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  1. Wow this one is incredibly hot!! Thank you very much for this amazing contribution! I particularly love the mega pee stream that she is releasing, definitively appropriate for a hot secret agent girl from a movie! Btw. I'm sure she'll manage to extinguish the explosive with her massive pee stream. I'd say she is rather thinking: "Luckily us Bond girls never pee, therefore I have a ton of pee saved up in my super full bladder and can easily extinguish as many explosive fuses as I wish" 🙂
  2. Very very nice work! Your drawing skills are really amazing! 🤯 Somehow I never noticed the thread with your pee-related drawings, I just checked it out and the pee-related drawings are obviously great too!
  3. (Haha it seems I'm not the only one in this forum that is feeling super horny today lol!..) And yes, I also for some reason enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder (not always, but quite often when I'm horny) 🙂 @Girllikespee: It would be great if you keep us updated on how you proceed with your full bladder! Anyway, enjoy the nice feeling!
  4. Fantastic pics, super hot!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Powerful stream, huge puddle, so hot! Thanks again for these great pictures! 🖤
  6. I just saw the pictures you posted last week. They are amazing, your pee stream is so powerful and you seem to have perfect control, this is so hot! 🔥 Very nice from you that you waited until your bladder was full, to give us this impressive show! ..and yes, I think that girls peeing standing in general are super hot, especially when they deliver such a spectacular stream! 😋
  7. That sounds really hot, I'd love that. I also hope that one of the next James Bond movies will feature a scene like this, where the girl gets locked down and rescues herself with the help of her pee stream! 😅
  8. Great work, very hot scenes! I love the soldier one and the pilot that cannot stop peeing! How about a girls distance peeing contest? 🤔🙂
  9. Hi Spy! So great to have you back! We're all in love with you and your amazing effort to create great content. We love your character, your creativity, craziness, and of course also your amazing pics and videos! 🔥💛
  10. Amazing video! Holy crap this is some seriously huge and powerful piss stream, so hot!
  11. Hi Nattie! Great to have you as a new member! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun in this forum! Btw. I find it awesome that you are into holding, this is super hot! 🙂 (I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this opinion)
  12. The hottest thing in the world for me is watching a girl who likes being watched. Peeing for someone who likes to watch is super hot too.
  13. However, I was hoping that at the end of the video we would see the teacher piss a huge 3 meter arc all across the bathroom perfectly into the urinal or into a toilet.. 😉
  14. There you go (I think I posted a link to it somewhere else, but I guess it is much easier if I just put it into this thread as well). https://www.erome.com/a/b4jZf0cS Enjoy!
  15. That's a very nice view! Again, thanks for these nice pictures! 😋

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