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  1. Yes I do. Go in unisex bathrooms
  2. I get turned on by smell used pads from girls pee in them. I can get instant hard on if I find one
  3. Just back up your videos and put everything on X.
  4. It's been weeks now. She never has said anything about it or anything.
  5. Does anyone get really turned on by thier crush or someone else saying the world pee when they have to go? It's such a turn on for me
  6. Yeah she still hasn't said anything and its be 2 weeks. She always holds her pee til she is desperate and leaves of the office fast to pee. I think she didn't care about the message but who knows
  7. The last 2 days at she is telling me she has to go pee alot and messaging me in Teams she has to go pee before doing something. Standing next to me at my desk telling me she has to go pee. My friend and I think she is trying to set me up. I'm going to stay low. I do wonder if she is into pee because how she acts before this. My friend and I switch to different app to talk about things so that won't happen again.
  8. @Darlene first day back to work and nothing got brought up and she acted normal. I'm hoping I'm in the clear but my luck nope
  9. I still don't know if she read that part or anything. I'm still nervous and anxious about it.
  10. All I said was yay I heard (name)in the bathroom again. It wasn't really dirty.
  11. I called into work so nothing yet and my friend didn't get talked too about it yet. I'm really hoping she forgets about it
  12. It was Google message so there is no undo. My boss will be in tomorrow at work with me. In the same office .
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