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    straight male (okay, maybe a few kinks)
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    I'm a lover of both women and the outdoors, especially women who enjoy being in the outdoors with me.
    A nice guy but have a naughty side (actually, it's in the front), much more playful than filthy and appreciate a well-developed sense of humor and quick wit.
    I'm particularly fond of working double meanings into conversations and love to play with my words. (maybe my second favorite form of play)
    In fact, an ex girlfriend described me as very clever with them. Actually, the exact ones she used were "cunning linguist." (sorry, that was a slip of the tongue)

    I welcome my friends to drop by anytime to ask questions, chat, swap stories, maybe even share a cup or two.

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    the three w's - warm, wet and a womans
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    On the third date, a woman spilled her beer in front of me. After she drank it! I guess she was just making more room.

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  1. The very thought of you taking part in such a contest.... 🔥 I'm pretty sure you'd had started a trend.
  2. Not in one go. It holds more than a gallon! 😆 But, I'll bet I get pretty close to the top by the end of the day.
  3. On deadline and I don't get a break before lunch. My bladder hasn't been taking kindly to that. Good thing I have a big blue bucket close by.
  4. Vanessa, I can assure you that you will get more than a laugh from me. I love it when you try to be "one of the guys" even if those side views aren't all that convincing. 😝
  5. Florida most of the year. Midwest the rest. I'm on the road a lot as well.
  6. I spend a lot of time on small boats. Many times I've been out there with women for most of a day. It can certainly make for interesting times when nature pays a call. On several occasions, they had to pee in a bucket. While I never got to see anything, I couldn't help but hear the noise, which never failed to make my shorts tighter. When they were finished, I'm pretty sure they noticed my condition, especially the ones who asked me to dump the bucket over the side.
  7. Sure hope the puddle behind the couch was cleaned up before the teacher visited the following week. I not, I don't think either you or Jack would be receiving any stickers.
  8. When I first saw this post, I thought you were posing the question to women. Since you apparently are not... well, never mind! 🙄 Still I can't shake the image out of my head. 😝 In fact, I recall a few break times when one of my hiking partners would venture no more than ten feet off the trail, bend over and drop trou. Butt cheeks were pointed towards the sky and a stream of golden rain was making a puddle in the ground far behind her, much as I tried to not look. 😉 When she was finished, more than once I commented. "that may have been Uranus but I think you were aiming for the star
  9. I love when desperate times call for desperate measures! 😝
  10. Let me know your festival schedule. 😁
  11. Guess I really hadn't thought that much about what one must do in space when nature comes calling. It's not quite as easy as on a road trip, when you can just pull over to the side. I saw the Space Station fly overhead a few evenings. After reading this story, I'm sure I'll never think about it the same way again.
  12. Can't wait to hear how you're going to solve this problem. Or, rather, both problems. Please. 😁
  13. Nice to know yours at least wasn't wasted in a toilet. Sinks are hot!
  14. The question I have is, how can anyone who's been on here a while ever forget? 😁
  15. It's been said "revenge is sweet." In this case, it's more like bitter lemon. 🤣
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