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  1. Flooding my apartment 🙂 Today I felt really horny and wanted to create another pee video with lots of pee in it. Therefore I held my pee until I really had to go. At that point my bladder was pretty full and I felt well-prepared for a decent pee video. I then just peed a stream across my apartment. It felt really nice and it was a lot of fun to create the video. I hope you like it! I added it to a new page on my erome profile: https://www.erome.com/a/G7D851fH
  2. After reading the linked story, I think I have to go with the super hot Marilyn Monroe. This story is just amazing, I'd love to have Ms. Monroe blasting her massive pee stream all over myself 🙂
  3. Wow really impressive list! Maybe peeing over something that is burning, like peeing into a campfire, peeing out a candle (or lots of candles)? 🙂
  4. Hi RainGod! I really like the idea of piss marking 🙂 I also to some extent like piss vandalism, but I also kinda don't want to bother anyone too much with my actions. Do you have any ideas for piss marking / piss vandalism, I don't really have any personal experience with this. I'd be interested to hear about different piss marking / vandalism scenarios, ranging from "rather harmless" to "really crazy" 🙂 With respect to the topic, I really like the idea of taking a "revenge piss", i.e. if you don't like someone or have a problem with someone, then to take a huge piss on their pr
  5. I took a quick piss in my shower. I hope you like the frontal view (slowed down to 50%). I'll probably at some point also add a video with the view from above. Link to video (you have to scroll down to find this video): https://www.erome.com/a/Ix7jdFLN Enjoy!
  6. I really like pee and I also like physics.. I found this video quite interesting. It is a somewhat absurd idea to try to create nice peestream-like shaped streams without actually peeing.. 😅 And the video raises important questions, e.g. 1. most importantly, what shape is your pee stream (and who can do the spiral stream?) 2. here we have of course much more possibilities than on youtube.. 😉 can we beat the pictures / videos of artificial pee streams with real pee streams? 🤔
  7. Thanks! Glad you like it! However, the story is about the video that is linked in the post.. (Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/qiNyb348 )
  8. I guess that many of us have encountered situations during home-office time when they got stuck in teams meetings and calls. I guess that most of us actually love the situation when there are external factors that make you hold your pee 😉 This is a video of a pee that I took after being stuck in a very enjoyable way, in a call with a very attractive co-worker. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you want to know the detailed story, see below. I am sure you would have done the same, and waited with your pee until after the meeting, am I right? 🙂 Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/qiNyb3
  9. Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago. I tried out my new light and that seems to work really well. However, I was not so happy because I did not successfully start my second cam, so I did not record a side view of my pee. Link to video (second video on that site): https://www.erome.com/a/gDz0ypuk I was really surprised to see a small amount of pee-induced steam / fog close to the ground (or is the steam just video/image artifacts?). This was after going to a concert and drinking there about 2.5 liters of beer (it was a pretty hot day and therefore I needed a
  10. I don't know exactly, but I'd say the pee arc was more than half a meter above my head, so maybe somewhere around 2.30 / 2.40 m ? I know that I can reach the ceiling in my bathroom / shower which is a bit less high than the ceiling in the rest of my apartment, I think at around 2.40m, so that's probably more or less the height that I reached here, too. And sorry I did to take pictures of the aftermath. I think I was too busy cleaning up the huge mess / flood that I created and forgot about documenting it.. 😅 But you are right, if I had to guess I would say that the main puddle of pee was
  11. I decided to do another powerpiss video to find out how high I could pee 😉 Therefore, I waited until I really had to go, and then pissed in a high arc all across my apartment. Link to video: (first video on the page): https://www.erome.com/a/Ix7jdFLN I hope you like the video!
  12. Two weeks ago I had some fun with a rather full bladder that was nicely bulging out of my belly (a bit). I released all that pee in different ways, first peeing the left leg of the jeans, then the right leg, then again the left, and in the end I sprayed the rest of pee into the air and over my body. Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/jIlkcmKU I hope you like the video, I had a lot of fun creating it. Here are some bladder shots, can you tell which ones are full and empty? 😉
  13. Hey Sophie, thanks for the write-up of your experience! Sounds like you took a really desperate pee and delivered a great peeing show! I really love the concept of "peeing (desperately) and delivering a show for others to enjoy"!
  14. That's actually very good, I have to go to bed anyway.. 😅 Enjoy and have a nice evening everyone!
  15. Very hot! There will be lots of pee pee flying through the air! 🥳☔❤️ In my personal preference wetting is nice, but I prefer unhindered streams of pee flying through the air 🙂
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