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    A nice guy but have a naughty side(actually, it's in the front), much more playful than nasty and appreciate a well-developed sense of humor and quick wit.
    I'm particularly fond of working double meanings into conversations and love to play with my words. (maybe my second favorite form of play)
    In fact, an ex girlfriend described me as very clever with them. Actually, the exact ones she used were "cunning linguist." (sorry, that was a slip of the tongue)

    I welcome my friends to drop by anytime to ask questions, chat, swap stories, maybe even share a cup or two.

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  1. Yesterday I went to visit relatives for the day. I hadn't seen some for a year or more. It actually was a pleasant experience and they were very hospitable. In fact, they kept seeing that I always had a beer in hand. But, for some odd reason, they expected me to use the toilet to recycle. While I complied once, I did my best to hold. At least, on my way home I got to make a couple stops along the side of the road.
  2. And some of us are forever grateful for that!
  3. Only twice? Unless you're somewhere you can't go outside, you either hold an awful lot or don't drink nearly enough. 😝
  4. I must admit I prefer when you stand, too! Not that I would ever wish to encourage you. 😉
  5. Girls who can release a frothy arc always have a special place in my heart! ( Or at least somewhere in my anatomy. 😁 ) As for that little shake at the end, it might have put me over the edge.
  6. If you need another reason why you shouldn't pee in the toilet, you must read this: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/17/climate/peecycling-farming-urine-fertilizer.html
  7. And if you chose a measure that was smaller than your capacity, you could literally say you couldn't contain yourself! 🤣
  8. I'm curious whether she peed only out of necessity or did she get as much enjoyment from it as you?
  9. At least once in their lives? More like at least once every day! 🤣 I had to use a toilet the other day and it was weird!
  10. Lovely views once again. 😝 But, you've got to stop using those toilets!
  11. As a male, there's a reason I always pee BEFORE I sit on a toilet! 😆 I don't know how common it is, but a girlfriend told me that when she was hospitalized she overshot the bedpan.
  12. glad1


    You always know how to brighten my day. 😆
  13. I'm an outdoorsy sort of person, so my choice would be c). Others might readily guess why I briefly disappeared into the bushes, but to me it seems the most acceptable option and the one causing the least offense. There's another option you left out that many would prefer. You could always wet yourself.
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