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    Bi male
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    I love anything and everything about piss.

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    The warm feeling of it on the skin
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    A past girlfriend and I pissed in each others morning coffee and drank it.

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  1. Hello and welcome to this great community
  2. Hi and welcome to this wonderful community
  3. Pisslover40


    Hello and welcome to our community
  4. Welcome to you both to our great community
  5. I've tasted mine as well as others an liked the taste
  6. You should stand over a clean pile of clothes an pee on it through your panties
  7. Consensual non-consent is a part of BDSM roleplay, wherein consenting adults agree to take part in “forced” acts. The participating partners have complete knowledge and agree to one partner being “taken against their will” by the other partner. That is what it means
  8. Hello and welcome to our great community
  9. I'm split between wanting to be the guy on the floor or the one standing
  10. Hi and welcome to this wonderful group of pee friends
  11. Hello and welcome to this wonderful community of pee friends
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