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  1. Cuckoo42

    Area 51

    Can i just point out to the OP that Area 51 is A MILITARY INSTALLATION. Out in the middle of nowhere, for good reason, there's no-one there. You will likely not find sewer outlets, pipes etc, because it is a military site, therefore any plans are kept locked away in government bunkers. The site was built by the military, to military spec for military purposes. Hence the extreme security. I have seen a short film on the internet, think it was on You Tube, about a few guys who went to one of the gates, and despite the sign saying do not go past this sign, they went about 100 yards past it and then walked back. Within a minute, there was a convoy of vehicles headed out towards them. They were apprehended, held, their passports taken, they were detained for about 6 hours. They were not allowed to speak to anyone. They were eventually released, and were told that if they were to go past that sign again in the same manner as they had done, they would be treated as terrorists and likely shot at or end up in Gitmo Whatever it is research wise that is going on in Area 51, i dont think its aliens, it is likely just cutting edge aerospace projects. Missile testing, tracking systems etc, aeroplane manoeverability testing etc. Just leave them alone, we will likely never know ever, what goes on/went on in Area 51.
  2. yes i think it's his thing, to pee deliberately in public places. HE has others where he's peed in a mall, and hotels and bars etc
  3. its very easy to trigger snowflake sensitive types these days. Just saying boo sends them to their safe spaces
  4. 1 people who dont indicate at roundabouts or sliproads you know who you are Audi and BMW drivers. People who go from outside lane right across 2/3 lanes to dive up the sliproad - Audi/BMW impatient dickhead drivers...i wish my car had tracking machine guns fitted, i could put some holes in their car. 2 people who are travelling 0.5mph faster than you, but get into the outside lane half a mile before they get to you. 3 trucks overtaking trucks. They're all limited to 56mph here in the UK, so why end up blocking a 2 lane road with 2 trucks going exactly the same speed ??!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHH!!!!! SMH, FML etc etc.
  5. independence day, first scene with Will Smith he goes to use the bathroom while not looking out of the window at the massive alien ship
  6. the clip of the girls at Hampton Court is brilliant, apart from bad timing of the noisy jumbo jet coming out of Heathrow shortly into in the film
  7. there is a video on PH of a bloke who is in a cinema and just lets it out all over the floor https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e19ad5214f20
  8. thats a hot scenario, really needs someone to make a video of that.
  9. Hey guys'n'gals Check out this video i found online, its brilliant. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e9a18d216a6d Watch it with headphones, as the audio is really good, Have to say i got really turned on by this Check out his other clips too, some excellent stuff there. Enjoy!
  10. nice, wish you'd recorded it, i love naughty public transport peeing
  11. I dont have the ultra conservative morals of the Victorians. I'm sure the Puritans would have me horse whipped and burnt at the stake for my private sexual thoughts. Does that make me a pervert? Some people are such hypocrites when it comes to calling a pervert out. It's not "natural" to do someone up the bum, but it's a common thing these days. Then someone does something like pee up a wall, gets called a pervert. i think the person who took it up the wrong'un is more of a pervert Maybe its a privacy thing. someone who whips it out in public is a pervert for potentially showing their genitalia to children. I think as with all things the meaning of the word has been corrupted and is just a convenient way to call someone a sexual deviant. No wonder psychiatrists are so rich, the mess thats inside a human head. And if Freud is to be believed its all about sex.
  12. nice gallery here https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/wichs-mix-114-14813287
  13. unfortunately those in control of the ISP's are dictating terms and conditions. Unfortunately owing to unpleasant material being circulated they're trying to censor and police the entire internet. There's a lot of political pressure about- not that it's making much difference, just means that you have to create accounts and identify yourself everywhere you go.
  14. Manual or auto for me, i'm happy with both. But i wont buy a car with gearchange paddles, a semi-auto or a CVT. Either a proper manual or a proper auto.

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