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    I'm a lover of both women and the outdoors, especially women who enjoy being in the outdoors with me.
    A nice guy but have a naughty side(actually, it's in the front), much more playful than nasty and appreciate a well-developed sense of humor and quick wit.
    I'm particularly fond of working double meanings into conversations and love to play with my words. (maybe my second favorite form of play)
    In fact, an ex girlfriend described me as very clever with them. Actually, the exact ones she used were "cunning linguist." (sorry, that was a slip of the tongue)

    I welcome my friends to drop by anytime to ask questions, chat, swap stories, maybe even share a cup or two.

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  1. Yeah, much if not most of the time. Of course, I'd like to think I know a lot of people I've met here. 😃
  2. Except maybe a major overshoot. 😆 Love seeing women whose enthusiasm far exceeds their accuracy.
  3. Based on my personal observations, I tend to agree. I've gone on day hikes with dozens of women and they usually need to pee about the same time or sooner than me. From that I might conclude I have a larger than average size bladder. I often notice a difference based on what they're wearing. Where there's much less bother to get clothing out of the way, like in shorts or skirts, they'll usually want to stop as soon as they feel full. In jeans or one-piece outfits, they're likely to hold until they're practically desperate. In those situations where they're unwilling to pee outdoors unless it's the absolute last resort, they'll most always outhold me. More than once I've been amazed how much a woman, even if she was nowhere near the size of me, could store in her bladder. Maybe, I'm not larger than average after all.
  4. This is a big reason why I keep a large wide mouth water bottle under the front seat. I've sometimes pulled into a rest area so desperate that I knew I'd never make it once I stepped out of the car.
  5. What is it about dogs and husbands that don't appreciate me marking their territory?
  6. I'll do my best to ensure the waterfowl stay safe. After all, you say I have an entire marsh all to myself!
  7. I'll ask you, where did you feel most turned on?
  8. I think that should go for women just as much as men. That's why I encourage them to pee outdoors whenever they have the occasion. After all, the world is their urinal, too.
  9. As one who spends a great deal of time outdoors, I'll frequently take advantage of the situation. Out on a trail with a partner a long ways from facilities, nature is sooner or later bound to make a call. (And we can make it sooner if we've been drinking plenty of water.) I find it helps break the ice to lead by example, so I'll try to be the first who has to pee. I won't make a big deal of it (at least I don't think I am, but it's often hard not to in the moment when I'm excited thinking about what might happen next). I may move a couple steps away but give her the opportunity to watch. Maybe I'll even make a silly comment to help her feel more comfortable. Hopefully that relaxing extends to her bladder. If I'm fortunate, I'm rewarded with her giving me a view. If not, I can hope for another time. But, the most important thing is that she doesn't feel pressured and remembers the moment as fun.
  10. If we're already doing it, we don't need another excuse. But, just in case we want to encourage our friends. This is written from a woman's point of view, so here's some points to make if you're trying to convince your significant other: https://www.littlethings.com/reasons-to-pee-back-yard
  11. I believe the girls at her school called that the Backdoor to Heaven. 😛
  12. Well, maybe not literally. But.... perhaps you know a place close by that I can use? I'm heading on another road trip later this week across the US Midwest and Northeast. I imagine a lot of the rest stops (even the informal ones) I sometimes use might be closed or too crowded, so I want to plan ahead. If any of you have particular recommendations, please let me know. Of course, I'd prefer to hear from women, because you know how men are asking for or giving directions. 😝
  13. I was working around my yard all morning, trying to get my outdoor work done before the afternoon heat and thunderstorms. Back in the house now, an annoying signal from my bladder is reminding me what really caused me to finish my tasks. At the moment, I'm enjoying the fullness and holding my own. But, pretty soon I could appreciate an extra hand.
  14. After spending most of a day or two with them, I'm comfortable around most women. The first time or two might be a little awkward, so I'll usually walk an extra step or two away. (That's not so easy on a small boat.) But, as we get to know one another and develop a rapport, it's usually pretty easy for us to drop our guard. I take it as a sign of our growing friendship when we pee in front of one another. Somehow, I don't feel quite the same about men. I'll pee around them out of necessity, but it's not my first choice.
  15. I see your hot tub has an additional water jet than mine. 😝

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