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  1. "The sun's shining, the skies are blue... " ... and the water is a lovely shade of pale gold. It always nice to see there are others who find the beach a favorite place to 'go'.
  2. Your posts are more than okay, and your odd bits that go amiss are more than we can hope for.
  3. For some of us, the call of nature is always strong, and even more so at this time of year. To those so inclined, there are few better moments spent than in the woods or beside the sea, when more than the dandelions are full, and such acts as these are pure relief.
  4. I'll bet you can't wait until it's dark. Wish I lived closer to you, since it will be close to three hours until it's dark enough for me.
  5. I'll bet you're quite the jokester, too?
  6. Jayne, you peeing in the middle of the road would be a major turn on for me. I don't think your numbers are any worse than average. In fact, if I didn't have anything to grab onto, I'm sure they'd be much better than mine.
  7. So looking forward to see the other 70. You're not the only one who's bad at waiting.
  8. Congratulations to our new VIPs. You're now officially Very Important Pissers. (We knew it already)
  9. And maybe even a few on purpose.
  10. I'd imagine the doctor has probably seen it before. Of course, you could always say you were nervous. On the other hand, if you released a full tank, I'm sure the doctor might have other thoughts.
  11. You're not the only one admiring.
  12. Does anyone live on the floor below you?
  13. The image of you weeing outside with a friend is one that's hard to get out of my head. Maybe other places as well. I just hope you're not too desperate, lose control and drown the poor girl or badly cut her with your errant stream.
  14. I'm sure I could teach you that skill, Audrey, so long as you promised you'd put it to good use. I can't guarantee, though, the men at the trough would be able to walk straight for some time.
  15. Lovely pictures, although I prefer you don't wipe. It may be fine when there's a toilet into which you can discard the paper, but outdoors you need to resort to other things, fingers, a partner's tongue....
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