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  1. In the end... no one would have been happy... Weither there was a ladies only room and no mens only room. Or a ladies only room and Mens only room. There would still be people complaining that that is only trying to 'segregate people'. Though I don't know how since the rest of the forum would stay the same. Free to all genders. In the end the voice was clear. gender separate only rooms would have been a bad idea. Men would have complained that 'it's not fair that girls have a room only to themselves. you can't lock guys out' even if there was also a mens only room. People would have complained either way, no matter what. Freedom is important to a lot of people on here. They don't want to feel restrained or feel like they're somehow 'missing out (discussing makeup, ladies clothes and periods)'. they want the freedom to post whatever they want anywhere in any thread. And girls want the same freedom as well but more men have an issue with this than the ladies do. Maybe they think if girls had a separate thread they'll somehow start bashing men. Even though in reality having two separate gender only rooms is as 'equal' as you can be. There would still be people angry and against it. Even though also in reality it honestly means no harm. Having two separate gender rooms wouldn't make any of the other threads any lesser value and men could still interact with women and women could still interact with men in the other threads. This tiny suggestion I made really got blown out of proportion and people were so quick to take offense to it. I thought adding on that there could have been a 'mens' only room would help. But people still were pissed. I feel like the majority of men here don't want to feel like they're being excluded, no matter what even if they also had a place for themselves. Girls having a room where they can talk amongst themselves about personal girl stuff and what not and not have to feel worried that a guy will come in and start asking questions about their personal lives or asking for opinions/advice... not that that's a bad thing. But maybe some girls want a break from that in just 1 separate room. But guys don't want to let girls have that, even if they themselves had a room to themselves. To them it's still 'not fair' and 'not right'.
  2. when i posted about what I went through on an omorashi discord server I wasn't saying that people were harassing others on here. I meant more like the deja vu part was that just like the Omorashi discord server where i had made a suggestion to bring more ladies to the server and make a ladies only private room on the server and got bashed for it, that's what i experienced here. Both instances i ended up feeling horrible about trying to bring more ladies to 'something'. Just like on the server... people got mad at me about my suggestion. And still no one is trying to argue against the opinion i have that a majority of members on here would be against me or someone else posting any gay watersports videos or any gay photos/videos. That lesbian stuff goes over fine here, but chances are gay stuff wouldn't. No one's said, "Gay stuff would be fine. You can post gay photos/videos." i think no one has said anything about my opinion because it is true. That there would be drama if people started posting gay videos or photos. No one really wants to touch on the topic because it would cause drama. I think i have given my email address to any and all members on here that would like my email.
  3. I am giving out my email address privately to those that wish to keep in contact with me after i leave. I'm not sure how to deactivate my account when i'm ready. Is there a button i push somewhere. I checked in settings and profile. I didn't see a deactivate button.
  4. Right. It is hard to just suddenly get more ladies here. I totally agree with that. Maybe I would have been better to suggest a 'Guys Room' thread and a 'Ladies Room' thread. I don't know. But still i think people would have argued and disagreed with me about that as well. I still don't feel like a LGBTQ room would go over well on here either. Gay videos/photos would get bashed. Lesbian videos/pictures would be welcome. That's just the nature of the beast. If i went right now and posted something about liking gay men in the sex and porn thread.... Could you honestly tell me that that wouldn't get bashed? Or if i posted a link to a gay video that people wouldn't react like they were uncomfortable with it or that it was weird or wrong or disgusting. The fact that people were so quick to bash a 'ladies room' idea and not even saying, 'I'd totally be cool with that as long as there was a 'guys room'.' really speaks volumes. The overwhelming hate about a ladies room in general just floored me. Like no room for discussion... a big no. No room for compromise...a big flat out no. No even attempt to see my point of view on there from the other members...the livid anger I got in response to a simple idea and legit i just made a simple post about nail polish and girl magazines. really hurt me as i was just trying to help this site. i would have had nothing all wrong with having a guys room. And i'm sorry i didn't add that in the main post. The vibe is just very skewed. I'm sorry Admin. I'm sorry Spy as well.
