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  1. I hope you get inspired to start this up again. Great premise for a story!
  2. Great story. Glad I was able to inspire it. (Though a different outcome than my idea)
  3. Yeah might as well keep them together
  4. Nice I look forward to hearing about what the sisters get up to 😛
  5. Also posting it here it’s not likely anyone from the company will even see it. So on top of the fact that it’s legal to do they wouldn’t even find it.
  6. Great part 2 🙂. Look forward to whatever is about to happen.
  7. Some great stories. Glad these were saved. I think I have a few saved too. I’ll share them if I can find them.
  8. This is in the fictional stories thread. Hot story though.
  9. Good conclusion to the story. 🙂 I liked the twist that it wasn’t actually their house. (Saw it coming a couple chapters back, but not till after they started destroying it.)
  10. Hot story! Love it. Would love to read a part two where she returns after some more partying or maybe uses another bedroom.
  11. Hot addition. Hope he gets her pregnant 🙂
  12. Supper hot! Love the any stories!
  13. Just read it again. Such a hot story. Love your writing. 🙂
  14. Awesome story. Hope there is more with the goddess being even naughtier. 🙂
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