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  1. I’ve done some landscaping work, and whenever I work with my dad in the yard I’m always pissing on something outside. When I did landscaping work I’d try to hide behind bushes, or against the fence or even behind sheds. I’ve also done painting work while a house was being built and sometimes I’d take a leak around the house. In the unfinished closet, the basement, where there was insulation going in. Wherever I needed to relieve myself honestly.
  2. My girlfriend needed to take a piss while we were in the living room. She was in a frisky mood and suggested that she give me head while she squats on the carpet. I stood up in the middle of the room and unzipped my jeans. She took out my semi hard cock, took off her pants and squatted while then taking the head of my cock in her mouth. Suddenly she was swirling her tongue around it and I heard a loud hiss splashing onto the carpet. She kept pissing and pissing, creating a huge puddle. She kept sucking my dick and when she finished peeing we moved to the couch so she could finish the job. Once
  3. Mmmm what a beautiful sight, a sexy manly thick cock taking a leak
  4. When I was young my babysitter and her boyfriend liked to spend a lot of time outside with me. This meant if any of us needed to pee we would be going outside. When I was young I didn’t really know how to pee on trees and such. So her boyfriend would demonstrate and show me how to pee and aim on walls and trees and plants. Eventually I got the hang of it but still we would all pee in the yard or park when we needed to go. The female babysitter wasn’t shy about showing off her pissing pussy either.
  5. Two women went to go see a movie at the drive in theater. A blonde named Jeanette and a red head named Claire. They were childhood friends who were very close. The movie was going to be three hours long and they brought a lot of snacks and beverages to accompany them. About twenty minutes into the movie Claire says that she needs to use the restroom as she needs to take a piss. But doesn’t want to leave and miss anything because the movie just got started. Jeanette tells her she doesn’t mind if she pissed off the edge of her seat onto the floor. Claire is surprised but pulls her shor
  6. We went to a small independent garden shop and walked into the greenhouse when my girlfriend needed to take a piss. She had a dress on. So this made it easy for her. We walked down an aisle and she stood to the side, faced a few potted plants on the ground, moved her dress slightly out of the way and pulled her panties to the side and sprayed piss into one of the pots.
  7. I went golfing with my dad. He had several drinks and had to piss frequently. The first time he needed to go he had me pull the cart over to the side of the golf course and he got out, unzipped his pants and took out his cock and balls, then aimed his shaft at the tire of the cart. His stream was steady and strong. He continued like this for a good thirty seconds or more. Next I needed to go for a piss. We were at one of the courses and no one seemed to be around. I took out my cock and just pissed in the grass. Later when my dad needed to go again, it was near one of the s
  8. For me it would be the park, or beach, or the occasional fitting room. I’ve done it at outdoor concerts and parking lots. When I was a younger kid I once peed on a tree at the zoo lol. But typically I’ll take late night walks and if it’s dark out I’ll piss on a telephone pole or the sidewalk.
  9. My dad would often take me outside to practice my aim on trees and the side of the house. I was encouraged to pee outside while playing out there.
  10. Corner of the living room, closet in my room, outside next to the car
  11. I had a woman in her 30s babysit me as young lad. She would take me swimming in the pool in our yard, or we’d play outside. One afternoon she desperately needed to piss and I was having fun playing. She got up from where she was sitting and pulled her shorts down and started tinkling on the grass in the backyard. I can still remember her nice slightly hairy pussy and how pink and puffy her lips were.
  12. Yes he has many times. Whenever he’s out there building something or even re organizing and needs to go he will take a piss on the corner. He didn’t say anything when I relieved myself there. He’s told me I could piss there before when I was out there helping him.
  13. My dad and I were doing yard work at my parents house getting their backyard ready for the summer. We were doing some landscaping around the shed and the above ground pool. My dad puts the shovel down and starts to unzip his shorts while we are working on the garden around the shed. He pulls out his cock and starts pissing on the shed wall. I needed to go for awhile now but was being pee shy. I took this as a sign. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and aimed it at the wall and we both pissed side by side. Later in the day we decided to fix some shelves inside the shed. I was desperat
  14. My gf got home from work while one of my gamer buddies was over he was in the bathroom when she came in the door. She thought she’d squat on the floor for me and be all sexy. She walked in and took her shoes off and before I could say anything she got next to the tv stand and pulled her jeans down and got in a squat and began pissing on the floor. She was mid stream when she realized there were an extra pair of shoes and as she started to ask about it he walked out of the bathroom and into the living room catching her peeing. He just kind of looked at me confused. I said I’ll explain in a minu
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