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  1. Who you talking about ? 🙄 Not me! 😉
  2. I'm one who enjoys both water sports and water sports. Sometimes at the same time. There may have been a few awkward moments when I got the two confused.
  3. Believe it or not, I don't have one. I'll have to improvise something. Are you thinking something soft or hard?
  4. That's the question I'm asking myself right now as I'm getting a little desperate. Any suggestions?
  5. I always thought they were the result of what we drank that had to come out! I know one woman who loved beer so much she was always making room for the next one.
  6. I'm rather good at making puddles. I've had a lot of experience on nature walks and such. Of course, it's always more to have someone to share the fun with.
  7. I think more experimentation is in order. I'm willing if you are. 😛
  8. It often depends on where I am and whether I'm alone or with someone. While I enjoy the way dirt or sand quickly absorbs my puddle, I love making a splash on rocks and concrete.
  9. @Jayne78 Some of us are hoping to see lots more from you.
  10. On a driving trip, I usually try to hold as long as I can. Otherwise, I'll make too many stops and take far longer to get where I'm going. Out on a hike, I usually prefer to pee whenever the urge strikes. Most of my hiking partners seem to be of the same persuasion, which can make long treks a lot more fun. If I'm boating, I'm more likely to hold if I'm around a crowd I don't know than if I'm alone or with a friend or two. Of course, there are those times I can sit on the side of the boat, get my shorts splashed and nobody knows what I'm doing. Of course, since I gave you more input, I'll expect to see more output from you. 😝
  11. Like this? If so, I could only wish you were beside me.
  12. Exactly! And, sometimes with a like-minded hiking partner, you can turn what could have been an awkward situsation into one that's fun.
  13. Let me know what I can do to encourage that! Not that I was planning on aiming it in the toilet.
  14. @sd91 Aren't hiking and camping trips the best? When you're in the middle of nowhere without facilities, peeing outdoors becomes perfectly acceptable. Even women with the highest standards of propriety have to go sometimes and it makes little sense to strike off somewhere for several minutes just so no one sees you when relief is but seconds away. I'll be interested to hear whether that shy girl gets over awkwardness. I usually found that the more time I spent on the trail with someone, the less inhibited they got. After two or three hikes, she'd often not bother taking more than a couple steps away, if that.
  15. Nice! I once did this with a date one night on a secluded beach. We were drinking a few beers, when she spoke up and boasted of her accuracy. I was actually surprised she got about as much in her cup as I did in mine.
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