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  1. Raku snuggled her body against Takehiko backside and put a hand on his swollen crotch as he tried the door at the top of the stairs. "It's locked." "You just want to do it here?" Raku's panties dripped with wetness as she caressed Takehiko's crotch. "No, I saw a door open on the second floor of the library. There was a ladder inside going to the roof." Raku grinned, "What do you wanna bet our hot librarian has been doing his cosplay assistant up there." Takehiko nodded. "Let's check it out." —- "The doors open!" Takehiko whispered loudly. "W
  2. "Kyoto Cravings.." Kakuji said out loud as he parked his Bently in the garage underneath the restaurant. No saki, and ramen for lunch today. Today he was eating Wagu. Not just any Wagyu, but the most expensive Wagyu, at the most expensive restaurant in town. "Kakuji!" Joi and Eiji bowed to him outside the entrance. "I hope you have a big appetite." Joi said. "Eiji and I like to sample a variety of dishes." "Sounds great." Kakuji nodded. Joi did not like the look in Kakuji's eyes. He was angry, but about what? Kakuji followed them in but the manager ran right around them.
  3. I've never done it but I saw a 'girl', a young blonde woman, do it once. She was drunk as a skunk, and the cinema was almost empty
  4. Would he do it? Akari sat waiting for class to begin. Genji had not spoken a word after her offer. Boys in the restroom had responded in the same manner.. then they had sex with her! Shiori eyed Akari suspiciously. When she had slipped into the library between classes to pee on the carpet she had spotted Akari walking down the aisle with Genji. She had noticed Akari looking at Genji's crotch – which had appeared a little 'bigger' than it should have.. Mari curled her tongue as she pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the edge of her chair. A thick messy stream of pee spray
  5. San Diego, California USA.
  6. Eiji eased his dark blue Maybach out of their driveway. "Aoi, we had an agreement." He spoke seriously to his daughter. "My decision is final. I'm selling the Jag. Your behavior is going to have to improve. You can ride a bike to school from now on." “Okay..” Aoi wiped the tears out of her eyes. “..but it was just a joke. Just a dumb joke.” “Aoi, your classmate Hana somehow emailed the video to everybody in our family. I don’t know that I have ever been so embarrassed.. in all of my life! How are we going to get you to stop doing this sort of thing?” Eiji pulled into the parking lot.
  7. "Haruko do you need to pee?" Kasumi sat on the desk chair. She spread her legs and wiggled her knees, then she scooted forward, relaxed, and released a thick messy stream of pee onto the stained carpet. "Naw, I already took a piss near the pool." Haruko removed his swim trunks. His cock was swollen, erect, and veiny. "Am I fucked?" Kasumi looked lustfully into Haruko's eyes. "You will be!" Haruko grinned. "Kasumi, do you have plans for tonight?" "Are you offering to take me out to dinner?" "Yes, I would like to take you out to dinner, then we can head back to my pla
  8. Atsuko walked into the center of the bank lobby. He was dressed in a string tank top – his muscles and tattoos on full display. There was a short line of women waiting for the single teller working the bank. Atsuko unzipped his jeans His latest cycle of steroids had not just shrunken his balls, his cock had seemingly gotten smaller too. No matter, he had a statement to make. The women in line gave Atsuko fearful glances as he stood with his little cock out trying to pee. "Sir! What are you doing?" The bank manager came out of his office. "I understand you have been
  9. "Stop it!" Akari protested as Kasumi dragged her out naked. "I wasn't doing anything!" She flashed a pleading look at Haruko, then she looked over at Tsubomi and Emi in front of the girls locker room. Her expression changed to a smile. "Okay, maybe I won't wear a suit either." "I don't care if you wear a suit. Just leave the boys alone in the shower." "Ms Ogura why are you so angry? I did not have sex with Mr Abe." "What?!" Kasumi looked accusingly at Haruko, then back at the class. "Relax Kasumi." Raku rolled her eyes. "Shiori accused Akari of fucking Haruko, but she's
  10. "Mari!" Maki gasped, "Are you crazy!" She was sitting on the bleachers next to Aoi. The two were getting strange looks from both the boys, and the girls, in the pool. "I don't think so." "Mari, um.. did you forget something?" "Hana! I didn't expect you here so early…" Mari struggled to appear nonchalant. "I.. I just don't like swimsuits." "Are you trying to get the boys attention?" Hana smiled faintly, "Do you need their protection for some reason?" "Hana, I apologized to Chibi on Monday during cleanup." "I know." Hana sighed, "You're forgiven.. Enjoy your free
  11. Exactly😬. Sometimes it seems like the story writes itself and I can barely get it down fast enough.
  12. Thank you for the positive feedback! This story has it's imperfections but I am enjoying writing it.
  13. "Where's Aoi and Maki?" Akari looked around the lunchroom. Tsubomi and Emihiko sat at a small table across from Emi and Daichi. Raku and Takehiko sat together at their own table, and Danuja and Izumi did too. "Hiding out somewhere." Mari grinned. "Look at Chibi over there with Hana and Takara." "Chibi and Hana.." "Yeah, don't try to fool around with him again." Mari said seriously. "You heard that I... tried to?" "Yeah, word is getting around." Mari's grinned slightly. "I still can't believe that you and Raku called Mr Abe's bluff." "I probably would've gotten
  14. "Any problems with the boys' fathers?" Haruko walked outside with Hiro. "No, but the grandfather of one of the boys called me." Haruko took a breath, "Oh boy.." "You're telling me." Hiro nodded. Haruko wandered back inside. He headed over to Kasumi and put his arm around her back. "I think we're okay.." He watched the swimmers. "Hana is the last person that I would expect to get into a fight." "Really?" Kasumi snuggled against Haruko. "You should see the tattoo on her back." —----- Akari had always dressed very modestly. She had never eve
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