therefore more enjoyable. Being pee'd on seemed the most submissive thing to have done to me that I could think of. And I was right 😁 So, what is it about pee play you like? And what reason if any turned you on to it? Look forward to hearing your replies Hornyred x
  8. Hi, im a female into self peeing and hopong to participate in the future xx
  9. Thank you so much, and i did 😁this is me xx
  10. Nooo, the pic isnt me lol, its just an example of what ive tried lol xx
  11. Hi again, following my first post and the possitive and lovely replies i thought id post another to let you know how ive progressed. I have now started peeing through my panties stood in the bath, i loved the feeling of wet panties and how it flowed down my legs. My latest thing was laying down in the empty bath naked, lifting my legs up and peeing so it fountains up in the air onto my belly. Things are progressing quickly for me now, my latest fantasy which im planning to do soon is that possition where im on my back, lifting my legs and bum so i can pee on myself up to my boobs as in yhe pi
  12. Wow, great idea, love the thought of this xx
  13. Last week on my secret visits to the bathroom i did my normal routine, got undressed, stepped into the bath but this time i left my panties on and peed, it felt wonderful. Anymore ideas you might have will be much appreciated Hornyred x
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