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    As a child I used to dream about freely peeing anywhere. I see this relationship with pee as something spiritual, perhaps something you are born with. They say that you can never destroy energy, it just changes form, and perhaps that is the fascination with drinking the powerful element of water, that becomes part of you for a short while, and then is released to become part of the earth once again. I think it is the freedom aspect of it that appeals to me….

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    Freedom you feel when it wets your clothes.

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  1. Such a wonderful thought to imagine your nonchalant pee as you pedalled …and the wet trail you left. Lovely. 💚
  2. Oh I forgot the humiliation /degradation one, that is on my list too in a subcategory under being dominated. But, only by the right people, of course. 💚❤️‍🔥 😉Mmmm and the language/accent one is mine too.
  3. Perhaps @Bacardi has some more hardcore kinks than I? Or do I win the weirdness stakes? Basically things that push the boundaries and that aren’t mainstream seem to have the most significant effect on me. Whatever is the furthest from vanilla, you know? And that is what brought me to the pee kink. It has always been with me. It is an anti-social, messy, embarrassing kink to have, involving something that is very private. It involves people being open, honest, vulnerable, and losing control. And sometimes suffering a bit with desperation. I guess that is what appeals to me.
  4. You may be surprised at some of these, Maclir, as they might not seem to fit with my positive, peaceful, spiritual personality, but…I guess I can blame some on a particularly intense relationship I had with a bad boy years ago, who had a big impact on me, and some of these I have developed since being here on PF. I have some people here on PF whom I deeply adore and have had the privilege to become close to them and build up trust and openness, and they have helped me figure out and develop my kinks. It has been amazing to get back in touch with who I was, and what I was into before I go
  5. On a more erotic/weird note (this is peefans after all) sometimes I just don’t feel like breathing which makes it easier for me to provide a BJ, especially in the shower. I grew up between a beach and lake. Was always in the water so holding breath became quite normal. Being submerged or having water running down my face feels very normal to me, and breathing becomes secondary, and in the heat of passion the water element takes me over and becomes everything. And I hope I can get to the stage with my husband that pee can be an element in passion too in these situations. Water and pee
  6. I am a pacifist. I hate arguments. I will do anything to avoid them. just want to love everyone, as you guys know. I have a big heart and being a Mum, very nurturing and supportive.
  7. Drove the family car first, a station wagon with no power steering and crappy air conditioning. Had a cassette deck in it. Then eventually got a little Barina. Loved it. Had so many adventures in it, with the Spice Girls turned up full blast!!!
  8. Dance music I like Joel Corry, Becky Hill, Pete Tong, Deadmau5, and whatever I hear in the radio driving the car! First concert was American band Morphine, in the front row (do we still call it a mosh pit?). The lead singer looking directly in my eyes as he played his bass guitar. At the end of the show I stole the set list and got to shake his hand. A bass player’s hand is so muscular. 🥰 Favourite cover song is the Bowie song, The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana. Kurt sings it with such reverence and respect for it.
  9. Favourite musicians…..David Bowie, the Beatles, Cold Chisel (Aussie band), INXS, BTS, Bjork, Moby, Lady Gaga, the Spice Girls, Fatboy Slim, Endorphin, Stone Temple Pilots, Morphine, Blur, the Verve, Elastica, John Mayer, Queen, Michael Jackson, Primus, Greenday, Jeff Buckley, Jamie Cullum….so many. I like dance music too. I will answer rest later.
  10. Well, thanks Goose! I used to work with a lady whose Dad used to work for the airlines, and she used to travel first class on planes. It sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to soak up the luxury of sleeping in the sky in a bed (as opposed to the awfulness of cattle class Economy), with all the lovely food and wine they get, and being completely looked after by the flight attendants, in your own private space. Be nice to just sit in that first class bed, getting my breakfast brought to me, and not worry about using my ensuite. Having a nice, relaxing pee in my bed after I finished my
  11. Of course. I mean you have the same taste in men as I do, so, obviously, you’re in. 🥰
  12. I’m all in. As long as all my favourite people are all in too. Sounds wonderful.
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