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    Married female, but bi-tendancies
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    Sit in front of a computer, dreaming of the beach.
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    40’s but act 25
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    As a child I used to dream about freely peeing anywhere. I see this relationship with pee as something spiritual, perhaps something you are born with. They say that you can never destroy energy, it just changes form, and perhaps that is the fascination with drinking the powerful element of water, that becomes part of you for a short while, and then is released to become part of the earth once again. I think it is the freedom aspect of it that appeals to me….

    Oh, I wrote some stuff…







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    Freedom you feel when it wets your clothes.
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    Most has been virtual, with my Pee Fans friends, but I loved waking up early one day, walking into the shower cubicle, and asking my husband to piss on my favourite tee shirt.

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  1. I would love to see it. I reckon wearing black jeans you could get away with it. Or thin dressy trousers made of thin material that dries quick. Your shoes might get wet though!!
  2. Absolutely. I think girls like these act up like they do because of the behaviour they see on Tik Tok, YouTube etc. Even back when I was in High School there were gangs of girls who were always looking to stir people up (luckily it was before phone cameras) and I knew to stay out their way. But there were gangs of boys too who looked for trouble. Eventually people, male or female, settle down and learn how to respect others as they get older. Well either that or they end up as criminals if they continue this kind of behaviour. We need more love and friendliness, compassion and tolerance i
  3. I am not here to argue, and I am approaching this from a position of kindness. The media tends to make things look extreme, and that colours our view generally of the world and its people. And we need to judge people based on actions rather than gender. The actions of these girls was wrong. But I don’t see a connection to feminism. They were being disrespectful and dumb but thousands of other females there acted respectfully towards men.
  4. Welcome, Jessica! I think you will like it here. We are very supportive and friendly. Jump in! 💚
  5. Some memes that made me laugh til I cried. 😆🤣
  6. Tea does this to me! ☕️ If I drink tea, then water, I get desperate very quickly.
  7. So many things to love. An intimate, almost naked cuddle, hot pee to warm you both up, her willingness to get her socks wet and you joking around with it, and just beautiful, loving fun together. 💚 I absolutely adore the photo too - it’s just perfection - and think it would look great as a big poster or canvas, maybe in black and white, somewhere you can both enjoy it. Whenever you need a smile it will cheer you up. 😊
  8. Well done, Goose! You are the ultimate, organised professional. (Calm and cool on the outside with goose feet paddling swiftly underneath!) 💚
  9. Mermaids ready to give their chosen human a blow job ❓
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