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  1. My native tongue is Swedish, but I'm fluent in English too. Years ago I spent hours chatting, but now I use it less and find my self sometimes having to think about the spelling of a word and second guessing it so I google it. And most of the time I was right from the start, but oh well. Noone ever got hurt from a double check. I think at least. I learnt german in school for a few years, so I think I can still get the basic gist of something written, but can't reply or speak it I think. Haven't tried since. Well. School. 😅
  2. I prefer narurally hairy. Perhaps trimming pubes down a bit to not get in the way of fun activities in that area (and by that I mean like at least a cm left, I still wanna see it and feel it, just not in my nose 😅), but chest is always better with hair. I love cuddling and pulling my hand through the hair. Also: A good beard is 🤤🤤🤤 Only time I ever do the "turn my head for a second look" is when someone with a beard walks by.
  3. Because of the extreme hurry and urinals being too high I would say I got like 95% where it was supposed to. Hard to say though since I didn't stay to check, I just ran to not be caught in the mensroom and potentially having to answer for it..
  4. Like I said. I hurried like there was a wildfire. First I basically ran in, did what I had to do and ran out. Second was a restaurant so basically the same and feeling stressed af.
  5. I'd love to. Only have twice though. Felt like a crook going in the mens room, so hurried like never before to not be caught..
  6. I didn't even have to go very bad, so it would have been alot better if I did need it. Yeah, I guess I have some power to it *lol*
  7. Same! Would I ever dare cause of the way society is? Probably not. Would I if completely alone? Definitely!
  8. God, I hate that they made him pee outside with people close by and her go to a closed bathroom. Way to go on being stereotypical. Would have loved it if they did it the other way around. So for me, that commercial made me want to avoid that product. Didn't want it before either, but now I will actively stay away from it if it shows up in my country/I stumble across it.
  9. I Think train seat or cinema, possibly just messy pee in a train bathroom. Don't remember which it was when I came 😅
  10. Peeing in naughty places. Always.
  11. I stand to pee. I hate squatting and if that was the only option I would have waited an hour or two and gone to the bathroom back in the apartment later. The last part however is correct. Last time I got a few minutes to my self there was a couch down there, unfortunately there were only a few tires in that unit now. Wonder if they are using that couch or if it was driven to the dump 🤔
  12. Masturbating no, but if he saw the porn I don't know what I'd do. So I hide it.
  13. Masturbation is perfectly normal and fine, I just feel differently about the "right next to me" part. If one would ask first and the other says "sorry, I don't want to do anything, but sort your self out if you want", then it's been approved and therefor is ok. Same if you've talked about it and know you have different needs or find it a turn on etc, then you've set up the premisses for it. Like. Bad example on this forum, but like in the beginning of a relationship in a one bathroom household and you are PANICED for a pee. You knock on the door when they are showering asking if they are done
  14. God no. At our first date he expressed not getting why people would engage in watersports, so I haven't mentioned it nor will I ever.
  15. Cause of the possible offence? I feel like if he woke up he'd probably wonder why I didn't wake him/wait for him to wake up and try to involve him. Or do it in another room so he at least didn't know. I know I'd probably feel left out af if I woke up from the bed shaking from him jerking off. Like helloo? I'm right here. Poke me with it and tell me you want me OR have the courtesy to go to another room if you want to do it alone.
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