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  1. Im a straight male but love watching men piss and would lick the tip afterwards 😛
  2. I identify as straight but god damn i love looking at all these cocks!!!
  3. Is anybody from New Zealand and /or know of a pee community forums or groups based in NZ?
  4. I would love to come piss in your bedroom with you
  5. Almost every girlfriend ive ever had has been ok with doing some pee related stuff. And upon reading various topics on this site and others ive come to realise that is pretty uncommon. Ive had 6 partners in recent times and all of them have been ok with being peed on, a bit of drinking pee etc etc. Ive had some wild piss moments over the years but the one i masturbate most to would be my girlfriend when i was 22. I used to go over to her parents house to stay the night with her. She was 19. We would get to heavy petting but my favourite thing to do was point my cock up towards both
  6. If my wife left me for Andre i would get it! Look at him! Im not even gay and that cock is amazing 😂😂
  7. Love the stains. Specifically on the pillow which indicates you love a good mouthful
  8. Hey guys, So ever since i was a young teen i have absolutely loved pissing on myself. I have always drank my piss in the shower and have also peed all over myself (sometimes with a partner, sometimes not) while in bed many many times. Going to sleep in warm piss with a lovely taste of urine in my mouth is so comforting. How common is this??
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