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  1. Love this one. Would like to read more of Christiana and her bladder pride. Maybe mother like daughter?
  2. Given you have more options than most women with the larger bladder and preference for standing, what do you choose as your target when the need strikes?
  3. Do you ever get comments from other women who hear your thunder? Do you try to maximize the noise at all in public restrooms?
  4. Do you get a visible bladder bulge when full? How noticeable is it?
  5. Youth sports were done on some fields surrounded by agriculture. A road on one edge, a stream and dairy pasture on another, and corn fields on the remaining edges. I and many a teammate made the corn stalks our urinals of convenience. I don't recall the girls' teams making the trek to the central restroom building but have no memory of sightings.
  6. I greatly enjoy a woman that can both tanker a large volume and expel it forcefully, see the power pissing above. More so if she is confident in doing so especially when standing and not concerned about being seen. Double this if she has a naughty streak too.
  7. Pipes are pipes. Bidet is generally a larger target, saves water, and no seat to lift/lower.
  8. How did the excursion go? Future suggestions, into drink cup and absentmindedly leave in theater, create a puddle by someone else's car in parking lot, and of course the fountains if the mall has one.
  9. Great premise and excellent writing. I am looking forward to future adventures.
  10. Congratulations on one new life experience and not repeating another!
  11. Definitely interested in hearing more of you. I skew dom and also see similar traits in peeing.
  12. Usually? Is there a story or two there? Your matter of fact way of addressing your needs wouldn't make it surprising.
  13. I don't consider myself to have a super large bladder but regularly exceed a liter in morning pisses and when drinking - confirmed via charity shop measuring jugs.
  14. Just how big is that tank of yours?! Two minutes with the power and noise you describe has to easily be over half a gallon.
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