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  1. I like the dentist idea. You can get the perspectives of the patient, the friend, the dentist, and the assistant. I'm guessing at least one of them gets turned on by it and there's part two.
  2. For impressive pissing purposes I prefer alcohol, for everything else I much prefer THC. Though I generally have one really large piss a few hours after consuming THC due to dehydration effects.
  3. Is the bush likely to get another visit to check on its condition or offer another gifting?
  4. Have you ever measured your bladder capacity? When not using a toilet, do you aim at anything in particular beyond not on your shoes?
  5. I am under the impression because they stay so busy they develop huge bladders out of necessity. I had a brief fling with a nurse that decidedly did not but she made up for it in other ways.
  6. The boys' room in my elementary school was basically a shooting range. With floor length urinals. Totally normal for all of us to go for distance. I grew up rural so first experience was probably a bush in a field.
  7. I picked up a yard sale measuring jug and had another go for a week or so. My morning piss was surprisingly consistent, between 1.2 and 1.3 liters (44 ounces). It is definitely an awkward weight to hold while half asleep. No alcohol consumption during the time I was measuring, a beer piss at the end of the night always feels as though it is a lot more.
  8. Bravo for doing so and sharing! What was the audio setup? Smartphone between legs?
  9. Probably just became covered by insurance or something.
  10. What kind of bladder bulge are you sporting when full? It makes sense that athletes would have toned muscles all around so can hold more but there has to be a disadvantage to running around with an extra five pounds of piss inside.
  11. I'm not sure what this pissing through a window screen solution solves other than some pooling. Same footprint as a toilet with the negative of squatting.
  12. Using individual urinals it is whatever avoids splashback. If I happen upon a low trafficked trough urinal it is all about distance and blasting the scent blocks.
  13. One is better than none. I'll let my mind run on where it could go.
  14. I'd like to learn what else Ruby gets up to in and out of the house.
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