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    I'm a lover of both women and the outdoors, especially women who enjoy being in the outdoors with me.
    A nice guy but have a naughty side(actually, it's in the front), much more playful than nasty and appreciate a well-developed sense of humor and quick wit.
    I'm particularly fond of working double meanings into conversations and love to play with my words. (maybe my second favorite form of play)
    In fact, an ex girlfriend described me as very clever with them. Actually, the exact ones she used were "cunning linguist." (sorry, that was a slip of the tongue)

    I welcome my friends to drop by anytime to ask questions, chat, swap stories, maybe even share a cup or two.

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  1. I'm not familiar with the term. It must be one used over your side of the pond. I was more thinking along the lines of their ability to hold, like "Isn't she a big-bladdered girl? I'll bet she can hold a pint or three."
  2. Yeah, the bladder would be the term for where your pee is stored before it's pushed out your urethra, whether voluntarily or otherwise. 😆 How well your bladder muscles work play a big role in whether it's the former or the latter. 🤣
  3. I usually perk up at hearing the word 'bladder' used in conversation. In fact, I frequently use the word myself. But, when I choose to be less formal, I'll often say 'tank', as in "I've got a full tank!" If I want to be alliterative, I'll sometimes go for 'tinkle tank' or maybe even "tiny tinkle tank" when I'm getting desperate.
  4. Uh-oh, I was hoping your bladder bursting more resembled that of a water cannon than a balloon. 😱 And I doubt if I'm the only one here who thinks it would be nice if you could use it again and again. 🤣
  5. Don't you find that most men are uncomfortable to wet themselves, as they see it as a sign of weakness? I know, when given the option, I'd just as soon unzip at the risk of exposing myself than wet. Maybe you could work on me to change my feelings. What were those fantasies you had in mind?
  6. Many times I've peed for more than a minute. Then again, I have a prostate and you don't. 🙄 For that very reason, women seem to pee faster than men. So, if you measured in in something other than seconds, there's a good chance you could outdo me.
  7. I guess I have a little different take on this than most. While conceding that some appearances are more attractive to me than others, I think what is far more important is one's health and how well the body functions. Perhaps one can heed the mantra of architects and designers, "form follows function." I find that when I can do something well, I feel and usually look better. I put much of the blame for our poor self-image on society, with its unrelenting advertising and marketing messages. They're always trying to sell something - a product, a pill, a course or perhaps some costly t
  8. Nice hearing you had a great anniversary celebration. So what if there was a little spilled, er, champagne?
  9. In my late teens and through most of my twenties, I used to sail dinghies. For three years, I had a woman crew for me. She would hike out when we went to weather, then climb forward to set and drop the spinnaker for the downwind legs. While I often had to relieve myself between races, she never seemed to have to pee. It took me several weeks to realize why, when I noticed her dropping into a wave and coming out of the water a bit too soon. One of my biggest regrets is selling that boat.
  10. I still don't see the fun in diapers. I remember wearing them almost until I went to school, then later saw older family members always needing them. Now that I'm in the "in-between" years, I'm enjoying this fully releasing thing. I'd like to stay there as long as I can
  11. Thank you, Bacardi, for being on here this past year. It's friends like you who made this place a special one and helping us get through the challenges of 2021.
  12. I had some cleaning around the house this morning that required the use of a bucket. But, before I put it away, I thought I'd give it a thorough rinse out. To those who want to know, yes, it made a nice splash on the back wall when I was in full flow and, as I lost pressure, a deep drumming sound when my stream touched bottom.
  13. @greedyneedygirl Wishing you a most merry Christmas and a much better 2022. Hope to see more of you in the new year or at least enjoy good conversations with you.
  14. I can't say I've intentionally done this, but at times female relatives have used my bathroom and peed a little loud. It's not like I could unhear what just happened, but when they came out I never showed any indication I noticed anything. Not that my family is unattractive, but I don't have any feelings for my relatives. Well, except maybe my cousin's twenty-something daughter. 🙄 I was visiting one Saturday at her parent's lakeside cabin watching a game, when she came inside to use the bathroom. I'm not going to admit I listened, but I'm pretty sure she's a hoverer. 🤣
  15. What I'd give for the stories it could tell! 😁
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