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    I like nature, photography and women peeing in naughty places. Particularly carpet.

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  1. They could find a carpeted room in one of those houses and get even naughtier 😉
  2. Oh darn link is broken. Anyone still have it?
  3. If others at the party were I’d totally do it.
  4. These stories are so hot! Would you ever take pictures of the puddles you make?
  5. Wish I had a birthday like that
  6. Would love it if you write another series where she goes to another party 🙂
  7. Look forward to hearing about places they pee 🙂
  8. The pink haired girl could be into peeing on him and watching her styled pee stay on him since he isn’t self cleaning. She also might not be on any birth control. Telling him as he cums in her. Also she could pee in the “Uber” on the way back to their place. Leaving the seat and floor that are not self cleaning wet with her special pee!
  9. I look forward to reading the next part with them having a naughty indoor pee 🙂
  10. Such a hot post. Have you done more things like this?
  11. Sasha looked down at Jim is she was bouncing on his hard cock. She wasn’t a virgin, but had only had sex once before and it hadn’t been a very good experience. All the energy and excitement in the room had her feeling very horny and wet and she had never tried it without a condom. Sliding up and down easily with her tight walls around his member. The also felt an unexpected thrill having so many people’s eyes on her as she fucked Jim. Also Lily was playing with her breasts and kissing her neck. Ava was kissing him, Jasmine was playing with his balls while she fingered herself and Daisy stud up
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