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  1. Yea dude im really not into mattress protectors at all...
  2. Ive done pee play in a few parks. Best was when i was walking home from a friends house feeling horny and really needed to pee...it was dark. I stripped naked and pointed my cock up towards my mouth and drank my entire load while just off the path in the park, was delicious. Highly recommend. Very freeing
  3. Love unprotected mattress pissing. Self pissing in bed is a lot of fun. Heavily stained mattresses really turn me on
  4. Yum. I love pissing on myself. Since i was a teen ive enjoyed it. I enjoy getting fully naked outdoors , preferably public and pissing straight into my mouth, drinking as much as i can but also making sure theres enough to cover my skin so i can rub it in and smell like piss. 🥵
  5. Super hot. Invite him over to drink beers all night hehe. Id let him do as he pleases...hope u would too.
  6. Delicious. Love drinking my own piss. How often do u piss in ur bed
  7. Hot! Ive stopped using the toilet now. I pee on the carpet and walls toooo!! Its amazing. I often drink my piss too usually straight from the source in bed. But its so nice pissing on the carpet, and then stepping thru it and getting the urine all over ur feet and ties....absolutely lovely.
  8. Going off the side of the bed on to the carpet is a staple for me now. I love waking up in the morning and feeling the urine in between my toes as i walk thru my own piss. I never use the toilet at night now.
  9. Amazing. God that turned me on reading that. Sleeping in puddles on ur own piss is so hot. Love a good pissy pillow too. Having that smell and taste on your lips must be amazing. Can i come over? Lol
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