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    love women who enjoy playing outdoors even more, especially if they play nicely with me

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  1. glad1

    Ask me anything!

    I always love to see a little arc. A big one is even better. Maybe you could hold until you're almost bursting, then push really hard so a big jet of pee comes out?
  2. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    The deepness found within rarely surfaces without others equally deep to bring it out. Exploration for its own sake it good, but it's that back and forth with another that takes us to a higher level. I'll use my guile and cunning and try to leave the retaliation to others.
  3. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    To me, it's the exchange of words and ideas at least as much as the bodily fluids. Not everyone can or at least wishes to do that. But, a good conversation often filled with seductive double-meanings does more for me than just hands or lips, even pussy, alone. It's that bringing together of all that parts that are in us that makes this so much fun. I like to think we best respond to violence with cleverness and cunning, rather than direct force.
  4. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    Well, love you'll get from me. Just don't expect the kind you get from Alex. I hope. I'm a bit of an anarchist myself. Love to stand things on their head, some people as well. Nothing violent, of course, just disrupting to the normal, boring chain of events.
  5. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    Hope you get the chance to. It's a can't miss experience, even if your aim isn't so good.
  6. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    I've missed them, too. But it hasn't been my my aim. It's just that you're so popular I seldom get a chance to talk with you these days. I'm not very good at standing in line.
  7. glad1

    Cross-Stream Fun

    For me, it almost always starts off as playful. Where it goes from there may be as unpredictable as our streams.
  8. glad1

    oops. my wet patch!

    From the looks of things, I'll bet there was still a good puddle on the sidewalk most of the next day.
  9. glad1

    Funny pee pics

    I definitely agree with this. Some years back I ran up with a woman on a trail. We'd never met before, but we quickly started up a conversation. She told me about where she lived, "four, almost five acres, big enough that I can step outside and pee with no one seeing me." Needless to say, the rest of the hike was great.
  10. glad1

    A question for all.

    You got me at the words "wee", "forest-y" and "bit!" Next time you sneak in there, let me know.
  11. And, thank you for yours.
  12. The side by side thing is my favorite. Well, maybe almost as much as facing one another.
  13. So, it was much later before you and a boy actually peed together.
  14. I imagine at that age, much like boys, girls tend to first see their own gender, since they usually play a lot more with them. When was the first time you saw a boy pee?
  15. glad1

    The feeling of a full bladder

    If only we lived a little loser. There's this pond between us. that keeps giving trouble.