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  1. Can anybody recommend a good book about the history of porn? I've read a few, but they've never completely satisfied me, either intellectually or erotically. Since pornography obviously has such huge cultural significance in the modern world (and, I believe, was hugely significant for a long time before, way back into history) I think it deserves serious and sympathetic treatment, but publications are rather scarce. A few thoughts of my own: 1. This book is a laudable attempt to describe the history of one particular period and genre: Sex Exposed: Sexuality and the Pornography
  2. ' "Can we get on? I've got to get home. If my pussy isn't attended to by eight o'clock, I shall be stroking it for the rest of the evening." ' - From a collection of pussy lines from 'Are You Being Served?' A lot more here: https://areyoubeingserved.fandom.com/wiki/List_Of_Mrs_Slocombe's_Pussy_Quotes
  3. For me, the word 'cunt' is very sexy and it's the word I prefer. However, I do recognize that it still isn't acceptable to quite a lot of people, especially women - though a lot more women seem to use it nowadays than previously - e.g. Bacardi, above. Congratulations to her. I'd use the word 'vulva' for a woman's external genitals if I wanted to be medically precise, or 'pussy' if I wanted to be relaxed without causing the possible offence sometimes provoked by 'cunt'. As an aside, I do realize that 'cunt' is probably offensive because it's also used as a term of abuse applied to eithe
  4. wjimmy


    1. It varies a lot. I used to watch porn every chance I got when I was younger, but nowadays it goes in cycles. I can go several months without even thinking about porn, then - bang! - the need hits me and I'm obsessed for a while, as now. 2. See my previous general answer, though at the moment I seek out and watch porn daily. 3. N/A 4. I've fantasized about performing in porn or - more frequently - about being present at a porn shoot. But in reality I have none of the talents required to be a porn performer. You really wouldn't want to watch any porn film I was in. :)
  5. From Teens at Play: https://www.freecomics.xxx/books/3109.html
  6. This is nice. I love the casual attention of the two watching women in the picture at the top, especially the one who's closest to the action. 'Wicked' women are so exciting.
  7. A lot of Paula's drawings were self portraits, as in the second image in the post above (the woman masturbating in her knickers while she canes a girl), and here:
  8. Paula Meadows/Lynn Paula Russell is an erotic graphic artist, who produced an enormous amount of drawn porn from - I think - the 1980s onwards. I believe she's still working but she's now turned away from erotica - which is a great pity, as far as I'm concerned. Most of her work centres on the spanking and caning of female subjects, often involving masturbation. However, I've never found her work 'heavy'. She has a lightly humorous touch which I enjoy a lot. Her work certainly isn't heavy BDSM. The Internet Archive has seven complete collections of her work, which are viewable onli
  9. I've just found a free archive of full Rebecca comics: here: https://www.freecomics.xxx/artist-rebecca-page-1.html There's a huge amount there. A few samples: I love the mother(?) watching her daughter masturbating inside her panties in the first one:
  10. I've always enjoyed Rebecca. I think she deserves a thread. (Incidentally, I've always assumed the artist known as Rebecca was a woman, but it's possible 'she' is male, of course. Whatever, s/he has a deliciously dirty mind.) I especially like the first one here, with the woman masturbating to porn on the toilet. Caveat: Since not all these are images are signed 'Rebecca', it's possible some were drawn by different artists. My source is here: https://www.pictoa.com/albums/the-erotic-art-of-rebecca-3859889.html
  11. I've only seen a couple of drawings by Rebecca here. I was surprised that my search of the Internet revealed so few images by her of cunnilingus, given her emphasis on woman-on-woman sex. But here are the ones I found. (I really like her drawings that include a slightly shocked female watcher, by the way.)
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