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    I like nature, photography and women peeing in naughty places. Particularly carpet.

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    Naughty peeing, particularly on fabric or carpet
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  1. Maybe they stop at a motel and decide to have fun there next 😉
  2. Very hot story! Looking forward to part 2!!
  3. Hot chapter!! Look forward to her using the couch and carpet 🙂
  4. Not sure how much of these are real, but I got very entertaining results so I’m going to choose to go with it.
  5. Thank you I did get better results with BH The woman and her guy are exploring the vintage clothing store when they both feel the urge to pee. Without hesitation, they start looking for a place to relieve themselves. They find a quiet corner hidden behind a rack of clothes and quickly realize the perfect opportunity to pee on the clothes. The woman is excited by the prospect of peeing on the vintage clothing, and her guy eagerly joins in. The woman pulls a dress from the rack and lifts it up, exposing her lower half. She aims towards the dress, feeling her pee splash onto the fabri
  6. I’ve tried the DAN jailbreak and it hasn’t worked. I was still able to get a pee story, but if I asked for too much detail it stops me. (Same as without the “jailbreak”) https://gist.github.com/coolaj86/6f4f7b30129b0251f61fa7baaa881516
  7. Where did you find jailbroken chatGPT? Can you share a link to it or to instructions for getting it?
  8. A quite successful story I managed to get Sarah and her group of friends had been studying for hours in the college library. They were all starting to feel the effects of the coffee they had been drinking to keep them awake, and their bladders were beginning to feel uncomfortably full. Sarah suggested that they take a break and find a quiet place to relieve themselves. Her friends all agreed, and they quickly made their way through the stacks of books to a quiet corner of the library. As they looked around for a suitable place to use as their bathroom, they noticed a small, seclude
  9. Girls Naughty Peeing: https://original.misterpoll.com/polls/604895/results Girls Naughty Peeing at a Party: https://original.misterpoll.com/polls/607067/results Girls peeing inside at house parties https://www.original.misterpoll.com/polls/602881 Here are the CSVs from them (have a lot more information in them) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qsf4jmus91kqh9p/AACRghJ1nv3EgQ104tN4L_bFa?dl=0
  10. Here is an updated link that wont expire to the three CSVs https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qsf4jmus91kqh9p/AACRghJ1nv3EgQ104tN4L_bFa?dl=0
  11. Here is a folder the CSVs for three polls I did before the restricted these subjects on the site https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qsf4jmus91kqh9p/AACRghJ1nv3EgQ104tN4L_bFa?dl=0
  12. That is one of my polls! I can upload the CSV of it for you 🙂
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