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    • @LetMeWatch - When you say 'can we start a thread...' you imagined that in the last seven years of this site nobody had mentioned it? You asked for stories...  I've just merged together four separate posts dating way back of people's experiences around squirting / female ejaculation.  Hopefully that gives you some fuel.   (The site has a really good search facility - we always encourage people to add to existing threads and keep them alive).
    • Yeah, that's really rather tough to convince boys who just refuse to do so. I've spoken to dozens of guys on this site privately, who have wanted to be able to pee more openly at home and in public, but were terrified about how their moms would react. This is a rather easy problem to solve as it only requires asking the boys to recall some situations they've observed over the years and getting them to realize that their moms have been dropping subtle hints to them for years and most boys are just don't pick up on them. That annoyed look moms give when boys and their friends track into the house to pee, when mom's really annoyed and keeps putting off finding a restroom for boys. Those comments like, "well there's no restroom around here," or "I don't know what to tell you." Once the guys start to think back over the years and realize their moms have been subtly trying to encourage them the problems solved. As for boys who just don't want to, have been convinced by society that it's wrong or are so very shy about being seen, it's quite difficult for moms to convince them to do so. If anything, in their teens, boys tend to do the opposite of what mom wants or expects them to do. Mostly my advice to the moms is that the only way their boys will be convinced to do so is if their friends are doing so. By mentioning to their friends, "of course you can use our bathroom, but you're welcome to go in the yard too if you don't mind," it's likely that one of them does so at home and will be happy to do so or that a boy who's been wanting to but waiting for a sign from his mom will take you up on the offer. Once one of the boys is doing so, the others and eventually the moms boys will likely follow suite. Otherwise it's tough for moms to force the issue as boys often tend to think parents are "weird" or "out of touch" recommending something that "just isn't done today."
    • I'm just going to drop this in....   and walk away quietly:  
    • I too agree with your thoughts about "getting caught." Something I quickly noticed here in America is how really uneasy most Americans are with nudity among friends and family. This was never really the case in Europe. A random person my husband and I met on a long train trip in Germany was chatting with us over drinks and gave my husband some perspective on nudity. They at the time had a late night television game show on where couples would have to pick their mate from a group of 5 or 6 others of similar size and shape. They'd first show only their feet and they'd have to eliminate one person. They'd raise the curtain to the knee's and eliminate another. By the time they got to the necks there would only be 2 people left and they'd make their final choice. The thing was, without seeing their mates faces most of the couples couldn't pick their mate out of a crowd solely on their bodies. As this man continued to say, Americans consider the wrong body parts as being private. In Muslim Countries a woman must cover her face in public and a man must cover his with facial hair so as not to be revealing their most unique features to the public. His theory made me realize that there's really no chance that any nude photos without showing my face, could never be recognizable and nothing I have is anything unique. As for hiding our pee fetish, many of you know that over the years many young men from this site and other have read my posts and the PM'd me asking advice from me. Many young men living at home want to be able to pee outside, in the yard,, off a porch, in the alley, ect. or even to be able to do so when they're out somewhere with their mom or sisters, but are terrified of what their moms might think about it. They come to me looking for a moms perspective, which I seem to have gathered over the years through personal conversations as well as from parenting and mothering chat boards. The boys all seem to think that I'm some uniquely permissive mom and that their moms would never understand or tolerate what I do. Over the years I've learned what questions to ask of the boys, to have them recall situations, things that their moms have said and done. The boys tend to overlook subtle hints and don't seem to be able to pickup on clues their moms have dropped. They don't seem to notice that moms never run to the beach house at the beach or to the restrooms at the pool. They don't seem to take the hint when mom says, "I don't know what to say, there's no restrooms around," or when mom seems irritated when they track into the house from the yard to pee. Once I get the boys to realize that their moms aren't so much different than I and that their moms have been subtly trying to tell them it's alright to pee in other places for some time, they eventually find the courage to test the waters with their moms. As of today, I've not heard of a single mom who didn't approve of them peeing in at least a few places around the house or in public. It's something that many moms and most boys are really afraid to bring up with one another, but when they finally do they find that their thoughts were quite similar, the places the boys have been wanting to pee are the same places their moms where subtly trying to get them to pee.  There's really nothing to be afraid of, it's really quite a mainstream thing, but for some reason we're all afraid to admit it. 
