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  1. scientific calculator with solar panel at the top.
  2. yes, i see that now too, nice one
  3. My first instinct was that it is diabetic blood test strips because of the gold bit at the bottom. Then i thought that would be far too difficult. Having looked at it differently, i am seeing a lead of some sort, maybe a USB or HDMI. Am i closer?
  4. Black and white Pencils with white eraser tops
  5. no. You would jeopardise your relationship with both of them, they will likely fall out with each other very quickly. I assume you wouldnt want that to happen.
  6. Cuckoo42


  7. Did we not do a shemale/tranny piss thread a couple of months ago?
  8. if you've got any of the smaller file cabinets on rollers, try moving one over a bit, make a puddle where it was, then move it back.
  9. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d605c2668082
  10. maybe get yourself a cheap refillable drinks bottle from the supermarket, unscrew the top you've got a decent sized aperture, and a decent capacity (usually 500-700 ml)

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