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  1. I have had an experience once where a female play partner was peeing directly in my mouth. She meant to go slow, but had to go so bad that when she started it came out like a firehouse and she couldn’t stop for like 30 seconds. I tried to keep up but eventually had to turn my head for a break Her relentless stream kept up with the same force. She was laughing hysterically as it was getting in my nose and eyes and forming a major puddle around my head. This was the hottest pee experience of my life. the feeling of being overpowered by her stream and the fact she couldn’t stop, I found to be a huge turn on. Any females on here experience this ? Not necessarily peeing on someone’s face haha but attempting only to pee a little bit and having the stream run out of control and go full force with no stopping it until you are empty.
  2. I received an email saying I could sign up for a premiumoment membership for a one time fee of 10.00 I am interested but confused on how to accomplish this

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