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  1. Part 5 “Babe, that was fun”, said Lakeisha when they got back to the car “and I made a new friend,” she said with a sly look. ”Seemed like more than a friend to me. You had your lips all up on hers”, said Naz. ”What? She was hot”, said Lakeisha with a smirk. ”Ok, I mean, it was hot to watch“, said Naz. ”I can tell you think so”, said Lakeisha as she started to rub her hand back and forth over Naz’s very obvious boner. ”I’m getting a little hungry again”, said Naz. ”Here, let’s go to Burger King and get something light”, said Lakeisha. “I have a friend who wor
  2. Thank you. I personally feel that some of my other stories are better, but I’m glad you like it
  3. For sure. You love to see it 🙂
  4. My people. I’m also half black half white. I thought I was the only one
  5. Mine is pretty simple compared to some of these answers, but my ideal pee partner would just be a good looking girl who’s down to pee wherever whenever and preferably doesn’t wear underwear (personal preference of mine)
  6. Pajamas and no underwear. Best combo 👌
  7. I don’t do it as often as I want to, but I do it sometimes. Just peed in a trash can at the store the other day. It felt amazing
  8. I do this all the time. I was actually inspired by someone I know who did it long before me.
  9. Guys, I can barely believe it! It’s just so exciting! Ok, I guess I should give you a little bit of background info. My name is Rowan. I’m 23 years old and I just got my first apartment! I know my friends are probably sick of me taking about it, but I just can’t contain it. “It all feels so surreal”, I thought to myself as I began to unbuckle my jeans in the family room. ”Mom would kill me if she knew what I was doing right now “, I thought, as I adopted a high squat. Then, with the greatest joy I’ve ever felt in my life, I began to release a strong stream onto t
  10. Lilo and Stich Fanfic * I’m just gonna assume that everyone is familiar with the characters from lilo and stich and if you’re not, you can look them up. *Don’t worry. All the characters who do any peeing in this story are over 18. One day, Lilo, Stich, Nani, and David were all sitting around on the beach. They were just enjoying their day when lilo heard a somewhat strong liquid sound. She couldn’t quite figure out where it was coming from, so she brushed it off. But when Nani got up to do something, Lilo noticed a puddle where she had been sitting and began to put
  11. Exactly. Guess that’s a risk they’re willing to take
  12. From a certain point of view, sure
  13. Don’t know if anyone here is into rap like I am, not that it matters. Anyway, the rapper Glorilla was recently arrested for a DUI and asked the cop if she could pee on the side of the road during her arrest. Pee part near the end https://youtu.be/IfUuAEegLC4?si=K0x5pqP8Z4SBCk0D
  14. Idk if this helps any, but I peed behind target earlier, so it’s definitely possible
  15. Personally, I think parking lots are a great spot for this. Especially if you wait till it’s dark out.
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