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    As a child I used to dream about freely peeing anywhere. I see this relationship with pee as something spiritual, perhaps something you are born with. They say that you can never destroy energy, it just changes form, and perhaps that is the fascination with drinking the powerful element of water, that becomes part of you for a short while, and then is released to become part of the earth once again. I think it is the freedom aspect of it that appeals to me...society gives us so many rules to follow, and so many restrictions and judgements, that freely peeing without a care, somewhere other than a toilet, is the ultimate form of rebellion to achieve balance. And it takes your mind off the harshness of life. Personally I like wetting my underwear, peeing on any kind of fabric for the gorgeous patterns the wetness makes as it grows, and I enjoy being peed on, and wish for it more than it happens currently. One time on the way home from a pub in the dark, I slowly peed my pants as I walked, then peed a bit on my doormat at home. Pretty secretive really. Oh and there was another time, I had two cups of tea at my friend’s house, drove home but had to stop halfway to pee on the concrete siding next to the highway behind my car, and a police car drove past and slowed down.....but didn’t stop, thankfully! I have also found some nice videos of peeing on Instagram that make me happy. I enjoy watching people pee where they shouldn’t such as walls and carpet, and nonchalant peeing, such as sitting on a chair to talk to someone and just peeing onto the chair like they just don’t care. I joined up with Pee Fans as I have really enjoyed reading the pee stories by the talented writers here, and I hope to write some of my own at some stage. You seem to have a really friendly, inclusive community here. Your videos and pics are also great, and it is quite addictive to scroll through them! I am also interested in finding out how people who are into pee, cope with partners who are not so much into it, or just starting out. How do you live out your desires but still keep your relationship strong, if the other person is not as deeply into it as you are?

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    Freedom you feel when it wets your clothes.
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    Wearing a school uniform, being peed on from head to toe, then making love while on a pool table...may have left a bit of a stain....🙃

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  1. I guess it would depend where you were. I had to stop on a highway and pee on the side of the road beside my car on the concrete and it makes noise and takes a while to dry up and leaves evidence. I couldn’t get to the grass because of a fence. I would prefer grass as it doesn’t show or make much noise. I am shy. However: if it were a party or pub situation, and people were pissing on carpet or walls, I would like to hear the sound and see the puddles. I think a thin wall in an old house would make a pleasing noise with a stream hitting it, and carpet has a nice soft thud as liquid hits it in
  2. If i was on my way home, and desperate, i would wet my leggings under my skirt. If i could find a private area behind a building or car or tree i would do it there. Here in Australia, peeing behind a bush or tree is generally ok in country areas.
  3. You are a deep thinker like me (I am a Pisces!) and for me friendships in real life are kind of distant too. Online friendships feel like a deeper connection, maybe more honest and intense. Less restriction, though more physical distance, which probably makes it nice and safe. I love everyone on here, sharing their dreams, ideas, fantasies and experiences. This site is so welcoming. The first thought that came to my mind was that during the 90s I was friends with some gay guys and bi guys (I considered myself bi at the time, but am now married to a man). The friendship with gay guys always con
  4. I can tell you think very deeply about things 💖
  5. Sure did, I don’t spill a drop unless I want to! 😆
  6. It’s a traffic hazard! Causes driver distraction! I am sure a lot of people experience it. Especially those who drink coffee while they drive long distances!
  7. Very practical. I used to pee into a cup in my bedroom when living with my parents as my Dad didn’t like the lights being turned on at night time for bathroom visits. Luckily I had floorboards so mess was easy to clean up.
  8. I have a 1 to 1.5 hour drive home from work. I try and stop drinking coffee in the afternoon, to ensure a comfortable drive, but it doesn’t always work. Being a female it can be harder to hold on than guys. I just know that one day, I am going to wet in my car, because the traffic gets so bad in rush hour, and I can’t stop for a bathroom break, as then I can’t easily get back on the highway. Who else goes through this, what do you do to get through it, and have you ever wet the driver’s seat because the traffic just WON’T MOVE?! I make the music louder to take my mind off it. I mean it’s a ni
  9. Long skirts that cover your whole legs are good. But I like tights too, to stay warm, so I keep those on. I can pee as I cook in the kitchen, and nobody knows, and kitchen floors get dirty anyway. My kitchen has a breakfast bar surrounding me so people can’t see what I am doing. It is better to do that than have to go to the bathroom and burn dinner! Don’t you think!? Who else pees in the kitchen or laundry while doing housework?
  10. Do you keep score? How many rounds does it take to win the championship? 🥇🥂
  11. Need more. She needs another place to trash and piss on.
  12. Really well said 💖💖💖
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