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  1. I once saw a kid on my track team pee in front of everyone basically at a meet. He stepped right outside the fence and went for it. No cover or anything. He was also facing some houses in the surrounding neighborhood, so I’m sure they could probably see his dick
  2. My personal favorite is anything with no underwear. It doesn’t matter what kinda clothes it is. I’ve discovered I’m way more likely to pee literally anywhere when I’m not wearing underwear. One less layer to deal with
  3. I was once doing community service at a local church. At the time, I was feeling extremely bold and peed in a bottle while I was in the sanctuary. I didn’t wanna just throw away a bottle of pee, because I felt like someone would know it was me. So I slowly poured the bottle into the trash can and someone walked in right as I finished pouring the bottle out. It was a ridiculously close call
  4. Those both sound like they took a lot of bravery
  5. Does anyone on here have area specific pee shyness? For example, yesterday I was trying to pee in a parking lot, but wasn’t able to get much out and I suspect it’s because I feared being caught. However, if back at home peeing somewhere like in my own tub or sink, I’m not shy at all and it flows out easily. Does anyone else experience this?
  6. Just a little something I wanted to share. I peed in the sink for the first time in a long time today and it felt great. In a weird way, it was soothing kind of
  7. Niceee, but does it line up with where you pee most often?
  8. The sink is a great place too
  9. Just thought of something. Does anyones favorite place to pee line up with the place they pee most often? For example, my favorite place is probably the sink or outside, but honestly I pee in the tub more than anything
  10. This sounds like a dream
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