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  1. Once upon a time, there was a house. It looked like every other house on the outside. The only difference between it and other homes is the fact there was no bathroom. That being said it had a very spacious backyard with lots of trees and privacy, it was stunning, very cute outside. The bedrooms each had a tiny closet in them with a toilet, sink and shower. This was only meant for #2. For #1 You were expected to just go out and use the yard, especially if you were male, being it so easy to just whip it out anyhow. The majority of females used the closet bathroom for both #1, #2
  2. Truth is there is a camp way out in the boonies near a small town, in alberta where the prairies are wide and grass is tall. The premis of this camp is to help those suffering like myself with crohns disease. A place where others can meet up and learn they are not alone. Everyone has different ideas and dreams. Now for the fiction Marley was new to the camp she had looked for a place many years that was for people like her. Now an adult she suffered with crohns and it impacted everything in her life. But she was finally here at camp got to go. They had set up with the others and sh
  3. Yes write more.. need to know how many desperate days she has. Amazing start!
  4. Wow what an wonderful story Would love to hear more. Hope it's not sick that I am a female but feel very turned on reading this.
  5. Bring them back. Sounds like a great world plan to conserve water.
  6. Never done it, sounds like a great idea, but being a woman I wouldn't be able to put penis in dug out hole and would have to hold myself open over it to get the flow in and not make a huge mess.
  7. Deep in the woods, stood a grove of maple trees, these were special trees. Every so often someone from a nearby farm came and collected the sap and sat in a building tending to it. As they sat there stirring and contemplating life waiting eagerly, most of the time it was the guys in the family but one time it wasn't. Fictional stories are made up of wants and dreams, not things that happen, as Sue stood there reading her book and stiring the sap making sense of the quote, there she had brought her favorite book and lots to drink, as it was a very hot job. So she sat there, stood the
  8. Well written, do write more!
  9. Boy is this well written, really makes me wish I was part of the family!Clare and I could be great friends, I would love to hear more about the park...
  10. Sounds great, maybe have her join him.
  11. But someone must set him straight. Gender equality and all but Sounds like a great hike though and I hope there are more to come.
  12. The doctors were ready and waiting, there had been a horrible car accident and many people were on their way to the hospital. Miranda was the head doctor and so she had to be in all the operations. The patients arrived it was like a horror scene as the nurses and doctors attended to them. They moved quickly and speedy. Miranda was on watch the whole time, as she sat sipping her drinks and watching over everyone, she was absolutely nervous for all. Then as the operations ended the last of the day, Miranda started to feel the beverages she had drank start to become a bother
  13. No peed on is better then peeing on them. Especially in the private area unless you are wanting to drink it. The sound and feel of it leaving them and running unto you would be an absolute turn on and the smell doesn't hurt either. As long as you are close to the person!
  14. I know most people know of the musical urine town. This is the premise of it plus a fifictional story add on. I am not rewriting the story though! My Story contains peeing, desperation and relief. There was a town, small in comparison to other towns nearby, the only difference being that you had to pay to pee. Sure if you were a guy it would be easy as you could just deposit your coin and pull your cork out and go but girls were costly. It was only to pee only not poop which cost 0. When you were desperate and struggling to hold it in, it costs you $2 if you were burs
  15. Beth and Becky were twins, they did everything together, if one was there the other was close by, they even dated in pairs, sometimes they even went out just the two of them. This was one of those days, when one felt a little naughty and the other taged along after some resentment and argument. They decided the park would be a great place to go as they could act like kids and nobody would question it. So they set out playing on the slide, monkey bars, swings and so on, then they thought to build a sandcastle before heading home. After all lunch was over and nothing happened t
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