  5. My recent post has brought up some deja vu feelings and has left a sour taste in my mouth. I had this feeling a few years ago when I was in a omorashi discord server... It was me, two other girls and 15 to 20 men in there. I had asked the discord server owner if there had ever been more girls... they replied that some girls joined in the past but left... because anytime a girl joined the guys would make a huge deal of it and scare them off. So I wanted to help bring more girls to the server. I tried to make suggestions about making 'girl topics' in the server or a female only side chat in the server. The owners shot the idea down quickly and all members got mad at me. I left and still to this day there's maybe 2 or 3 girls in there and the rest are men. Things never changed in that server. A few days ago people said in response to my 'let's get more girls here'. that there is a general hesitation for women to express their feelings about watersports. they tend to feel more embarrassed about it. I'm a helper at nature and wanted to find a solution to help. But unfortunately my solution backfired. Here's the thing....as long as i've been a member of pee fans...which is about 2 years now i think... things have stayed the same. It's been majority male members and a few popular female members and other female members that don't post anything at all. The men here worship the few popular females. I feel the majority of this site is okay with the way things are, hence why this hasn't changed in two years. People love Spy and a few of the other ladies that regularly post. And the majority of people here wouldn't change a thing. The majority of people feel that in general we don't need more members here of either gender. That the gender ratio and amount of members we have here is perfectly fine and not worth changing. If this site isn't going to progress to at least try to be more equal and are so against at least making an attempt to have more ladies here then this place isn't for me. I feel like what it boils down to, is this site only loves the regular popular females. This may seem harsh but i honestly feel like it is true. People here don't want change when it comes to bringing more ladies here or helping the ladies that are unactive here, to become more active. Yes there were some semi active ladies that have become more active recently but the fact still remains. There's still a LOT of ladies on this site that aren't active at all...ever. Add onto the fact that new female members aren't really joining. And still that's a small amount ratio compared to active men. Fact: Majority of members are okay with the amount of active men here. Fact: Majority of members are okay with the amount of unactive females here. Fact: Majority of members worship a few active females here. Fact: Majority of members here are okay with the amount of members we have here. I wasn't asking for a complete overhaul of the site. I know this site never truly could be 'equal'. But i feel like any idea/plan etc to help more new ladies join and be more active is going to be met with reluctance and refusal because I think change scares people on here. People have been okay with how things are for two years. To me that seems very 'old school' way of thinking. it's disappointing. I really don't think it's a mindset I went to interact with. I wanted all genders to be represented here. Heck I was even going to suggest a LGBTQ photos/video room. A place where people could post gay watersports photos/videos or lesbian watersports photos/videos. I feel like this site would be okay with the lesbian stuff but not be okay at all with gay stuff. That really is the vibe i get from a lot of people here. Weither you like it are not, there are LGBTQ people here and i don't know if they'd really feel like they have a place here. I've honestly never seen a video or photo on peefans of two guys peeing together. Yet I have seen photos/videos of two girls peeing together. I know the Admin has done a lot to try to make this place better and maybe someday I'll come back. If anyone wants to reach me I can give you my email privately. I did participate in the survey. If I do end up winning you can give the gold to someone else.
  6. I love Spy don't get me wrong. Spy is a wonderful member of the site. But no one should feel that 'Well we have Spy. She equals a hundred women so we don't need any other women here.' Clearly i'm getting the vibe that the majority of members don't want more women here. That they are fine with the overwhelming amount of men and 1 woman that posts a lot and a few others that post a bit. If that's peoples opinion then fine. Have a meat fest with only a few ladies being worshiped.
  7. UnabashedUser What about a 'Ladies Only' room offends you personally? How is having a 'ladies Room' on peefans going to affect your time here on this site? How would it change your activity on this site? Even though it's a room that wouldn't interest you and you could just ignore it. What motivated you to be so quick to say 'NO' to the idea. If you weren't so offended you wouldn't have shot it down so quickly and you wouldn't have accused me of sexism if my idea didn't hurt you. Clearly it touched a sore spot. If you weren't so offended you wouldn't have 1. called it sexist. 2. claimed I was only giving women 1 place to post and 'locking them in a room' (which is false). If a girls only place didn't bother you so much you would have ignored my post and went about your day. But you felt so angry about my idea that not only did you not ignore it... you didn't just say 'I don't agree with this.' you claimed it as sexist. then made up a false statement. I mean you didn't say, 'Can we have a guys only room.' you specifically targeted the idea of a girls only room. Male and female equality aggravates you doesn't it? Men and women getting equal pay. Coverage for birth control pills bother you? Feminine issues don't really fall as important under your radar? I mean if this is how you feel about womens issues that's your opinion. Can't change that. But the decision of what happens on this site isn't up to you. It's up to the mods and the admin. They will collectively decide what happens on this site.
