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    It feels so good to piss outside or in naughty, but not harmful, places inside. I love the feeling when I’m so desperate and my hard stream almost vibrates my pussy as I release it. I love the hissing sound a woman’s body makes as she pees and the masculinity a man exudes when he’s standing to piss against something. I love to see the piss pooling and it running off in rivulets. Despite this being a long-term kink for me, I have rarely so much as pissed outside. I’m more into imagining than acting on it for fear of being caught (even in the middle of nowhere), but the feeling of my pussy spread open in a slight breeze as I squat down outside to pee is bliss.

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    The sensation, the naughtiness, and impression of absolute closeness of a couple who can pee together, the kinkiness of pissing onto someone else’s wet spot or having them cover my spot
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    I have an unfinished basement and, very recently, found myself home alone. There is a section of the floor that is broken and I will be filling with new concrete in the coming days. I was absolutely bursting to pee and walked past the bathroom to head downstairs. I went to the room with the broken patch of floor and rubbed my wet pussy while deciding how I wanted to do it. Taking off my pajama shorts, I stood with my hips tilted and shifted my hand so that, instead of rubbing my fingers spread open my cunt. My piss stream was hard against the old wall making an amazing hissing and splashing sound while it hit and ran down to the broken floor section and soaked in. My stream was more forceful than I anticipated and it hit the edge of the room’s doorway which caused a bit of my piss split off and spray onto the floor of the not-so-hidden hallway to the garage. I knew it made it riskier that my live-in “it’s complicated” guy to find, but it felt so good I just let it splash all over that area too as I released one of the longest pisses I’ve had. The sensation on my pussy made me wild and I had no choice but to cum within minutes. Side note: it’s a bit entertaining to know that anyone who may buy my home in the future will have my piss secreted away under a concrete patch in the basement forever.

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  1. I googled it and I think it means they are saying I’m right. I may just be biased though 😂
  2. “Masculinity” isn’t toxic. “Toxic masculinity” is toxic.
  3. I’m here to celebrate piss 🤤 I understand where you are coming from with this perspective. I think it would be seen as unacceptable in either case if there was no valid reason. There is a hierarchy of issues here which, primarily, are the social contract that we use the restroom designated for our sex (or, in progressive areas, gender). Medical necessity, including sanitary conditions and prevention of UTIs, trumps that social contract almost universally. We all know that parasympathetic, really all autonomic, nervous system functions are functions we can only control to a
  4. I woke up eager to pee again, grabbed my coffee and phone, and headed outside. I pulled my lawn chair up against the wall of my house and faux-casually aimed away from neighbors. Since fully indulging my kink, I’ve recorded as many as possible. It’s been only a few months, but the dozens of videos I’ve collected bring me so much pleasure. I recently was looking through unpublished albums and some experiences I’d completely forgotten already. The reminder was like living them anew and fuck it turns me on just thinking about it. So, as I do, I put my camera out where I could catch th
  5. I woke up this morning peacefully right at sunrise. I could feel my bladder and the mild pressure it radiated to my pussy. I needed to piss, but not urgently. I could have gone back to sleep, but I hate a missed opportunity. I slipped my pajama shorts off and wrapped up in my soft robe before going in the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. While it brewed, I drank some water. My mouth was dry from sleep and the cool, wet drink was refreshing while also reminding me about the pleasant tingling I felt just below my clit. As I poured my coffee into a mug, I was thinking about where in my yard
  6. It was exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. I wish I could start every morning like that
  7. I hope I’ll get a chance. It felt so good
  8. I woke up aching to piss this morning. My lower abdomen was slightly painful and my urinary opening was pleasantly tingling from the pressure of not releasing. It’s a beautiful morning here. The sun is fully out though not yet bright, so I took off my pajama shorts, popped on my fuzzy robe, and went outside with my coffee. As I’ve mentioned before, my yard has no privacy. The closest I can come to it is if I somewhat hide in longer branches of shrubs along my front porch. So that’s what I did. I took my coffee and sat in my lawn chair with my robe pulled out from beneath me. I positioned
  9. I’ve been super busy and not often alone, but I had a couple minutes today to sneak behind a garden wall https://www.erome.com/a/UJolEOYx
  10. The other day, I made use of a nearby garage, and it felt fucking amazing https://www.erome.com/a/BYQSStgZ
  11. I was driving home last night when I decided there was no reason to wait. I pulled off in a secluded area and had a lovely piss https://www.erome.com/a/K2oqbBOT
  12. A few days ago, I woke up early but the day was already bright. I needed to pee but knew I’d not be able to sneak away, so I cracked my window and used my funnel to relieve myself https://www.erome.com/a/A34DJGnW
  13. Still working from my car in this beautiful park, I needed to pee again so I walked into the woods a bit and saw a pine tree. I’ve always wanted to piss under a pine. They smell lovely, the ground is all smooth with the long needles, the underside of the tree is easy to walk into, and there is still decent coverage. After another pee where my labia interrupted my stream, splitting it into two, I noticed I’d sprayed an old crumbling tissue (shown in the bottom left of the picture). Maybe one of you was here before me? 😘 https://www.erome.com/a/P6tmQZBH
  14. I woke up this morning bursting to pee, but I had no fun options at hand. I decided to hop in my morning shower and rub myself a bit while peeing before I washed up. The moment the cool water hit my skin, my willpower gave in and my bladder released a wide, strong stream of pee before I was even ready to play. It felt wonderful anyway. After that, I decided to work in a park for the morning. I’d been drinking iced coffee and water and just as I decided it was time to pee again, cars began pulling in. It took maybe 30 minutes before the lot cleared out again, so I took my opportunity http
  15. I agree and plan to experiment with how far to spread them etc (too far and it’s messy too) in relation to how much force I use. In any case, I’ve been really enjoying recording myself for my own future pleasure when I can’t sneak away for a fun pee and if I’m holding my pants in one hand and my camera in the other, maybe I need a volunteer to hold my pussy 🤭
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