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  1. I hesitate to write this but I think I will write it now. I am not remotely close to being a guy who's figured everything out, and problems in my relationship with my wife have forced me to evaluate what I do wrong as a man. I am not going to try to be progressive, or view women and men as the same. I am just going to be honest. People always say that women go for the "bad boys" and I think that is basically true -- but not because they are bad. When I went to University there was a welcome week for the freshmen, before classes started. One of the girls in our group was in a total 'f
  2. I love writing. Sometimes I get things 'right', sometimes I miss the mark. I find Korean dramas fascinating because they are often written by women. So you get to see the world, and fantasies that women have, through women's eyes. I enjoyed "A business proposal". It was a fun romantic comedy, but it followed the old formula -- poor girl meets extremely rich guy, falls in love, and against all odds marries. I had heard about "Crash landing on you" but somehow the storyline didn't interest me. Then I decided to give it a chance. It's now my all time favorite Kdrama. And it does n
  3. I just put a new roll in the bathroom. B for sure!
  4. I can pee with a hard dick. The interesting thing -- perhaps to a girl -- is that when a guy has a hard dick the "urgency" to pee is greatly reduced, or even eliminated. I'm in my late fifties, but I still wake up with a hard dick, just about every morning. The second it "relaxes" I need to pee urgently.
  5. "The demon is still causing troubles." Anna rode back on a ten speed we had found near one of the old Veterinary Sciences buildings. "Yeah, it's dangerous." "Mrs Brown!" Anna gasped. We had ridden right up to Mrs Brown, without noticing her. She was arranging flowers beneath the old Veterinary Sciences sign. Mrs Brown turned around. "Richard?" She looked over at Anna. Anna had her hood up. "Who is this?" I froze for a moment. "Mrs Brown…. You know how they put me in Anna's room.." "Mrs Brown.." Anna pulled her hood down. "Anna!!!" Mrs Brown took a few steps b
  6. Men probably worry less because we hard-ons when we are sleeping that lesson the urge to pee -- and keep us from peeing the bed.
  7. "This place is sure empty!" Normally there was a little crowd in the Student Union for the Saturday morning buffet. "Everyone's sick." The buffet attendant sipped some tea. She looked a bit pale. "I'm not."I loaded up a couple of plates with food. "I love breakfast buffets!" "I've got a bit of an appetite this morning too." Anna smiled. "The food sure smells good!" "I don't see how you guys can eat like that, after last night." The cashier looked like she might puke at any moment. "You were there?" She didn't answer. We sat down by ourselves at a long centra
  8. Anna parked the pickup truck in the big parking lot in front of the Student Union. "Anna don't you think we should take a break from eating here?" Anna got out of the truck without answering. "Anna!" I chased after her. "Please! Look, I'm sorry, I acted like an asshole. I apologize." Anna gave me a hard look. "I don't want to cook, and I don't want to eat at your dining hall." "Shouldn't we take a break from here?" "Richard, do you really think anyone cares?" "Anna what are you so upset about?" "I don't know… It somehow feels wrong that you pay for e
  9. Our dormitory was extraordinarily quiet, empty, and even lonely -- but VERY private! "I feel like an animal." Anna giggled. She pulled her jeans down and squatted in the middle of dormitories lower lobby. "Primal.. animalistic.." I agreed as I headed over to the wall and unzipped, "..but what can you expect from a couple of witches?" "I feel good about Emily." "The little girl who stopped us on the freeway?" Anna nodded, "Let's go take a shower and get to bed." ------- "Well well.. look who finally showed up!" Johnny greeted us as we entered t
  10. Good grief Anna's mother had actually maintained the tradition of honoring Anna's birthday for over twenty years. And now she was actually here! Anna's birthday party was incredibly emotional. Maybe it was the influence of the others but I even wiped my eyes before the end of the happy birthday song. We spent the whole weekend at Anna's house. I slept in a guest room. Anna's parents probably would have let me sleep with her, but under the circumstances it seemed more respectful. I had never had an official "girlfriend" -- and the entire experience felt surreal. We finally headed ba
  11. Margaret shook her head. "This is insane.." Anna nodded. "It's crazy but it's SO good to be back! I only have faint memories from when I was dead -- or wherever I was.. I can finally think straight again." She studied Margaret. "Peggy, you got married!" Margaret nodded, "I married David. We have a daughter in college, and two sons in High School. David's a High School teacher." Anna sighed, "I've been gone a long time." "Yes, you have." Margaret agreed. "Anna I can get you clothes." She offered. "And I can get you guys canes, if you'd like to get outside and walk a little."
  12. "So..what do we do now?" "You recover." Wendi looked at me like it should be obvious. "You guys are both fast healers. I think it will take about a week." "But we released the demon.." "Yeah, but its weak. Richard viruses are 'attenuated' for vaccines. Scientists put viruses into the cell line of a resistant animals. The viruses reproduces in a weakened form. Those weakened viruses are put into vaccines. Anna would have beaten the virus if the CDC hadn't grabbed her first." Wendy looked at me and sighed. "Richard, relax, go to bed." --------- The demon existed
  13. "Wendi, Anna is frozen in some military lab?" "Jenni's the seer." Wendi took a sip of beer. "Ask her." I could see the points of Jenni's nipples through her shirt. Jenni set down her beer. "You wanna know if Anna's alive?" She unzipped her jeans. "She's dead. But she's one of us." "What are we?" Jenni pulled down her jeans and panties, fully exposing her thick hairy black bush. "People have called us witches…., sorcerer's." She squatted, and a thin stream of pee sprayed forward between her legs onto the carpet. "Sometimes it skips generations. It could have been our great
  14. I skipped my classes and drove north up the valley. I drove a full thirty miles but I didn't see any sign of a military base. The thick evergreen woods made it impossible to see much. I even bought a map, but it didn't show a military base. I searched the satellite pictures on my phone. There were buildings that could have been a lab, but were probably just warehouses. I had cold pizza and beer for dinner, and went to bed early. -------- Anna cuddled up against me in bed. "Richard if I'm dead, than how can you see me? How can Officer Janine see me? How can Wendi, and her whole g
  15. I left the University Police Office feeling anxious. Boy the little encounter with Anna had really gotten Janine worked up. When it came to obscenities Janine could hold her own with the guys I'd worked with in the trades. I had to find Wendi.. The libraries fourth floor was deserted, and there weren't any new puddles. Where could they be? In class? Probably.. I was too keyed up to go to my own. I would just buy the notes. I climbed on my bike and headed for the School of Veterinary Sciences. A police cruiser was parked outside the dormitory. "Janine?!" I called out as I entered. No
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