  8. Nope didn't even suggest or hint that women should only be able to post in that one thread. LOL I'm a girl myself. Why would I myself suggest a change where there's only 1 thread for women to post in and no where else. That would be shooting myself in the foot now wouldn't it? I meant on top of the threads etc that women already post in the rest of the forum to also have a place for themselves. Besides the 'Ladies only' room would be about makeup, magazines, celebrities, and girls clothes. How many men here are wanting to discuss that anyway? You're taking my idea and exaggerating it. The idea isn't to help the men here. The men here already have clear voice on this site. the issue isn't men. Men shouldn't feel 'threatened' by this in any way what so ever! It was supposed to be an encouraging idea to bring more ladies here! This isn't about men. It's about women and giving them more options here. To be as welcoming to females as possible. Sorry that a ladies only room along with the other threads women have already is offensive to you even though men clearly dominate this site and have for quite some time. I am just trying to make a change. But if you want only men to run this site from here on out and be so quick to be 'hurt' by my suggestion then i guess I see where you stand. Yes there's no rules stating women can't post anywhere on this site but this 'freedom' isn't helping bring more ladies here. We want more ladies here. And changes should be made to encourage more women. Again, men can totally create a male only room. But since you didn't suggest that and are clearly bashing a ladies room.. i mean hey i don't want to divide community this either. But i also don't want this place to be testosterone filled. Instead of even considering giving this idea a try your twisting the idea around to make me look like a bad guy. Putting words in my mouth that i never even said.
  9. I didn't realize people would be so against a separate thread for ladies. You don't think at all that having a ladies only room might possibly help females feel like they have more of a presence here? Nothing at all stopping guys from making their own if they want to. The majority of posts on this website are made by men, with men replying. One of the main things that could help this site honestly is more of a female presence then there is now. I would imagine that mods/admins would want to really try whatever they can to bring more ladies here. To help ladies feel more comfortable and like they have a place here. So quickly bashing this idea, instead of saying 'Cool. Let's have a guys separate thread too.' also reeks of sexism.Not even giving my idea a second thought. Just completely throwing it out the window especially after my post 'Let's bring more female members here' got so much positive feedback. So many men already know and feel comfortable to be here. Yet so many women join and feel too nervous, anxious to post... not even photos but just...anything. I hope the site does whatever they can to help women feel more comfortable here. Changes really do need to be made if the site wants to even become somewhat close to 'equal'. There is already an issue with women not feeling comfortable with expressing their sexual side of watersports interests. Some may not like the 'suggestions/changes'. But maybe it's what this site needs to bring more girls here. Cause trust me... men far out number women here. And not to say a 'ladies room' would make a huge difference but... not wanting to really do anything to change the inequality here and just leave things how they are.... won't help this site at all.
  10. Since there is an overwhelming male presence on peefans I thought it would be nice to have a girls only area. I really like this idea and I think some female members on here would appreciate it. I think it would bring the female members closer together as a form of unity and women empowerment and help self esteem. A lot of time girls make posts that do not become 'popular' they get buried in general chat. To have a 'regular' separate thread for just girls i think would be awesome! And help other girls feel like they are equally represented and encouraged to be here.
  11. I do great if it's in the 70's or low 80's. Low humidity.
  12. With my chronic lung disease... it's rough either way... If it's below freezing... I can't take a deep breath outside without my lungs hurting and getting out of breath very quickly, within a few moments of outdoor air. If it's above 90 degrees with humidity or even above 90 without humidity I can not take a deep breath outside. I get out of breath very quickly. I become very weak.
  13. I made a suggestion like this in the recent survey and I was thinking if I started it myself and it did well then maybe there can be a permanent area for ladies in the forum. Not as a 'sexual' topics thing but just as a general ladies area. We can discuss things like makeup, female health, celebrity gossip, girls clothes etc. This isn't a place for men to really ask questions to women. Though I could start another thread like that if guys want. This is more of just a very women focused thread. Question: How long do you typically keep nail polish? I've had some nail polishes for years and I'm not sure if i should get rid of them. Comment: I went to the book store last week and I noticed how many cool magazines they have now for young women. There was a span of a few years where they had barely any magazines for young women. I'm talking like..teen girls/twenties. They have neat magazines now that focus on creativity and positive moods. It's exciting! I remember when I was a teenager I'd get YM, Teen, Seventeen and Sugar magazines.
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