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    Married piss loving guy from Scotland. Love pee play, outdoor nudity and sex, pee play, porn, swinging, and pee play

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    Drinking pee and golden showers, voyeurism and exhibitionism
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    Peeing on myself in a nude beach in Greece.

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  1. and Morgan from Bruce & Morgan Sexy and spectacularly filthy!
  2. Leony Aprill Gorgeous, with an amazing body and in particular an awesome ass!
  3. Three of my favourites in no particular order... Antonia Sainz Beautiful, sexy and seems to love pee
  4. I love photos like these too, though obviously I wish it was my hands they were peeing on!
  5. Haha. I always have a phone with me, partly as I often run in quite remote areas, partly as I like taking photos of landscapes, but also in case I feel like stripping off and taking some pics or having a nice pee and filming it.
  6. Excellent! Get out there: run, pee, film!
  7. I'd needed to go before I started running but decided to hold on so I could pee somewhere discrete and get my cock out properly as I did so. Hope you like it... https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/pissing-in-the-woods-while-out-running-45409141
  8. Hi there near neighbour! Always good to see other Scots on here.
  9. First pee of the day after a bit if a stroke so my cock is nice and thick... https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/thick-cock-piss-45146021
  10. amack

    Love Golden

    Best place to be from!
  11. Thanks, yes it’s a lovely garden, love hearing the birds sing as I pee or wank or fuck outside!

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