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  1. Thanks chaper3 is Monday 9pm so follow the directions above 😆
  2. Shy sisters naughty toilet chapter 2 This part is in hazels point of view ps if u see theses ()It’s a thought in her head. As I get in the car from a long day of school I put on my make up because it’s my birthday and I just know big brother got me something nice.as I stop at a red light my body jerked (noo I got to pee now) I try to hurry home making sure to follow the speed limit. As I pull into the driveway the car jerked for a final time.(no it’s coming out) As I open the door big brother is ther sitting on the couch looking worried I go to sit next to him but that was a mi
  3. Sorry it’s bad I suck at grammar
  4. Hello this is my first story and got a lot of inspiration from this story Shy sisters naughty toilet chapter 1 hello im Dave well built from my football days in college and am living with my 2 sisters Haley and Veronica.Haley is my shy younger sister with light blond hair and hazel eyes she is slim with a nice little peach of a butt and self-conscious of her a cup breats with padded fillings for a b cup just starting college.Veronica is your run of the mill slut with her fcup boobs and a fat ass and scampy cloths she dropped out of high school and working at a hooters bar need m
  5. If she knows u have a pee fetish y is she doing it in front of u?is it fun for her too?
  6. I’m kind of surprised they did not wipe ther pussys in him to dry ther self
  7. Absolutely loved this chapter and how u used everyone’s ideas
  8. Or many one were the mother catches her in the act and joins one were she opens his lower drawer and pisses on his clean clothes I have a lot of ideas
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