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    Married female, but bi-tendancies
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    Sit in front of a computer, dreaming of the beach.
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    40’s but act 25
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    As a child I used to dream about freely peeing anywhere. I see this relationship with pee as something spiritual, perhaps something you are born with. They say that you can never destroy energy, it just changes form, and perhaps that is the fascination with drinking the powerful element of water, that becomes part of you for a short while, and then is released to become part of the earth once again. I think it is the freedom aspect of it that appeals to me….

    Oh, I wrote some stuff…






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    Freedom you feel when it wets your clothes.
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    Most has been virtual, with my Pee Fans friends, but I loved waking up early one day, walking into the shower cubicle, and asking my husband to piss on my favourite tee shirt.

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  1. I know what you mean. I wish I could kiss everyone! I feel like I am creepy and awkward sometimes around an attractive woman. It can be difficult to relax.
  2. Yeah, I don’t want mods banning Chrissy from PF for inciting pee vandalism. A bin, potplant or mug is definitely safest. Her boss would look silly getting her in trouble for that. But if she wets his chair or carpet he might make her life hard, so, we need to protect our Chrissy from mean dicks like that. But she can have a little harmless satisfying fun to a point.
  3. We really do need @Kupar ‘s professional opinion on this matter….
  4. Mama Midori does not want to have to fly to London to bail you out of trouble, wonderful naughty Chrissy, so I think Papa Goose’s suggestion is safest!! With sister Bacardi’s suggestion as a close second!! I just picture him or a cleaner walking in while your arse is exposed as you water his plant! And you turn around and make a peace sign, yelling “Girl Power!”…😆
  5. Goose always comes up with the goods! I love it! 💚💚💚💚💚
  6. Though my pee-flavoured coffee was lovely the other day. ☕️
  7. Although….it is my birthday month, so I deserve lots of sexy presents and presence. 😆😉💞
  8. Oh yes, I would be fully melted! And completely blissed out to the core. I actually saw this video a while ago. But yes, ladies first. You are more of a lady than me. 😉
  9. But Micky, you’d make it taste better! 💕 and it would be a whole lot more fun.
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