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  1. A video from a couple of weeks ago. On a Sunday morning I felt that my bladder was pretty full. Therefore I had two more coffees and waited for some time, and then I tried to draw a heart with my pee 🙂 I hope you like it! Peeing a heart: https://thisvid.com/videos/drawing-a-heart-with-pee/
  2. Reminds me of a specific south park episode, where Britney Spears is caught pissing on a ladybug.. 🙂 I think the vote does not work really well, because after selecting "No" you still have to fill out the other three questions. I never intentionally peed on a bug. Insects are pretty robust, but I don't know if they'd survive my pee stream? 🤔 Anyway, Britney spears pissing on a ladybug:
  3. @swekiss: So you pissed standing against the walls of the corner I guess? Wow that's a fucking lake of piss that you released there 😳😊👌
  4. Maybe this fits here. When it's dark and you have to pee, then just pee in the middle of the road 😇🤷‍♀️ Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/2HNtVPCw
  5. I just found a video from I think about five years ago. Long time ago this was my video on xtube.com with the most views. I was out all night long with some friends in a pub watching champions league. I had four pints, and when I arrived back at home I had to pee 🙂 Video: https://www.erome.com/a/PIc75cri
  6. Looking forward to a giant @swekiss super puddle after peeing when you are bursting to go 😅😇🌊
  7. Wow that's hell of an impressive puddle! 🔥💦 Very sexy! It looks like you pee with a very powerful stream based on the splashes all over the wall 🙂
  8. Yes, exactly! Thanks for finding it! I always like when the peeing topic is featured in commercials. The "peeing a lot" topic in this commercial I particularly like 😊
  9. Youtube just showed me a fun commercial for "Air Up" (this water bottle thing with flavor added through some pad that emits some scent just to trick your nose / brain such that the water gets some taste) featuring an attractive woman taking a long pee (i.e. she actually is still peeing at the end of the commercial) 🙂 I just googled and tried to find a video of the ad. So far I just found the male version of it, I guess some people will also like it (2nd video): https://www.youtube.com/@tresbien.agency/videos And I hope they will add the female version soon 🙂 It is funny, I
  10. @KylieK that's really sexy! So hot to see your huge bladder holding so much! That's a lot of "ammunition" for a giant piss when you finally go and relieve yourself! 🔥🖤
  11. I think that's at least a very interesting plan! I'd be really curious about what ideas others come up with. I don't really have any really good ideas, but I can try: Maybe, you could introduce the topic with talking about some people that have to hold their pee for a long time (say, actresses with fancy dresses during the Oscar event, or nurses/doctors that are too busy to have time for pee breaks, etc.). And then ask her if she could do this? Or, another completely random idea (based on one story that I have heard from friends that long time ago played a drinking game, with the r
  12. Once again I had a rather full bladder that was nicely bulging out 🙂 I decided to relieve myself by pissing all across the room in a high arc. I hope you enjoy the video! https://www.erome.com/a/f6fbG1dd
  13. I tried again peeing in a similar position (it seems people like this..😅). What kind of animal do you think is it this time? I added some relaxing music to this rather long pee. I had a pretty full bladder because I imagined that I was an animal that really thoroughly wanted to mark it's territory with a lot of pee. I hope you like it! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/URew07Y0
  14. As someone who earns money with coding, I started to use chatgpt and then gpt4 pretty much since it was available (i.e. in December 2022) in my work. Coding was from the beginning one of the tasks where LLMs absolutely excel. Coding / software engineering really has changed quite a bit. It is not only that AI can code / implement things (usually much cleaner and faster than any human coder), it is also that I discuss more "strategic" things (like software design, what technology / library / algorithm to use etc.) with the AI. For the implementation part it is really nice, because AI can n
  15. Did not listen to this song in a long time, but that's some really good memories from long time ago 🙂 The whole "Invaders must die" album is amazing, really interesting and intense stuff 👌
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