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  1. I don't know if I would directly credit it to this, but my family did allow me to pee outside when I was younger if I really had to go and couldn't hold it. if I was on a long car ride or something, and I couldn't hold it to the next stop, they would usually let me out to water a tree. I don't think this is the only thing that made me like peeing outside, but it definitely showed me that it was allowed in some cases.
  2. I hope that kind of urinal becomes popular everywhere, it would be very cool.
  3. In public, I always use a urinal if there are urinals. if all the urinals are in use or if there's only one urinal and it's being used, I'll either step out of the way, facing away from the other guy, or if I really have to pee I might use a normal toilet. I think I always lift the seat, and put it back down when I'm done. I don't spit, or at least not usually.
  4. I'm not Japanese, but to answer the second question, I would guess that it might have something to do with the fact that we're not born able to retract the foreskin. unfortunately, some people think it's supposed to be retractable from day one, and this leads to a lot of unnecessary circumcisions and forced retraction (which can ironically cause phimosis) from concerned but uneducated parents and doctors. but anyway, my point is, it might be considered childish because the ability to pull it back usually develops at the start of puberty or during puberty, sometimes it starts before then but ar
  5. I did the same thing around that age, except I didn't do it in the garage.
  6. I was allowed to pee outside in some cases (usually on a tree or smth), like if I really had to go or I would wet myself, but I was usually expected to use the bathroom. which from a parenting perspective is probably the best move if you want to make sure they understand where it's appropriate to pee but also not have a lot of accidents. so I had some prior experience peeing but at the same time, I wasn't some kind of free pisser who would just go wherever, and I'm still not.
  7. Not into diapers sexually at all, but I do think it's unfair that there's a bit of a stigma against people who actually need to use them for some reason, like incontinence. it's like lowkey ablist almost
  8. Depends where I'm peeing at. If I'm at the toilet or a urinal or a tree, I'll almost always pull it back either fully or part way. If I'm squatting outside, I usually don't pull it back until I'm shaking it dry.
  9. Peeing in a toilet. Its boring and I feel pretty much nothing watching it. Porn of men peeing on women or in their mouths. I'm not judging if you do this personally, whatever, but I don't like to see it, it personallyy puts me off for some reason. I can dig it when it's the other way around though. There's probably some others I'm not thinking of rn.
  10. Where have you tested it if I may ask?
  11. I don't wet the bed, at least not on purpose, so I'd just go to the bathroom. I'll admit that I have wet the bed quite a few times before, but I didn't decide to and I woke up while peeing not before.
  12. Only if I cum, then I usually feel the natural shame of postnut clarity, but otherwise, no
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