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  1. Soho Showers This is my least favourite section of this issue. 'Soho', in the title, suggests prostitution (to British people, at least) and the woman involved does fit the role of a slightly over-the-hill whore. (But I mean no disrespect to whores of any age. They perform a valuable service and deserve respect, not denigration.) I note the way one of the men helps the woman loosen the other man's flies. There's a strong suggestion of bisexuality here, which must have been daring at the time. I suppose my favourite image from the set is the one where the woman drools spunk and
  2. The second section doesn't seem to have a title. A male/female duo pissing on each other isn't really my favourite kink, but I think the woman is very attractive and she certainly seems to be up for all the pissy action. I do like the opening image, with the man popping the woman's jeans open. For me, the strength of that picture lies in their facial expressions, especially the woman's. The picture suggests an anticipatory tension between them. I'm excited by the woman's eyes. Re. On 1/9/2024 at 11:24 AM, greedyneedygirl said: After that, she urinates directly into his
  3. @greedyneedygirl Another very detailed (and sexy) review. Thank you. Sex Bizarre Forty Five https://www.imagefap.com/pictures/6079005/Sex Bizarre 45 Pissing About I'm pretty sure I never bought this issue of Sex Bizarre, though the cover is certainly familiar. I must have seen it lots of times in German sex shops. I suppose I passed it over because, while both women are attractive, neither is particularly glamorous - though of the two the dark-haired one has the prettier face for me. However, since I read greedyneedygirl's review, these women have stayed in my mind. I see
  4. Kinky Lady I find the woman in this final set sexy as well. Of course, her very lowcut dress is overstated, but this is porn, with no place for subtlety. She's in keeping with the theme of prostitution that runs through the entire edition, of course. My only real reservation about her is that her eyes are closed far too often, For me, a good porn picture almost always has the woman looking directly into the camera, thus meeting the wanking voyeur's gaze. Open eyes say: "I'm with you; you're with me." I do like the delicate touch of her tongue on the man's glans, though. And I like the shi
  5. Golden Orgy The woman's slit, red leather dress types her as excitingly kinky from the outset. I like her green, nipple-exposing bra as well. I'm probably most excited by the picture that appears both inside and on the cover, showing her receiving a stream of piss directly in her wide open mouth. Whether that picture was the result of committed performance (probably) or perverse personal enjoyment (as I'd like to believe) I find it extremely sexy: an extreme slut (in the modern, non-pejorative sense) giving full expression to her sluttyness. I like the pics where she receives a shot of sp
  6. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/1950788846/?pgid=&gid=10181782&page=0 Set 1 Pervert's Thirst Re. "... a charming, natural redhead, in a relaxed pose flicking through a high-end fashion magazine taking the call." I agree that the redhead is attractive. What excites me most about her, though, is her detached expression in most of the pics. Of course, she's supposed to be a prostitute - and maybe she was in real life. She also performs as a dominatrix, as she pisses on the customer's face and onto his cock. In a couple of pictures towards the end, she becomes more animated,
  7. @peecurious94 Thanks very, very much for your very exciting stories. I love the combined focus on pissing and masturbation, and mother-daughter erotic interaction has always been one of my strong fetishes. I don't know, of course, if these pieces are imaginary or real life accounts. If they're imaginary, congratulations on your very sexy imagination. If, on the other hand, the stories are from real life, have you ever considered suggesting to your mother that she joins Peefans? I'm sure she'd get a very warm welcome here if she did.
  8. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/654082264/?pgid=&gid=6079002&page=0 Sweet Water Music, continued And again, her serious stare at the other two pissing as they sit on a piano (!?!) is exciting. I like way she fondles the blonde's nipple too. And it's good to see her getting a direct stream of piss in her mouth.
  9. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/654082264/?pgid=&gid=6079002&page=0 I like this final set, Sweet Water Music, a lot more than I expected to. The focus is strongly on the bizarre - i.e. people doing weird things in sex. I don't have a particular fetish for musical instruments, but the confidently kinky short-haired woman definitely excites me and the other two are also sexy in their way. I find the pictures of the short-haired woman deliberately pissing in her jeans extremely sexy, especially in combination with her mock-shocked expression as she looks at the other woman. I like the
  10. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/654082264/?pgid=&gid=6079002&page=0 Third set: Golden Girl This set does less for me, but I like the suggestion of innocence about the girl before she begins to disprove it by pissing into the man's mouth .
  11. Champagne Secret continued The girl opens her mouth to receive Uschi's flow, then Uschi joins her on the floor to allow her husband to piss into her own mouth. Uschi then proceeds to fist the girl's cunt while her husband pisses on her, after which the girl pisses on Uschi and her husband together. In the finale, both women piss on the man. For me, this set is one of the most excitingly transgressive to appear in Sex Bizarre
  12. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/654082264/?pgid=&gid=6079002&page=0 Second set: Champagne Secret This is set is far, far better. It features the deliciously depraved blonde Ushi Karnak and an equally delicious dark-haired girl. My reading of the opening image is that Uschi and her 'husband' are about the corrupt the younger girl. Does Uschi shock the girl in the second image when she places her hand on her husband's cock? However, the girl seems happy in the next picture, when the husband (aided by Uschi?) dips his cock in her champagne glass, and all three of them seem perfe
  13. https://www.imagefap.com/photo/654082264/?pgid=&gid=6079002&page=0 First picture set: Wet Orgasms I agree that 'The female in this story is relatively nondescript'. The set is yer basic fuck, suck and piss and the woman doesn't do a lot for me. In fact, I find several her poses unnaturally stiff. She also has her eyes closed quite a lot of the time, which is usually a turn-off for me. The man pisses directly on her cunt in several pictures, which I'd always assumed was a no-no because of the danger of vaginal infection - but that may be a myth, of course.
  14. @greedyneedygirl A superb review! This, as it happens, is one of my favourite editions of Sex Bizarre. The magnificent blonde pissing into the guy's mouth on the cover is Uschi KARNAT, aka Sandra NOVA. She was ubiquitous in German porn when I began to watch it, in peepshows, for instance, in the early 1990s. She wasn't a piss porn specialist unfortunately but I was always excited by her classy, detached elegance. She was the reserved, elegant lady who did amazingly perverted things. She fitted the description 'all fur coat and no knickers' to a T. There's a long filmography for her work as San
  15. On 9/16/2023 at 11:45 PM, greedyneedygirl said: Have to say that I am considering compiling a series of photographs of women's facial expressions as they take a 'copious' stream of piss in their faces and indeed, mouths! @greedyneedygirl: That's a very sexy idea, 🙂 Girl on girl is definitely my favourite and mouth pissing is wonderful.
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