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    Female half of a swinging couple looking to explore my fantasy pee fetishes on myown and would like to meet a male for pee play fun xx

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    Im very sub and find being peed on very submissive
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    Being peed on at a private meet

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  1. Hi, im a female into self peeing and hopong to participate in the future xx
  2. Thank you so much, and i did 😁this is me xx
  3. Nooo, the pic isnt me lol, its just an example of what ive tried lol xx
  4. Hi again, following my first post and the possitive and lovely replies i thought id post another to let you know how ive progressed. I have now started peeing through my panties stood in the bath, i loved the feeling of wet panties and how it flowed down my legs. My latest thing was laying down in the empty bath naked, lifting my legs up and peeing so it fountains up in the air onto my belly. Things are progressing quickly for me now, my latest fantasy which im planning to do soon is that possition where im on my back, lifting my legs and bum so i can pee on myself up to my boobs as in yhe pi
  5. Wow, great idea, love the thought of this xx
  6. Last week on my secret visits to the bathroom i did my normal routine, got undressed, stepped into the bath but this time i left my panties on and peed, it felt wonderful. Anymore ideas you might have will be much appreciated Hornyred x
  7. A bit of a confession here,, im very into water sports and pee play but my husband hates it and refuses to participate so i dont get much pee play. So what ive started to do in the evenings is when i need the toilet at home i go upstairs, close the bathroom door, take my robe off and stand in the bath and just let it flow, ive even started to leave my panties on recently, a quick wash down with the shower head and im back down stairs and hubby is none the wiser. O reckon its only a matter of time before im doing this in the bath😁
  8. Hornyrrd


    Hi, im new here, female sub looking to meet new friends and enjoy this forum. Ive always had an interest in pee play so im hoping you guys and this forum will open up possibilities for me and my pee play fetish. Hornured xx
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