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  1. My suggestion, and again as others have said, it took me years to start posting video content, is what have you got to lose?? I was so amazed by the positive reactions that I got when I first started posting videos!! I’m not super thin or muscular, I have an average length dick- the only USP I have, is a larger than average bladder, and that ability to keep holding when I am very desperate- neither thing I saw as a big deal- but people loved it! The pee fetish community is very warm and accepting, give it a go and see what happens ? πŸ˜€
  2. It’s a 3rd party video sharing site- google it πŸ™‚
  3. Nice pics! Need to put vid onto something like Erome which you can then link to the post πŸ˜€
  4. Well done! And I am slightly hard from reading this!! 😏
  5. Yeah agree, be so desperate that it will be a choice between pissing outside or wetting your pants!! Assuming you don’t have super good control or a massive bladder lol πŸ˜€
  6. Let me see the vid and I will respond!!
  7. https://www.erome.com/a/JupGnfJ6 a request from a mate! Hope you enjoy 😏
  8. Would love to have seen a video of that desperate piss!! πŸ˜€
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