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    I love the feel of pee, the taste of pee, watching pee porn and being peed on
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    My ex peeing all over me and my funiture. Tell me you love me will let you pee on me any where all the time you want

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  1. I've had that fantasy for some time too. But my ex could never get hard n pee at the same time while inside my butt he would just pee from the outside of my butt
  2. One time me and my ex. Went to the strip in Vegas. And paid alot for their beer. After we paid strippers to take pics with us and drink alot of beer. We went to the garage. We both got in the car but he said he had to pee so he grabbed his big plastic beer cup got out of the car in peed in the cup .the cup was huge and I just sat there watching him piss long in hard in the cup. I asker him could I see it cause I want to drink some he passed it to me while still standing outside the car. And I just started drink it like I was thirsty. I was chugging it. And my ex was screaming at the top of hi
  3. Oh and the sleeping one I watch videos of a womans boyfriend peeing in her mouth or on her face while she asleep it's so hot
  4. Lol I'm the same way I've had had pee sex. But I'm single now and miss a man peeing really hard unto my face making me can't breathe make me gag peeing on me while I try to move my face. And letting him pee on my face real hard till I can't take it. I miss a man coming to me fake crying holding himself and telling me he got to pee. I miss a man being on top of me inside me and moaning while he crys that he bout to pee in me. I miss a man peeing on me when he wants rather I want to do it or not. I miss cleaning up a man piss off my floor and my couch and bedroom and bathroom. I miss letting a m
  5. That doggy style fucking sound so good! But fuck doggy style. I want to be fucked in the butt right in public lol I'm so nasty
  6. If I was her I'd give you head while people watched
  7. Yall should've done it while atlesst a few people can see hahaha I get off on being dirty
  8. I know this is not a pee experience but I tried to put this in the ask question page and it wouldn't go through Would yall do this! I have pee sex but not outside and I like this place in particular I'm a good girl but deep down inside I want a man too take me to a similar spot like in the video and piss all over me deep down I want it like this in dirty places or in the male bathroom lol https://www.xvideos.com/video55281093/bbc_piss_outdoor#show-related
  9. This a blast from the past and over several years ago when I was with my ex. He came home from doing some handy work. He came through the door and as soon as he did. I told him I wanted some dick. And he was telling me he has to wash up. I said but I want some now don't worry about washing up. He told me he haven't washed up in weeks. I said so what I don't care about that I want some now! So next thing I knew I was on the floor bent over with my head on the edge of the bed and he entered me from behind fucking me doggy style. Next thing I know he gets all up in me till I feel his balls on my
  10. Yes it's the hottest wettest experience ever
  11. One day I had pee sex with my boyfriend at the time I can't say how it lead up to it. But this time it was my turn to pee on him. We were in our second bedroom with no bed. He laid on the floor I sat on his face and peed in his mouth. Then I squatted over his neck and peed. Then I peed all over his stomach. Then I grabbed his dick still squating over it aiming my pee stream at his dick hole until my bladder was empty Then I kissed him in the mouth and licked and swallowed my pee off his neck. Sucked my pee off his stomach and his dick. Then he looked at me mesmerized and told me how beautiful
  12. Would yall let me suck your dick like this? https://www.xvideos.com/video59582517/venom_evil_-_geyser_vomit_tourist_deepthroat I puked on a man before but sucked it off before he noticed it it wasn't that bad
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