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  1. Or so up tight about some dude seeing his dick, risks wetting pants in the car?? 😂
  2. But what if these factors apply and it's not a services that offers this annoying choice? Get back in car and drive with bursting bladder to the next one? 🤣😜😃😉😂
  3. Just don't get it? If somebody is really bothered they would just use a cubicle?
  4. How did you manage to keep holding? Did you ever think. You wouldn't make it? 🤣
  5. Yeah I think it's some Welcome Break services? As someone who thinks that men shouldn't be shy at the urinal I find them really annoying! 🤣
  6. Very desperate to piss! Anyone want to help me hold? 😃
  7. You have to upload to 3rd party site such as EroMe, and then post the link on here 😃
  8. Nice! Think that's 650ml though!! 😁
  9. Is there nowhere in the garden that you could discretely piss?
  10. Sounding good! Hope you don't piss your pants? 😜
  11. Tried to do the gallon a day think a few times..you feel.really good but involves lots of pissing haha
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