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  1. Or put a jug on top of toilet seat and aim with one hand and hold phone with other?
  2. Hi Jake and welcome 😀
  3. Just give it a go? A ledge or a shelf against a wall? 😀
  4. That would make a great vid! Rest your phone somewhere, dick one hand bottle with the other!! 😀
  5. Haha! Afraid so... Just how bad is it???
  6. 40 seconds but ideally 1 minute. It's bad for bladder control to go to often!! 😀
  7. Totally normal. It relates to the bladder structure 😀
  8. Also I think, if really desperate, after consuming a lot of fluids, the kidneys reduce production, until after the bladder is empty, so the bladder may start to refill within a few minutes of emptying? 😀
  9. Pretty much in one go normally but if really desperate, then I can pee a decent amount after stopping and starting Also when P*****, an awful lot of pee seems to be released after if that makes sense? 😂😂
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