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  1. I woke alone in the bed. It was about nine o'clock. Misty's underwear and dress were no longer on the floor. I could hear Misty arguing with Ann downstairs but I could not hear what they were saying. I threw on some sweats. My heart pounded as I headed down the stairs. “Who the fuck are you?!” I heard Ann yell loudly. “If you do anything to me.. Daniel's parents die!” “Oh, I’m so scared.” Misty laughed. I took a breath and entered the kitchen. Misty was poking Ann in the belly with my Grandfather's autographed baseball bat. “Daniel!” Misty called to me without taking her eyes
  2. I lay in bed alone in my huge empty house unable to sleep. I do not know what had motivated me to tell Misty everything, but I had. She even knew about the Baretta in my backpack. I suppose I trusted her. I eventually fell asleep. Thursday morning I ate breakfast alone in the dining hall. Maybe I was not any better than Ann. Maybe Ann, with her religion, was better than me.. I was walking around campus when I ran into Ken. "What the heck happened last night?" Ken asked me. "Now Tina is all weird. What was the big deal about me kissing Sophia?" "I don't know... it'
  3. "Daniel, how are you doing?" Ann greeted me outside Anthropology class. "I don't know.. I miss Sara.. I hate going home to an empty house." "Maybe you should get some roommates." Ann suggested. "I don't know.." I sighed, " I kind of like my privacy.." "But you want intimacy with a woman?" "Yeah.." "Then give me a kiss." Ann grinned. I eagerly wrapped my arms around Ann's soft feminine body and pulled her close for a kiss on the lips. "Mmmm.." Ann's heart pounded against me as she blinded me with her hot steamy breath and a warm wet feverish kiss . "Wow that felt good!" My ha
  4. We found our way back to our chain link cage where the waitress had left a tray of drinks. Liz grabbed one and began drinking. "Dan you're such a a dick." "Why do you keep saying that?" "Because you act all innocent, but you know everybody here. We even got free drinks from the owner." "Yeah..well.. it's a little hard to explain... Let's just get drunk and dance some.” I sat down in a chair. "Liz, sit on my lap facing me." "Yes, slave master." She sat down on my lap and I pulled her in for a kiss. "Mmm.." She blinded me with a wet warm feverish kiss. I took a breath, "Wow,
  5. Liz knelt down and I wrapped the collar around her neck and fastened it. I took the leash and guided Liz to stand up. "Liz, may I have a kiss?" "Of course Master." Liz grinned nervously. I wrapped my arms around her with one hand on her back, and the other on her shapely rear, pulled her close and kissed her in the lips. It was a long feverishly passionate blinding kiss, and I felt myself growing hard. My heart pounded madly. "Liz what's this club like?" "I don't know.." She snuggled her cheek against mine. "I have only been here once and I could not go in because it is a couples only clu
  6. Ms Windsor's chest began to rise and fall. "Daniel, you're... you're actually asking me out to dinner?" Her eyes drifted down to my crotch. "Daniel..." her voice was soft. She walked over to me and gazed into my eyes. Her eyes were beautiful, and her pupils were huge. "I'm trying to understand why you did that... Was it a thrill because… you did something terribly forbidden, dangerous, and socially unacceptable?" There was a hint of excitement in her voice. "Ms Windsor.." "Please call me Elizabeth." "Elizabeth, would you like to go to dinner with me?" She smiled at me, "Daniel, we're both a
  7. My cultural anthropology class was in a large lecture hall. There were long curved tables on each level with chairs behind them. I took a seat way off to the right side. A familiar girl sat down next to me. "Ann!" Ann smiled, "Daniel, how are you doing? You look super anxious.” “No… I'm... I'm fine!" She was wearing a red summer dress, and had her hair in pigtails. It looked like she was about to go on stage for a play or something.. “Ann, what are you doing here?" I took a deep breath and clicked on a message Sara had just sent. Ann looked at me with a puzzled expression, a
  8. NOTE: This story contains naughty peeing, golden showers, bondage & domination, heterosexual sex, violence, and murder, and some 'strong' language. THE KNIGHTS OF THE MORNING STAR New York, the city that never sleeps, had been a blast. We saw the crime, the expense, and the litter, but the food, fun, and people had made it an unforgettable summer. However it felt kind of good to be back at the University and a slower pace of life. “Look at that.” Sara nudged me. I spotted Ken, with his arm around Tina, following the crowd into the Student Union. “I’ll
  9. I hope I was not misunderstood. I was not trying to make a case for atheism. I guess the main point that I was trying to make is that I am paranoid that a new brand of censorship is coming. Are we heading into a world where we will not be able to afford much of anything and there will be far more censorship and restrictions?
  10. It is frustrating to me. I like Pirr, and I like the idea, but I can only create stories on Pirr. I have done the roleplaying on Literotica, but not one of the stories I submitted were ever accepted.
  11. I have read that atheists are like "Fundamentalist Christians". I confess that I have become an atheist. Am I like a "Fundamentalist Christians" in my belief? It sounds to me like the people most concerned about, or angry with, the atheists are the "Progressive Christians". The people they seem to dislike the most are the "Fundamentalist Christians". They are always saying things like "We are not a bunch prejudiced haters like the 'Fundamentalists'.". Apparently like "Fundamentalist Christians" are racist, prejudiced against the LGBTQ, and women -- and now the "atheists" are too!!!
  12. I suppose. The guy at Pirr, who answered my question, said that they expect to resolve the issue with Google soon. It makes me want to get an iPhone .
  13. The B vitamins are water soluble and they will turn your urine yellow. Sounds like the vitamin drink has a decent supply of B vitamins. I remember an old story about vitamin B-12. A woman came to a doctor and told him that she had no energy and nothing seemed help. She wanted a shot of vitamin B-12. He told her that vitamin B-12 does not give people energy and doctors were actually giving people shots of anabolic steroids. She still insisted, so he gave her an actual shot of vitamin B-12. He said he saw her a couple of days later and she looked great, and she said she felt great. S
  14. Pirr has a surprising number of restricted words, like "brother", "sister", "uncle", "school", "mother", "father". And it makes it difficult to write a story, especially if there is any backstory -- or much of a story at all And if you use an Android phone, like I do you cannot view other people's stories. Apparently you can on Apple. So I contacted Pirr, to ask what was going on. Apparently Google purchased "Android" in 3007. Google is censoring Pirr.. They are not allowing people to view other people's stories ("Android used their safe word"), and they are not allowing users to i
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