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  1. Great premise and excellent writing. I am looking forward to future adventures.
  2. Congratulations on one new life experience and not repeating another!
  3. Definitely interested in hearing more of you. I skew dom and also see similar traits in peeing.
  4. Usually? Is there a story or two there? Your matter of fact way of addressing your needs wouldn't make it surprising.
  5. Given your forward stream and openness I'm a little surprised urinals aren't a more common receptacle for you.
  6. Did your mom top it off after you were done with the flood? Dump the can outside or just leave it until full of other trash?
  7. I'd happily read any of the four. Sounds like you're basically already living the female side of #1 so that may be the strongest for you. Though #2 is the same but with accents.
  8. I don't consider myself to have a super large bladder but regularly exceed a liter in morning pisses and when drinking - confirmed via charity shop measuring jugs.
  9. Just how big is that tank of yours?! Two minutes with the power and noise you describe has to easily be over half a gallon.
  10. I did, my local library is in an older building so restrooms are shoehorned in randomly. I entered and saw two stalls, lack of urinals not a flag as the restrooms are not consistent and it was a smaller space. I lock a stall and begin peeing in toilet and someone else enters the other stall. I finish up and a female voice says "you know this is a women's restroom" I jump and get out ASAP.
  11. I recall hearing that if targeting the tires of your own vehicle, public urination is legal in the UK. No idea on the truth to that.
  12. This is as far as I evolved the story before triggering the filter. Samantha had been waiting in line for the bathroom at the crowded amusement park for what felt like an eternity. She had really had to go, and as the minutes ticked by, she found herself crossing her legs and shifting her weight from foot to foot, trying to hold on as long as possible. Finally, it was her turn. She rushed into the bathroom and made a beeline for the nearest open stall. She yanked down her pants and stood in front of the urinal, relieved to finally be able to relieve herself. She aimed carefull
  13. I view other men peeing as an endorsement of something acceptable in that locale.
  14. I'm a little confused on the mechanics of this. I get the gutter at the bottom but that risks the fine wood work getting piss soaked. Aim down is not really natural and if I'm consuming copious amounts of the product over the bar even less likely to happen.
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