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    Hi - I'm an art model, former pole dancer, and I cum and pee for thirsty men and women - it's what I was born to do :) My fluids are mild, and slightly sweet, as my diet is super healthy, and I drink tons of water all the time. I also ship my juices fresh to anywhere in the U.S. You can see more at TasteMyPee.com :)

    What my drinkers say:
    “…I must say your pee is amazing.”

    “… it was delicious. I drank it while watching some hot porn. I loved it. Can’t wait to order more.”

    “Taking a sniff of your pee, the aroma was just perfect. I carefully took a taste of you. Better than any flavored water I have had. The aftertaste lingers and I like that it does. It is incredibly addictive. I savor every mouthful. The color is just as it should. I watched your peeing video to imagine this savory and satisfying liquid exiting your lovely cock. I truly believe you have a beverage sensation at your disposal. I will have a number of drinks the rest of the day so as not to lose its intoxicating taste.”

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    The taste and consuming a delicious, hot person.
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    My girlfriend and I drinking each other's bladder dry...

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  1. I used to wear thongs and jockstraps all the time as a pole dancer. Loved it, but liked going naked even more when I was allowed 😀 Now I just wear bikini underwear. As for comfort, I think they can both be fine, and while the thong may take getting used to, it feels so hot to constantly have it clenched between your cheeks (and people picking it out with their teeth).
  2. There are lots of threads about peeing on things, but what about those who simply love drinking pee - their own, or others? Or how about those who love peeing into the mouths of those who crave it? I've never been into peeing onto things (or degradation, domination), but savoring it as a fine nectar from someone? Totally! It's a highly underrated treat. And there are so many great recipes for mixed drinks that could be served to anyone (knowingly).
  3. It can be done, but it's expensive. I have a process that works very well and pleases a lot of drinkers :)
  4. I LOVE drinking a woman's nectar and being drank, too - some great experiences with that!
  5. YES, AllThingsWorn is great, and for guys, there's MaleThingsWorn. I sell my pee drinks there.
  6. That's delicious! Such hotness and thank you for sharing :)
  7. Really love this! Consuming someone you lust after is so hot - and making yummy drinks from them - a whole new level...
  8. It's so tough finding sites that aren't blacklisted, malicious, or sketchy with a bunch of crap - almost like the people who build the communities don't care. Love PeeFans, Fetlife, Sharesome is cool, but with a problematic backend. And Pissboi is great for gay watersports.
  9. It's always lovely when people thoroughly enjoy your taste. How do people describe you? People tell me I'm like a mild, subtly sweet tea.
  10. I’ve peed for so many thirsty men by now, and I’m truly honored. I’ve had regular drinkers off and on, but my first was an older man in Indianapolis, daddy type, whom I’d met on Craigslist about 10 years ago. Those were the days – lots of pee drinkers on there! I’ve always got a lot of water in me, so he had me come right over. I took off my clothes with my tanned, toned and slender form. I laid on my belly and he spread my cheeks, sniffed my slightly musty hole and tasted and kissed me. He plunged his tongue deep into my hole while I gyrated and moaned. He held my hips and flexing buttoc
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