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  1. This is lovely. So you piss while sitting right next to your family?
  2. For me now i have realised i need someone who is not just reluctantly partaking in my kink but actually into piss etc. My ex wife and I ended it 7 months ago and while there were a whole host of reasons for that I think a lack of sexual similarities played a big part in it. This could be a little too deep for this normally light hearted forum but...does your partner have a piss kink? If so, fantastic. If not, are you happy with your partner although they do not want to do the naughty things you do? Be honest. We are all anonymous after all.
  3. Lovely. Youd be fun to drink a bottle or two of bubbles in the spa with
  4. I agree its quite exclusive with the seperate category at the moment.
  5. Love the thought of u holding ur dads pissing cock. Do you ever get droplets on you? Is he ever erect?
  6. Lying on the couch. Feel like drinking my piss. Probably saturate the couch though, oh well
  7. A lot of delicious looking cocks here guys.
  8. Im a straight male but love watching men piss and would lick the tip afterwards 😛
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