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    It feels so good to piss outside or in naughty, but not harmful, places inside. I love the feeling when I’m so desperate and my hard stream almost vibrates my pussy as I release it. I love the hissing sound a woman’s body makes as she pees and the masculinity a man exudes when he’s standing to piss against something. I love to see the piss pooling and it running off in rivulets. Despite this being a long-term kink for me, I have rarely so much as pissed outside. I’m more into imagining than acting on it for fear of being caught (even in the middle of nowhere), but the feeling of my pussy spread open in a slight breeze as I squat down outside to pee is bliss.

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    The sensation, the naughtiness, and impression of absolute closeness of a couple who can pee together, the kinkiness of pissing onto someone else’s wet spot or having them cover my spot
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    I have an unfinished basement and, very recently, found myself home alone. There is a section of the floor that is broken and I will be filling with new concrete in the coming days. I was absolutely bursting to pee and walked past the bathroom to head downstairs. I went to the room with the broken patch of floor and rubbed my wet pussy while deciding how I wanted to do it. Taking off my pajama shorts, I stood with my hips tilted and shifted my hand so that, instead of rubbing my fingers spread open my cunt. My piss stream was hard against the old wall making an amazing hissing and splashing sound while it hit and ran down to the broken floor section and soaked in. My stream was more forceful than I anticipated and it hit the edge of the room’s doorway which caused a bit of my piss split off and spray onto the floor of the not-so-hidden hallway to the garage. I knew it made it riskier that my live-in “it’s complicated” guy to find, but it felt so good I just let it splash all over that area too as I released one of the longest pisses I’ve had. The sensation on my pussy made me wild and I had no choice but to cum within minutes. Side note: it’s a bit entertaining to know that anyone who may buy my home in the future will have my piss secreted away under a concrete patch in the basement forever.

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  1. I’ve thought about it. I just am surprised there isn’t anything on the market other than absorbent blankets considering how much attention squirting has gotten
  2. I would love a sex toy that would also capture piss so no mess is made. I imagine it to be like a vibrator with a mini wet vac or a suction cup dildo to ride with some sort of silicone reservoir that drains to a bag. I just want to be able to feel piss leaving me any time without the actual piss making it wet, cold, and messy.
  3. Needing to pee is such a distraction and it isn’t as though we can avoid it, so it frustrates me when I’m trying to get something done, need to piss, and end up horny and unable to focus. Today, while working,I pissed in a cup at m desk again. It wasn’t anything as thrilling as I wanted it to be and I ended up so bothered that no work was getting done. I needed to scratch that specific itch and my body wouldn’t let me ignore it. I almost immediately needed to piss again, but figure my pussy was just sensitive and not actually in need. But I just couldn’t shake it. I went into a storage area of
  4. I’ll try to find some time soon to write a few out
  5. I have had some peeing adventures since last posting here, and I will try to detail them if it’s wanted, but I had to pop in the say how I love Starbucks cups. I am not interested in urine drinking, my own or others, but I can’t help chuckling whenever “that first sip feeling” is stamped on my piss. https://www.erome.com/a/sPDH5wt7
  6. I’d love it if I caught someone pissing and they seemed to welcome it or if I stuck around when they casually pissed near me. I would also love pissing in front of someone if they seemed interested, curious, or completely comfortable telling me something like just piss here or I’ll cover you etc. Unfortunately even when these situations have arisen, I have always avoided it out of embarrassment or fear of them suspecting I was too into it. I have been caught twice now and hated it both times. One was an ex who was like “…so, uh, is this what you …like ?” and another where the guy saw nothing o
  7. SAME! I go to the extreme to be away when a friend does this. There have been literally probably a hundred times where the person I was with would have just pissed next to me but I left to “give privacy.”
  8. I was thinking this too. It is the professional approach and realistically will appear the least guilty. If she asks any follow up questions, you can just say it wasn’t about her and leave it at that (like your cousin ___ keeps calling you when she’s on bathroom breaks instead of just waiting to call at the end of her workday). You can imply with your tone and demeanor that your “yay” was sarcasm. She can’t force you to admit it was about her, but it currently appears to her that she should be uneasy and you might be a threat. Women are often conditioned to be extra vigilant about their s
  9. This cracked me up. You two are made to be friends 😆
  10. If we’re on a hike or similar and someone attractive mentions peeing, I almost panic like fight or flight mode 😅 I feel guilty for them turning me on with something so personal but, to most, nonsexual. Like if someone’s tit is hanging out, they know people view it sexually but someone needing to piss won’t assume that so I always feel like I’m violating them just by knowing they need to piss and are eyeing the shrubbery. I overcompensate and wait like a mile down the path lol
  11. This is so fucking sexy I can’t stand it
  12. That is my favorite to watch and my favorite to do. Just a simple, low crouch strong piss
  13. This is so funny to me because I definitely resemble this and thought it would universally be the least preferred but still put some vids online. Every time I post one I wonder why I’m doing so since it’s not What “anyone” would seek out I am larger than chubby, but I certainly make messy pees sometimes 🤣
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