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  1. One day during the break over Christmas I was randomly watching youtube videos of my favorite "youtube musicians". I also felt pretty horny and then decided to watch a cover of the really cool song "All the things she said" from when I was young. I always liked the song and I also enjoy this cover version. When I listened to the chorus I suddenly had an idea for a video.. 😂 I hope you enjoy the video! It took me pretty much all that afternoon and part of the following night to edit together some of my pee videos (I think I went to bed at 2pm and was still not completely done). However, I
  2. Haha very interesting! I'm hoping for an (at least) one hour long in depth lecture on boiler technology 😈😇 Anyway, I hope things go well and you have lots of fun being desperate during your boiler discussion!
  3. Preparations for an Epic NASA Mission - Part 2 After Joanna had left, Jessie decided to get another cup of coffee to help prepare her bladder. The rest of the morning was uneventful, at 11:45 she went for lunch with the other crew members. They were discussing all kinds of aspects of the new situation and about the engineering challenges for NASA. After finishing her lunch, Jessie got herself another half liter bottle of water and downed it. Nathalie: Thirsty today? Jessie: Haha.. Joanna told me to come with a full bladder to the appointment. Nathalie: Ahhhh!! OK! And, i
  4. Part 2 - Preparations for an Epic NASA Mission Preparations for an Epic NASA Mission - Prologue What happened in part 1: NASA discovered a mission-threatening problem for a planned mission to the ISS to perform crucial and time-critical maintenance. NASA learned, that mission specialist Dr. Jessie Lewis, who was selected to perform the most difficult part of the spacewalk-requiring service on the ISS, has an extremely large bladder. This is mission-threatening, because due to a scientifically not yet understood phenomenon called the "Strahler law", urine production in femal
  5. Wow, so hot! You can aim your pee into a bottle? That's really impressive! 😳🥳
  6. Hi Layla! Welcome to this amazing website! Really great to read your introduction! It all sounds so familiar, peeing against a wall or a tree and releasing a full bladder is just so much fun (and so sexy)! I am sure you will find many very nice people here that share exactly this fascination 🙂
  7. If you all like dicks so much, I have a dick too 😅🤷‍♀️ ..and I tested it this morning, it works! 😉🥳
  8. @GenericUsername Yes. However, there is also a fourth option.. 😉 The advantage is that you save time and can multitask, the disadvantage is that you afterwards have a puddle potentially "everywhere", depending on how much you have to pee and how much you multitask. Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/WD7VOF4h (scroll down to fourth) (this is a repost, but I thought the video fits well here))
  9. @LovesToWet @Mark3981 @Kupar @sillyme @Adyguy6970 Thanks! I'm really glad that you like the videos!
  10. Thanks a lot! Really glad that you like it! However..There is a third option: just say f*ck it I don't care 😉 You can just give in to the fact that it is for physiological-geometric reasons absolutely impossible to urinate into an appropriate direction and therefore just go like this (see below). Depending on how full you bladder is you may end up with a very substantial puddle on your bathroom floor, though 😂 Enjoy! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/WD7VOF4h (scroll down to third video..) (btw. sorry, sound is very low, that's my fault, and for some reason also the pic
  11. Hi lengajesytec! I was really surprised how much pee I had in my bladder for the Paramore video, it felt kinda unreal to let out that huge stream at the end. The "peeing in sync to music" videos are certainly among the videos where I pee most. I think this is for one that I am really motivated to hold a lot to do a nice pee performance, but maybe also because it usually takes a couple of extra minutes to set up things (set up cameras / light, laptop, then open youtube and find the music video, and then when you are really bursting and think now it is finally time to pee wait a bit more to watc
  12. Anyway.. Here is more! Very serious cases of morning wood together with a very full bladder may require some elegant "planking" over the toilet 😉 Enjoy! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/WD7VOF4h (scroll down to second video..)
  13. Glad that you like it! I actually don't remember too many occasions where I really woke up with a full bladder and a boner (to be more precise, boner yes sometimes, full bladder rarely, both together even more rarely). I have to say (even if it destroys some of the "fun"), that these pictures here are a bit "fabricated" in the sense that it is not directly after waking up (but rather after drinking some water/coffee and watching some porn.. 😅).
  14. Morning wood and a full bladder 😉 Enjoy! Link to video: https://www.erome.com/a/WD7VOF4h
  15. Hello all, It is currently pretty cold in central Europe, and therefore I really wanted to do some outdoor piss video. Last night I decided to go for it. At around 10:30 pm I felt some need to pee. I prepared a large cup of tea to warm up and to fill up a bit more. After drinking the tea I grabbed my phone, camera and light and went for a quick walk towards some small nearby forest area. It was probably around -5°C / 23°F, maybe even one or two degree colder. I noticed that the streets were super empty, while walking towards the forest area I saw very few cars and less than a handful of p
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