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    I like nature, photography and women peeing in naughty places. Particularly carpet.

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    Naughty peeing, particularly on fabric or carpet
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    Peeing on the carpet and in a book at the house of someone I know.

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  1. I’d love her to pee into the pool while Alex is there. Have it be bright yellow pee visible in the water too!
  2. Wonderful story. Hot that it actually happened. Was the girl who peed one of your friends? Also great grammar:)
  3. Hot! Great story. I hope you write more in libraries!
  4. Such a great one. Love the cute Asian girl peeing on books!
  5. That’s hot! Do you have any more pictures or video?
  6. Really hot. I hope you write more about them returning again. Maybe they can bring a third friend. 🙂
  7. Hot story! Have you peed in other naughty places during a party?
  8. If you ever want to share the story of what happened after I’d love to hear it 🙂
  9. Extremely hot story. I hope she has more naughty pee and fuck sessions :) I’d love a part 2
  10. I think it’s likely someone else who just looks incredibly similar. Found some more and her voice is very different. This one is pretty hot though. Towards the end it’s her she gets a creampie then the guy pisses in her pussy https://www.xvideos.com/video22551937/sexy_luna_ora_gets_her_wet_pussy_pissed_in
  11. I found a video of her it’s Luna Ora. Still not sure if she is the girl I dated. She looks incredibly similar, but her voice is different. Her pussy also looks a bit different, but I’m not sure. https://www.cinemapee.com/video/sensual-luna-ora-kneels-on-a-table-and-spreads-pussy-lips-to-pee-1188.html My main reason to think it’s someone else is that she wasn’t into pee stuff and didn’t seem to know it was a fetish, but maybe she was just not into it and hiding her past.
  12. That’s hot. Has anyone found a video of this?
  13. https://pissprof.tumblr.com/post/139053056310/autumnlikespee-your-favorite-pee-girl-autumn

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