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    Just a guy who enjoys some naughty peeing :)

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    naughty, (soft) vandalism, messy, inappropriate places
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    Personally i had quite a lot of experiences with a few girlfriends in the past. I've got to experience many great features of this little preference and love so many different aspects of it.

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  1. this one should kinda fall into a simular category, simple light from behind
  2. I'm into photography myself and did this a while ago. Guess it belongs more into the food section, but the composition took long enough to concider it artsy? 😄 Always wash your veggies before cooking!
  3. Hey, this is my first story and i'm not a native english speakter. So grammar and times are kinda picked randomly in some cases. I hope you enjoy it! Also made a little generated graphic for the characters that fits to the point i surrendered trying 😄 This story contains content like pee vandalism, property damage, female despeartionm female peeing. All characters and events are works of fiction. Act I The blurry noise of people around her filled the air, as Sam, a determined businesswoman, settled into her seat in the train compartment. Dressed in a sleek charcoal skirt
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