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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Haha yes after this absurd idea about a research institute for high pressure urodynamics crossed my mind I immediately liked it a lot, and I had a lot of fun writing this stuff. The thing is, there is some draft for chapters three and four. Jessie's situation as well as the story itself become kind of complicated. As a little teaser, we will get to know the NASA top engineers and scientists responsible for safe urination in space, and Jessie and her superbladder will prove to be a serious challenge for them. Right now I feel like I would like to continue writing thi
  2. Yes, very long time ago (over ten years I think) I found a trailer for that Japanese peeing video. I loved the trailer, and I remember that back then I tried to search for the full video (unsuccessfully). After that I never again found any references to this video.
  3. That's great to hear! Then I will start to upload these videos again, and I'll also think about creating some new ones 🙂 @long+desperate: I can guarantee you that I had a pretty full bladder in all of the videos that I will post 😉 I hope that there is enough pee to convince you that this was the case! First batch of four videos (more videos will follow soon): https://www.erome.com/a/imKy24DL
  4. Wow, there are some really creative ideas. I could think of two fun devices that I would like to have: 1. a watermill that generates electricity, i.e. you pee on it, and the generated electricity lights up an LED light. Or maybe multiple lights, depending on how powerful your pee stream is? There is not really any purpose of this device obviously, but I would still like to have one, or watch other people using this 🙂 2. a game controller for some not super fast game. For example it should be possible to play a really slow version of "Snake" with peeing inputs? Four input funnels, if
  5. Some time ago, when xtube.com was still online, I uploaded around 40 videos (or so) of myself peeing to that site (under the account digital_dreamz). I really enjoyed creating the videos, and also getting feedback from the xtube community was a lot of fun. Some time ago the website was shut down. I thought that this is kind of sad, because I had a lot of fun there. However, I never really bothered to re-upload the videos anywhere else. I recently noticed in this forum that there is some interest in men powerpeeing, and powerful pee streams. While my pee stream is by far not "the most stro
  6. The Jessie Lewis situation - Part 2 The next couple of weeks continued to be very busy, with numerous training sessions where Jessie practiced her space walk missions, as well as simulations of different phases of the travel to the ISS. The next training was a six hour test simulating the final approach to the ISS. The astronauts were fully dressed up with their space suits. The test went without any problems, and afterwards the six astronauts climbed out of the simulator and went for the undressing. Jessie undressed herself out of her space suit, while suit technician Fiona Smith was obs
  7. The Jessie Lewis situation - Part 1 Dr. Jessie Lewis (age 32) Jessie made it through the NASA astronaut recruitment program. She is a mechanical engineer and was selected and trained for spacewalk missions to perform a number of difficult maintenance operations at the international space station. She is scheduled for her first trip to space in six months, a mission to the ISS for performing important maintenance procedures. Already as a child she discovered that she could hold much more urine than anyone else. Nowadays, her close friends are aware of her peeing capabilities, and fr
  8. I'd like to share a story that I started to write last summer, but I'd like to give some "context" before. At some point, I had googled some scientific literature about certain medical topics related to our fetish. I got particularly interested in so called "urodynamics" studies, where in some cases the peeing of healthy individuals was studied scientifically (including volume voided, flow rate etc.). A couple of days after I studied these things, I got my second Moderna shot. I did have some of the normal side effects, i.e. some temperature, headache and general dizziness for about 1.5 days.
  9. Really interesting topic! I usually don't pee into pools (don't know why exactly), however I do pee into the sea, lakes or rivers. I never thought about the back pressure. I guess according to physics, the back pressure should increase if you pee further down below the surface? Right now I would like to try to dive to the bottom of a pool (maybe at 2.5 or 3 meters or so) with a full bladder, and try to pee there to find out if this actually increases the back pressure..🙂
  10. A couple of years ago I had a discussion with a very attractive (European) girl, about women's toilets in Japan. Her statement was "it is much easier if you wear high heels". I found this statement super interesting, but there were lots of other people around, so I could not really start a detailed discussion about her peeing habits. I replied "ah, so then you get a better angle?", and while asking I indicated with my finger a slightly downward trajectory and then a slightly upward overshooting trajectory. She laughed and replied "haha, yes". Probably she just meant that it was "easier" to pee
  11. I think I found a new hobby 😉 When reading Kupar's very interesting post about "Releasing in sync to music", I immediately remembered that I always wanted to film something similar to this. Back in the "good old xtube days", I enjoyed to film pee videos from time to time, and one of my plans was to potentially play guitar and simultaneously pee. I never put this into practice, because it seemed rather hard to implement, I also never thought in detail about how to put this into action. Peeing in sync to a song or to a music video seems to be quite a bit easier and like much more fun! I rea
  12. Wow, this is really naughty! Very nice! 🙂
  13. Very hot pics! Ha now all of us boys and girls feel horny too, good job! 🔥😊
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