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    Married female, but bi-tendancies
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    Sit in front of a computer, dreaming of the beach.
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    40’s but act 25
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    As a child I used to dream about freely peeing anywhere. I see this relationship with pee as something spiritual, perhaps something you are born with. They say that you can never destroy energy, it just changes form, and perhaps that is the fascination with drinking the powerful element of water, that becomes part of you for a short while, and then is released to become part of the earth once again. I think it is the freedom aspect of it that appeals to me….

    Oh, I wrote some stuff…






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    Freedom you feel when it wets your clothes.
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    Most has been virtual, with my Pee Fans friends, but I loved waking up early one day, walking into the shower cubicle, and asking my husband to piss on my favourite tee shirt.

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  1. Love is the most powerful force there is. True magic. When you fall in love it is truly all that matters. Love brings so much colour to your life and your heart expands. Everything makes sense. This is a wonderfully intimate song of a love story, in a gorgeous style. Please enjoy. 💚 Midori
  2. Sigh. 💚 Everything about this is so beautiful. So simple and understated, but divine and intimate, not to mention wonderfully wet. 💦 I made a list of the things I adore: Your gorgeous wife, and what she does for you, and with you, despite not being a pee-fan herself. Your pee mixing with her pee…I know in real life it is just fluids being pulled down by gravity, but I evolve things into a spiritual notion in my mind, and I think about how those special fluids travelled through the mechanics of your bodies, and you released your waters at just the right time for th
  3. Yes, I love the nonchalant peeing…like someone peeing on the floor while drinking a cup of tea and chatting. Or naughty stuff like peeing on the wall or on clothes. Desperation is lovely. So much to see and do and have learned so much here! Kick your shame to the kerb and explore!! Chat later! 💚
  4. Yes!! You’re one of my kind. I personally see pee as a spiritual thing but I know I have had this interest since I was a young kid. It does not have to be a raunchy, dirty, hidden thing. It’s a lot of fun. We have so many laughs here! Just check out the Chat box! And the funnies section! Warning…don’t get addicted to PeeFans! We’ve all been there!! 💚 Enjoy!
  5. Welcome! I think you will love it here! You’ll be fine… there are people of all ages here if you need advice on anything. Yes, start small. No pressure! 💚
  6. Tell him how it is, Goose! We *are* one big, international, accepting, open minded, imaginative, talented, horny, funny and loving wet family! 💚
  7. Right!….you’re getting a Midori poem: 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Oh Kupar, do you know, Your body is even hotter Than the Western Desert On a cloudless, 50 degree day? And, just like the heat of the Outback, Can mess with your mind, You make us believe that magic is real, Like we can touch you through this screen. Your pee is surely as beautiful as, The shimmering sea’s surface, On the vast Great Barrier Reef Under a uniquely perfect sunset. And the arousal that many of us feel, From the pleasure of viewing your
  8. Well, me too, we are PeeFans, after all’s said and done…😋😜💚
  9. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. But of course, some of us have peed in the dishwasher too, so we are pretty easy-going about this kind of thing. If I popped in for a cup of tea I’d be honoured to drink out of your pee cups, sorry, tea cups. 💚😉
  10. Right, that does it! I am buying some decent handcuffs! If asking *politely* for pee-play with my husband won’t work, maybe I will just hand-cuff him to me as my captive, do whatever I like, pee wherever I like, make him drink til he pees for me, and generally have my own way. … and just ask for forgiveness later. 😉😆💚
  11. Wow, this was epic! Must have taken ages to write! And you are an amazing writer! So descriptive! And it was so naughty….with all my favourite things! Fantastic! 💚💚💚
  12. Seasoned travellers always clean glassed and coffee cups before use, and rinse out the kettle, whether a 5 star resort or caravan park cabin.
  13. I think with all the new Covid protocols everything needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and most hotel rooms only have a couple of mugs, wine glasses and cups if you are lucky so it does not take them long to clean them, or maybe just replace them with clean ones. Most of us conscientious, polite travellers wash our cups on check out, or at least leave dirty ones by the sink. The biggest problem in hotels is broken things or stolen things I think. Not a dirty cup or two.
  14. Very clever, re the pee by the water cooler. Must have felt nice to hear your pee freely hitting the carpet as you filled the water bottle. 💚
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