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    Hi there. I'm 34. I love crafts and nature.

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    Peeing into cups. Desperation.
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    When i peed a little over two cups after a 'hold' with people years ago.

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  1. Blackinksoul30

    Pissing as a foreplay

    I don't think my hubby has ever massaged or licked my clit when i had to pee.
  2. Blackinksoul30

    Pissing as a foreplay

    I really want my clit massaged or licked when my bladder is full.
  3. Blackinksoul30

    The new girl :)

    Thank you for the kind welcome. *HUG*
  4. Blackinksoul30


    Aw hi there. welcome
  5. Blackinksoul30

    Do any songs arouse you?

  6. Blackinksoul30

    Do any songs arouse you?

    Boys 2 Men 50 candles 'I wanna sex you up' 'You're making me high' 'Touch it' 'Peaches and cream' 'Sweet sexy thing' Simon Curtis 'Flesh' 'Pony'
  7. Any songs get your motor going? Get you 'in the mood'?
  8. i rarely 'randomly' get horny... usually it's due to a video i'm watching or pictures i'm looking at. or if i'm in the car and i hear certain songs. but if i'm in the car, then i wait till i get home to play. i prefer to be in the privacy of my own home.
  9. Blackinksoul30

    Anyone like to cook?

    I love to make home made mac and cheese. chicken noodle soup. hot pockets (not the frozen ones) but using croissant dough and filling it with cheese and pepperoni.
  10. Blackinksoul30

    Ladies please answer

    That contest sounds fun. Distance.. feels like a powerful thing.. like..there's a sense of pride when you can pee far.
  11. Blackinksoul30

    Hello community!

    Aw hi there. I am a girl. Welcome to the site.
  12. I've met a few. Good Charlotte, O-Town, Mest, Tyler Florence, one of the guitarists from Savage Garden, two guitarists for Adam Lambert, and some other non famous folk singers, Jodie Sweetin. Met my fav singer last year(non famous glam rock singer) and he was so
  13. Blackinksoul30

    Peeing the bed

  14. Blackinksoul30

    What hobbies do you have?

    What do you like to cook? How is the PS4? My hubby is thinking about getting it.
  15. Blackinksoul30

    Feel free to get to know me

    Yes it is nice here. I just haven't been on it that much. Sometimes i'm not sure what else to add in the forum. Plus i've been busy with moving to a new place.