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  1. Still impressive! 😜 Would love to see sometime
  2. You pissed for 1.5 minutes! Wow..Big bladder! 😀
  3. Please make a video next time! I love measuring Vids!! 😉
  4. https://www.erome.com/a/6cZmCDIW Enjoy
  5. Currently desperate for a piss in bed..going to find a tree to water when I take my dog out shortly 😉
  6. Haha what can't let go long enough? 😜😂
  7. You would need to wear mens undies first...😉
  8. It will make the hold even better! I promise 😂
  9. Why don't you film yourself peeing for 10 seconds but then you have to stop, drink more and keep holding
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