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    I'm a lover of both women and the outdoors, especially women who enjoy being in the outdoors with me.
    A nice guy but have a naughty side(actually, it's in the front), much more playful than nasty and appreciate a well-developed sense of humor and quick wit.
    I'm particularly fond of working double meanings into conversations and love to play with my words. (maybe my second favorite form of play)
    In fact, an ex girlfriend described me as very clever with them. Actually, the exact ones she used were "cunning linguist." (sorry, that was a slip of the tongue)

    I welcome my friends to drop by anytime to ask questions, chat, swap stories, maybe even share a cup or two.

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    the three w's - warm, wet and a womans
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  1. I, too, live in the Midwest. In one of the states that has a lot of, but not always Great Lakes. America's Heartland, corn country... plenty of woods, fields and wide open spaces (if you get my drift). 😃
  2. I, too, am a somewhat reserved person, though not necessarily quiet. I've often been mistaken for a college professor (though a kinda hunky professor, if you asked me) that, if I didn't prefer the outdoors much more than the classroom, I probably would have been. Needless to say, I come across as serious on first impression and not one you'd assume to be into pee. But, if you get to know me, you'll likely see my fun side and maybe I'll reveal a bit more of me. While I may never openly admit to a fetish, I might drop subtle hints. I tend to favor the kind of activities (hiking, biking
  3. Funny yes, but it shouldn't be considered odd. After all, the horse pees there. 😆 Apparently, it's a fairly normal practice among women who love horses. Some seem to carry into other aspects of their life. For a while dated a woman who rode. One minute we were in the middle of a conversation, the next she was popping a squat,
  4. Welcome. You're certainly making a splashy introduction here. 😆 While I'm not shy, I don't admit I'm a pee lover to practically everyone I run across. Of course, if they follow me around in the outdoors for a day, they probably have a good suspicion. Then again, they're most likely one, too. Lovely pictures and great posts. I can't wait to see more contributions from you.
  5. Sometimes a pee is just a pee, a perfectly natural act. While it may linger hot in your imagination, depending on the person and the situation, it doesn't need to be seen as sexual. I wonder what your sister's thoughts were as you were peeing against the tree.
  6. I had the naughtiest pee I've had in quite some time yesterday. It was a sunny June afternoon and I was by the water walking across a rocky shoreline. It was almost warm, the breeze was blowing from the land and my bladder was slowly filling. I ignored it for a while, figuring I could hold until I climbed back up the hill, into the woods I'd hiked from. But, I must have had too much water in the last hour or so, as I suddenly grew desperate. I looked around and saw there were six or seven people near me, all middle-aged and older. An elderly couple, two fisherman and three or four wo
  7. Even though it doesn't have much effect on overall fitness, it's one of my favorite sports. I've been known to host informal competitions. This is one game where there are no losers. 🤣
  8. All too well, I think. I recall growing up we had one for a couple years. It seemed to be in the laundry once or twice each week.
  9. I find the idea of two taking a tinkle together most appealing. Similar to you, I've had a lady on my lap a couple times, while sitting on a big rock. She was wearing a skirt and no panties or pulled them aside. I was in shorts and used a leg opening to advantage. We made a nice foamy puddle on the ground beneath us.
  10. I might suggest you take her on a picnic, in the woods or someplace else where there are no facilities close by. Make it romantic, offer her fine food and (plenty of) drink and give her attention. Hopefully, nature will be paying a call.
  11. Being on the dark side of 50, it's sometimes a challenge to stay in shape. But, I regularly hike and bike, as well as kayak and row. (It seems I have a thing for water sports. 😉)
  12. I've spent a lot of time on small boats bobbing on the ocean, sometimes with a date trying to see if we could make the water pale yellow... and foamy. Anyone want go for a ride with me?
  13. As a straight male, if I want to watch a man pee, I need only to look at myself. Still, I'd much rather see how females express their fluid sexuality.
  14. I'm sure I'd try to sneak at least a few pees out under my skirt, but I'll also want to master what boys do, standing, aiming and maybe seeing if I could be at least as accurate. And, of course, I'd want to see if I could go for more distance now that I didn't have all that plumbing.
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