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    I like nature, photography and women peeing in naughty places. Particularly carpet.

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    Naughty peeing, particularly on fabric or carpet
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  1. Get a video of her peeing on the floor and dash from the passenger seat
  2. What do you think of finding some discreet places inside?
  3. Would love to hear more details. How did it look, smell, was it yellow? Did you go more than once?
  4. Do you think you might write another part? I'd love it if this story kept going.
  5. I think you should accept his offer but ask him once you get inside his apartment if he has a better place to go. See where he suggests you go. 😉
  6. Id love to hear more stories. Maybe one about the daughters having a yellow morning pee on the carpet 😉
  7. Hot 🙂 look forward to hearing about the naughty antics they all get up to together 😉 maybe they find an unlocked room and give it a yellow wash 😉
  8. Great story! Would love it if you write a part 2 where they go to a mall or library 😉
  9. You could also find some discrete places inside the house if you want to be even more naughty. Under a couch or dresser that you move then put back when you are done. Or small amounts in some places that will dry.
  10. Great story 🙂 keep it up and write more.
  11. Love this. Hope you had more experiences with her 🙂
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