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  1. have you seen this one of her.
  2. I would have thought she would have let loose outside the lift as she's trying to escape, as the doors open and Arnie's right there - massive pants pissing moment. Sorry for the crap picture but its the only one i can find
  3. That is a great story, but there seems to be a thing that they're celebrities (without actually saying it anywhere at the beginning)
  4. Try and find some material from the Abbraxa studio, they do this.
  5. i play the keyboard, not professionally, just as a hobby, im not very good, ive never bothered to learn to play properly. I got up to grade 3 at school, and then GCSE's got in the way and i gave it up to concentrate on the learning.Part of it is my hands are just too small and i dont have a lot of dexterity in my hands. But i do like decent keyboardswith good sounds and rhythms, so i have a Tyros 5 which cost me nearly 4 grand.
  6. This one's a man pissing in the pool, but still a good one, obviously pretty recent since it has low view count https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f604b7a45e24
  7. i believe that its implied that women in wolverhampton all have STD's
  8. Yes, i'd want to be in one of James Bond's cars, either the Aston with the machine guns and rockets, or one of his BMWs with various missile systems .
  9. how many people/trolleys needed to carry it? it wont go on the roof rack lol
  10. Excellent, but a bit close to the line!
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