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  1. I started this story without really knowing where I was going. As you can guess the 'Piss Club'" is a covan of witches. But I keep debating whether to make them good, or -- as a twist -- make them bad
  2. Thank you. I need to get back into this story myself. It started getting too 'dark' and I took a break. I have some ideas that I am playing with. Sometimes I will write part of the story without any peeing -- and then add it in later in places that it really doesn't belong 😀
  3. Thank you! Sometimes I write what I think is hot -- but nobody else does .. Some of my favorite stories were not popular at all. And some of the stories that I didn't feel were my best -- were super popular. So it's good to know that I'm hitting the mark at least a little.
  4. I caught a glimpse of the curvy little blonde, I'd seen the other day, dart between two bookcases. She was wearing snug, but reasonably long, jeans shorts. I couldn't resist a glance as I passed the bookcases. Her shorts appeared to be unfastened. She glancing around nervously -- then yanked her shorts down and squatted!! My heart pounded hard, and my cock swelled. I stepped past the end of the bookcase -- out of her view. I wanted to watch but I didn't want to scare her off or discourage her from continuing her dirty act. I had needed to pee badly but my hard-on had almost entirely
  5. I woke to the delicious smell of eggs, bacon, and waffles. I threw on a pair of boxers and hurried out into the living room "Good morning Billy!" Ann greeted me sipping a cup of coffee. She was fully naked with her erect nipples and hairy pussy on full display. "Wow, that smells good!" I walked around the couch to the back and pulled my morning erection out of my boxers. "I figured you would be hungry." Ann set her cup down and stepped around the couch. She pressed her rear against the back of the couch and peed on the carpet while I peed down the back of the couch.
  6. Moonlight penetrated the forest. The large gnarled deciduous trees looked to be hundreds of years old. I felt a vague sense of foreboding evil. I wanted to run but.. I really needed to pee! I made my way around the mammoth truck of an ancient maple and found myself between two bookcases in the near dark University library. I anxiously unzipped my jeans. The library was dark, only a few lights were on, and it seemed to be empty. I was struggling to hold it, but I really didn't want to get caught. I aimed at the carpet in front of me. Giggles greeted me from all directions.
  7. Fantasy is fun. How about having somebody take pictures of you "popping a squat" (Just pulling down your pants and pretending) in places you really wouldn't dare do it for real?
  8. "I see Rob's got a new girlfriend." Carl eyed Rob cautiously. "Does she know Jenni and Ann?" "Yeah.. they all know each other." "Yes, we do!" Ann surprised me. "All Asian girls hang out together." Carl smiled weakly, "It was just an innocent question.". "Ann, look at Sharon!" I laughed. "I told her that Rob had a thing for Asian girls." .Ann frowned comically.. "You must not like him!" "We're kinda friends." I headed towards Rob and Sharon. "Well, if it isn't the two lover boys." Rob greeted us. "Shutup you fucking idiot! I see you met Sharon. This is my
  9. Carl stood waiting outside the Rec Center. He motioned to me and I followed him into the locker room. What had Jenni done? Peed in front of him, somewhere she shouldn't have? We changed in silence. "Billy, it's about Jenni…" Carl finally spoke. I tried not to laugh."Carl, what did Jenni do?" Konala, the big 'nose tackle', who had just changed into his gym clothes, seemed to be amused by our locker room talk.. "Billy, we both did something." "Fuck yeah! Right on dude!" Konala grinned broadly. He raised his hand to give Carl a high five. "Thanks.." Car
  10. "..you don't know shit!" I wandered into the library. The florescent lights buzzed loudly. I spotted a little blonde squatting between the bookcases. I approached casually pretending to look for a book. She took a book from the shelf, and stood up. I glanced at her form fitting jeans. They were perfectly dry. She flashed me a strange uncomfortable look and walked away. I continued down the aisle and almost stepped right into a wet spot on the carpet. A little ways away was another spot. A table sat jus beyond the bookcases. I walked over and peeked under it.
  11. I carefully copied the bell shaped curve from the screen. The Professor was talking to a couple of students in the front. What exciting thing would he be discussing today? Statistics wasn't exactly my most exciting class... A slim Asian girl, wearing glasses, walked up to me with folded arms. I forced a smile, "Hi Sharon! How are you today?" "Billy, you know my name.." "And you know my name too!" "So you heard about Ann, and you decided to take advantage of her?" "Something like that.." "Do you have an Asian fetish?" "Do you have a White fetish? Bec
  12. "Billy, do you know her?" Carl, my Physics lab partner, glanced over at Jenni. "What's so funny?" "I think she likes you." I struggled to keep from laughing. "You think so." Carl asked in a low voice. He was a tall blond, who had been homeschooled by his conservative Christian parents. Jenni stood between us, and the girls who were her usual lab partners. It looked like she wanted to approach us but she was hesitating. "Yeah." I motioned to Jenni. Jenni nervously walked over to us. "Hi, I'm Carl." Carl introduced himsel
  13. Don't worry I am still working on this story. I just post each little part as I finish it.
  14. I confess I haven't really worked out all of the details yet. The story started out as a sort of 'stream of consciousness'. I don't totally know where I am going with this.
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