    • I've a longer 1 I wrote for a Discord server I joined... I told them it'd be an exclusive for a while, now is that time: Hello traveler, welcome my shop. Please take a look around, I have many items to offer. You will find the rare and exotic, but also anything you need to bolster you on your long journey. Ah, I see you have an interest in our selection of “Holy Water,” it is suggested to keep it on hand in large supply while passing through the Necropolis ahead.  If you were not aware, “Holy Water” is a ward against the undead. Any creature that lives again from unnatural means can be held at bay, damaged, or even killed with the correct usage. It is even consumable to remove curses and in times of dire emergency serves as a last resort mana and health boost.  AH YES! EXCELLENT, I have convinced you, it is one of our more popular items here. It is good you have come to my shop however, for we offer something a bit STRONGER, that can only be found here. Purchase twenty bottles and I will give you a sample for free. Good, good, forty bottles! I see you are cautious and curious both. Follow me to the store room so that I may fill your order, do not want to clear the shelves out here and the fresher supply is in the back. I want to make a repeat customer out of you, so I will tell you something others would neglect. When purchasing “Holy Water” although it is blessed, it will expire. Once it does, it will actually turn rancid and then has OTHER properties. What those that do not know find out, once it has turned, it becomes bait for creatures of all kinds, dead or otherwise. Instead of driving them away, it will call them to you. EheHeHEHehEhee~ Fear not, it can lure away too. Here we are, fill your satchel and I will show the sample you have earned. Here, BEHOLD behind this curtain is rare, “Double Holy Water!” I see your confusion, this is no mere market ploy, these bottles contain super-charged liquid of the divinity. Watch! See when I hold it next to a standard flask… Yes, there. The dull glow emitted, that is the indication of power. I hear your mind churning; fear not I will explain the story of its origin and why we sell this commodity privately. Years ago, a traveler on a quest could not simply stock up on items. Anything that might be needed would have to be created when the need arose. Therefore, it was customary to pay for a “Nun of Divine Escort.” She would be purchased to accompany a party of individuals to the far side of the Necropolis. It was dangerous work entrusting yourself to strangers, so the price was quite steep. Know this though; traversing the Necropolis alone was certain death. Nuns were also guides, leading travelers along the safest routes or deep into forbidden areas looking for artifacts. They often cooked and served as healers in a party as well. Some were easily corrupted for OTHER purposes too. Our story deals with a lone explorer and an inexperienced Nun. Details are limited, so I will stick to the known information. The tale says an explorer was hunting for something lost deep in the lowest levels of the Necropolis. Since the dead inhabit this place the further you traverse, the older the items you find and the fiends stronger. They journeyed deep and were lost in the cisterns, this was good for a supply of water to bless, but impurities tainted the fluid they could acquire. It is well known that “Holy Water” is best when the source is pure and clean. They had been chased and disoriented in the labyrinthine tunnels. Wandering, lost, supplies began to dwindle. The Nun had preserved one flagon of pure “Holy Water” but with no supplies remaining the explorer plead that she must survive. If she was restored, healing could maintain them both and so refused nourishment. It had come to the dire day and the final morsels of food, she ate them crying as the traveler watched. She swallowed the “Holy Water” and was given the small boost it provided, but it did not matter for they would both surely die. Their torch was first to expire, this left them groping in the dark and exposed to all manner of nocturnal entities.  They continued with the traveler defending the Nun at all costs. In such a weakened state they stopped to rest often. During one of these repasts the Nun went a short distance to relieve herself. In the dark she was attacked, her gear scattered, before the explorer could reach her. It was clear that this would be the explorer’s final battle and with their death, she would be next. Her effluence poured forth from her nether region as fear overtook and caused her to grasp for anything to her defense. A hand found her flagon; urine was water, it could be blessed even if for a weak effect. She incanted as she held the mouth at the founts head. A striking blow and her defender was knocked aside, she swilled the fluid at the beast. Upon contact, the creature roared with pain, the skin burned away and flesh fell in chunks, it conflagrated and the light was enough to illuminate far into the distance. The body continued to burn and all monsters that were nearby fled. The beacon was so strong that all paths could be identified by relation to direction of the glow. The Nun healed the traveler and carried their battered unconscious body back to the surface where they could be properly restored. When both were back to full health they spoke of what happened. She explained all that occurred and how they came to survive. She identified the attacking party as one that was particularly strong against normal “Holy Water” so for the damage inflicted and the enduring light, there was something different. She resolved to experiment and find out the truth. What you see in the flask is the results of that research. Yes, Yes, I hear your questioning mind again; a Nun consumes “Holy Water” and then collects what she expels to bless it again. There is a reason this is a kept secret. Supplies are low for this and the cost is high, a half a flask is the cost of three. OH HO! I see I have piqued your interest again. Well, what if I told you there was yet more to see? Follow me again, back here. See this curtain cannot even hide the glow now. The Nun took a Sister as an apprentice to her studies. This new girl was an inquisitive sort. If one Nun can produce “Double Holy Water” what happens if I drink it? Your eyes show your understanding, “Triple Strength Holy Water”! It requires two Nuns to create; each refinement must be passed through and blessed by another Sister. I see your mind’s eye one last time; yes it is very strange for a random seller to have access to such private wares. I am no mere shop-keep, I know these “Nuns of Divine Escort” personally, for you see….. I WAS THE UNFORTUNATE TRAVELER!  
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