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    I have a huge piss kink and I love the idea of pissing in dirty places, floors, indoor places, places you're really not supposed to.. I've had a watersports kink for as long as I've known. feel free to send a message

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    naughty peeing and golden showers
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    pissing on myself in the bathtub

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  1. Today I was feeling particularly dirty so I drank as much tea and water as I could and set on a journey for a walk. By my house there's some private trails about a 10 minute drive. So I thought it would be a good place to try pee play! When I pulled up, I was so nervous I almost peed myself early lol. But I grabbed two towels and walked about 5-10 minutes into the woods until I found an open field. I put the towels down and stripped completely naked except a white t shirt because I wanted to stain it yellow. I then got into position and I was certainly not pee shy- immediately I started gushin
  2. I haven't done pee play in literally years, the last time I did I think I Peed down the stairwell four years ago. Today I power pissed off of the island in my kitchen onto the floor into a bowl that lasted about 45 seconds and it was such a huge, messy puddle. The second time it was over my toilet and it splattered all over my legs, the toilet seat and the floor. The third time was outside when I was going for a walk in the park and I've been by a tree took off my shorts squatted down and power pissed all over the grass . It felt really fucking good and I want to piss one more time. Where shou
  3. these are some of the hottest videos I have ever seen. I am in complete awe of you-how far you can reach, the shades of yellow in your piss, the intensity, it's all so beautiful. big fan.
  4. indoors for sure! i live in an apartment with a loft upstairs it had really high ceilings with a windy staircase. the other day when I really had to go I spread my legs over the edge of the staircase fully. I let go the most relieving gush of piss that spattered all over the hardwood floor , soaking it all over with my warm piss. the puddle kept growing bigger underneath me and the piss spatter was getting all over the floor. with the high ceilings the sound was incredible. i kept pissing and pissing, I had so much inside of me so I started to aim down my stairs and see how far I co
  5. Hey! I'm a shy lurker here but interested in chatting about my kink. I've been holding it in for a few hours! let's discuss where I should release my stream.
  6. hey everyone! so this might sound a little weird but for my birthday, as someone with a watersports fetish, I wanted to allow myself to urinate somewhere really really special. i really want to know your recommendations! i am aiming for something public, and I am thinking about possibly renting out a hotel and marking it, or maybe I should just have fun at home? but the problem is already have so much fun at home. just last week, i rushed home from work and was purposefully holding for over 3 hours. i had planned an idea for home. i ended up sitting on my kitchen table, letting go a huge gush
  7. I've been on here for a couple hours now letting the desperation build up and now I'm really really desperate. I'm tempted to spread my legs and let go off of the stairs and hear my stream fall to the hardwood on the floor but I also love pissing on myself, the couch, anywhere. please give me ideas the dirtier the better!
  8. I've never experienced anything piss related in real life but I am so beyond fucking desperate to. Every single day I play with myself to the thought of getting pissed on by either one men, a group of men, a woman, whoever. every day it's a new fantasy. Today I was thinking of just casually resting on my bed and someone whipping their cock out and letting go all over my tits and cunt while I'm sleeping. Yesterday I was thinking of someone just casually resting their cock on my face standing above me and letting go, feeling it stream down my face and drip down my nipples and soak my clothes.
  9. anyone down to sext right now? or dirty talk? I love talking about the filthy places I've pissed, exchanging stories and role-play
  10. I love to piss anywhere that I'm not supposed to, but my favorite is when I'm at the park. I love to sit down in a skirt with the skirt spread around me and my panties and skin on the grass. I love putting something over my lap and feeling myself squirm and then letting go a long and powerful piss stream right there in the ground underneath me. I love feeling the piss fill up my panties and the thrill gets me off so much. what's your favorite place to pee?
  11. I've been a fan of this site for two years now and decided to finally make a profile. I'm a young girl who's heavily into watersports and finding places to pee, the dirtier the better. let's get to know each other!
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