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  1. Wow very impressive, that looks like there is an ocean of pee inside of your huge bladder! So hot! 🔥🥵😊⛲
  2. Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) A new video! Last weekend I thought I'd try once again with Rihanna's banger "Only girl (in the world)". I really love the video, Rihanna is so hot.. 😅🥵 I tried to do this performance some time ago, but I never was 100% happy with that first try. I think this one is a bit better. I really waited until my bladder was really full to create a nice pee performance for this epic song and video.. 😉 I hope you like it! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/UMKNEABF
  3. I noticed that my total view count on erome.com is approaching 100k.. 😳😊🥳⛲ Then I checked out of curiosity the numbers of other prolific video creators of peefans.com.. 🙂 I noticed that Kupar and I had exactly the same number of views, just a bit shy of the 100k (to be fair, on my site there are three videos of girls peeing that have 11k views in total, so in reality Kupar is definitively ahead of me..). 100k views sounds like a lot! I feel like this is reason to celebrate this milestone in some way. Are there any ideas for nice pee-related celebration activities? 🙂🥳🎉 Kupar ( @Kupar
  4. I tried again, this time with a really full bladder 🙂 Sadly I failed again with properly filming at night. It is actually worse than my first try.. 🙈😅😞 I upload it anyway, maybe someone has fun guessing how the pee stream actually looked (my bladder was really full and I peed a pretty huge arc, believe me.. 😉 ). I'll try again soon, my aim is to eventually film some proper powerpeeing stream at night. Fingers crossed.. 🙂 Link to video: second video on the following page: https://www.erome.com/a/6PN6Isz0
  5. Hello! I thought again about what is the best way to do outdoor peeing and I came up with a new idea. This is a first test of this (actually it is not yet quite the intended setup but somewhat similar). Anyway, a couple of days ago it was full moon and I felt like that's a nice opportunity to go for a night hike. I made preparations such that my bladder would be rather full during the hike. It did not take that long and I felt some need to pee. I thought that's the perfect opportunity to find out if I could create reasonable pee videos in the dark. I then peed and felt very relieved
  6. Just in case that you like puddles on the forest ground I took this picture of the aftermath. I created a small lake 🙂😇
  7. I was on a walk through the forest and felt some need to pee. I sneaked into the bushes and found this nice spot to empty my bladder. I tried to use the other cam to record a pov of my piss, but I forgot to start the recording.. 😅 (I was a bit distracted because it was quite "busy" in that forest and I was hearing voices from other people in the distance, so I was not 100% sure if my pee spot was private enough..). I hope you like the video! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/ucSZ0XdP
  8. Some time ago I recorded this video. Image quality is really bad, but at least it is quite a lot of pee (my bladder was pretty full) and a nice arc (if you can see it). I hope you like it! 🙂 Link: https://www.erome.com/a/GYj0mdWm
  9. Hello! I recorded this video a couple of years ago. After a long day in the office without bathroom break I had a full bladder and took a relieving underwater piss into my bathtub. It created a pretty nice yellow cloud. I hope you like it! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/pGUGIWer
  10. @jmatthews1995 sounds great, have fun! And yes for me it is also finally the weekend after a rather busy week. The weather here is really hot, that's how I like it 🙂 I plan to have a full bladder later tonight and to potentially go for recording a peeing in public video. Let's see if I can make it work.. ⛲
  11. Some time ago I took another walk to that same location to take my good night wee at that nice location 🙂 This time I tried to film my pee stream with a camera from above, I think it worked out reasonably well and it gives some kind of pov perspective. I guess I did not have to pee quite as much as in the last one, but it still created a pretty decent puddle 😉 I hope you like the video! Video: https://www.erome.com/a/2XJDKXgw
  12. @Sonnenschein Wow that's very impressive what you did there! Congratulations on your first pee during an online meeting! 👌🙂
  13. "Drone boning" is an interesting concept. I see lots of potential. They found some really nice spots for their "activities". This would work also excellently with peeing. Time for our favorite video producers to up their game 🙂
  14. Wow thanks for the nice comments! 🙂 Really happy to hear that you had a umm.. good time watching it! 😉🔥
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