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  1. Hmm. That’s definitely something to take into consideration. Not really my style, but I’m open to trying out different ideas
  2. Part 3 “Babe, that felt so good. I suppose we should probably put our clothes back on though before someone catches us”, said Lakeisha. ”Yeah, you’re probably right”, said Naz as he began to get redressed. ”Ah, leave those off”, said Lakeisha, referring to Naz’s underwear. ”What? Why?”, said Naz. ”So we can be twinning, duh. Besides the less layers there are between me and your dick, the easier I can show you what my mouth can do. But only if you do good with the list”, said Lakeisha. ”Dang. You’re a bit obsessed, aren’t you?”, said Naz. ”Only for you, babe”,
  3. I haven’t done too much at school just to be safe. So, I’d have to say my best memory up to this point is peeing in the gym showers at school. The showers were pretty far away from the toilets and none of them were on, so if anyone came in, they probably would’ve heard me peeing. On top of that, my friend who works at the gym was on the clock and probably would’ve caught me if they were to come in.
  4. I think I speak for most of us when I say, what was the naughty place?
  5. Plenty of times on road trips on the side of the road growing up, but the first time I remember doing it out of more than just necessity was probably around age 14 when I started peeing in my backyard
  6. I would like it depending on who they are. Like, if it was a friend, I would love to. I have one friend in particular who I don’t think would mind and I’m hoping to do it in front of her one day.
  7. Part 2 “Naz? Naz, pay attention! “, said Lakeisha. Naz was vibing to his music while driving, but his earlier conversation with his girlfriend had gotten his attention. ”Naz, I’m so excited that I get to share this with you. I made a checklist of all the places we’re gonna pee. Well, that you’re gonna pee. I’ve already checked off most or probably all of the stuff on the list, but there’s still a few I have in mind. Some aren’t even on the list because they’re extra special to me. I call those the secret spots”, said Lakeisha in a seductive manner. ”What are the secret spots?”,
  8. Just peed in a parking lot at a park. There was a wall between the park and the parking lot and there was some dudes on the other side who might’ve heard me peeing 💀
  9. Just peed in the hall of my apartment complex. I do this sometimes, but not often
  10. Definitely working on it and I’m hoping I’ll be ready to publish soon
  11. I saw this picture on Snapchat once and I have no idea why 😂
  12. Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty
  13. Naz and Lakeisha are a college couple. One day they were heading out to lunch when Lakeisha started talking about a girl in one of her classes who she absolutely hated. “I can’t stand that bitch, Naz. I swear, I’m gonna piss on her car if I ever get the chance. She just pisses me off so much.” Lakeisha said stuff like this all the time, so Naz wasn’t surprised at all. But what happened next in the parking lot did surprise him. “Oh my gosh “. “What?”, said Naz. “That’s her car right there! And there’s no one around.” Naz slowly began to process this. “You’re not really gonna do it, are you?”. “
  14. I usually just pee in the sink or the trash can
  15. I started exactly like you with the sink and shower. I don’t remember the exact details of how I worked my way up, but I’m pretty sure I started with peeing in the backyard kinda off to the side where I felt like there was more cover. And even then, I mostly did it in the dark. As you start to get more comfortable with that, you’ll be ok with doing it during the day. Then you’ll start to get more comfortable with like parking lots and stuff. That’s how it was for me at least. I almost forgot, I would also pee in the sink a lot at like gas stations and stuff like that. It’s kinda a confidence b
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