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    love the outdoors, love women
    love women who enjoy playing outdoors even more, especially if they play nicely with me

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    the 3 W's - Warm, Wet and a Woman's
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    not much over 100 degrees

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  1. glad1

    How many of us are there?

    Then I must hang with a pretty exclusive group. As for "Im not allowed to see you pee, but lets be naughty and watch each other", I've seen a lot more female genitalia by the end of a second or third date, er, hike than I have almost anywhere else.
  2. glad1

    Last outdoor pee

    While you were making a river of your own along the river, I'm hoping it wasn't just the sunshine that was sparkling.
  3. glad1

    Who can pee longer women or men?

    I'm pretty sure it would be a man, most likely an older one with a bad prostate. They always seem to take a couple hours at the urinal whenever I need to use one!
  4. glad1

    Last outdoor pee

    Off my deck last evening. I'm must have been a little fuller than usual. Not only did it make a nice splash onto the ground below, it lasted for almost a minute. I just hoped I'd finish before a neighbor turned on their light and caught me.
  5. glad1

    Fees for Pees

    I'd make sure that elected official would get swiftly imPEEched!
  6. glad1

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    A willing girlfriend.
  7. What I've heard in conversations, and this is mostly online, is that women tend to prefer wetting and desperation while men more likely favor naughty acts and golden showers. As for me, what I like best is when peeing is fun, like we're kids again only we're grown up now and know a lot more cool things.
  8. Did you pee in front of your cousin or was it only you that got to watch?
  9. glad1

    Watching the Water Turn Yellow

    A most lovely view! While I seldom use a toilet, I enjoy seeing the water turn yellow. When I'm not outdoors adding to a puddle, my favorite these days seems to be the tub.
  10. glad1

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    Actually, for most of the oceans, if you pee into it, you're decreasing it's salinity.
  11. glad1

    Backyard peeing

    I probably do it at least as much as when I was is in my teens and twenties. I've been on the road the past three weeks and most nights I've been staying at friends' houses. Still, I've managed ways to step outside and recycle drinks no longer needed. A favorite place I visit has a five-foot chain link fence in the back. It's always a personal challenge for me to see if I can clear it. Depending on my fluid intake over the course of the evening, the result ranges from not quite to nearly two feet.
  12. glad1

    My Summer Has Started

    That must be gallons!!! It probably explains the news story I heard this morning of new lake forming in Northern Canada that mysteriously is attracting herds of men.
  13. glad1

    My Summer Has Started

    As you were peeing, I hope? I believe female human pee works as an attractant for the male of the species.
  14. glad1

    My Summer Has Started

    Looks like someone is having a great time. But, can you trust the woods to keep secrets?
  15. glad1

    My Summer Has Started

    I don't see why not. The seem rather fond of you!